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Preface Vol 22

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Preface This Volume, No. XXII, of the Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England appears rather less than two years after Volume XXI. For many years this progressive collection of papers delivered to the Society has been published at much longer intervals than the Publications Committee or the Council could have wished, and when Volume XXI was issued a decision was made to try to publish the Transactions more regularly, annually if possible. It was recognised also that there were even longer delays in publishing the Society's occasional Miscellanies, the last, Part VI, having appeared in 1962. By a further decision, there? fore, Miscellanies will henceforward normally be included in the same volume as Transactions, giving, it is hoped, more opportunities to print occasional papers, items of historical research, Anglo-Jewish lists?of which there are many of great interest not only in themselves but also as bases for future historians to build on?and other suchlike material. We are pleased to offer Miscellanies Part VII in this issue. By such means we hope to provide our members and other readers with a still better service than hereto? fore, and at the same time, in view of the strait? ened financial circumstances of the Society, economise on the ever-increasing costs of publication. The stage has been reached, in fact, where, if the Society is to maintain, let alone increase, its output of volumes of importance to Anglo Jewish history, more support must be given by sympathisers with its objects to the Publications Fund. Contributions, large or small, will be welcomed by the Treasurer, Mrs. Dorothy Stone, or the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Ernest Ettinghausen, at the Society's office, 33 Sey? mour Place, London W. 1. Owing to the comparatively short time that has elapsed since Transactions XXI appeared, there is no list of other volumes distributed during the period to members, apart from one, Orthodoxy in Anglo-Jewry 1880-1940, by Bern? ard Homa, the author generously defraying a large part of the cost. But other publications of the Society are in active preparation, and it is hoped shortly to distribute the new volume (No. 4) of Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews (which is, incidentally, the subject of a fine appraisal by Professor Cecil Roth in his Pres? idential Address to the Society included in this issue), and a History of the Jews of Ireland, by Louis Hyman. OFFICERS Dr. Vivian D. Lipman, who had been Chair? man of the Publications Committee of the Society since 1954, resigned that office at the end of 1968. He has been succeeded as Chairman by Dr. Richard D. Barnett. The most cordial thanks are offered to Dr. Lipman for his services, which were always undertaken with the utmost energy, sincerity, and learning, to the great advantage of the Society. Sir Isaiah Berlin served as President of the Society in 1967-68, and was succeeded, as President for 1968-69, by Professor Cecil Roth. In this volume, both their Presidential Ad? dresses are included. The Society felt it particu? larly appropriate that Professor Roth should once again act as President?he has held the office eight times previously, a record in the Society's 75-year history?because it was a way of paying a fitting tribute to him on his 70th birthday. Sir Isaiah Berlin and Rabbi Dr. W. Van der Zyl have been elected Vice-Presidents of the Society. MEETINGS Since the last list published in Transactions XXI, the following further meetings have been held: 1968 January 3. Dr. C. M. KaufTmann?The iconography of Jacob in English and Continental art. ix</page><page sequence="2">x Preface February 7. Dr. Aubrey Newman?The expulsion of Jews from Prague in 1745?some English reactions. March 6. Mr. David Spector?The Jews of Brighton 1770-1900. April 3. Dr. Edward S. Con way?The origins of the Norwood Home for Jewish children. May 1. Professor Elie Kedourie?Sir Herbert Samuel and the government of Palestine. June 5. Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper?The European Philosemite Movement of the 17th century. (Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture.) September 17. Professor Cecil Roth?Pres? idential Address?Why Anglo-Jewish history? October 23. Dr. Oskar Rabinowicz?Sir Winston Churchill and Israel (jointly with the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Chair of Inter? national Relations and Political Science of Bar-Ilan University, Israel). November 4. Mr. Alfred Rubens?The Rothschilds in caricature. December 11. Rabbi Eugene Newman? Anglo-Jewish life as reflected in the writings of Day an Jacob Reinowitz, 1875-1893. 1969 February 3. Mr. John M. Shaftesley?Nine? teenth-century Jewish colonies in Cyprus. March 12. Dr. Naphtali Wieder?The liturgy of medieval Anglo-Jewry. June 18. Mr. Gerald R. Reitlinger?The changed face of English Jewry at the end of the 18th century. (Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture.) November 12. The Hon. Sir Alan Mocatta? Presidential Address?Frederic David Mocatta {1828-1905). December 3. Sir Henry d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, Bart.?Lord George Bentinck and the Jews. December 1969 John M. Shaftesley, Editor.</page></plain_text>

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