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Preface Vol 41

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Preface The papers in this volume include lectures presented to the Society in the past two years, as well as new research that has not formed part of the lecture series. Meetings Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society in Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society ofEngland 40, pp. xi-xii, the following lectures were delivered. 2005 Professor Stefan Reif A fresh look at Adolf Neubauer as scholar, librarian and Jewish personality Dr Mervyn Goodman Vice versa: Samuel Montagu, the First Lord Swaythling Dr Paulina Kewes The dramatization ofjosephus in Elizabethan Cambridge: Dr Thomas Legge (1535?1607) and his Solymitana Clades (The Destruction of Jerusalem) Professor Derek Taylor From Jacob Sasportas to Solomon Gaon - the twelve Sephardi Hahamim, 1664-1977 George Rigal Insurance policies: sources of genealogical and Anglo-Jewish history in the 18th and 19th centuries Raymond Kaiman The decline of the Jewish population of the East End, 1881-1914 Edgar Samuel The Mahamad as a Court of Arbitration in the 18th century ix</page><page sequence="2">Preface Geoffrey L. Green England expects that every man will do his duty: incidents of British Jews under the White Ensign from HMS Victory in 1805 to the loss of HMS Hood in 1941 Stephen Massil Two Hebrew grammar books and the Enlightenment Dr Anne Kershen The Aliens Act of 1905: cause and effect Joint Conference at University College London On the Whitehall Conference of December 1655 Professor Graham Pont The secret life of Isaac Nathan 2006 Dr Michael Jolles Nathaniel Charles Rothschild, 1877-1923 John Goldsmith Technology transfer from Nazi Germany: a refugee engineer's story David Conway East End and West End: Jews and opera in London, 1770-1850 Dr Lauren Fogle Medieval Jewish converts in London Birmingham Branch Study Day 150th anniversary of Singer's Hill Synagogue Geoffrey Preger Moses Shapira and his 'million pound scraps' Revd Bernd Koschland A kindertransport: Tyler's Green Hostel Emma Harris Jewish secondary education in 19th-century England x</page><page sequence="3">Preface Joe Hillaby The Port Jews of medieval England Raphael Langham The reaction of British Jewry to Suez, 1956 Professor Lloyd Gartner Salo Baron, the universal Jewish historian Professor Geoffrey Alderman The Anglo-Jewish response to military conscription during the Great War I would like to thank Katharine Ridler for once again helping to copy-edit this volume, and Helen Grubin for compiling the index. Jeremy Schonfield xi</page></plain_text>

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