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Sir I. L. Goldsmid and the Admission of the Jews of England to Parliament

Lionel Abrahams

<plain_text><page sequence="1">SIR I. L. GOLDSMID AND THE ADMISSION OF THE JEWS OF ENGLAND TO PARLIAMENT. By LIONEL ABRAHAMS. The majority of the documents printed below have been selected from two volumes, formerly belonging to the late Sir Julian Goldsmid, which contain a portion of Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid's correspondence on political and social subjects. These volumes were exhibited at the Anglo-Je wish Historical Exhibition of 1887,1 and were described by Mr. Joseph Jacobs and Mr. Lucien Wolf in Bibliotlieca Anglo-Judaic a (pp. xxiii-iv). A few of the letters have been printed by Dr. Lciwy and Professor Marks in their life of Sir F. H. Goldsmid, but the majority have been unpublished up to the present time. It appeared to the Executive Committee of the Jewish Historical Society of England that a service would be rendered to the study of the history of the Jews of England if a selection of the letters bearing on the public affairs of the Jewish community could be made accessible to the public. Through the kindness of Mr. C. G. Montefiore, former