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Preface Vol 40

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Preface The papers in this volume include lectures presented to the Society in the past year, as well as new research that has not formed part of the lecture series. Meetings Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society in Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society ofEngland 39, pp. xi-xii, the following lectures were delivered in 2004. Dr Saul Issroff Port and frontier: the Jews of Eastern Cape Colony and Port Elizabeth in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Benjamin J. Elton Did the Chief Rabbinate move to the right, 1890-1990? Professor Lloyd Gartner Jewish women in the Great Migration, 18/0-1914 Bernard Spencer Sir John Monash: an Australian Jewish general Raymond Kaiman Acording to Jewish rites: the distinctive characteristics of Jewish Friendly Societies Dr Julia Walworth Sir Louis Sterling (1879-1958): the development of a book collector Dr Paul Brand The business dealings of the Exchequer of the Jews Professor Aubrey Newman The Poor Jews' Temporary Shelter between 1886 and the outbreak of the First World War xi</page><page sequence="2">Preface Stephen W. Massil On immigrant Jewish librarians in England, 1865- igjo Professor Michael Alpert Dr Pulido and the philo-Sephardic movement in Spain, 1873-11)24 Professor S. K. Kohn The Jews and the Black Death in Europe I would like to thank Katharine Ridler for her help in copyediting this volume, and Helen Grubin for once again compiling the index. Jeremy Schonfield Xll</page></plain_text>

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