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Passes Issued to Jews in the Period 1689 to 169

I. Abrahams

<plain_text><page sequence="1">xxiv MISCELLANIES. 8. Passes Issued to Jews in the Period 1689 to 1696. The support given by Louis XIV to the Stuart cause rendered it neces? sary for the Government of William III to watch carefully the passage of travellers, to and from the Continent, in the last decade of the seven? teenth century. The main purpose of this vigilance was, under the aegis of the Grand Alliance, to prevent Jacobite intercourse with France. Hence we find several references in the English State Papers (Domestic Series, William and Mary) to the stringent measures taken for checking the arrival or departure of people without necessary passes. It is inter? esting, however, to observe that Jews were not among the suspects. Thus, when Moses Dejaco and party were stopped at Margate in May 1692 because they were unprovided with passes, they were at once permitted to continue their journey to London when it was certified that they were " all Jews and in no way disaffected to the Government." Even more interesting is the entry on October 30, 1696, when " Richard Chapman " received a pass enabling him to go to Italy. The appearance of "Richard Chapman" in this series of extracts is explained by the following official explanation (Calendar, 1696, p. 427):? Note.?The true name of Richard Chapman is Isaac Fernandez, but, being a Jew, and going in an Italian ship that was to touch at a Spanish port, he was forced to change his name for fear of being put in the inquisi? tion. This was done upon the assurance Mr. Rodrigues gave Mr*. Ellis of his being an honest man, and having no other than the aforesaid reason for changing his name. From the same point of view, attention may also be directed to the list of names?obviously Marrano?under date October 18, 1694. The number of passes issued between the years covered by our extracts (1689-1696) was very great. The persons to whom the passes were issued included representatives of all social ranks, English and</page><page sequence="2">passes issued, 1689-1696. xxv foreign. The nature of the pass may be seen from the form printed in Mr. Hubert Hall's Formula Book, Diplomatic Documents (Cambridge, 1908), p. 151. Among the recipients of passes were many Jews. Of these a considerable number are designated " poor Jews." This label seems merely a method of classification, to distinguish the persons so described from merchants and other persons of recognised standing. Jews are not the only persons so labelled. We often meet the phrase " poor French Protestants," and less often " a poor Dutchman " ; once simply " a poor old woman." Besides those specifically entered as Jews, there are undoubtedly many Jews, not so described. In these extracts only those are included who are termed Jews, or who may without further research be assumed to belong to that category. It is possible that some names have been wrongly included and excluded, but this can only have occurred in a few cases. AVhen the persons are not described in the Calendars as Jews, and are nevertheless included in the following extracts, the dates are placed between square brackets. The lists prove that there was an active intercourse between Eng? land and Holland on the part of Jews. Sometimes the voyages were longer, as when in July 1695 the Reyna family went to Italy. Further afield went others, as when in April 1693 Ralph Abendana and Samuel Freras sailed for New England. So, too, Isaac Mendez received a pass in June 1691 to embark with his family for Jamaica ; and David Louzada and relatives (April 17, 1696) to go to Barbados. When, however, nothing is said to the contrary, the passes were issued to enable the persons named to travel via Harwich or Gravesend to Holland. The Moses Mendez, son of the Isaac mentioned above, may be identical with the Moses Mendez who, with others, petitioned the Jamaica House of Assembly in 1722 on behalf of the Jews of the island who had suffered from "the late Hurricane." In this Note, however, no attempt can be made to trace the identities of the persons named, many of them of considerable interest. Francisco de Caseres, who in 1694 stood sponsor for Samuel Coen Vare; Isaac Pereyra, who in 1690 was Commissary-General of the Army in Ireland, are not the only striking entries. Of the names, important historically, it will suffice</page><page sequence="3">xxvi MISCELLANIES. to call attention to Solomon Ayllon, under date June 20, 1691. Francisco de Caseres figures in another entry (dated September 30,1689), though in that case the reference is not to passes. He writes to James Vernon regarding the disputed patents of Jewish merchants who entered goods at the Customs House as free denizens. He pleads specially for the "enlargement" of a "particular friend of mine, Mr. Godiah, who is naturalized and a freeman of London." These volumes indeed contain many interesting entries regarding Jews, apart from the passes issued to them. There are, e.g., references to denization, and to proposed levies on and loans from Jews (Nov. 12, 1689; Feb. 10, 1690). In July and Aug. 1696, Lord Godolphin informs the King that the Jews had agreed to remit ??20,000, but that " the bills would not be sent till a later post, because of their Sabbath." On June 27,1691, Viscount Sydney reports to the Earl of Nottingham that Hagrin Toledano, " a hebrew," had come with Sieur Juan Smith Hoppendorp to the Camp at Gembloux from Morocco, to " arrange for the redemption of 350 English that are in slavery there." It may be noted that an Isaac Abendana received a pass for Holland early in January 1693. Only a few weeks earlier (December 6, 1692) a Jacob Abendana obtained a similar pass. As the famous Isaac was regularly teaching Hebrew in Oxford throughout 1693, he can only have paid a flying visit to the Continent, apparently during a University vacation. As to the identity of these Abendanas, see /. H. S. Trans,, viii. 121. The spellings of the names are frequently confused, and the same names recur in various guises. Thus the Argel Jermy (of July 17, 1691) and the Angelo Fermy (of Oct. 22, 1692, and May 16, 1695) seem one and the same individual. As Mr. W. J. Hardy?the editor of the volumes in the Rolls Series?remarks, the clerks seem to have found insuperable difficulty in reproducing some of the unfamiliar names which they were called upon to enter. With the official spellings com? pare some of the same names with those in the documents presented by Dr. Gaster in his History of the Ancient Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews (London, 1901). It must be clearly understood that this list is not complete; it will be continued in later Notes. Just as there were passes issued to Jews long before 1689, so there were passes issued after 1696, the latest year covered by the published Calendars. The present list, moreover, has not</page><page sequence="4">passes issued, 1689-1696. xxvii been compiled from the original sources, but from the Calendars. To derive the full significance of these lists would, however, be an arduous task, and it has seemed worth while to print these extracts as raw materials from which the full deductions must be drawn subsequently. Even as they stand they throw light upon social and commercial condi? tions, and also contribute to our knowledge of the migrations of Jews during a formative period of the present Anglo-Jewish community. I. Abrahams. April 1915. 1689. [April 15] . . . Jacob Lope, merchant. Oct. 14 . . . The Rabbi, Isaac Cohen Sedek (" to go beyond seas "). 169O. [Mar. 7] . . . Levi Vallat. [Mar. 17] . . . For 28 bakers, employed by Isaac Pereyra, Commissary General of the Army in Ireland (to go from Bristol to Ireland). In an entry Feb. 10, 1690, Pereyra is described as " M?ns. Pereyra," and reference is made to his " contract for providing bread to the army." [Mar. 28] . . . Jacob Ariesz. [Sept. 30] . . . Abraham Nathan, his wife, a nurse and maid, Michael Levy, Joseph Symonds, Jacob Michael. 169I. [May 28] . . . Joseph Jacobs. [June 1] . . . Solomon Teuy and Isaac Barents. [June 18] . . . Isaac Mendez, merchant, with his three sons, Moses, Jacob, and David (recommended by Isaac Pereyra), to go to Gravesend or the Downs and embark for Jamaica. [June 20] . . . Isaac Lopez, Sollomoh Aylon, Phineas Gomes Serra, Jeosuah Gomes Serra, David Gomes Continho, Moses Sasportas, Samuel Alvarenga, and Thomas Reeves, servant of the said Phineas Gomes Serra. [July 3] . . . Antonio de Orbo and Abraham Ergase, with Eliza Perrer and Jacob Baruch their servants.</page><page sequence="5">xxviii MISCELLANIES. July 17 ... Argel Jermy, a Jew. [Aug. 13] . . . Abraham Naton and Moses Polack. [Sept. 2] . . . Nathaniel Falck. [Sept. 26] . . . Daniel Elias. 1692. Mar. 14 . . . David Mendez, Eli de Medina, Barons Isaacs, and Jacob de Baiza, four Jews. Apr. 7 . . . Michell Michell, Elias Isaac Polack, David Franco Drago, and Heschall Abrahams, four Jews. [May 14] . . . Emanuel Castillo. May 16 ... The Earl of Nottingham to the Deputies of Margate. Being informed that Moses Dejaco, his wife, and five children, with a servant, have lately come from Holland and are stopped at Margate, they not having a pass ; and it having been certified to me that they are all Jews, and in no way disaffected to the Government, her Majesty desires you to permit them to come to London. [May 16] . . . Jacob Castiliano, David Alvarano, Isaac Hereius, Ben? jamin Solus, Jacob Amego, Simon Fince, Samuel Josepht, and Abraham Bebis. [May 20] . . . Joseph Levi and Isaac Barents; Joseph Sarportis and his son, David Pards and his son, Moses Depas, Isaac Preto, and Abraham Corea, his wife, and a maid and child. [June 7] . . . David Danon. [June 15] . . . Abraham Nathans. [June 29] . . . Joseph Jacobs, Samuel Simons, his wife and two chil? dren, and Isaac Simons. [July 12] . . . Samuel David Bernis. [July 14] . . . Moses France. [July 16] . . . Salomon and Arent Emanuels, brothers ; Adolff Ger stensberg. July 29 . . . Mosch de Crasto, Samuel Alvarenga, Mosch Pacheco, Rachel his wife, and Isaac their son, Isaac Bernall, Joseph de Medina and Rachel his wife, Francisco Pereira and his wife, Joseph Salthiell, Barzilay Guilady, and Moseh Valensin, Jews. [Aug. 2] . . . Isaac Roselis. Aug. 6 . . . David Carvalho, Abraham Frois, Moses Frois, Abraham Rapas, Ben Rapes, and two children, Abigail Nunes,</page><page sequence="6">passes issued, 1689-1696. xxix Rebecca Henriques, Branca Rodrigues, and Jeuda Carmy Esteves," being all poor Jews." In the same entry passes are also given for "the Jews"?(not designated " poor") ? James Henriques, Francis Pereyra and his wife, Joseph Labo and his wife, John Van Well and his servant, Abraham de Caseres, Myer Coen, Rachel Mines, and Samuel Vaes. [Aug. 9] . . . Jacob Israels, Solomon Levi, ? Moses, his wife and two small children. [Aug. 16] . . . Jacob Michielse, Sarah his wife, and Abraham, Isaac, and Aaron, their children. [Aug. 26] . . . Michael Ereyrer, Jacob Polack, Joseph Crosse ("an Italian," cf. entries under July 17, 1694; June 13, 1695 ; and July 14, 1696). [Aug. 31] . . . Nathan and Saloman Michielsz, two brothers, and David Alvringe, with their wives and four children. [Sept. 20] . . . Moses Sasportas, David Alvarenga, Salomon Alvarer, his wife and his mother, Abraham and ? Jacob. [Sept. 27] . . . Moses Jacobz and Simon Levi. [Sept. 29] . . . Joshua Salvador, Isaac Pachecho, Abraham Excixa, and two negroes. [Sept. 30] . . . Isaac Abrahams; Jacob Israel, Isaac Israel, Joseph Jacobs, Joseph Levi, Simon Hollander, and Calme Jacobs. [Oct. 1] . . . Isaac Agilar and Benjamin Jacobs. [Oct. 5] . . . Isaac and Gabriel David, brothers. [Oct. 8] . . . Isaac Cogin, with David and Sarah their children. [Oct. 11] . . . Jacob Benjamin. [Oct. 14] . . . Levi Luts De Jonge. [Oct. 21] . . . Rodrigos Montezenus. [Oct. 22] . . . Angelo Fermi. Nov. 4 ... Isaac Preto, David de Crasto, and Abraham Alvares, "three poor Jews." [Nov. 8] . . . Emanuel Symons. [Nov. 23] ... ? Lopes, ? Francia, and ? Alvarenga. [Nov. 25] . . . Jacob Abrahams, Soesman Levi, Isaac Symons. [Dec. 6] . . . Juda Coen and Jacob Abendana. [Dec. 12] ... Symon Abrahamz ; Meyer Moses, Mark Moses, and Hertog Abrahams.</page><page sequence="7">XXX MISCELLANIES. [Jan. 3] [Jan. 4] [Jan. 9] [Jan. 11] [Jan. 20] [Jan. 27] [Feb. 3] [Mar. 6] [Feb. 8] [Mar. 10] [Mar. 15] [Mar. 24] [Apr. 13] [Apr. 19] [Apr. 30] [May 17] [May 26] [June 8] [June 30] [July 7] [July 17] [July 31] Sept. 12 [Oct. 20] [Oct. 23] [Oct. 25] [Nov. 13] 1693. Isaac Abendana. Hertog Moses. John and Joseph Garcia. Simon Hertog. Abraham Nathan, Levine Wisviler and his wife and his servant Benjamin Jacob, Elias Isaac Polak, Mor decai Isaac, and Moses Marces (recommended by Mr. John Johnson, Goldsmith, in Cheapside). Samson David, Frantie David and her two small children, and Moses, Salomon, and Michael Levi. Sosman Levi. Levy and Joseph Hartogh, and Moses Eleazar. Ferdinand and Hana Abendaro ; Samuel Recaudo. Moses Isaacx ; Joseph Pereira. Nathan Levi, Mark Solomons, and Abraham Isaacx; Jacob Israels, Moses Israels, his wife and three children Isaac Elias. Balph Abendana and Samuel Freras (for New England). Salomon Levy and his wife, Israel Elias, Nathan Symons and his sister, Daniel Polack, and Rachel Isaax. Marcus Levi, Aron Jacobs, Meyer Samson, and Levy Hollander. Abraham Bilisario. Jacob Salomon, Joseph Meyer, and Jacob his son. Isaac and Esther Teiles da Costa, Joseph Nunes da Costa, with his wife and one child, Nuno da Costa,. Emy Betty, and Isaac, " a Portuguese family." Abraham Levy, Solomon Gerson, and Nathan Moses. Joseph Levy, Nathan Herse, and Benjamin Polack. Abraham Asser, Salomon Franck, Jacob Moses, David Aarons, and Mardochay Meyer. Joseph de Costa. Abraham Ben Omachor. Bersebah Aberbanel and her son Joseph. Isaac and Jacob Cohen, brothers. Abraham la Batte and Elias Cohen. Jacob Montesinos.</page><page sequence="8">passes issued, 1689-1696. xxxi Jan. 30 [Feb. 13] Mar. 23 July 9 July 17 Aug. 21 Aug. 27 Sept. 17 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 18 [Oct. 22] Nov. 9 Nov. 20 Nov. 20 1694 Samuel Coen Vare, a Jew, recommended by Mr. Fran? cesco de Casares. Michaela Abrahams and a child. Moses Bendennon, a Jew. Jacob Nunez, a Jew. Nicholas Babossia and Joseph Croce, both Jews (under date August 31, occurs the entry : Nicholas Babullia and Joseph Croce, two poor Italian inhabitants of Amsterdam). Reby Mayer, Abraham and Isaac Jerusalem, Abraham Lion, Jacob Nunes, Moses de RAbas, David La Mar, Abraham Bayone, Phineas Abraham and Samuel Bona Dia, being " poor Jews." Jacob Mendes, Moses Rachell, Abraham and Isac Mendes, German Jews. Abraham Ereira, a Jew. Joseph Abraham, Samuel Levy, Samuel Davids, and Solomon Davids, " poor Jews " of Amsterdam. Hertog Meyer and Elias Levy, " poor Jews." Augustin Masacane, Jeronimo Bantitta, Carlos Fran? cisco, and Francisco Mentor, Jews of Amsterdam. Emanuel Castilo. Salbador Parensa, a Jew. Jacob Penso and Abraham Obediente, " poor Jews." Elias Polaque, Moses Marques, and Moses Fermes three " poor Jews." 1695. Feb. 6 . . . Benjamin Soares and Abraham Mendez Guigon, two "poor Jews." Feb. 20 . . . David Daniels and Hendrick Isaacks, two Jews of Amsterdam. Feb. 27 . . . Abraham Delgado and Samuel Obediente, Jews of Amsterdam. Apr. 17 . . . Mordochai Munion and Moses Saruch, two "poor Jews." [May 6] . . . Joshua Bueno, Moses Mocatta. May 16 ... Angelo Fermy, a Jew.</page><page sequence="9">xxxii MISCELLANIES. May 24 June 13 June 17 [June 18] June 25 [July 4] July July 31 Sept. 3 Sept. 6 [Sept. 13] Sept. 17 [Sept. 24] Sept. 25 Oct. 2 Oct. 15 Oct. 21 Oct. 22 Nov. 26 [Dec. 14] [Dec. 19] Reina Israel and Judica Isaac, and five children, being all Jews. Francesco Sano and Joseph Croce, Jews of Amsterdam. Isaac Gabay Faro, a Jew of Amsterdam. Isaac Nunez and Jacob Mendez, of Amsterdam. Abraham Franks and Lazarus Garmon, two Jews. Abraham Israel Reyna and Sarah his wife, with Rebecca their daughter, and Isaac their son, subjects of the Great Duke of Tuscany (for Italy). Joseph Bengaces, Elias Meyato, Abraham Israel, Isaac Polacke, Isaac Garcia, and Jacob Garcia, " poor Jews." Jacob Pardo, Judica Pardo, and Abraham Herrera, "poor Jews"; Abraham Suarez, Pincha Verrall, " poor Jews." Isaac Belisario, a Jew (for Denmark). Abraham Jerusalem, Raphael Jerman, David Israel, and Isaac Franco, " poor Jews." Isaac Levi. Joseph Musafia and Asar Vidal, " poor Jews." Abraham Nathan and his man Moses Marks (for Holland or Hamburg). Hester Castilio and four children, " poor Jews " ; Aaron Moyses ; Rabby Nathman, Abraham Jerusalem, Isaac Frankco, and Jacob Oseni, " poor Jews" ; Isaac Francia and Aser Vidall, "poor Jews.'5 Joseph Lota and Isaac Henricus, two " poor Jews " (for Holland or Flanders). Abraham Garcia and Richa his wife, " poor Jews." Sanson Gidlon, " poor Jew." Rachel de Fansaca, Jacob her son, Raphael Traves, " poor Jews." Moses Sarucco, Hester his wife, Rebecca Manchorra and three children, and Joseph Falcon, " poor Jews." Salomon Levi, Hamburger. Salomon Juda, a subject of the States General. 1696. [Jan. 13] . . . Moses Pharo of Amsterdam. [Jan. 15] . . . Jude Solomon. Jan. 22 . . . Alexander Jacobs, with Anna Moses his wife, Jews of Amsterdam. Jan. 29 . . . Moses Duarte, a " poor Jew."</page><page sequence="10">passes issued, 1689-1696. xxxiii Feb. 11 ... Isaac Gomez, a "poor Jew" (at the recommendation of Mr. Rodrigues). [Mar. 5] . . . Eliezer Caliman, Gabriel Morenu, and Abraham Herera, with their servants. [Apr. 17] . . . Isaac Pereyra Coutino, Abraham Baruch Louzada Joseph de Mattos, and one servant (for Holland) ; David Baruh Louzada, his son, and Rebecca Baruh Louzada (to go to Barbados). [Apr. 26] . . . Isaac Saraina, Aaron Sasportas, and Ephraim Arary. Apr. 28 . . . Herst Arones, a " poor Jew." [Apr. 30] . . . Alvaro da Costa and his three servants, Richard Licker? ish, Isaac, and Livy. June 3 . . . Aaron bar Joseph, Benjamin bar Jacob, Jews. [June 10] . . . Pores Moses. June 30 . . . Abram Fundon, Abraham de Silba, and Elias Coliman, Jews ; Lemmel Jacob, a "poor Jew." July 3 . . . Mordecai Bar Sadun, a Jew. [July 7] . . . Isaac Sweeres, " subject of the States General." [July 14] . . . Joseph Croce (here described as manservant of Anthony Francis Magnoni, Italian merchant). [July 20] . . . Moses Aarense and Isaac Fernandus, subjects of the States General. [July 29] . . . Moses Messiah, Isaac Henriquez, and Jacob Nunes Meread. [July 30] . . . Moses Frank and Simon his son, Mayer Ascana, Zacharias Ponsergy, Abraham Moses, and Kindly Mayer (a woman); Merian Treves, Vossa Treves, and two children, Samuel Mendes, Juda bar Jacob, and David Gaterno. July 30 . . . Abraham de Mercado, Judith and Deborah de Mercado, and Anna Jupel; Elias Polack and Jacob Levy, Jews. Aug. 7 . . . Moses Sasportas, Simon bar Jacob, and Lazaro Levi, Jews. [Aug. 13] . . . Joseph Arons and Judith Simonse his mother. [Aug. 25] . . . Hanna Moses, subject of the States General. Sept. 1 . . . Abraham Baruh Aboab, a Jew. Sept. 7 . . . Jacob Lema, a " poor Jew." Oct. 20 . . . Samuel de Matos, David Rozales, and Aaron Rozales, " poor Jews." Oct. 26 . . . Sal. Levy, a Jew. Oct. 30 . . . Richard Chapman ( = Isaac Fernandez. See Introduc? tion). Dec. 14 . . . Simon Saranu and his wife, " poor Jews." c</page></plain_text>

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