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Portrait of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid

Robert F. Nathan

<plain_text><page sequence="1">PORTRAIT OF ISAAC LYON GOLDSMID Captain Cyril Julian Goldsmid, o.b.e., has presented to the Jewish Historical Society the portrait in oils of his great-grandfather, a re? production of which forms the frontispiece to Vol. IV of the Transactions. The painting is not signed but the National Portrait Gallery are of the opinion that it is by John Partridge (1790-1872), a portrait painter of some distinction who had Queen Victoria among his patrons. There were two painted portraits of Goldsmid in the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition of 1887, No. 1,042, by Robert Faulkner, lent by Sir Julian Goldsmid, and No. 1,043, by Partridge, lent by Miss Goldsmid. The whereabouts of the Faulkner portrait are not known. A much earlier portrait of Goldsmid is in the possession of Sir Henry J. D'Avigdor Goldsmid and was exhibited at the 1956 exhibition (No. 311 in the catalogue). The Partridge portrait with a plaque suit? ably inscribed has been hung in the Old Refectory at University College to join the portraits of other founders. A. R. 337</page></plain_text>

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