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Miscellanies: Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1733

Arthur P. Arnold

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 ARTHUR P. ARNOLD, M.A. With an Introduction by Richard D. Barnett, M.A., Litt.D., F.B.A. The accompanying lists of Jewish masters and apprentices have been extracted and compiled by Mr. Arthur Arnold from the surviving 37 books recording payments of Apprentice Tax between 1710 and 1762 and between 1763 and 1773. Mr. Arnold's en? thusiasm and well-applied skill in work of this kind is well known from his 'Wills and Letters of Administration' and his work on the Census List of 1695. His present work will be in? valuable to all researchers and make them his grateful debtors. The student of Anglo-Jewish history in the eighteenth century is now offered for investigation fresh veins at present barely tapped, bearing on the history of other social strata than the wealthy or the famous. The structure of Anglo-Jewry of that period and of the follow-up will only be understood when we learn how the Jew at all levels was cared for and integrated into the English community as a whole. For this purpose the present apprentice lists will act as a valuable lead. First, they give us clues to fairly obviously Jewish masters settled then in the provinces? a matter on which we are very little informed: Solomon Nathan, of Plymouth, Jeweller (1762) John Sampson, of Penzance, Perukier (1769) Himan Waag, of Colchester, Lapidary (1763) Jacob Silver, of Sandwich, Bookseller (1732) Isaac Francis, of Brighton, Cutler (1717) Robert Levy, of Stanstead, Essex, Miller (1767) Lyon Levy, of St. Luke, Mx., Diamond Polisher (1765) John Jacob, of Kingsclere, Hants., Collar Maker (1757) Wm. Isaacson, of Paulgrave, Suffolk, Linen Weaver (1719) Wm. Ofer, of Axbridge, Somerset (1740) Mordecai Samuel, of Portsea, Shoesmith (1760) Joseph Price, of St. Luke, Mx., Silversmith (1758) Benjamin Levi, of Portsea, Engraver (1757) Samuel Noah, of Gh. Ch., Mx., Engraver (1767) It is obvious from the rest of the list that most Jewish boys in the provinces had to be put to non-Jewish masters, since until the middle of the eighteenth century most Jews engaged in crafts were to be found only in or around London, and then these venturesome persons seem to have been almost all Ashkenazim. Of these masters grouped by Mr. Arnold only Benjamin Levi appears to be known, if, as seems likely, he is identical with Benjamin Levi, engraver, originally of Wiesbaden, who is counted as the founder of the Portsmouth congregation, 1749. We gain knowledge for the first time of the following clearly Jewish masters in or around London: Jacob Samson, of St. James, Dukes Place, Perukier (1767) Moses Levy, of St. Botolph's, Engraver (1770) Levy and Newton, of Houndsditch (1770) Levy Harris, of Houndsditch, Jeweller (1763) Abraham Freeman Denys, Surgeon (1769) Henry Levy, of Whitechapel, Lapidary (1769) Levy Norden, of Whitechapel, Diamond Polisher (1765) Henry Lazarus, of St. Botolph, Pencil Maker (1767) Mordecai Levy, Glass Cutter (17??), later an Engraver (1767) Isaac Isaacs, Shoemaker Row, Dukes Place, Watchmaker (1768) Henry Hiams, Dukes Place, Merchant (1770) Henry Judah, St. James, Dukes Place, Toy maker (1766) Issac Sierra, Citizen and Merchant (1723) Solomon Joseph, of Wheeler Street, Mx., Diamond Polisher (1766) 145</page><page sequence="2">146 Arthur P. Arnold Theodore Muller, of Westminster, Perukier (1768) Benjamin Mordecai, of Clerkenwell, Silver? smith (1773) John Jason, of Bird Street, Oxford Road, Pawnbroker (1769) Abraham Dearne, Aldgate (1730) Raphael Galindo, St. Matt., Diamond Polisher (1759) Henry Levi, Little Ayliff Street, Lapidary (1760) Samuel Phillipson, St. Martin Fields, Jeweller (1736) Isaac Henriques, Whitechapel, Jeweller (1736) and Diamond Gutter (1732) Samuel Phillips, Citizen and Diamond Cutter and Polisher (1735) Moses Noah, Goodmans Fields, Engraver (1762), in 1763 in Whitechapel Jacob Coine, St. Anne, Westminster, Brass maker (1715) Jacob Marzas, Citizen Butcher (1713) Moses Gum, Citizen and Goldsmith (1730) Jacob Harris, Citizen and Goldsmith (1718) Joseph Harris, Citizen and Painter Stainer (1744) Barnet Jacobs, Dukes Place, Westminster (1756) Abraham Abrahams, Dukes Place, Watch? maker (1749) Solomon Mordechai, Citizen and Diamond Cutter (1735) Samuel Levy, Nether Row, Aldgate, Barber (1762) Samuel Levy, of Shoemaker Row, Perukier (1760) Isaac Hayman, Whitechapel, Diamond Cutter (1736) Abraham Levy, Junior, Citizen and Dia? mond Cutter (1735) Richard Phillips, Citizen and Stationer (1741) Isaac Henriques, of Whitechapel, Diamond Cutter (1735) Charles Ullman, St. Giles Field, Joiner (1748) All these men, about whom it should be possible to locate more facts, are useful addi? tions to our knowledge of the period. It is important to see the range of small trades covered, and it is particularly interesting to see the numbers of those described as 'Citizens' ?i.e., Freemen of the City of London. Among these names, too, it is most interesting to note the number of diamond cutters and polishers?all Sephardim. Their arrival coin? cided and is to be connected with the discovery of the Brazilian diamond mine about 1734 which suddenly undercut the market for the Indian (Oriental) source of supply. The lease of the Brazilian mine from the Portuguese Crown by a group of British merchants gave a great impetus to the diamond trade in London. In 1703 the Spanish and Portuguese Congre? gation of London established an orphanage called Shaare Orah ve-Abi Yetomim (Doors of Light and Father of Orphans). One of their functions was to apprentice boys to trades, and it is hoped to publish in due course extracts from their records which will usefully supple? ment those of Mr. Arnold and show how the problem of Jews in trades and industry was then approached in London. In 1749 was founded the Society of Mahasim Tobim specifically for apprenticing. No such body as yet existed among the Ashkenazim. The Mahasim Tobim took over the apprenticing work from the orphanage and ran it for a cen? tury. Undoubtedly the comparison of their records with those of Mr. Arnold's lists will be particularly instructive for future research. Together they show that the charge made by Dr. Van Oven at the end of the century that the Jewish poor lacked instruction in useful crafts and industries was not by any means absolutely true. What was true was doubtless that the size of the problem was beyond their means to remedy with the existing machinery. Richard D. Barnett the act governing apprenticeships By Act of Parliament, 8 Anne, chapter 9, it was enacted that for five years, from 1 May 1710, a small tax should be paid on apprentice indentures but that 'parish or public charities were not to be charged'. By Act of 9 Anne, chapter 21, the tax was made 'perpetual', and it seems to have lasted just about a hundred</page><page sequence="3">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 147 years, for the last register of payments that we have ends in October 1810. There are 79 books in this series, including indexes of masters' names for the period 1759-1802, but the series is imperfect. It is divided into two parts, 'Town' and 'Country'. 'Town' begins in October 1711; 'Country' in May 1710. In this index following here, 1710-1762, we have covered Books 1 to 23 and 41 to 54; that is, 37 of the 79, and the number of entries copied is about 255,360. For the purposes of research the designations 'Town' and 'Country' are meaningless, for entries of indentures from any part of the country may be found in the 'Town' series. Unfortunately, about half-way through, the books cease to give the name of the appren? tice's parent or guardian, but the place or trade given may afford a clue to a local official enrolment of the indenture, and in any case the record of the fact of the apprenticeship is of great biographical value. The tax was paid by the master; the inden? tures were to be void unless the tax was paid and the fact entered on the back of the inden? tures themselves. The amount was '6.d. for every 20/s. of ?50 or under, and twelve pence for every sum of above ?50, to be paid for every clerk or apprentice put out*. These books or registers of payment of the Apprentice Tax were long hidden away in the Inland Revenue Office at Somerset House, and were only occasionally referred to by those who knew of their existence. A member of the Society of Genealogists, the late Gerald Fothergill, called attention to them and in 1921 effected their transference to the Public Record Office in Chancery Lane, where they are now freely accessible. The Sussex entries 1710-1752 were printed by another member, Mr. R. Garraway Rice, J.P., F.S.A., in Volume 28 (1924) of the Record Series of the Sussex Record Society. It may be added that the Society of Genealo? gists possesses two collections of original indentures of apprenticeship?namely, Ac. 3723-3728, in vols. A.D. 1641-1749, 546 documents; and D.MSS. 680, in bundles, A.D. 1775-1888, 979 documents. CS. [George Sherwood] *** The information above on the Act of Parlia? ment, etc., governing apprenticeships is reproduced, by courtesy of the Society of Genealogists, from the covers of their volumes. APPRENTICES OF GREAT BRITAIN First Series 1710-1762 o m o o PQ 14/168/1736. 12/56/1730. 21/207/1759. 20/156/1756. 12/28/1730. 13/98/1732. 23/5/1761. Aaron, Geo., son of Geo., Cit. &amp; Clothworker, to Wm. Mathews, Cit. and Sal terer, ?36. 15s.* Abrahams, Aaron, son of Joseph, Aldgate, to Abraham Dearme, Cit. &amp; Clockmr., Abrahams, Jacob, to Raphael Galindo, St. Matt., Diamond polisher, ?23.15s. Abrahams, Nathan, to Wm. Booth, Chatham, Sailor, ?6. Abrahams, Sarah, daughter of Joseph, of Ye Minories, to Jas. Lloyd, Cit. &amp; Clockmr., ?10.10s. Acourt, Dinah, to Jane Acourt, of W. Carnell &amp; Sons, Housewife, ?5. Alvaris, Emanuel, to Jas. Mason, of Moorfields, Lond., Goldsmith, ?5.5.0. * The figure following each entry is the amount of the consideration paid.</page><page sequence="4">148 Arthur P. Arnold 15/17/1761. AlVasado, Elizabeth, d. of Anthony, to Wm. Bassier, of St. Bride, Closer of Shoes, ?1.1.0. 22/124/1760. Alverenga, David, to Henry Levi, of Lit. Ayliff St., London, Lapidy., ?35. 22/96/1760. Avilar, Sam, to Jno Falconer, Cit. &amp; Musician, ?20. 122/184/1761. Barnet, Aaron, to Robert Deane, of Townsey, Bucks, Carpenter. ?1. 13/51/1732. Barnett, Emanuel, s. of Mathew, of Whitechapel, to Ed. White, Cit. &amp; Draper, ?20. 18/48/1747. Barnett, Felix, s. of Felix, to Sam Whichcote, Cit. &amp; Clockmr., ?10. 51/275/1753. Barnett, Joshua, to Abraham Pemberton, Birmingham, Ingraver, ?30. 48/135/1724. Battillo, Peter, s. of Isaac, London, to Lewis Casamaior, of Bristol, Mercht., ?2.5.0. 47/28/1720. Benjamin, Richard, to John Murray, Chester, Mercht., ?80. 14/167/1736. Benoimont, Lovie, s. of Victor, St. Giles Fields, to Sam Phillipson, of St. Martin Fields, Jeweler, ?30. 17/202/1746. Benzach, Peter, s. of Benjamin, to Frances Vivares, St. Anns, Westminster, Engraver, ?20. 16/6/1740. Betew, Abraham, s. of Abraham, to John Banman, of St. Martins in Fields, Jeweller, ?30. 17/48/1743. Betew, Isaac, s. of Abraham, of Westmon., to Sam Gibbons, Cit. &amp; Stationer, ?100. 18/76/1747. Betew, Isaac, to Mathew Graves, Sargeant's Inn, Attrney, ?120. 22/124/1760. Birnal, Abraham, to Henry Levi, of Little Ayliff* St., Lond., Lapidary, ?40.15.0. 3/35/1714. Bloomer, Lewen, s. of Richard, Gent. Decorator, to Chas. Goode, Cit. &amp; Clockm., ?30. 14/18/1735. Britt, Levi, of Sarah, of Yeovil, Som., Wid. to Jas. Taylor, of Mudford, Carpen? ter, ?8. 41/131/1711. Cagna, John Ste, of Plymouth, Shopkeeper, to Jn Tresneau, of Plymouth, Surgeon, ?40. 10/56/1724. Cahais, Peter, s. of Solomon, to Jn. Simon, of Spitalfield, Weaver, ?5. 6/167/1718. Cairon, Isaac, of St. Giles, Mx. to Elias Marvault, of ditto, Jeweller, ?10.5.0. 13/124/1732. Capper, Abraham, s. of Abraham, of Straston, Dors., to Rob. Loder, of Dor? chester, Attorney, ?105. 3/138/1715. Castres, John, s. of Jas., Gent., dec, to Sam Dufresney, Cit. and Glazer, ?100. 9/175/1723. Coleman, Isaac, s. of Isaac, deed., to Thos. Humphries, of St. Paul, Covt. Grdn, Cordwnr., ?10.10.0. 8/149/1720. Coleman, John, s. of Abraham, of Goodman Fields, White Chapl, Broker, to Norris, Purslow, Cit. &amp; Mercer, ?30. 14/10/1735. Dacosta, Isaac, s. of Solomon, Cit. &amp; Mercht., to Jn da Costa, Cit. &amp; Not. Pub., ?200. 14/14/1735. Dacosta, Isaac, ? ?50. 22/126/1760. Dacosta, Jane, to Ann Howis and Co., Chelsea, Mx., Milliner, ?30. 7/161/1718. Dalemar, Daniel, s. of Isaac, Cit. &amp; Draper, to Wm. Davell, Cit &amp; Carpenter, ?16. 7/110/1719. Dantzich, Jane, d. of Jane, Wid., to Alletta Ellenburgh, of St. Paul, Cov. Gdn., Mantler, ?10. 11/216/1726. David, Isaac, s. of Abraham, Spitalfld, Weaver, to Frances Flurieau, of St. Mart. in Fields, Jeweller, ?30. 18/151/1748. Davies, Simon s. of Simon, to Henry Thompson, Cit. &amp; Clockmr, ?27.6.0. 18/62/1747. Davis, Benjamin, s. of Anthony, to Jn. Dawson, Southampton, Felt maker, ?8.8.0.</page><page sequence="5">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 149 5/164/1717. Davis, Samuel, s. of Samuel, of Liverpool, Gent., to Edwd Lilly, of Tamworth, Warwicks, Clothier, ?30. 53/178/1759. Decosta, Sarah, to Elizabeth Cotton, York, Mantler, ?25. 6/191/1718. Defuilla, Isaac, s. of Isaac, Deed., to Thos. Craddock, St. Margrt, Westmr., Cordwr., ?3.3.0. 5/16/1716. Delamar, Mary, d. of Isaac, Gent., to Jas. Godin, of Stepney, Linen draper, ?10. 13/90/1732. Demera, Solomon, s. of Isaac, Mercht., to Isaac Henriques, of White Chapel, Jeweller, ?30. 16/127/1741. Deos, Domingo, to Thos Williams, Rotherhithe, Boatbuilder, ?17.17.0. 16/167/1742. Deport, Samuel, s. of Samuel, Deed., to Isaac Shepherd, Cit. and Cooper, ?30. 19/63/1752. Deprado, Solomon, to Abraham Start, of Aulston Square, of Whitechapel, Jeweller, ?82. 5/116/1717. Dequester, Charles, s. of Jacob, Cit. &amp; Vintn., to Wm. Chase, Cit. and Gold? smith, ?75. 3/10/1714. Dequester, Isaac, s. of Jacob, etc., to Edwd Rogers, Cit. &amp; Vintner, ?15. 1/37/1711. Dequester, Joseph, to Mathew Martin, ?100. 5/152/1717. Dequester, Sarah, d. of Jacob, Cit. &amp; Vintnr, to Martha Nelson, of the Old Jury, ?30. 13/137/1732. Devas, Abraham, s. of Jacob, Spittalflds, to Felix Hill, Cit. &amp; Barber, ?10. 21 /51/1757. Dienza, Benjamin, to John Lander, of Wednesbury, Staffs, Gun-lock Maker, ?10. 13/124/1732. Fernandes, Benjamin Dias, to Isaac Henriques, Whitechpl, Diamond cutter, ?30. 23/100/1762. Fernando, Thos., to John Hunt, Cit. &amp; Cutler, ?10. 52/39/1754. Fox, Nathan, to Jas Murret, Norwich, Wool Weaver, ?2. 22/110/1760. Francia, Abraham, to Sam Sheen, Cit. &amp; Haberdasher, ?30. 8/187/1721. Francia, Anthony, s. of Joseph, Islington, Gent., to John Thompson, Cit. &amp; Skinner, ?31.10.0. 20/132/1755. Francia, Eliz., to Mary Ann Leschalles, of Spittalfld, Milliner, ?10. 21/186/1758. Francia, Joseph, to Sam Parsons, Cit. &amp; Coachmkr., ?37. 22/82/1760. Francia, Joseph, to Jas. Parnell, Cit. &amp; Heather Seller, ?26.5.0. 22/195/1761. Francia, Joseph, to Wm Mullin, St. Bottolph, Bshpsgte, Weaver, ?20. 7/25/1717. Francis, Benjamin, s. of Benjamin, Taylor, to Isaac Francis, Brighton, Cutler, ?2.10.0. 4/6/1715. Fransia, David, s. of Joseph, of Criplegate, Lon. Wid., to John Opio, Cit. &amp; Haberdshr., ?50. 19/195/1754. Freir, Emanuel, to Jn. Gilkenet, St. Clment Danes, Jeweller, ?40.5.0. 14/135/1736. Gallando, Peter, s. of Peter, of Clemt Danes, to Henry Winton, Cit. &amp; Uphlstr., ?20. 14/33/1735. Gallindo, Richard, s. of Raphael, deed., to Saml Phillips, Cit. &amp; Diamnd cuttr &amp; Polshr., ?10. 23/129/1762. Goldsmith, Emanuel, to Moses Noah, Goodmansfields, Engraver etc., ?5.5.0. 14/99/1735. Goutier, Abraham, s. of Isaac, of St. James, Westmnstr., to Daniel Matthy, of St. Giles Fields, Watchmaker, ?14. 4/109/1715. Guarigues, Abraham, s. of Abraham, to Jacob Coine, St. Anne, Westminster, Brass maker, ?10. 2/73/1713. Guarigues, Isaac, s. of Abraham, to Jacob Marzas, Cit. &amp; butcher, ?32.5.0. 12/133/1730. Guarigues, Richard, s. of Abraham, of Crawley, Beds., to Wm. Canne, of Bedford, Attrney, ?100. 10/38/1724. Guaringues, Abraham, to Jas. Deliot, Westmon., Bassmkr., ?10. 15/173/1738. Gubby, Benjamin, Axminster, Devon, to Gideon Ackland, Tiverton, Barber, ?6.6.0.</page><page sequence="6">150 Arthur P. Arnold 14/91/1735. Gubby, Israel, s. of Israel, to Jn. Clark, Cit. &amp; Basketmakr., ?5. 20/148/1755. Gubby, Wm., to Wm. Soaper, of Troyle, Southampton, Cordwnr., ?10. 12/55/1730. Gum, Nathan, s. of Moses, Cit. &amp; Goldsmth, Deed., to John Day, Cit. &amp; Poultrr., ?4. 6/74/1718. Harris, Isaac, s. of Jacob, Cit. &amp; Gldsmth, ?10, to Thos. Stackhouse. Cit. &amp; Gldsmth. 17/110/1744. Moses, s. of Joseph, Cit. &amp; Painter Stainer, to Chas. Price, Cit. &amp; Mercht Taylr, ?15. 22/134/1760. Harris, Nathan, to Geo. Johnston, St. Mart, le Grand, Lond., Mercht., ?315. 54/212/1762. Harris, Nathan, to Peter Pitt, Liskeard, Gunsmth, ?15.15.0. 52/111/1755. Harris, Nathan, to Thos Taylor, N. Walsham, Plumber, ?12. 15/68/1737. Harris, Nathan, s. of John, Crediton, Devn., to Jn. Tichell, Clockmaker, ?5. 5/193/1717. Hart, Abraham True, of Rotherhithe, Mariner, to Thos. Eastman, Cit. &amp; Habrdhr., ?5. 43/2/1713. Hart, Nathan, s. of John, of Compton Dando, Som., to Richard Price, Bristol, Habrdshr., 46/149/1719. Hart, Nathan, s. of Mary, of Brome, Suffolk, to Wm Isaacson, of Paulgrave, Suffolk, Lin. weaver, ?5. 45/72/1717. Isaac, Alexander, of Salthouse, to Thos Whitehead, of Norwich, W. Weaver, ?5. 15/16/1754. Isaac, Francis, s. of Francis, to Daniel Leguew, Cit. &amp; Merch., ?400. 45/11/1716. Isaac, John, of Winforton, Hereford, to Morgan Jenkins, of Brilley, Hereford, Weaver, ?3. 8/42/1720. Isaac, John, s. of Simon, Shoreditch, Barber, to Ed. Jenkins, Cit. &amp; Joiner, ?10. 21/80/1757. Isaac, Lucas, to Wm Downes, Cit. &amp; Salterer, ?150. 52/141/1755. Isaac, Nathan, to Wm. Yaxlee, of Westmr., Cordwainer, ?3.3.0. 51/288/1754. Isaac, Robert, to Wm Night, of Einham, Norfk., Collar Maker, ?10.10. 4/140/1715. Isaac, Solomon, s. of Solomon, of Cockin, Essex, Shopkr, to Martin Livermore, Rainham, Essex, ?21.10.0. 20/196/1756. Isaacs, Isaac, to Barnet Jacobs, of Dukes PL, Watchmr., ?21. 19/96/1753. Isaacs, James, s. of Solomon, to Thos. Fordham, Braintree, Clockmr., ?14.14.0. 22/61/1759. Isaacs, Michael, to Frank Taylor, Moulton, Suffolk, Carpenter, ?15. 22/75/1759. Israell, Joseph, to Robert Lordington, Cit. &amp; P. Stainer, ?21. 18/197/1749. Israell, Moses, s. of Israel, to Abraham Abrahams, Dukes PL, London, Watchmr. ?1. 8/75/1719. Israell, Wm, s. of John, Southtn., to Philemon Ewer, of Hamble, Southtn., Shipwrt., ?10.10.0. 15/151/1737. Jacob, Lawrence, s. of Wm. Crickdale, Wilts., to Wm. Jacob, Perukier, ?2. 7/121/1720. Jacob, Nathan, s. of Joseph, Cit. &amp; Coachmkr. etc., &amp; Harnessmkr., to Richard Smart, Cit. &amp; Brewer, ?105. 21/177/1758. Jacobs, Henry, to Joseph Price, St. Luke, Mdsx. Slvrsmth., ?5. 52/128/1755. Jacobs, Isaac, to John Taylor, of Brghtn, Hants., Shoemr., ?5. 21/111/1760. Jacobs, Israel, to Mordecai Samuel, of Portsea, Shoesmth, ?10. 21/49/1757. Jacobs, Jacob, to John Jacob, of Kingscleere, Hants., Collarmaker, 5s. 14/33/1735. Jacobs, Jacob, to Solomon Mordechai, Cit. &amp; Diamond Cutter, ?5.5.0. 23/19/1763. Jacobs, Jacob, to Moses Noah, WhtchpL, Engraver, ?5. 21/106/1757. Jacobs, Jacob, to William Warren, of St. Mary, WhitechpL, Jeweller, ?25.7.0. 21/4/56. Jacobs, Joseph, to Daniel Vauginon, St. Jas., Westmr., Watchmr., ?30. 41/58/1710. Jacobs, Joseph, s. of Phineas, Dover, Innholder, to John Ladd, Folkestone, Kent, Carpntr. 17/42/1743. Jacobs, Nathan, to Thos Harrods, of St. Martin in Fields, Silversmith, ?20.</page><page sequence="7">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 151 14/91/1735. Jacobson, Samuel Esco, to Peter Arnett, of St. Botlph, Aldsg., Schoolmaster, ?5. 22/151/1760. Joseph, Esther, to Mary Messer, of the Old Artillery Grnd, Capushin Maker, ?5.15.0. 23/82/1762. Joseph, Samuel, to Samuel Levy, of Nether Row, Near Aldgate, Barber, ?1. 50/53/1740. Keiser, Mary, to Wm. Ofer, of Axbridge, Somrst, Glvemkr., ?8.8. 18/206/1749. Lamude, John, s. of Reuben, to Geo. Wentworth, Cit. &amp; Clockmr., ?14. -/9/1711. Lecourt, David, s. of David, Throgmorton St., London, Jeweller, to Mathew Dupont, Git &amp; Habitant of London, ?40. 19/26/1752. Lefiore, Leonard, s. of Isaac, to Jn. Trotman, Cit &amp; Musician, ?315. 1/41/1711. Lestourgeon, Abraham, s. of David, Cit &amp; Clockmr. of London, to John Reup, of London, Shipbroker, ?40. 1/140/1712. Lestourgeon, Abraham, s. of David, Cit. &amp; Clockmaker, to Jos. Jones, Cit &amp; Skinner, of London, ?1.1.6. 4/33/1725. Lestourgeon, Isaac, s. of Peter, Westminster, to Francis Mallard, Westminster, Jeweller, ?15. 13/129/1732. Lesueur, Samuel, s. of David, to Gabriel Pannier, of Stepney, Silversmth, ?18. 14/13/1735. Lesurgeon, Samuel, s. of Isaac, to Jas. Hubert, of St. Annes, Westminster, Wtchmkr., ?12. 18/134/1748. Levey, Robert, s. of Thos., to John Payn, of Bishop Safford, Herts, [sic], Miller, ?10. 11/165/1726. Levi, Ralph, s. of Thos., deed, to Sam Bennett, St. Martin Fields, Carver, ?1. 21/66/1757. Levy, Isaac, to Isaac Fox, of the Minories, Watchmr, ?47. 22/120/1760. Levy, Manuel, to Sam. Levy, of Shoemaker Row, Lond., Perukier, 5s. 22/123/1760. Levy, Robert, to William Coxon, of Bishop Stortford, Herts, Baker, ?5. 20/12/1754. Levyson, Francis, to William Delatany, of St. Annes, Westmon., Diamond Cutter, ?48. 1/55/1711. Lewen, Anthony, s. of Solomon, of Henley, Thames, Oxon, to Wm. Mason, Cit. &amp; P. Stainer, London, ?25. 13/148/1732. Lewin, Jacob, s. of Jacob, of St. Marylebone, Turner, to James Travis, St. Giles Fields, Cordwnr., ?5. 23/103/1762. Lewis, Israel, to William Barston, Cit &amp; Uphlstr., ?50. 54/83/1761. Lys, Isaac, to Elena Darks, Exeter, Full and Hot Presser, ?10. 10. 11 /35/1725. Manuell, Anthony, of Kensington, to John Clark, of ditto, Bricklayer, ?15.15.0. 50/124/1742. Manuell, Anthony, s. of Samuel, to William Herbert, Weymouth, Mariner, ?3.3.0. 19/65/1752. Manuell, George, s. of John, to Geo. Manuell, Cit. &amp; Goldsmth, ?52.10.0. 5/60/1756. Manuell, John, to Geo. Maynot, of Birmnghm., Smoothing-iron maker, ?6. 15/37/1737. Massia, Paul, son of John, St. Mart./Fields, to Thos. Chauvin, Cit. &amp; Barber S., ?9. 21/203/1759. Mayers, Abraham, to Henry Bassett, of I. of Thanet, Carpntr, ?12.12.0. 54/207/1762. Meares, Moses, to Wm. Purchall, of Alfrich, Worcs., Papermkr., ?2.2.0. 16/65/1741. Mendes, Isaac, s. of Abraham, to Richard Philips, Cit. &amp; Statnr., ?12.12.0. 54/167/1762. Mendes, William, to Anthony Triscott, Plymouth, Tinplater, ?13.13.0. 14/162/1736. Mercado, Abraham, s. of David, to Isaac Henriques, of Whtchpl., Diamond cutter, ?34. 14/162/1736. Mercado, Isaac, s. of David, to Isaac Hayman, of Whitechapel, Diamond Cutter, ?34. 6/99/1718. Mercator, David, son of Daniel, to Samuel Sanders, Cit. &amp; Barber/Surgeon, ?20. 14/29/1735. Meyers, Solomon, to Abraham Levy, Junior, Cit. &amp; Diamond Cutter, ?14.14.0.</page><page sequence="8">152 Arthur P. Arnold 44/112/1714. Miers, Eleazer, s. of Eleazer, of Lincoln, Deed., to Wm. Brookes, of ditto, Cordwnr., ?5. 17/84/1744. Miers, Samuel, s. of John, Leeds, Yorks., Stuffmaker, to Mathew Priestley, of ditto, Feltmaker, ?5. 3/148/1715. Mirande, Samuel, s. of Peter, of St. Martin in Fields, to Joseph Rondelet, Cit. &amp; Scrivener, ?30. 8/8/1716. Mirando, Daniel, s. of John, Cit. &amp; Refiner, to Edward King, Cit. &amp; Goldsmith, ?18. 15/118/1737. Moisa, Abraham, s. of Isaac, Cit. &amp; Gent., to Duncombe Bakewell, Cit. and Mariner, ?126. 22/4/1759. Moses, John, to John Cave, of Whitewell, I. of W., Cordwnr., ?2. 51/90/1750. Moses, John, Junior, to Robert Hunt, of St. Clement, Cambrdg, Cordwainer, ?15. 5/22/1716. Moses, Michael, s. of Michael, Cit. &amp; Draper, to Thos. Tyndall, Cit. &amp; Tin plater, ?20. 54/222/1762. Moses, Moses, to Jason Holt, of Plymouth, Jeweller, ?80.10. 21/97/1757. Moses, Moses, to Benjamin Levi, of Portsea, Engraver, ?20. 51/215/1752. Moses, Moses, to James Hare, Taunton, Cooper, ?10.10. 50/50/1741. Moses, Richard, s. of William, to John Pannell, of Bosham, Sussex, Stayner, ?5. 10/68/1724. Moses, Samuel, s. of Michael, Cit. &amp; Draper, to Thomas Backsdale, Cit. &amp; Tallow Chandler, ?12. 13/178/1730. Mussaphia, Judha, s. of Jacob, of London, to James Parr, Cit. and Diamond Cutter, ?180. 23/100/1762. Newnes, Samuel, to George Freer, of St. Dunstands in Westmstr, Bookbinder. ?1. 10/64/1724. Nunes, Egidias, s. of Abraham, of St. Jas., Westminstr., Mercht., to Jn. Fuisse, Cit. &amp; Barbr/Surgn, ?20. 15/15/1737. Nunes, Jane, d. of Jane, of St. Andres's, Holborn, to Mary Evens, of St. Margrt's, Westmnstr., Lacejoiner, ?5. 23/138/1762. Phillips, Mordecai, to Henry Levy, of White Chapell, Lapidary, ?21. 54/82/1761. Phillips, Rebecca, to Mary Tarvoise, of Crediton, Mantelier, ?10.10. 54/83/1761. Phillips, Reuben, to Francis Brayne, of Exon, Druggist, ?80. 52/211/1756. Phillips, Solomon, to Richard Bond, of Bristol, Shipwrgt, ?10. 43/49/1713. Pickas, Isaac, s. of Deed., to John Stelling, of Plymouth, Tallowchandler, ?20. 41/131/1710. Pickas, Isaac, s. of Isaac, of Plymouth, to Edward Tookey, of ditto, Apothecary, ?35. 5/103/1714. Polis, Solomon, s. of Solomon, St. Margaret's, Westmon., to Charles King, St. Martins in Fields, Perukier, ?5. 50/123/1740. Polland, Isaac, s. of Abraham, to Samuel Roe, of Yepton, Sussex, Butcher, ?37.10.0. 4/93/1715. Prittoo, Aaron, to Moses Holt, of Colchester, Haystricker, ?1.2.0. 5/17/1716. Ricqueburg, Nathan, Son of John, Cit. &amp; Surgeon, to Peter Blois de Chesne, of St. Martin in Fields, Lancet Maker, ?49.14.0. 21 /52/1757. Rodrigues, Daniel, to Ebenezer Rowland, of the Minories, Stocking-weaver, ?28. 17/208/1746. Rubens, William, to Thomas Rausey, of St. Giles Fields, Locksmith, ?5. 20/63/1755. Rubins, Richard, to Thos. Ball, of Market Oxton, Rutland, Butcher, ?6. 54/30/1761. Rubins, Richard, to John Wood, of Grantham, Clockmr., ?25. 6/68/1718. Seloonskoy, Jos., a Russian, to Ric. Booth, of St. Martin/Fields, Locksm., ?70. 21/70/1757. Senior, Abraham, to Wm Week Barnsley, of St. Giles Grpplgte, Attorney, ?20. 51/95/1751. Senior, Isaac, to Thos Hall, of Aylesbury, stay., ?10. 9/87/1723. Sierra, Moses, s. of Isaac, Cit. &amp; Mercht., to Wm Norris, Cit. &amp; Attorney, ?50.</page><page sequence="9">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 153 13/161/1732. Silver, Samuel, s. of Jacob, of Sandwich, Kent, to Jacob Silver, of ditto, Bookseller, ?2. 51/213/1753. Solomon, Henry, to Jn. Lievre, of Stoke Damerell, Carpenter, of Ship Mag ninine, ?9. 20/170/1756. Solomon, John, to John Brampton, of Missenden, Bucks, ?4. 8/11/1715. Solomon, Jonathan, s. of John, of Andover, to Thos. Rogers, of ditto, Hants., Clothier, ?10. 42/140/1712. Solomon, Leonard, s. of Benjamin, late of Norwich, Deed., to Jas. Fleman, of Gt. Yarmouth, Keelsman, ?3. 53/20/57. Solomon, Mary, to Isaac Hays, of Bridgewater, Stayner, ?10. 50/247/1744. Solomon, Samuel, Norwich, to Peter Barlow, Norwich, Weaver, ?5. 13/194/1733. Toriano, Nathan, s. of Nathan, deed., to Joshua Channing, Cit. &amp; Mason, ?300. 18/158/1748. Ullman, August Benjamin, son of-, to Charles Ullman, of St. Giles Fields, Joiner, etc., ?20. 20/116/1755. Visetelly, Joseph, to John Hart, London, Stationer, ?21. 15/200/1738. Wagg, Abraham, to John Schmiedl, of St. Martins in Fields, Jeweller, ?35. 15/199/1738. Wagg, Abraham, s. of Zeporah, of St. Mary Axe, Widow, to John Schmiedl, of St. Martins in Fields, Jeweller, ?15. 8/47/1719. Wolfe, Elizabeth, d. of Elkana, deed., to Elizabeth Fereman, of Christchurch, Coatmaker, ?18. 12/171/1731. Woolf, Hannah, to Elizabeth Hearn, of Warwick Lane, London, Coatmaker, ?2.2.0. 18/221/1749. Woolfe, John, s. of Isaac, to Jn Kiesmier, of St. Luke, Mdsx., Jeweller, ?10. 54/14/1759. Woolfe, Richard, to Lazarus Hingstone, of Falmo., Brassmaker, ?15. Second Series, 1762-1773 26/152/1770. Abrahams, Abr., to Jas Meryweather, of Biliter Lane, Atty. 55/31/1764. Abrahams, Abrm., to Richard Temple, of Plymouth, Watchmr., ?48. 56/189/1768. Abrahams, Isaac, to John Bone, Plymouth, Taylor, ?5.5. 24/5/1763. Abrahams, Jos., to Geo. Ellis, of Fetter Lane, London, Atty., ?70.10s. 25/99/1767. Abrahams, Levy, to Thos. Sheafe, of St. Michaels Royal, London, Watchm., ?15.15. 26/160/1770. Alvarenga, David, to Walt Hargrave, of the Borough of Southwark. 23/196/1763. Arrelano, Emanuel, to Thos Plowden, of Portsmouth Yd., Shipw., ?12. 26/192/1770. Baren, Aaron, to Charles Newton and Moses Levy, of St. Botolphs, Aldgate, Engravers, ?10.10. 25/185/1767. Barnett, Levy, to Jacob Samson, of St. Jas., Dukes PL, Lnd., peruk., ?21. 55/45/1763. Barnett, Moses, to Thos. Nicklin, of Meadley, Shoe., ?3. 26/202/1770. Benjamin, Simon, to Levy and Newton, of Houndsditch, Engr., ?6.6.0. 24/99/1765. Caro, Michael, to Wm. Storch, of St. Clements, Mx., Watchm., ?31.10. 24/192/1765. Chavae, Zacharia, to Charles Mervile, Cit. &amp; Clockmr., ?21. 24/83/1764. Chero, Abraham, to Robert Haworth, of Clithero, Lanes., Apothy., ?31.10. 38/116/1768. Davies, Israel, to Thos. Cock, Mevagissey, Cornwll, Ropelyr. 25/60/1767. Davis, Deborah, to Susan Barry, of Lincolns Inn Fields, Childs clothesmaker, ?30. 24/81/1764. Davis, Sol., to Thos Newman, Norwich, Grocer, ?21. 26/204/1770. DeCosta Wm, s. of Edward, to Thos Davids, of Lond., Cit &amp; Hozier, ?30. 55/203/1765. Delacourt, Nathan, to Reuben Small, of Wareham, Dors., Carpr., ?6. 25/205/1768. Dias, George, to Isaac Taylor, Cit. &amp; Tobacco &amp; Pipe, ?21. 26/193/1770. Dias, Richard, to William White, London, Cit. &amp; Merch. Tylr, ?21.</page><page sequence="10">154 Arthur P. Arnold 23/210/1763. Elkin, Israel, to Levy Harris, of Houndsditch, Jeweller, ?15. 24/185/1765. Ellias, Charles, to Charles Long, of Maldon, Essex, Upholst., ?30. 24/228/1766. Franks, Samuel, to Jonathan Ely, of London, Blacksmith, ?10. 25/115/1767. Genies, Sarah, to Elizabeth Allen, of St. Mary, Stamford, Lines, Milliner, ?35. 57/39/1769. Gennys, Ste Mignon, to Abraham Freeman Denys, of Tavistock, surgeon, etc., ?105. 24/154/1765. Gentleman, Moses, to Wm. Strahan, Junior, Cit. &amp; Stat., ?5.10. 26/94/1769. Hamberger, Catherine, to Elna Brunton, of Margaret Street, Berkeley Square, Milliner, etc., ?25. 26/142/1770. Harris, Rachel, to Mary Harris, of Warwick Lane, Lond., Mantelier, ?21. 75/92/1770. Harris, Rebecca, to Anne Clarke, of Ipswich, Milliner, ?31.10. 56/197/1768. Henriques, John, to Ann. Emerson, of Durham, Milliner, ?25. 51/140/1770. Henriques, Philip, to Thos. Carr, of Sunderland, Cabn't, ?30. 56/178/1768. Henriques, Philip, to Benjamin Hemming, of Newcastle/Tyne, Bookbinder, etc., ?40. 24/91/1764. Hirsch, John, to Ralph Tunnicliff, of Rotherham, Yks., Atty., ?100. 58/67/1772. Hirtzel, George, to Henry Fland, of St. Edmund on the Bridge, Devon, Dyer, ?23. 26/202/1770. Hyam, Thos., to Wm. Hunt, of Deptford, Kent, Quarterman, ?15. 26/134/1769. Isaac, Abraham, to Joseph Burnard, of Marstock, Som., Cordwnr. 26/43/1769. Isaac, Hyman, to Henry Levy, of Whitechappel, Lapidary, ?36.11. 26/16/1765. Isaac, Isaac, to Levy Norden, of St. Mary, Whitechappel, Diamd polisher, ?42.1s. 58/113/1772. Isaacs, Joseph, to Jn. Halsted Deere, of Norwich, Norf., Grocer, ?21. 26/164/1770. Isaac, Joseph, to Henry Hiams, of Dukes Place, London, Toy Mercht., ?5. 25/171/1768. Isaacs, Lazarus, to Theodore Muller, Westminster, Perukier, ?8. 24/10/1766. Isaacs, Michael, to Solomon Joseph, of Wheeler Street, Mx., diamond polisher, ?10. 25/179/1767. Jacob, Benjamin, to Jn. Steeres, of St. Martin/Fields, Watch case maker, ?1. 24/227/1765. Jacob, Samuel, to Thos. Lyne, Cit. &amp; Hbrshr., ?21. 23/227/1763. Jacob, Samuel, to Thos. Maton, of New Sarum, Cordwr., ?10. 25/94/1767. Jacobs, Aaron, to Henry Lazarus, of St. Bot., Aldgt., Pencil maker, ?10.5s. 23/159/17?[sic] Jacobs, Abraham, to Mordecai Levy, of St. Mary, Whitechapel, Glass cutter, ?5. 24/207/1766. Jacobs, Nathan, to Wm Martyn, of St. Mgt., West., Tall dir., ?10. 25/172/1768. Jonas, Jonathan, to Isaac Isaacs, of Shoemaker Row, Dukes Place, Watchm., ?15.15.0. 25/187/1768. Jonas, Walter, to Edward Burch, St. Jas., Westmastr., Eugrash, ?50. 26/96/1769. Joseph, Francis, to Richard Lackland, of Newington, Surrey, Carver. 26/202/1770. Joseph, Nathan, to Thos. Gate, of St. George, Southwark, Cork cutter, ?5. 58/4/1771. Jyzack, Jonathan, to Michael Jyzack, of Newcast/Tyne, Barber-Sgn, ?14.0.6d. 26/136/1770. Lavy, Wm., to Thos. Evans, Cit. &amp; Goldsmith, London, ?20. 25/21/1766. Levy, Abraham, to Henry Judah, of St. James, Dukes PL, Toy., ?6. 25/166/1767. Levy, Isaack, to Mordecai Levy, of St. Mary, Whitechpl, Eng. 25/63/1767. Levy, Solomon, to Samuel Noah, of Ch. Ch., Mx., Engraver, ?30. 25/102/1767. Levy, Thomas, to Wm. Lambe, Cit &amp; Haberdhr., ?10. 24/175/1765. Lozana, Thos., to John Marrie, of St. James, Westmr., Watch., ?42. 56/95/1767. Lyon, Daniel, to Wm. Daniel, of Helewood, Lanes., Watch-tool maker, ?8.10. 56/166/1761. Lyon, Daniel, to Edward Hallywell, of Wavertree, Watch., ?3. 56/174/1767. Lyon, Francis, to John Lakeman, of Exeter, Clock and Watch-maker, ?48.</page><page sequence="11">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 155 25/30/1764. Lyon, Henry, to Levy Harrys, ?12. 50/68/1772. Lyon, Judah, to Solomon Nathan, of Plymouth, Devon, Jeweller and engraver, ?42. 26/223/1769. Marks, James, s. of Lewis, to John Edwards, Cit. &amp; Painter St., of London. 55/21/1762. Marks, Sarah, to Mary Sharpe, of Exeter, Mantelier, ?15. 24/180/1764. Mendeg, Frederick, to Nicholas Middleton, of the Strand, psh. of St. Clements Danes, Statr., ?31.10s. 57/59/1769. Mends, Benjamin, to Sam Raworth, Plymouth, Clockmr., ?37. 23/[ ]/1763. Moreira, Moses, to John Williams, of St. Luke, Mx., Clock, ?10.10. 25/185/1765. Phillip, Jacob, to Lyon Levy, of St. Luke, Mx., Diamond polisher, ?42.1. 55/171/1765. Phillip, Jonathan, to Francis Winters, Ely, Perukier, ?12. 58/175/1773. Phillip, Levy, to Benjamin Mordecai, of Clerkenwell, Mx., Silversm. 25/140/1754. Phillip, Moses, to Jn. Newman, of New Sarum, Wilts., Gunflint Cutter, ?5. 25/196/1768. Schooler, Jacob, to Richard Stacey, St. Andr., Holbn., Writing Stationer, ?20. 24/169/1765. Solly, Isaac, to Michael Keely, Ash., Kent, Cordw., ?7. 56/162/1768. Solomon, Phillip, to John Brocker, Norwch, Weaver, ?2. 26/43/1769. Solomon, Solomon, to John Sampson, Penzance, Cornwall, Watchmaker, ?69. 24/93/1764. Solomon, William, to Samuel Lansdown, Littleton, Som., Cordwnr., ?6.6.0. 25/129/1767. Thomber, Thomas, to Robert Levy, of Stanstead, Essex, Miller, etc., ?6. 23/212/1763. Waag, Andrew, to Himan Waag, of Colchester, Lapidary, ?5. 26/76/1769. Wagg, Jonathan, to John Jason, Bird Street, Oxford Road, Pawnbroker, ?20. LIST OF JEWISH MASTERS (1710-1773) (Connected with or referred to in the Lists of Apprentices) Master Abrahams, Abraham Coine, Jacob Dacosta, John Fox, Isaac, Francis, Isaac Galindo, Raphael Harris, Levy a &gt;) ,, Mary Hart, John Hayman, Isaac Henriques, Isaac 5) &gt;&gt; JJ &gt;&gt; Hiams, Henry Isaacs, Isaac Jacob, John Jacob, William Joseph, Solomon Judah, Henry Occupation Watchmaker Brass Maker Citizen &amp; Notary Public Watchmaker Cutler Diamond Polisher Jeweller Mantelier Stationer Diamond Cutter Jeweller and Diamond Cutter 5&gt; JJ Toy Merchant Watchmaker Collar Maker Perukier Diamond Polisher Toy Maker Apprentice (Moses Israell) (Abraham Guarigues) (Isaac DaCosta) (Isaac Levy) (Benjamin Francis) (Jacob Abrahams) (Henry Lyon) (Israel Elkin) (Rachel Harris) (Joseph Visetelly) (Isaac Mercado) (Solomon Demera) (Benjamin Dias Fern Andes) (Abraham Mercado) (Joseph Isaac) (Jonathan Jonas) (Jacob Jacobs) (Lawrence Jacob) (Michael Isaacs) (Abraham Levy)</page><page sequence="12">156 Arthur P. Arnold Master Jyzack, Michael Kiesmier, John Lazarus, Henry Levi or Levy, Abraham (Junior) Benjamin Henry Mordecai Moses and Charles Newton Moses and Charles Newton Samuel Manuell, George Marzas, Jacob Mathy, Daniel Messer, Mary Mordecai, Benjamin Nathan, Solomon Noah, Moses ?j ?&gt; ,, Samuel Norden, Levy Phillips, Samuel Phillipson, Samuel Sampson, John Samson, Jacob Samuel, Mordecai Schmiedl, John Silver, Jacob Ullman, Charles Waag, Himan Occupation Barber/Surgeon Jeweller Pencil Maker Citizen and Diamond Cutter Engraver Lapidary Glass Cutter Engraver Engravers Barber Perukier Citizen and Goldsmith Apprentice (Jonathan Jyzack) (John Woolfe) (Aaron Jacobs) (Solomon Meyers) (Moses Moses) (David Alvarenga) (Abraham Birnal) (Hyman Isaac) (Mordecai Phillips) (Abraham Jacobs) (Isaack Levy) (Aaron Baren) (Simon Benjamin) (Samuel Joseph) (Manuel Levy) (George Manuell) Citizen and Butcher (Isaac Guarigues) (Abraham Goutier) (Esther Joseph) (Levy Phillip) (Judah Lyon) (Emanuel Goldsmith) (Jacob Jacobs) (Solomon Levy) (Isaac Isaac) Watchmaker Capushin Maker Silversmith Jeweller and Engraver Engraver Lapidary Citizen and Diamond Cutter and Polisher (Richard Galindo) Jeweller (Lovie Benoimont) Watchmaker (Solomon Solomon) Perukier (Levy Barnett) Shoesmith (Israel Jacobs) Jeweller (Abraham Wagg) Bookseller (Samuel Silver) Joiner (Augustus Benjamin Ullman) Lapidary (Andrew Waag) OCCUPATIONS OF MASTERS Apothecary 2 Attorney 8 Baker 1 Barber 4 Barber/Surgeon 3 Basket-maker 1 Blacksmith 1 Bookbinder 2 Bookseller 1 Brass-maker 3 Brewer 1 Bricklayer 1 Builder 1 Butcher 3 Cabinetmaker 1 Capuchine-maker 1 Carpenter 8 Carver 2 Clockmaker?see Watchmaker Clothier 3</page><page sequence="13">Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1773 157 Coat-maker 2 Coach-maker 1 Collar-maker 2 Cooper 2 Cork Cutter 1 Cordwainer 12 Cutler 2 Diamond Cutter 8 Diamond Polisher 5 Draper 1 Druggist 1 Dyer 1 Engraver 11 Feltmaker Glass Cutter Glazier Glove-maker Goldsmith Grocer Gunflint Cutter Gunlock-maker Gunsmith Haberdasher Hay-stricker Heather Seller Hosier Housewife Jeweller (Lapidary) 21 Joiner 2 Kellsman 1 Lace Joiner 1 Lancet-maker 1 Lapidary?see Jeweller Locksmith 1 Mantelier 5 Mariner 2 Mason 1 Mercer 1 Merchant 4 Merchant Tailor 2 Miller 1 Musician 2 Notary Public 1 Painter Stainer 1 Papermaker 1 Pawnbroker 1 Pencil-maker 1 Perruquier 6 Pipemaker?see Tobacco Plumber 1 Poulterer 1 Quarter Man 1 Rope Layer 1 Sailor 1 Schoolmaster 1 Scrivener 1 Ship Broker 1 Shipwright 3 Smoothing Iron Maker 1 Stocking Weaver 1 Salterer 2 Shoemaker Shoesmith &gt; 4 Closer of Shoes J Silversmith 4 Skinner 2 Stationer 7 Surgeon 1 Tallow-chandler 3 Tailor?see Merchant Tailor Tin Plater 2 Tobacco and Pipemaker 1 Toymaker 2 Upholsterer 3 Vintner 1 Watchmaker (including Clockmaker) 21 Watch-case Maker 1 Watch Tool Maker 8 Weaver (Wool and Linen) 6</page></plain_text>

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