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I am Daniel Finkelstein and I am delighted to welcome you to the JHSE EU Passport Project Homepage. Below you will find a set of questions which we invite you to answer. We recognise that many of you have experienced major dilemmas over whether and when to take out EU27 citizenship from your ancestors’ home country. This project is all about giving British Jews a voice in expressing those dilemmas. We welcome those thoughts and feelings. I’m right behind what I think is a great initiative and I look forward to seeing what the organisers can do. It seems to me really important.

At this time we are particularly keen to hear from anyone in or from Britain with Jewish ancestry who:

  • considered (or whose children considered) applying for an EU citizenship through their ancestry and decided not to do so OR found out that they are not eligible;

  • applied (or their children applied) for an EU 27 citizenship and their application is pending;

  • applied (or their children applied) for an EU 27 citizenship and their application was rejected; or

  • applied (or their children applied) for an EU 27 citizenship and their application was accepted.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Daniel Finkelstein.


Who is leading this project?

Ruvi Ziegler together with Simon Albert have initiated the EU passport project. You can contact Ruvi at the School of Law, University of Reading via email:

Who is eligible to make submissions?

Anyone in or from Britain with Jewish ancestry through which they and/or their children are seeking an EU27 citizenship through their ancestry.

When do submissions need to be made by?

By the end of 2022.

What will the JHSE do with submissions?

The JHSE will hold all of the submissions and make them available to appropriate scholars and researchers in future for their professional purposes.

Will the JHSE publish any material about these submissions?

Yes, the JHSE will publish essays on them in the JHSE journal, 'Transactions,' written by a range of thinkers

Have you considered data protection rules as regards the personal information which we are submitting?

Yes, absolutely, we have taken advice from a senior specialist lawyer in the field who is personally committed to the project. He has drafted the relevant language which you can see on the website and he will continue to advise the project, as necessary.

Participate in the study: Questions

  • Please note that there is no word limit on any answers, so please write as much or as little as you like; the more thoughtful, the better. If you wish to include any photos, you are welcome to attach these.

  • All questions are optional,Please feel free to answer only those questions with which you are most comfortable addressing.

Upload Photos

Privacy Note

In providing you with my personal details and photos, I agree to you publishing them on the Jewish Historical Society of England's website and in its journal, 'Transactions,' associated with the EU Passport Project.

This website is operated by the Jewish Historical Society of England, a registered charity (no. 217331) whose head office is at Unit 1, Chapelton Lodge, East Winch Road, Blackborough End, Kings Lynn, PE32 1SF.

We are collecting your personal data only so that we can operate the EU Passport Project. We plan to use your data in aggregated form. We will only publish your personal data if you give us your specific consent.

The Jewish Historical Society of England will hold your data in the United Kingdom, for so long as the EU Passport Project is available online.

If you want to know what data we hold about you, please email us at You may ask us to correct or delete the personal data, to restrict processing concerning you or to object to our processing of it.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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