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Preface Vol 28

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Preface This volume is the first to appear under the editorship of Mr Jeremy Schonfield, and as Chairman of the Publications Committee I would like to express my appreciation for his agreement to take over this task. He follows on a long line of distinguished editors, and he brings to the task a wide range of experience in the field of publishing. I would also like to take this opportunity of expressing the most sincere thanks of the Society to Dr Richard Barnett who after many years has stepped down as Chairman of the Publications Committee. At the same time members of the Society will be pleased to know that he has agreed to keep a watchful eye on the two volumes of medieval Plea Rolls, The Exchequer of the Jews V and VI, which form an important part of the Society's general publishing programme. A number of outside bodies, including the British Academy, have made contributions towards the cost of editing and publishing, and it must remain a matter of high priority that we complete the commitment entered into by the Society. Two further changes have taken place. Mr Alan Rose has resigned as our Honorary Secretary due to the pressure of other commitments. We are most grateful to him for his efforts on our behalf. The Society has been fortunate to be able to secure in his place the services of Mr Cyril Drukker. In addition, Mr Lewis Shane has unhappily had to accept the urgent advice of his doctors to give up his position as our Honorary Treasurer. He has, in the course of his tenure, much improved the state of the Society. Again we have been very fortunate that Mr William Margulies has accepted office in his place. We are grateful also to Mr Shalom Schotten for his valuable advice and help in matters of graphic design. The Society expresses its unqualified thanks, both to those who have already served it in the past and those who have now agreed to serve it in the future. In addition to these changes, there has been the normal succession of Presidents. Dr Lionel Kochan was succeeded as President in 1982 by Mrs Dorothy Stone, and she in her turn has been succeeded by Professor-Emeritus Chimen Abramsky. It is a particular matter of pride to the Society that this renews our links with University College London and particularly with the Goldsmid Chair of Jewish History. Meetings Since the last list of lectures was published in Transactions XXVII pp. xi-xii, the following lectures have been delivered: x</page><page sequence="2">Preface xi 1981 Lionel Kochan, Herzl re-assessed 28 October Jonathan Israel, The diplomatic career ofjeronimo da Costa, 1642-1697 25 November Bill Williams, Anti-Semitism in Manchester, 1718-1939 16 December 1982 Malcolm Brown, Anglo-Jewish country houses from the Resettlement to 1800 20 January Daniel Schroeter, British influences on the Jewish community of Mogador in the second half of the 19 th century 17 March William W. Simpson, Jewish-Christian relations since the inception of the Council of Christians and Jews 28 April Miron Grindea, Jewish self-denial: Proust and Bergson 26 May Richard D. Barnett, The Da Paiba circumcision register and the Marrano influx in the early 18th century 23 June Walter M. Schwab, Motives to the study of Hebrew 14 July Barry A. Kosmin, Localism and pluralism in 20th-century Anglo-Jewry 17 October Dorothy Stone, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht; teacher, writer and judge 10 November Bruno Marmor stein, Adolph B?chler, Principalof Jews9 College, 1900-1939 15 December Publications In common with all other learned institutions the Jewish Historical Society has felt the chill of the present economic climate, and although this volume of Transactions has appeared, there are grave doubts about any wider publication programme. The Society, however, must regard its publishing programme as a vital and essential part of its activities; for many of its members, publications are the chief benefit to be gained from their subscriptions, so rather than be restricting publications the Committee has in mind an extensive programme which would cover not merely the series of Transactions and Miscellanies, but include a resumption of the long series of record volumes and the introduction of a series of volumes based upon current research into Jewish history. A pleasing feature of the present decade has been the expansion of research into Jewish history being conducted by individuals and groups all over the country.</page><page sequence="3">xii Preface The Society would like to further this, in part by the re-introduction of the series of essay prizes which formed a marked feature of the Society's activities in the past, but in part also by being able to sponsor the publication of these research activities. To be able to do that properly will represent a burden on the Society's present funds; it may well be that one answer is to establish a special fund dedicated to publications. Branches The Birmingham Branch of the Society goes from strength to strength; the second volume of its history of Birmingham Jewry has now been published and has already received wide acclaim. The Leeds Branch also continues to progress, while the Liverpool and Manchester Branches are once again beginning to operate. The Provincial Branches are an important part of the general activities of the Society. Plans are now on foot for a Conference to be held under the auspices of the Society in the north of the country, probably in Leeds, to discuss the history of the various Jewish communities, particularly those on the 'Trans-Pennine migration route' from Hull/Grimsby to Liverpool. Such a conference would throw considerable light on the growth and development of these centres; anyone who might be willing to contribute a paper for the conference is invited to write to me at the University of Leicester. The Israel Branch is also reported to be in good heart despite the present difficulties. Other Activities Much of the activity of members of the Society during the year seems to have been concentrated on the Montefiore centenary celebrations. The Sub-Commit? tee of the Society, under the chairmanship of Mr Denzil Sebag-Montefiore, has sponsored an excellent exhibition in Forty Hall, Enfield. Mr A.F. Rubens has generously financed the publication of a facsimile edition of Sir Moses' Diaries, and the Littman Library is publishing a volume of essays by a number of distinguished contributors, illustrating a wide number of aspects of Sir Moses' life and work. This volume is offered in gratitude to Alfred Rubens for a lifetime of service to the Society. In a wide variety of ways he has enriched the life of the Society and indeed of the whole of Anglo-Jewry. He does his best to avoid publicity, but in offering this volume to him the Society as a whole is saying to him how genuinely and sincerely they appreciate his services. Aubrey Newman Chairman of Publications Committee</page></plain_text>

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