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The Beginnings of the Newcastle Jewish Community

G. D. Guttentag

<plain_text><page sequence="1">The Beginnings of the Newcastle Jewish Community* G. D. GUTTENTAG The Newcastle upon Tyne Jewish community is the largest of a number situated close to each other in the area comprising the counties of Northumberland and Durham and a strip of north Yorkshire, which forms the southern bank of the River Tees. Within this group one also finds examples of erstwhile communities like Durham and North Shields, with only odd synagogue build? ings and, in the case of the latter, also a ceme? tery to indicate that Jews ever lived there. In Stockton, West Hartlepool, and South Shields there are now mere shells of what a century or so ago were flourishing communities. Middles? brough and Darlington reached a certain stage of development, at which they have remained static, while in Whitley Bay there is a com? munity formed in recent years. The mainstream of dynamic Jewish life in north-east England, however, is to be found in thr