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Preface Vol 14

<plain_text><page sequence="1">PREFACE The Council having decided to continue the issue of its Transactions during the time of war, this volume is now circulated to the members of the Society with certain customary features modified. For reasons of economy the Preface has been curtailed, the number of photo? graphs limited to one, whilst the Laws and the List of Members have been omitted. The succession of lectures and publications under the auspices of the Society in the years 1935?1939 is evidence of its continued vitality. The membership now exceeds 800. The general communal interest in our work is revealed by the attendances at the annual Lucien Wolf Memorial Lectures when the Great Hall of University College was filled by audiences of over a thousand visitors. In order to popularise the Society in communities beyond the metropolis, meetings have been held in Liverpool, Harrogate, Brighton, Man? chester and Birmingham?many new subscribers being thus enrolled. Special meetings were held to mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Moses Mendelssohn and the quincentenary of the birth of Isaac Abravanel. Upon the retirement of the Rev. Michael Adler from the office of President, after two years, Dr. Cecil Roth was elected in 1936, and was succeeded by Mr. Philip Guedalla in 1938. After rendering devoted service as Hon. Secretary for a period of over five years, the Rev. Walter Levin was obliged to resign owing to ill-health. The Council have tendered their most grateful thanks to Mr. Levin for the zealous manner in which he had discharged his duties. In his place, the Rev. Arthur Barnett was elected Hon. Secretary. A great honour was paid to the Gustave Tuck Museum in February 1938 when Queen Mary visited it. She was shown round vii</page><page sequence="2">viii PREFACE the exhibits by Mr. Tuck and Dr. Roth, Her Majesty taking con? siderable interest in all she saw. Many valuable additions have been made to the Museum by its founder, and also, in memory of their father, by Messrs. Lionel and Anthony de Rothschild. A large number of duplicates from the Mocatta Library were offered to the Central Public Library in Manchester in the hope that they would form the nucleus of a local centre for Jewish historical studies. This gift has resulted in the organisation of a special Jewish section, which was publicly inaugurated in April 1938. The two Presidential Addresses in this volume by Dr. Roth were reprinted and widely circulated for Jewish Defence purposes by the Board of Deputies?the value of the work of the Society in studying both past and modern Jewish history being thus amply demonstrated. Mention should be made of the conferment of Honorary Member? ship upon four distinguished friends of the Society: the Very Rev. Dr. Hertz, Chief Rabbi, upon the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his tenure of office; Mr. Elkan N. Adler, the Nestor of Jewish bibliographers, and also upon Dr. M. Gaster and Professor S. Freud, both of whom have since passed away. At the Book Fair organised by the Sunday Times in 1937, the Society took the lead in arranging a Jewish stall. Most of its publica? tions were exhibited and some new members enrolled. The following publications have been issued to the members of the Society since the distribution of the last volume of Transactions : (a) " Great Britain and Palestine,"1 by the Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert (now Viscount) Samuel, G.C.B., M.A. Second Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture, 1935. {b) " The Challenge to Jewish History," 1 by Dr. Roth (Presi? dential Address, 1936). This was reprinted in part by the Defence Committee of the Board of Deputies under the title " The Jew as British Citizen: Three Centuries of Achievement." (c) "The Worth of Freedom,"1 by H. Wickham Steed, M.A. Third Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture, 1936. (d) " Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica," by Dr. C. Roth, 1937. This comprehensive bibliography of Anglo-Jewish history and litera</page><page sequence="3">preface ix ture is an entirely new edition of the 44 Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica," by Joseph Jacobs and Lucien Wolf, published in 1887 under the auspices of the Committee of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition. It includes a complete catalogue of the Anglo-Judaica in the Mocatta Library. (e) Miscellanies, Part III, containing short papers upon Anglo Jewish history, 1937. (/) " The Jew as a European," by Dr. C. Roth (Presidential Address, 1938). (g) 44 The Jewish Past,"1 by Philip Guedalla (Presidential Address, 1938). (Ji) 44 Humanity and the Refugees,"1 by the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Chichester. Fifth Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture, 1939. (i) 44 Jews of Medieval England," by the Rev. Michael Adlcr, D.S.O., B.A., 1939. A collection of essays dealing with various aspects of pre-Expulsion history, and the " Domus Conversorum." The Council are grateful to the author and publisher by arrangement with whom the Society was able to distribute this volume to its members. (/) 44 The Archives of the Jerusalem Consulate," Part I, by A. M. Hyamson, O.B.E., F.R.Hist.S., 1939. The Society also distributed Dr. E. Lichtigfeld's 44 Twenty Centuries of Jewish Thought," a treatise upon Jewish religious philosophy. List of Meetings from October 1935?June 1939. 1935. Oct. 29. Rev. Michael Adler, D.S.O., B.A.: 44 The Early History of the Domus Conversorum " (Presidential Address). ? Nov. 25. Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert (now Viscount) Samuel, G.C.B., M.A.: 44 Great Britain and Pales? tine." Second Lucien Wolf Memorial Lec? ture. (Sir Ronald Storrs, K.C.M.G., in the Chair.) 1 These booklets were printed at the expense of Mr. Gustave Tuck.</page><page sequence="4">X PREFACE 1935. Dec. 17. Rev. Dr. J. W. Parkes, M.A.: " The Situation of the Jews at the time of their First Settle? ment in England." 1936. Jan. 21. Commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the death of Moses Mendelssohn. Dr. S. Rawidowicz, " Moses Mendelssohn, the German and Jewish Philosopher." ? Jan. 26. Visit to Liverpool. Papers by Rev. Michael Adler, " The Jewish Woman in Medieval England "; Rev. W. Levin, " The Work of the Jewish Historical Society "; B. B. Benas, " An Introduction to the History of the Jews of Liverpool"; A. D. Pappworth, "The Life of Dr. Samuel Solomon of Liverpool (1780-1818)." ? Feb. 11. Dr. Arnold Sorsby : "The Development of the Medical Charities of the Community since the Re-settlement." ? Mar. 17. Rabbi Dr. A. Marmorstein: " Some New Aspects of Jewish Religious Life and Literary Activity in Norman England." ? April21. Prof. Norman Bentwich, M.A.: "Solomon Schechter in England, 1882-1902." May 19. A. M. Hyamson, O.B.E., F.R.Hist.S. : " The Archives of the British Consulate in Jeru? salem from the year 1838." ? July 7. W. S. Samuel: " Sir W. Davidson (1616 1689) and the Jews." J. Solis Cohen: "The Organisation of American Jewish Intellectual Life." ? Oct. 20. Dr. C. Roth: " The Challenge to Jewish History " (Presidential Address). ? Nov. 16. H. Wickham Steed : " The Worth of Free? dom." Third Lucien Wolf Memorial Lec? ture. (Mr. Philip Guedalla in the Chair.)</page><page sequence="5">PREFACE XI 1936. Dec. 15. Miss Francis Dublin, M.A.: 44 Jews and the Development of the American Colonies." W. S. Samuel: " The Jews of London in the Great Plague." 1937. Jan. 12. Bertram B. Benas, B.A., LL.B., J.P.: " A Plea for a Genealogical and Historiographical Section of the Jewish Historical Society." Feb. 9. Rabbi Dr. Adolf Kober (of Cologne) : 44 The Historical Importance of the German Jew to Jewish Culture." ? Mar. 3. Sir Philip Magnus, Bart.: " The Story of the Jews of Kai-Fung-Foo." Second Lady Magnus Memorial Lecture. ? April 13. A. Rubens : " Early Anglo-Jewish Artists." ? May 25. Quincentenary celebration of Isaac Abravanel. Papers by Dr. C. Roth, 44 Abravanel as Statesman"; Rabbi Dr. L. Rabinowitz, M.A., 44 Literary Connections between Abravanel and England"; Rev. D. Bueno de Mesquita, 44 The Abravanel Family in England." (The Very Rev. the Chief Rabbi in the Chair.) June 15. The Rev. Michael Adler, D.5.O., B.A.: 44 The Testimony of the London Jewry against the Ministers of Henry III." R. J. D'Arcy Hart: 44 The Family of Mordecai Hamburger (Founder of the Hambro' Syna? gogue) and their Association with Madras." ? ]uly 6. Dr. I. Epstein : 44 Pre-Expulsion England in the Responsa." ? Oct. 26. J. L. Cohen : 44 Palestine and its Population under the Turks." ? Nov. 23. Prof. C. J. Sisson, M.A., D.Lit.: 44 Jews in Elizabethan England."</page><page sequence="6">xii PREFACE 1937. Dec. 12. Rt. Hon. Lord Melchett: " Future Relations between Christianity and Judaism and their Effect upon International Peace." Fourth Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture. (Rt. Hon. Viscount Sankey in the Chair.) 1938. Jan. 11. Dr. C. Roth; " The Jew as a European" (Presidential Address). (Professor F. Sten ton, President of the Royal Historical Society, in the Chair.) ? Feb. 8. H. Kiewe: " Relationship of the Scots and Jews in Prussia and Poland." H. E. 1. Phillips: " Abraham Ger der Engelschman and an Early Stuart Judaising Sect." ? Mar. 15. L. Edwards, M.A., F.S.A.: 44 Daniel Men doza, Boxer." ? April 4. Rev. Dr. J. W. Parkes, MA.: 44 Anacletus II, an anti-Pope from Roman Jewry." ? May 24. Prof. S. Brodetsky, M.A., and the Rev. Arthur Barnett, B.A. : " Eliakim ben Abraham: an Anglo-Jewish Scholar of the Eighteenth Century." ? June 6. M. J. Landa: 44 Some anti-Jewish Doggerel and Lampoons in the Eighteenth Century." Nov. 11. Philip Guedalla, M.A.: 44 The Jewish Past " (Presidential Address). ? Dec. 20. S. A. Rochlin (of Johannesburg) : 44 The Hon. Mr. Justice Simeon Jacobs, Q.C., C.M.G." (communicated). Dr. Harry Friedenwald (of Baltimore) : 44 Dr. Fernando Men des, a Comedy of Errors " (communicated). Major W. Schonfield: 44 A West Country Family." W. S. Samuel: 44 The Strayings of Paul Isaiah in England, 1651-1656."</page><page sequence="7">PREFACE Xlll 1939. Jan. 17. Paul H. Emden : " The Brothers Goldsmid and the Financing of the Napoleonic Wars." Feb. 1. The Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Chichester (G. K. A. Bell): " Humanity and the Refugees." Fifth Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture. (The Very Rev. the Chief Rabbi in the Chair.) ? Feb. 27. A. Weiner, M.A.: " The Jews of France under the Reign of Terror." ? Mar. 14. Prof. Dr. A. S. Yahuda : " The Building and Craftsmanship of the Tabernacle." ? April 13. " In Memoriam " Tributes. Rev. V. G. Simmons, B.A.: "Claude G. Montefiore." Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein : " Dr. Adolph B?chler." Dr. C. Roth: "Dr. Moses Gaster." ? May 8. Dr. B. Maisler : " The Discoveries at Sheikh Abreiq: A Palestinian-Jewish Pompeii" (with lantern slides). ? June 26. Rev. H. P. Silverman: " The Jews of Jamaica." Michael Adler, Editor of Publications. August 5700-1940. The present volume includes Papers by eight new authors, Rev. A. Barnett, B. B. Benas, Prof. S. Brodetsky, P. H. Emden, Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein, Rabbi Dr. L. Rabinowitz, A. Rubens, and Rev. V. G. Simmons, whom the Council gladly welcome to the list of contri? butors to its publications.</page></plain_text>

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