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Introduction: Historical boom and bust – and the (British) Jewish question

Michael Berkowitz


Jewish children singing Dixie: The toll of the Confederate Monuments as seen by a Jew, a native southerner, and an art historian

Gail Levin


Anglo-Jewish periodicals of the 1840s: The Voice of Jacob and two Jewish Chronicles

Geoffrey Cantor


Nazi persecution in Anglo-Zionist thought, 1939-1949

Aaron Simons


The materiality of debt to Jews in England, 1194-1276

Dean A. Irwin


Arbitration and conflict resolution in the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation in London in the eighteenth century

Alex Kerner


The founding of the London Bet Holim hospital in 1748 and the secularization of sedaca in the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community in the eighteenth century

Julia R. Lieberman


Bradford’s Jewish history: A reconsideration, part one

Grace Idle


The first Jewish governor in the British Empire, Sir Matthew Nathan: An “outsider” in Africa and Ireland

Graham Dominy


Why did Lord Balfour back the Balfour Declaration?

Philip Alexander




The Implacable Urge to Defame: Cartoon Jews in the American Press, 1877-1935 by Matthew Baigell

Lars Fischer


Care and Conflict: The Story of the Jewish Orphanage at Norwood by Lawrence Cohen

Timm Kunstreich


The Greatest Need: The Creative Life and Troubled Times of Lily Tobias, a Welsh Jew in Palestine by Jasmine Donahaye

Cai Perry-Jones


Antisemitism and the left: On the Return of the Jewish Question by Robert Fine and Philip Spencer

Ewa Morawska


The Jewish Community of Golders Green: A Social History by Pam Fox

Michael Jolles


Tongue of Fire: Emma Goldman, Public Womanhood, and the Sex Question by Donna M. Kowal

Alice Kessler-Harris


A Rocky Road: Memoirs by Abraham Levy with Simon Rocker

Vivian Wineman


Coming of Age in Jewish America: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Reinterpreted by Patricia Keer Munro

Ken Koltun-Fromm


Jewish Sanctuary in the Atlantic World: A Social and Architectural History by Barry Stiefel with David Rittenberg

Laura Leibman


Defenders of the Faith: The History of Jews’ College and the London School of Jewish Studies by Derek Taylor

Geoffrey Alderman


“Something Dreadful and Grand”: American Literature and the Irish-Jewish Unconscious by Stephen Watt

George Bornstein

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