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List of Illustrations Vol 47

<plain_text><page sequence="1">LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS cover: The Frumkin family standing outside their kosher wine and spirits shop on the corner of Commercial Road and Cannon Street Road, London Ei, around 1912. Photograph courtesy the Jeurish Museum London FRONTiSPiEce: David Cesarani (1956-2015). Photograph courtesy Neill Perrott, Royal Holloiuay A COMMENTARY ON DAN JACOBSON'S HOLOCAUST WRITINGS 1 Dan Jacobson as a schoolboy. Photograph courtesy Jessica Jacobson 2 Dan Jacobson. Photograph by Murdo Macleod JEWISH HERITAGE IN SCOTLAND 1 Detail from Kirkiuood's Plans and Illustrations of the City o/Edinburgh Section 5 (1817), showing the location of Herman Lyon's burial plot. 2 The Jewish section at Newington Cemetery, Edinburgh, known as Echo Bank (1867-9). 3 Garnethill Synagogue, Glasgow, front entrance. 4 Garnethill Synagogue, Glasgow, engraving of the interior, The Builder, 5 March 1881. 5 South Portland Street Synagogue, Glasgow, undated photograph. 6 Langside Synagogue, Glasgow, the Ark. 7 Queen's Park Synagogue, Glasgow, view towards the Ark in 2002, before closure. 8 Salisbury Road Synagogue, Edinburgh, designs by James Miller (1931). Edinburgh, Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, Drawings Collection, plan no. S.03. 9 GifFnock Synagogue, Glasgow, architects' perspective drawing, signed by Norman Bailey, Samuels &amp; Partners, not dated. 10 GifFnock Synagogue, Glasgow, as it appears today. 11 Glasgow's Reform Synagogue, Ayr Road, Newton Mearns, housed in a Church of Scotland parish hall converted into a synagogue in 1969. Jewish Historical Studies, volume 47, 2014 vii</page><page sequence="2">viii ILLUSTRATIONS ROYAL JEWS: JEWISH LIFE IN BERKSHIRE FROM THE READMISSION TILL TODAY 1 Reading Congregation, established in 1900. 2 Sam Lewis, moneylender and philanthropist, c. 1890s. 3 The Maidenhead Synagogue ark. 4 Princess Margaret, who visited Maidenhead synagogue on its Golden Jubilee in 1990, with a member, Jessica Blooman.</page></plain_text>

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