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Preface Vol 31

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Preface The Society draws great encouragement from such a positive response to the decision of the Council, arrived at in May 1989, to raise the level of subscriptions. This decision imposes on the Publications Committee a corresponding obligation to the Society. It is our intention to issue Transactions biennially, principally as a printed record of the monthly lectures which many members are unable to attend, but also as a means of keeping abreast of research undertaken by those who are not in a postiton to lecture to the Society. New contributors in particular are requested to follow the Editor's 'Notes for Contributors' and to bear in mind that the end of each annual session marks the deadline for receipt of copy. Meetings Since the previous list of lectures was published in Transactions XXX, pp. xi-xiii, the following lectures have been delivered: 1988 Dr Yom Tov Assis Jewish attitudes to Christian power in medieval Spain Edgar Samuel 1656 - The re-admission of the Jews to England reconsidered Professor Jonathan Israel The life-style of the Dutch Sephardi elite in the late 17th century Dr Ada Rapoport-Albert The Hasidic view of the body and the world 1989 Professor H. Tadmor Sennacherib at the Gates of Jerusalem Dr Tony Kushner The impossibility of antisemitism? Britain in the 20th century xi</page><page sequence="2">Preface Professor J. B. Segal The Jewish community of Cochin, India Professor W. E. Mosse Identity and Integration. Jews in Germany and German-Jewish refugees in the United Kingdom Roger Prior Jewish musicians in Tudor England Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira Relations of the Mahamad of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London with the Holy Land in the 19th century Professor Bernard Wasserstein Herbert Samuel: from Judaism to Zionism Judge Israel Finestein A reappraisal of the influence of the French Revolution on Jewish history Edgar Samuel The Curiel family in 16th-century Portugal E. D. Ezra The Jews of Calcutta J. Hillaby Hereford gold - Irish and Welsh land: the Jewish community at Hereford and its clients, c. 1218-1253 Mrs Z. E. Rokeafc Money and the Hangman in late-13th-century England: Jews, Christians and coinage offences alleged and real 1990 ?\ Mrs Betty Naggar Jewish old-clothes men, 18th and 19th centuries David d'Avray Jewish kings and leaders in medieval memorial sermons xii</page><page sequence="3">Preface Dr Sharman Kadish Bolsheviks and British Jews: Anglo-Jewry, Britain and the Russian Revolution Cecil Bloom Colonel Patterson, soldier and Zionist Dr David Parker Dickens and the Jews Dr R. Mundill Anglo-Jewry under Edward I - credit agents and their clients Professor G. Alderman M. H. Davis: the rise and fall of a communal upstart Mocatta Library Some members may be unaware that the holdings of the Mocatta Library have recently been amalgamated with those of the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at University College London, and that both these collections have been rehoused in a new Jewish Studies Library. The Library is open to members of the Society during normal College hours. Branches Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester each continue to offer an impressively varied programme of lectures, and it is particularly heartening to report the revival of activity at Liverpool. Personalia It falls to my lot, as Chairman of the Publications Committee, to place on record our especial debt to the late Vivian Lipman, who served for many years as both editor and chairman of the committee. Nobody was more anxious than he that the Society's publications should appear frequently and regularly. It is hoped that volume V of Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews (a preoccupation of the Publications Committee since 1972) will be made available to our members shortly, followed by the De Paiba circumcision register, which is to be published jointly with the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation as Bevis Marks Records, Part IV. Malcolm Brown xiii</page></plain_text>

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