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Preface Misc 1

<plain_text><page sequence="1">PREFACE. The present volume, which appears under the general description of Miscellanies, contains Notes and Documents which were not read at meetings of the Society. The contents vary consider? ably in length, from brief notes to extensive documents such as the full original text of the Northampton " Donum." Members of the Society received all these Miscellanies in detail as they were printed, but they are now issued in volume form, with two indexes, chiefly of names. The same policy as in previous volumes has been adopted. Identical persons will some? times be found (in each index) under different spellings. It has been found useful to those engaged in research to have these names so entered, even when they are obviously spelt inaccurately. It is proposed to continue the Miscellanies, and to add to the collected ' Parts ' from time to time. Mocatta Library and Museum, University College (University of London), Go wer Street, London, W.C. 1.</page></plain_text>

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