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The Membership of the Great Synagogue, London, to 1791

Cecil Roth

<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE MEMBERSHIP OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE, LONDON, TO 1791 By C. Roth The Great Synagogue, London, founded not later than 1690, was for the first century and a half of its existence far and away the most important of the three Ashkenazi synagogues of the capital. The others?the Hambro' Synagogue (founded 1707) and the New Synagogue (founded 1761) were from every point of view less significant. Their combined membership did not probably equal at any time that of the older community, which in addition comprised most of the wealth and aristocracy (so far as it existed) in this section of London Jewry. Unfortunately, the earliest records of this body are fragmentary. It was only from the year 1790, or thereabouts, that its minute-books on the one hand, and its registers of births, marriages and deaths on the other, are more or less continuous. Account books indeed date back to the first half of the eighteenth century, and the extant Takkanoth or regulations of the congregation to 1722. Here, however, attention is directed to another source, invaluable for research into personal or family history?the list of Baale Batim or House? holders (i.e. Trivileged Members,5 as they were termed at a later period) of the Synagogue, preserved in two forms. The one is at the close of the earliest Account Book of the congregation, which dates back to 1708 (registered as 'B.I.' in my Catalogue of the Archives of the United Synagogue). This was compiled apparently in 1790, on the construction of the new synagogue building, though there are additions subsequent to that time. The other list is com? prised in a separate volume (CA.3' in my Catalogue) and is considerably anterior in date. The main list in this register seems to have been written in 1761-2. After this there are year-to-year additions going down to 1870, when the United Synagogue was established and Trivileged Membership' abolished. But the actual compilation of the list seems to go back some years earlier than 1761. The main section, in alphabetical order, is both preceded and followed by a number of detached names. In the main list, we find (no. 47) the name of Moses Breslau, or Moses Hart, who rebuilt the Great Synagogue in 1722. He died, as we know, in 1756. It may therefore be assumed that the list was originally made up some time previous to that year, nos. 81 to 108 comprising additions down to 1762. It is unfortunate that, generally speaking, surnames are absent from these lists. They were not invariably or even commonly used by the Jews of Germany and Poland at this time, and even when persons endowed with them reached England, they not infrequently found the appellations by which they had been formerly known too foreign in sound, and discarded them. Accord? ingly, most adopted their patronymic as a surname, Jacob the son of Moses 175</page><page sequence="2">176 MISCELLANIES VI becoming known as Jacob Moses or Moss, and Aaron the son of Solomon as Aaron Salomon or Solomons. It is only in a very few cases that the surnames in English use have been registered in these lists. Those that ostensibly figure moreover denote in most cases provenance, profession, nicknames, etc., and are not the actual names by which the persons in question were known to their Gentile neighbours. However, with some ingenuity it is generally possible to work out the identity of the names in this list with communal worthies whose names figure in English records. The original register is in Hebrew (or at least in Hebrew characters), English names or details being added in only a very few cases: sometimes, therefore, the transcription is dubious, especially of the nicknames or places of origin appended to the names. The prefixed letter R. indicates that in the list the person is designated by the honorific title of firabbi', implying not official position but some degree of Jewish learning: RR. here stands for Morenu haRav or the like, indicating recognised scholarly status. 'S-i-15 is used as abbreviation for cson-in-law,5 etc. The professions, callings, places of origin, etc., appended sometimes to the names are important for the recon? struction of the social history of eighteenth-century London Jewry and for tracing the geographical origin of the persons who composed it. The list adds much to our knowledge, not readily to be traced in any other source. We almost always find the name of the father of the person concerned : frequently too the father-in-law, through whose status in the congregation it was possible for newcomers to claim membership at a reduced rate, and whose existence it was therefore necessary to register. The basis of the present list is that in A.3, with additions and corrections from B.I. The additional names are entered year by year, the entries being given here under the secular and not, as in the original, the Hebrew year. The transcription extends only to 1790, after which date the ordinary con? gregational registers of births, marriages and deaths provide an alternative and more consistent source of information. The names have been numbered consecutively, and the footnotes give in many cases some further information regarding the persons concerned. The Appendix includes additional names taken from the earliest account books from 1708 to the middle of the century. This transcription was made some thirty years ago. The compiler always had the intention of preparing it for the press in a systematic fashion. He never had the time or opportunity, however. Meanwhile his History of the Great Synagogue ['G.S.'] has appeared and gives some further information regarding many of the persons mentioned : while typewritten copies of the list have been in various persons' hands for some years past. It seems best now to publish it as it stands, and thus make it available to wider circles; although I cannot vouch for the precise accuracy of a transcription made so long ago, and have had no opportunity of checking it with the originals.</page><page sequence="3">MEMBERSHIP OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE 177 MAIN LIST (for notes to Main List see p. 181) 1. RR. Aberle London. 2. Isaac Franks [b. Naphtali]. [2a. Isaac b. Joseph Levi]. 3. Elijah b. Benjamin Hayim Levi. 4. Aaron b. Hayim [Gokes] Hendricks. 5. [Uri] Pheis b. Moses Schneider. 6. Abraham b. Isaac Lamm Patio. 7. R. Abraham Cohen [b. Jacob]. 8. Ephraim b. Kaiman. 9. Abraham b. Hayim Levi. 10. R. Anschel Ellis Amsterdam. 11. Anschel Haas. 12. Ber b. Leizer [Segal ?]. 13. R. Ber Rophe (== Physician). 14. Phineas b. Leib Hamburger [called Benny Alexander]. 15. Joseph b. Isaac Levi. 16. Aaron b. Naphtali Levi. 17. Aaron Franks [b. Naphtali]. 18. Aaron Goldsmid [b. Baruch]. 19. Benedict Bloch. 20. Getz [ ?] b. Mordecai Frank. 21. Gershom b. Isaac Isaacs. 22. Hirsch Rotterdam. 23. Wolf b. Zevi Pinchbeck. 24. Seligman b. Moses Hamburger. 25. Zanvil Schwab [b. Aaron Jacob]. 26. Zalman Schneider. 27. R Zusskind Keyser [b. Jacob Isaac]. 28. Seligman Levi [called Mendele Butcher]. 29. Zalman b. Isaac Isaacs. 30. Hayim Levi Goslar. 31. Treitel Shochet. [31a. Judah Bacharach]. 32. Josele Gosdorf [b. Judah Levi]. 33. R. Johanan b. Phineas Phillips of Bohemia. 34. Josel Butcher. 35. R. Joel b. Joel Levi. 36. Jacob b. Elhanan, called Cocky Jacobs. 37. Josel b. Joel Levi. 38. Josele b. Benjamin Diamantschleiffer. 39. R. Joseph Schraga, or Ragfair. 40. Jacob Panz [?], or Weisil. 41. Jacob b. Johanan Weil. 42. Leizer Goslar [b. Simeon]. 43. Laze Fiorda (F?rth). 44. R. Leib b. Isaac Binge, of Frankfort on-Main. 45. R. Leib Cohen, Shamash &amp; Trust? worthy of our Congregation. 46. Leib b. Alexander Hamburger. 47. Moses Breslau [b. Naphtali]. 48. Meir Adolphus, or Bira. 49. R. Meir Pollak, Secretary of our Congregation. 50. Meir Wagg. 51. Man b. Hayim Gokes, or Hendricks. 52. Moses b. Israel Cohen. 53. Meir b. Zevi Harris. 54. Moses b. Hayim Hyams. [54a. Meir b. Hayim Hyams ] 55. Moses Pollak. 56. Moses b. Pheis Schneider. 57. R. Meir b. Joseph Cohen Kempe [ ?]. 58. Naphtali Franks [b. Jacob]. 59. R. Naphtali b. Joseph Myers. 60. Nathan Kruspuch [?]. 61. Pheis Frank. 62. Phineas b. Jekuthiel. 63. Zadok b. Samuel Levi. 64. R. Kaiman b. Rabbi Aberle London. 65. Kaiman Frieslander. 66. Raphael Singer. 67. Raphael b. Kaiman Friesland[er]. 68 R. Simeon b. Kosman Segal [Levi]. 69. R. Samuel b. Naphtali Levi. 70. Simha Levi the Barber [Har? schneider] . 71. R. Samuel Bira. 72. Samuel b. Joseph, called Sammy Jacobs. 73. Simeon Schneider. 74. R. Simeon b. Leib L?beck [ ?] Levine. 75. Samuel b. Anschel Hollander. 76. Simeon b. David. 77. Solomon b. Eleazar Mahlhacker, son-in-law of Getz Frank. 78. Simeon b. Seligman Hamburger. 79. R. Simeon b. R. R. Israel Prager. 80. Simeon b. Moses Kr?tzwascher (= Tinman). 81. Abraham b. Joseph Cohen, or Aby Watchmaker. 82. Zorach b. Joseph Cohen.</page><page sequence="4">178 MISCELLANIES VI 83. R. Isaac b. Elijah Pollak of Hamburg, Reader etc., of our Congregation. 84. R. Jacob b. Abraham Cohen. 85. Moses b. Abraham Levi Poole [son in-law of Kaiman b. R. Aberle]. 86. Leib b. Joseph Schraga, or Ragfair. 87. Hirtz b. Moses Levi Dover, s-i-1 of R. Meir [Pollak]. 88. f Moses b. Abraham Cohen. 89. \Fahrle b. Abraham Cohen. 90. R. Zusskind b. Isaac. 91. R. Jacob b. Nathan Segal, of Rotter? dam. 92. Lipman b. Solomon Levi. 93. R. Henele, s-i-1 of R. Leib the Beadle. 94. Leib b. Moses Faudele ...[?]. 95. R. Leib b. Zanvil Segal [Levi] of Niederwaren. 96. Menke b. David Schneider. 97. Hayim b. Judah Morocco or Malch. 98. Zanvil b. Nathan Cohen. 99. Falk b. Michael. 100. Leizer b. Zeev Neumberg, of Ham? burg. 101. Shemaiah b. Nathan, s-i-1 of R. Henele. 102. Leib b. Zevi. 103. Nachman b. Anchel, called [Nachman] Red Anschel. 104. Leib b. Menahem. 105. Selig b. Lipman Levi. 106. R. Mordecai b. Getz Frank. 107. Benedict b. Hayim Gokes Hendricks. 108. Nathan b. Benedict Gokes Hendricks. 1762- 3 109. R. David b. R. Samuel Pulver macher [of Krotoschin]. 110. Zanvil b. Abraham Joel. 111. Joseph b. Samuel Jacobs. 112. R. Hirsch, Hazan in the Congregation of Bristol, s-i-1 of Simcha Levi. 1763- 4 113. Manele b. Zalman Exeter, s-i-1 of Ber Levi. 114. Manus Wagg. 115. Koppel b. Samuel Portsmouth. 116. Moses b. Jacob Ballin, or Nottingham. 117. Simeon b. Menahem. 118. David b. Menke Schneider. 119. R. Michael b. Simson Sampson of F?rth. 120. Ephraim b. Seligman Hamburger. 1764-5 [and 5-6?] 121. Moses b. Jacob Franks. 122. Menke b. Leib. 123. Hirsch b. Jacob [called Hirsch] Berlin. 124. R. Abraham b. RR. Joshua van Oven, the Physician. [124a. Solomon b. Abraham Cohen.] 125. Moses b. Uri Hamburger, Shochet in our Community. 126. Isaiah b. Hayim L?beck [ ?] s-i-1 of Wolf Pinchbeck. 127. Meir b. Nathan Pencutter, s-i-1 of Falk b. Michael. 128. Jacob b. Levi, s-i-1 of Falk b. Michael. 129. R. Zussman b. Michael [Abraham] Charleville. 130. R. Simeon b. Tanchum of Amsterdam ['Lost his rights']. 131. Abraham b. Jossele Hammelburg. 132. Lima Hamburg. 133. R. Josele b. RR. Aberle, Shamash of our Congregation. 134. Leib b. Jacob Weizel. 1766- 7 135. Nathan b. Elijah Lincoln. 136. Hayim b. Eleazar Greyhound, s-i-1 of Klein Zanvil. 137. Joseph b. Aryeh Round Court. 138. Samuel b. Phineas, or Sam Irishman. 139. Natte b. Naphtali Margate, s-i-1 of Simha [Simeon] b. Menahem. 140. Ensele b. Samuel Cohen Brighthelm stone [s-i-1 of R. Jochanan b. Phineas]. 141. Selig b. Meir, s-i-1 of Hayim Morocco. 142. Asher b. Isaac, s-i-1 of Laze Fiorda [F?rth]. 143. Gershon b. Parnas Aaron Goldsmid. 144. Samson b. Simeon Bira. 145. Elchanan b. Samuel Jacobs. 1767- 8 146. Zalman b. Matathias Levi. 147. Isaac b. Abraham Lam Patio. 148. Hirtz b. Aaron Mannheim.</page><page sequence="5">MEMBERSHIP OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE 179 149. Jacob b. David Franks. 150. Leizer b. Lipman Cohen Amsterdam. 151. Nathan b. Lipman Cohen Amsterdam. 152. Abraham b. Zeeb Hamburger. 153. R. Meir b. David Rintel Wolf. 1768- 9 154. Phineas b. Johanan Phillips. 155. Isaac b. Alexander Cohen Schwab. 156. R. Isaac b. Samuel Bira. 157. Leib b. Zevi Pinchbeck. 158. Zalman b. Jonah Necklacemaker. 159. R. David b. David. 1769- 70 160. R. Asher b. Aaron Goldsmid. 161. R. Jedidiah b. Baer Segal. 162. Isaac b. Meir Pollak. 163. R. Nachman b. Jochanan Hannover. 164. R. Elijah b. Jochanan Hannover. 165. Jacob b. Man Gokes Hendricks. 166. Zalman b. Nathan Footman, s-i-1 of Isaac Schwab. 167. Aaron b. Daniel, of Hamburg, s-i-1 of Simeon Prager ['Aaron Daniel' appended]. 168. Isaac b. Aaron Levi, Shoemaker Row. 169. Jacob b. RR. Judah Friedeberg. 170. Lipman b. Meir Pollak, Secretary of our Congregation. 1771- 2 171. Joseph Judah b. Jacob Levi. 1772- 3 172. R. Isaac K?nigsberg. 173. Aryeh b. [R.] Isaac K?nigsberg. 174. R. Levi b. Berman Cohen of Amster? dam. 175. R. Hayim b. Man Gokes Hendricks, Assistant Sopher of our Congregation. 176. Benjamin b. Abraham Levi. 1773- 4 177. Simeon b. Hayim Goslar. 178. Hirsch b. Menke Schneider. 179. Joel b. Wolf Mitchells of Prague. 180. Abraham b. Mordecai Lemon Man. 181. R. Aaron, Shochet of our Congregation. 182. R. Zamel b. Josele Hollander. 183. Hirsch b. Moses Moses. 1774- 5 184. Moses b. R. Samuel Pulvermacher. 185. Jacob b. Nachman Levi of Hamburg. 186. Moses b. Azriel Swaebe [name appended in English], s-i-1 of Hirsch Berlin. 187. Moses b. Seligman Hamburger. 188. Gumpel b. Jehiel Emden. 189. Judah b. Eleazar Levi. 190. Hirsch b. Jacob Hartzfeld. 191. R. Jacob b. Wolf Levi Hossemstacher (= Seal engraver). 192. Solomon b. Gershom Isaacs. 193. R. Leib b. Isaac Pollak, the Hazan. 194. Abraham b. Benjamin Flanders ('Lost his right'). 1775- 6 195. Zanvil Neuberg. 196. Hayim b. Moses Painter. 197. Nadel b. Judah Lemon Man. 1776- 7 198. R. Samuel b. RR. Judah Friedberg. 199. Moses b. parnas Jacob Rotterdam. 200. Isaac b. Abraham Levi, Cow Court. 201. Judah b. Isaac K?nigsberg. 202. Alexander b. Leib Drucker. 203. Jacob b. Abraham Wantsmoney ( ? Witzenheim). 204. R. Samson F?rst. 205. Moses b. Abraham Flanders ('Lost his right'). 1777- 8 206. Joseph b. Leizer Lazarus, the Hazan. 207. Zokkel b. Zanvil Neuberg. 208. Abraham b. David Weisel Gompertz. 209. David b. Aaron Bendix. 1778- 9 210. Jacob b. Israel Levy, Grocer. 211. R. Leizer b. Jacob Isaac Keyser. 212. Zevi b. Issachar Barnett. 213. Joseph b. Abraham Cohen Ensele (= Ainsley?). 1779- 80 214. R. Leizer b. Meir Meyers, s-i-1 of Isaac the Hazan</page><page sequence="6">180 MISCELLANIES VI 215. Jekuthiel b. Johanan Phillips. 216. Meir b. Judah Boston. 217. R. Lipman b. Judah Reicheburg. 218. Jacob b. Simah Levy. 1780- 1 219. Michael b. RR. Jossele, the Shamash. 220. Leib b. Jossele Hollander. 221. Isaac b. Alexander Tork. 222. Wolf b. Josele Hollander, s-i-1 of Isaac Tork. 223. Hayim b. Meir Harris. 224. Hendele b. Samuel Levi (woman). 225. Isaac b. Ensle Fishman. 226. Ber b. Moses Shochet. 1781- 2 227. Pheis b. Moses Segal, s-i-1 of Nathan Lincoln. 228. Ersle b. Judah Gosdorf, s-i-1 of Leizer Hamburger. 229. Hirsch b. David Davis, of Hague. 230. Ber b. Zevi Tantel, or Tin-man. 231. R. Leib b. Samuel Pressburg de Symons, of Vienna. 232. Issachar b. Simeon Kratswascher, or Tin-man. 233. R. Anschel b. [P.] Zusskind Isaacs. 234. R. Abraham b. RR. Michael Mitchel, of Ostrowza. 235. R. Baruch b. Jochanan Phillips. 236. Hirtz b. Leib Schwasee (?). 237. Moses b. Isaac Levi Kas un brot (Cheese-and-Bread ?). 238. Manus b. Eleazar Lyon, s-i-1 of Moses Kas un brot. 239. Aaron b. Jacob Aaron the Butcher. 1782- 3 240. R. Avigdor b. Isaac Levy, of Hamburg. 241. Samuel b. Issachar Segal. 242. Mordecai b. Samuel Hollander. 243. R. Tanchum b. Elijah Neumegen, of Amsterdam. 244. [R.] Selig b. Leizer Spier. 245. Benedict b. Eliakim Yates, s-i-1 of R. Avigdor Levi. 246. Nachum b. Simeon (Joseph). 247. Pheivel b. Abraham Goldst?cker. 248. Abraham b. Aaron Goldsmid. 1783- 4 249. Meir Aryeh b. Mordecai Greenwich. 250. Jehiel b. Menahem, s-i-1 of Mandel Lemon-Man. 251. R. Moses b. RR. Tevele Schiff. 252 R. Gershon b. [P]. Zusskind Isaacs. 253. Joseph b. Issachar Cohen. 254. Isaac b. Zalman Isaacs. 255. Leib b. Jacob Pencil-maker. 256. Abraham b. Morus (?), Second Beadle. 1784- 5 257. Moses b. Jonah, s-i-1 of Simeon Schneider. 258. Baruch b. Isaac Levi. 259. Leib b. Isaac, b-i-1 of Hayim b. Moses Painter. 260. Hayim b. Solomon Schneider. 261. R. Aberle b. Moses Levi Poole, s-i-1 of R. Leib (Binge) of Frankfort. 262. Isaac b. Eleazar Cohen, Perfumier. 263. Israel b. Phineas Neufeld. 1785- 6 264. Joseph b. Naphtali Myers, the Physician. 265. Simeon b. Jacob Isaac Jaffe, De Fries. 266. Michael b. Benjamin Sampson F?rth. 267. Judah b. [R]R. Kalonymus. 268. Leib b. Aaron Prager. 269. Moses b. Judah, s-i-1 of Leib Prager. 270. Ephraim b. Meir Pollak. 271. Joseph b. Moses, s-i-1 of Hirtz Hirtzfeld. 272. Mordecai b. Abraham Lemon-man. 273. Isaac, son of Parnas Leib Binge; Beadle &amp; Secretary. 1786-7 274. Jacob b. Judah Reinskopf Pencil Maker. 275. Simeon b. RR. Gershom. 276. Levi b. Simeon Schneider. 277. Hirsch b. Leizer (Eleazar) Pencil Maker. 278. Benedict b. Isaac Butcher. 279. Isaac b. Lima La Mert. 280. Isaac b. Israel Jacob Hatter. 281. Hannah b. Joseph Levi.</page><page sequence="7">MEMBERSHIP OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE 181 1787-8. 282. Leib b. [P.] Simeon Levine (Parnas). 283. Hirtz b. Ensle Fishman. 284. Hayim b. Isaac Levi, Shoemaker Row. 285. Mordecai b. Judah Levi. 286. Nathan b. Josele Hollander. 287. Samuel b. RR. Aaron Ber Waley, of Prague. 288. Jonah b. Jacob Pencil Maker. 289. Isaac b. Jacob Levy [F?rth, s-i-1 of Sam Joel]. 1789-90 290. Leizer b. RR. Samuel Gr?nim, of Lissa. 291. Baruch b. [P.] Aaron Goldsmid. 292. Ber b. Mendele Levi, s-i-1 of Hayim b. Solomon Schneider. 293. Mordecai b. Abraham Levy Reynolds. 294. Elijah b. Abraham Joseph Cohen. 1789-90 295. Hirsch b. RR. Josele Shamash. 296. Jacob b. Eleazar Worms. 297. Cosman b. Jacob Poulterer. 298. Simeon b. Samuel Irishman. 299. Benjamin b. Zevi Harris. 300. Jacob b. Hirsch Schwassee. 301. David b. Moses Painter. 302. Benjamin b. Isaac Oshir (= the Rich ?). 1790-1 303. Hirsch b. Solomon Hamburger. 304. Moses b. Eleazar Parelberg. 305. Moses b. Aaron Cohen, s-i-1 of Isaac K?nigsberg, with wife and children. 306. Abraham b. P. Gershon Goldsmid, thro' his father. 307. Abraham b. Ozer Harris, with his wife, sons and daughters. NOTES TO MAIN LIST 1. Abraham Nathan, d. 1745, the dominating figure in the community in its earliest days : father of 64. 2. Of Billiter Square, d. 1736. {Great Syria gogue, pp. 49, 63, 96, 101.) 2a. Gabbai in 1705 : father of 15, and s-i-1 of Samuel Franks. 3. Elias Levy, 1701-1750, son of Benjamin Levy, founder of the community. 4. Brother of 51 and 107; ancestor of New York family ? 6. See 107. The family name became Isaacs. 7. Father of 88 and 89. 9. = Abraham Levi, 1758. 11. ? = Andrew Levi de Haes (bookplate extant). 12. See 113. 14. See 46. His father, Leib b. Alexander, in Accounts: purchased annuity in 1767. 15. Joseph Levy, Gem Dealer: Treasurer of community: see 2a. (See Great Syna? gogue, pp. 27, 28, 47, 52.) 16. Perhaps Aaron Hart, d. 1762; or more probably Aaron Levy, Committee mem? ber in 1765. 17. Deputy in 1761 : brother of 2. Married Bilah, d. of Moses Hart. 18. Ancestor of Goldsmid family: first men? tioned in accounts in 1747. 19. = Mr. Benedict Soloman, of Katherine Coleman, 1723-4. (Baruch Bloch b. Solomon Bloch figures, 1696.) 20. See 77, 106. 21. Brother of 29. 23. Brother of 157, f-i-1 of 126. 24. Father of 120 and 78: ancestor of Moses Mosely family. 25. = Samuel Jacobs, 1756? See 136. 27. = Alexander Keyser ? See 211. 29. = Solomon Isaacs, Cemetery Gabbai in 1764. Brother of 21. 30. Probably Hyman Levi, executor (and nephew) of Lazarus Simon. Father of 177. 31a. Founder of New Synagogue? 32. See 228. 33. Jonas Phillips (1763) : for sons see 154, 235 : s-i-1 140. 35. = Joel Levi, Gabbai in 1764: father referred to as Hakadosh (= the martyr). 36. Perhaps cousin of 72. 37. Brother of 35. 39. Brother of 86. 40. ? Brother of Dr. Hart Wessels, d. 1767? See 134. 42. = Lazarus Simon of Throgmorton Street. 44. = Levi Isaacs, father of later Secretary of Synagogue: see 161, 273. 45. ? = Levi Cohen, executor of will of Herman Hendricks 1769. F-i-1 of 93.</page><page sequence="8">182 MISCELLANIES VI 46. Perhaps Levi Alexander, father of A. Alexander the Printer (see 14, and infra). 47. = Moses Hart, builder of Synagogue of 1722. 48. = Michael Adolphus, Deputy in 1761 : s-i-1 of Benjamin Levy. 49. Succeeded by son in 1771; see 87, 162, 170, 270. Probably not identical with Meir Pollak, Gabbai in 1722. 50. See Publications of American Jewish Historical Society, vol. xxxi. 51. Brother of 4: died 1769 (Will: Bogg 128) leaving widow Judith and son Hyam (175). 52. = Moses Israel, silversmith, from whom purchases made for synagogue, 1752-3. 53. See 223. 54. = Moses Hyams, d. 1751 : his goods sold in the Kahal-stube for the benefit of his sons. 58. Deputy in 1760. 59. = Naphtali Hart Myers, Gabbai in 1767, etc.: father of Dr. Joseph Hart Myers (see 264). He is called 's-i-1 of the late R. Simeon', i.e. of Simon Jacob Moses, d. 1764. 60. = Nathan Solomon ? 61. Son, Baer, attacked Rabbi, 1749 (see Great Synagogue p. 68). 64. Son of 1. 65. Father of 67. 67. Son of 65. 68. = Simeon Jacobus Moses, Parnas in 1761. ('R. Simeon Segal.') 69. Perhaps = Samuel Levi of Epsom, servitor of Rodrigues (1718) : But see 16. 70. = Hyman Levi the Penny Barber of Dukes Place, 1763? Father of Judah Levi, whose widow died 1795. See 112. 71. See 156, 144. 72. Father of 111 and 145. 74. = Simon Levi, later Gabbai and Parnas: father of 282. 75. = Samuel Ansel Levi ? 77. See 20. 78. See 24. 79. See 167 and 287: ancestor of Waley family ? 80. See 232: for family, see Gr?nwald, Hamburgs deutsche Juden, pp. 297, 315. 83. = Isaac Pollack, the Hazan. 84. See 88, 89. 85. = Moses Abraham, of Poole, d. 1786, ancestor of Viscount Samuel. S-i-1 of 64 and father of 261. 86. Son of 39. 87. = Henry Moses, 1734-1779, m. Zipporah, d. of Meir Pollack, secretary of the community (no. 49). His son Edward admitted Member in 1805 as Edward Goldsmid. 88. See 7. 89. See 7. 90. = Alexander Isaacs, Gabbai in 1764. Father of 233. 91. = Jacob Nathan Moses. 93. See 45. 96. See 118: son of David Marks of Dukes Place (1722). 97. See 141. 99. See 127-8. 101. See 93. 104. See 122 (Menahem = Menke) : family name is Marks. 106. See 20. 107, 108 : Brother and nephew of 4 and 51. 109. = David Samuel: his son, Samuel, admitted in 1795, and Gabbai in 1802. See 184. 111. Brother of 145 and son of 72. 113. = Zevi Hirsch Kalisch, attendant on the Baal Shem of London and ancestor of the Collins family (Arthur, Lottie, Jose). For Simha Levi see 70. But this might be Simha Bunem Levi, teacher early in the century. According to family tradition Hirsch Kalisch married ( ? late in life) the Baal Shem's daughter. 114. Son of Meir Wagg II and brother of Abraham Wagg of New York. 115. = Jacob ben Samuel in the Portsmouth records. 117. See 139. 118. = David Marks, Tailor (portrait in Jewish Museum): son of 96. 119. = Michael Sampson, later Gabbai. 120. See 24. 121. See 2. 122. See 104. 123. See 186. 124. Father ofDr. Joshua van Oven, 1766-1838. 126. See 23. 127-8. = Michael Nathan of Dessau, ancestor of Sir M. Nathan, etc. 129. See Abraham Charleville in 1750 list. 130. = Simon Daniels. 134. See 40. See Gr?nwald, Hamburg, 317. 135. = Nathan Elias, great grandfather (?) of explorer Ney Elias, father of M. I. Nathan and grandfather of Rosceia Nathan, who married at Lincoln in 1810 Jonas Elias (father of Isaac Lazarus</page><page sequence="9">MEMBERSHIP OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE 183 Lincoln, mohel in Melbourne in 1848). See 227 and Roth, Rise of Provincial Communities. 136. See 29. 138. = Samuel Davis, formerly of Portsmouth, ancestor of Charles and Felix Davis, etc. See 298. 139. See 117. 140. Family name, Samuel: ancestor of the Samuels, clothiers, of Ludgate Hill and Charles Samuel, benefactor of Jews' College. See 33. 143. = George Goldsmid, son of 18. 144. See 71, 156. 145. Son of 72, brother of 111. 147. = Isaac Isaacs, whose daughter Henele married 1793. See 6. 154. Son of 33, brother of 235. 156. ? = Isaac Adolphus. See 71. (See also Isaac Samuel, d. 1783.) 157. Brother of 23. 160. Son of 18. 161. See 12, 113. 162. Probably not son of 49. 165. See 51. 169. ? Son of Judah Loeb Abraham ben David Friedeberg of F?rth, for whom see J.J.L.G. viii, 99. See 198. 170. Son and successor of 49, brother of 162. See 270. 172. See 305; and see Frances, widow of Simeon ben Isaac Koeningsberg of 5 Great Alie Street, d. 14. viii. 1840. 174. = Levi Barent Cohen. 175. See 51. 177. = Simon Hyman Levi, d. 1789. See 30. 178. See 96, 118. 179. Related to Dr. Nathan Mitchell, d. 1785. 182. = Samuel Joseph, later Warden. (Great Synagogue, pp. 167, 196, 205, 275.) 183. Henry Moses, father of A. L. Moses. 184. = Moses Samuel. See 109. 186. = Moses Swaeber. See 123. 190. = Hart ( ?) Jacobs. See 271. 191. = Jacob Levy, son of Benjamin Levy, founder of Portsmouth community. 194. See 205. 197. See 250. 198. = Samuel Friedeberg, Merchant, of 1 Cock's Court, Camomile Street (New Complete Guide to London, 1772) : published Hazan Isaac Polack's portrait in 1779 as from Goulston Square. See 169. 202. = Alexander Alexander, the first Anglo Jewish printer. 203. = Jacob Abrahams Wants Money, of Simmons-Ashley pamphlets of 1753. 205. See 194. 211. = Eleazar Isaac Keyser, 'the first Jew in Hampstead', 1746-1820. See 27. 212. = Henry Isaac, of Oxford, d. 1812? 213. Father of Susanna (Zussel), of 11, Little Alie Street, d. 15.iv.1811. 218. See 70. 223. Son of 53. 227. See 135. 228. = Angel Lyon? See 32. 231. = Baron Lyon de Symons, 1743-1814. (Great Synagogue, pp. 173, 199, 224, 233, 238.) 232. See 80. 233. Son of 90. 234. 'Overseer', 1790. 235. = Barnett Philips, member of committee for revising Synagogue laws, 1790. Brother of 154. 240. See 245. 242. Samuel ben Anschel Hollander in accounts, c. 1760. 243. = Daniel Eliason. (Great Synagogue, pp. 177, 240.) 245. Ancestor of Yates family of Liverpool. See 240. 248. Abraham Goldsmid the financier, 1756 1810. 249. = Marks. 250. See 197. 251. Moses Schiff, son of Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff. 252. George Isaacs. (Great Synagogue, p. 69.) 255. See 274. 260. See 292. 261. See 45, 85, 273. 264. = Dr. Joseph Hart Myers, 1758-1823. 269. See above. 270. = Ephraim Pollak, tailor. Son of 49. 271. = Joseph Moses, d. 1803. Samuel ben Hirsch Hirtzfeld = Samuel Jacobs. See 190. 273. See 44. 274. Son of 255. 278. = Isaacs. His grandson Aaron Isaacs became member in 1823-4. 279. Family later associated with the Western Synagogue. 282. Son of 74. 287. Dayyan according to Midrash Phineas: his granddaughter married son of Jacob Levy of Portsmouth, ancestor of the Waley family. 291. = Benjamin Goldsmid, the financier, 1755-1808. 292. See 260. 296. Gabbai of Burial Society, 1795: brother of Moses Lazarus of Rochford. 298. See 138. 302. Perhaps Asher ? 305. See 172-3.</page><page sequence="10">MISCELLANIES VI APPENDIX Names taken from the earliest Account Books, 1708 to c. 1750. Nos. in parentheses refer to entry in Main List. R. Feibusch (= Aaron Hart). RR. Aberle of Hamburg (= Abraham Nathan : see Great Synagogue) (1). Jacob b. Judah. Joseph b. Isaac Levi (15). Wolf b. Isaac (Benjamin Isaacs, pillar of the Hambro' Synagogue). Moses Breslau (Moses Hart: 47). Benedict b. Solomon Bloch (19). Mordecai b. Isaac. Meir Wagg (50). Jacob b. Abraham. Isaac b. Samuel Heilbuth. Samuel Segal, s-i-1 of Joseph Levi (see 15). Berle Cohen. R. Leib b. R. Feitel. Moses Bira (= Adolphus). Amschel b. R. Leizer Neumegen. Abraham Franks (d. 1748). Isaac b. Joseph Levi (2a) . Meir b. Abraham Falk (49). Moses Miltaburg (Middleburg ?). Wolf b. Jacob. Mordecai b. Jacob, s-i-1 of Moses Levi. Menahem Segal. Elijah Segal, s-i-1 of Isaac Rotterdam. Moses Heilbuth. Hirsch b. Zeeb. Zechariah b. Mordecai. Jacob Segal, s-i-1 of Meir the Shamash. Israel Segal. Leizer Segal. Leib b. Moses (= Levy Moses of Aldgate, d. 1757). Leizer Neumegen. Meir the Shamash (Meir b. Menahem, Beadle in 1722). Sander Lissa. Jacob b. Samuel Heilbuth. Sabbatai b. David. Pheivelin b. Samuel Heilbuth. Simeon Segal. Meir the Shochet. Aberle b. Leizer Hamburger, of Amsterdam. Aberle b. R. Feivel, of Amsterdam. Aaron the Scribe. Abraham Prager. Isaac Brisk. Isaac Franks (2). Jacob Franks. David Franks. Abraham b. Alexander of Hamburg. Isaac b. Zevi of Lissa. Abraham Posner. Abraham Segal. Abraham, son of the Rabbi. Abraham Cook. Aaron Libish. Isaac, servant of Franks. Isaac, brother of Berl the servant. Isaac Levi, s-i-1 of Samuel Frank. Wife of Isaac Hamburger. Ber Levi. Ber the physician. Ber, s-i-1 of Raphael. Ber Franks. Benjamin b. Levi Hamburger (14). Benjamin Bennett, s-i-1 of Eliakim. Bunem with his brother Jacob Bohemia. Ber the servant. Baruch b. Meir Wagg. Getz b. Mordecai. Gumprecht b. R. Leizer. Gabriel Levi. Gershom b. Solomon. Getz b. Isaac Brisker. David b. Benedict Bloch. David b. Anschel Has. David b. Jacob. David b. Mordecai. Hirsch b. Jacob Franks. Hirsch K?nigsberg. Hirsch Rotterdam. Hirsch b. Meir Wagg. Hirsch Schneider. Hirsch b. Jekutiel Levi. Hirsch b. Benjamin. Hirsch Drukker. Hirsch Bachur. Widow Hendele. Hirsch Halberstadt. R. Henele. R. Wolf Bachur Treinle. Wolf Petersburg.</page><page sequence="11">MEMBERSHIP OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE 185 Wolf P.B. (= Pressburg, identical with the above? = WolfLiepman,of St. Petersburg, founder of the Western Synagogue, died 1773). Zelig Hamburg. Zanvil Schwab. Zerah b. Moses. Zalman b. Zerach. Zeligman Levi. Zanvil Neuburg. Zimla Levi. Zalman Schneider. Zanvil Hertzfeld. Zusskind Wiener. Zanvil Teacher. Zisskind b. Isaac. Hayim Levi Hamburger (? = Hyman Levi Drukker, will 1743). Hayim b. Mordecai. Hayim b. Michel. Treitel b. Meir Shochet. Israel b. Wolf Schneider. Jacob Levi Frankfort. Joseph Levi Frankfort. Isaac Amsterdam. Isaac b. Joseph, son of Joseph b. Jacob. Widow of Benedict the Shochet. Gumpel b. Sander Lissa. David b. Samuel. Wolf Posner. Hayim b. Napthali Segal of Amsterdam. Jacob b. Michael the bahur. Jedidiah Segal. Joseph b. Uri Cohen. Leib Cohen. Leib b. Alexander of Hamburg (father of 14). Leizer Goslar (42). Moses b. Joseph Cohen. Moses b. Israel Cohen. Moses Fries. Mendele b. Uri Cohen. Sander b. Samuel. R. Uziel Posner. Pheivel b. Leizer Hamburg, of Amsterdam. Zedekiah b. Mordecai. Simon Goslar (father of Lazarus Simon, called Simon Lazarus : d. 1725). Ralph Singer (66). Simson de Lima. Solomon, s-i-1 of Juspa Luze. Simon Wagg. Moses Wagg. Leib Shochet, Teacher and Shamash (with his son). Mordecai b. Meir the Shamash. Michael b. Joseph. Mordecai the Grave-digger. Additional Names after 1746 ? Abraham Charleville. Aaron Levi of Amsterdam. Aaron b. Hayyim. Abraham b. Isaac. Uri Schneider. Isaac Shochet. Abraham Cohen. Isaac Rotterdam. Aaron b. David. Isaac Cohen. Abraham b. Jossele. Isaac b. Leizer Levi. Abraham b. Baruch. Widow of Aaron Perba ( ?). Isaac Sugar-baker. Abraham Wagg. Isaac Levi, New York. [See Publications of American Jewish Historical Society, ix, 57, and Pool, p. 92; son of Joseph Levi (15) ?] Abraham b. Meir Wagg. Isaac Berlin. Abraham Shraga. Aaron b. Baruch Levi. Abraham b. Moses Simon ( ? Abraham Moses, d. 1776). Asher b. Isaac Goldstucker. Asher b. Keile France. Aaron b. Isaac Isaacs. Jonathan b. Phineas. Josele B?mberg. Jonah Levi. Judah b. Zevi, relative of Joel Levi. Jossele Furth. Joel Levi and brother Jossele (became Baal Bayith in 1746 for ?10. 10s.). R. Jacob the Scribe. Jacob b. Elhanan. Jossele Hamburger. Israel b. Moses Cohen. Joseph Schraga. N</page></plain_text>

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