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Preface Vol 37

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Preface This, the second volume of the series to appear in the new format, demon? strates the advantages of publishing annually, since the papers it contains, all delivered to the Society in the past season of lectures, deserve to appear rapidly in print. Its contents range in subject from the medieval period to the twentieth century, glancing towards the future of Jewish historiography and of the Jewish people itself. Of topical interest is the coverage of the recently discovered mikva 'ot in the City of London, the first archaeological evidence of London's medieval Jewry to come to light. As the President has reported elsewhere, the Society is successfully resisting trends by halting and even reversing the loss of membership over recent years. The continuing annual appearance of this series ensures prompt publication that itself will attact high-quality research and writing. Meetings Since the publication of the previous list of lectures to the Society in Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 36, pp. xi-xiii, the following lectures have been delivered: 2000-2001 Dr Anne Kershen From apologists to confrontationists: British Jewish historiography in the twentieth century Professor Bernard Wasserstein The end of Jewish history? Raymond Kaiman From Whitechapel to Hendon via Johannesburg: the travels of the Hebrew Order of David Eliane Glaser Jews and Judaism in the polemics of the Christian Reformation Naomi Cream The Revd Solomon Lyon of Cambridge, 1755-1820 xi</page><page sequence="2">Preface Suzanne Bartlet Cher a &amp; Co: three Jewish businesswomen in thirteenth-century England Bernard Spencer Recent research and discoveries on the medieval Jewish community of York Dr Kenneth Collins Asher Asher: Victorian physician and medical reformer Joe Hillaby The Jews of medieval Gloucester Martyn Webster The Jews of Kent and their records Martin Sugarman Confounding the enemy: the Jewish Special Operators of 101 Squadron Bomber Command Professor Bernard Wasserstein Children of Magnolia Street Kenneth Rubens On the building of Bevis Marks, i6g8-ijoi Anne Ebner The first Jewish Justices of the Peace I would like to thank Dr J. S. G. Simmons for helping to proof-read this volume and Helen Grubin, once again, for compiling the index. Due to an unfortunate oversight, the photographer of the portrait of Pro? fessor Raphael Loewe which appeared as the frontispiece of the previous volume was not acknowledged. It gives me great pleasure to do so now: it was the work of Michael Falter, Director of Facsimile Editions, London, on one of whose publications Professor Loewe was working when the photograph was taken. We are most grateful to him for making it available to us for publication in the volume dedicated to Professor Loewe. Jeremy Schonfield xn</page></plain_text>

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