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Publications Vol 16 2

<plain_text><page sequence="1">PUBLICATIONS OF THE SOCIETY.f (a) Anglo-Jewish History ?Transactions, Vols. I to XVI. ?2 2s. per volume. (Volumes I, II, III, IV, and VI are out of print.) Lucien Wolf, " Menasseh ben Israel's Mission to Oliver Cromwell " (out of print). J. M. Rigg, " Select Pleas, Starrs and Records of the Exchequer of the Jews " (out of print). *J. M. Rigg, " Exchequer of the Jews," Vol. I. ?1 $s. *J. M. Rigg, " Exchequer of the Jews," Vol. II. ?1 $s. *H. Jenkinson, " Exchequer of the Jews," Vol. III. ?2 2s. *I. Abrahams, H. P. Stokes, and H. Loewe, " Starrs and Jewish Charters in the British Museum." Vol. I. Documents, Translation, and Notes. ?1 is. Vol. II. Supplementary Notes and Excursuses. ?1 11s. 6d. Vol. Indices. 15s. ?Miscellanies, Parts I to V. Each volume ?1 11s. 6d. H. S. Q,. Henriques, " The Jews and the English Law " (out of print). H. S. Q. Henriques, "Jewish Marriages and the English Law " (out of print). H. P. Stokes, " Studies in Anglo-Jewish History." 12s. 6d. I. Abrahams and S. Levy, " Macaulay on Jewish Disabilities " (out of print). Whitehall Conference Celebration Souvenir (out of print). A. M. Hyamson, " A History of the Jews in England " (out of print : second edition pub? lished by Methuen and Co., Ltd.). ?Cecil Roth, " Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica." A bibliographical guide to Anglo-Jewish history. ?2 2s. Michael Adler, "Jews of Medieval England " (out of print). Lucien Wolf, " Essays in Jewish History." 15s. A. M. Hyamson, " The British Consulate in Jerusalem." 2 Volumes. ?3 3s. ?" The Onyx Book." Parti. ?1 us. 6d. ?" Anglo-Jewish Notabilities." ?1 1 is. 6d. " The Rise of Provincial Jewry " by Cecil Roth (95, by arrangement with the publishers of The Jewish Monthly) and " The Sephardim of England," by Albert M. Hyamson (35J., published by Methuen and Co., Ltd.) have also been distributed free to members of the Society.</page><page sequence="2">245 (b) General Jewish History and Literature David Yellin and L Abrahams, " Maimonides " (out of print). S. M. Dubnow, "Jewish History " (out of print). S. A. Hirsch, " A Book of Essays " (out of print). H. St. J. Thackeray, " The Letter of Aristeas." 2*. E. N. Adler, "Jews in Many Lands " (out of print). M. Liber, " Rashi " (out of print). Nina Davis, " Songs of Exile " (out of print). M. Lazarus, " Ethics of Judaism," 2 vols. (out of print). *Lucien Wolf, "Jews in the Canary Islands." ?1 11s. 6d. Lucien Wolf, " Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question." 15s. In addition to the above-mentioned, 15 Lucien Wolf Memorial Lectures and 16 Arthur Davis Memorial Lectures (i.y. to 2s. each) have been distributed free to members. Application for the Society's Publications should be made to the Honorary Secretary of the Society at 33 Seymour Place, London, W. 1. t All of the undermentioned have been distributed free to members. * Copies are on sale to members at half the published price. Y</page></plain_text>

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