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Jewish Tallies of the Thirteenth Century

Rev. Michael Adler

<plain_text><page sequence="1">2. Jewish Tallies of the Thirteenth Century In the Public Record Office, London, and in the Birmingham Public Library, there exists a number of tallies relating to English Jews of the thirteenth century. Tallies are narrow shafts of wood used as receipts for money or other payments which are indicated by notches and cuts. The shaft was split through the notches lengthwise into two unequal pieces, the stock, as one part was called, being given to the person making the payment and the shorter piece, or foil (counterfoil), was kept for reference. Exchequer tallies are receipts for payments into the Royal Exchequer, private tallies are for transactions between local officials or private individuals. (For a full account see Hilary Jenkinson,1 in Archceologia, Vol. 62, p. 367 and Vol. 74, p. 289.) In his Studies in Anglo-Jewish History (pp. 75-82), Dr. H. P. Stokes gives a description, with illustrations, of certain Exchequer tallies now in Birmingham. In the Public Record Office, there are 262 Jewish tallies [E. 402], of which two are private and the remainder Exchequer tallies. Upon the latter is indicated in Latin the name of the tallage for which the payments were made, the Hebrew names of the Jews 1 In Transactions, ix., 185, 188., Mr. Jenkinson describes some Jewish tallies, with photographs. He has been most helpful to me in the preparation of this Paper.</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH TALLIES OF THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY. 9 and other Hebrew words being added in many instances.2 A complete list of all known Jewish tallies is here given as they are of considerable interest for Anglo-Jewish history. Of the London tallies, 162 (Groups A and B) are receipts for con? tributions towards the Worcester tax of the year 1241, de tallagio xx millia marcarum (Stokes, p. 83,)?when 109 representatives from 21 Jewries assembled in the so-called "Jewish Parliament" (Tovey, Anglia Judaica, p. 110), in order to apportion among themselves a tallage of 20,000 marks (equivalent to-day to about ?402,000) demanded of them by king Henry III.3 In the year 1239, a tax upon a third of the property of the Jews, de tercia mobilium suorum, was levied through Geoffrey le Templar (Matthew Paris, Giles' translation, I, p. 175). Forty-five of these tallies (Group C) are extant. Four (Group D) belong to the receipts of a tallage of 8,000 marks of the year 1230 (Close Eolls, p. 411) and one (B) refers to a 6,000 marks' tallage of the year 1231 (ibid., p. 580). Group F includes 35 payments?whose tallies are in such a mutilated condition that one cannot decipher the name of the tax, though, many of them, judging by the names, seem to belong to the Worcester tallage. There are also (Group G) 12 which represent pay? ments made by non-Jews to the Exchequer of debts they owed to Jewish creditors?a very common occurrence in those days. The mention of the name of Elias l'Eveske upon three of these tallies fixes the date of these transactions, as he was Arch-Presbyter from 1243 to 1257.4 In Group H there is a unique tally with a Latin and Hebrew inscription which records a fine paid by a certain Serfdeu (Obadiah) for not attending when summoned to appear before the Justices. 2 Many of the tallies are partly broken, with the result that it is not possible to give a number of the monetary values with any certainty. 3 The names of 32 deputies, marked in these lists by an asterisk,* are found on the tallies, whilst 68 other names are recorded in the four volumes of the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer published by the Society; 37 women are included in the lists. 4 See Stokes, pp. 30-33. Loewe, Starrs in the British Museum, ii, p. 38. Three of the names of these debtors occur in the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer, viz, Hugh de Verley (1244), i, 68; Henry Trenchard (1252), i, 112; Richard Bonaventura (1270) i, 242. B</page><page sequence="3">10 miscellanies. Forty-eight tallies bear Hebrew names, some of them adding the words DnD*?X (D or) WIVS nin?? "from the gift5 of 20,000,"?45 in Group A, one in Group B which is not legible, one in Group C and one in Group H. As all these are tallies of the Exchequer, being official recepta (receipts), none of the Jewish clerks of the Scaccarium Judeorum (Jewish Exchequer) could have been employed in writing the Hebrew. This must have been done by the payers themselves or by their Jewish friends. The two private tallies (Group I) are the only specimens of this class that are known, and both give the name of Jose of Kent, a prominent financier who was a deputy for the city of York at the Worcester "Parliament." One of the tallies is clearly dated 1229 and the other adds his Hebrew signature on the edge. ?lj?T ''Of.6 In the Birmingham Public Library there are also preserved 17 tallies of Jewish interest, to which Dr. Stokes devoted special attention (p. 80). Thirteen of these represent payments to the Worcester- tallage of 1241, ten bear Hebrew names, whilst one, that of Jose of Kent, contains the longest Hebrew inscription?the whole of one side being covered with writing which it is difficult to decipher. One tally belongs to the "One-Third" tallage of 1239, and the remaining three are Jewish debts paid to the Exchequer by non-Jews. Nine of the Birmingham tallies give the same names as in the London list. Finally, there is kept in a show-case in one of the corridors of the Houses of Parliament,7 near the kitchen, a tally of the 1241 tax which reads as follows, 3/4 De Salom fil Is de tall xx m.m 8 QI^E? Michael Adler. 5 The Richard I ransom tallage of 1194 was called the Northampton "Donum." See Miscellanies, I. lix, for the text of this "Gift." 6 See Davis, Shetaroih, p. 364, where two of his sons add to their signatures ?2p*T ^OV ]2. He signs t?3j?? nDT* as a witness to a document for the purchase of the York cemetery from the Minster clergy in 1230. (This will be published in my Paper upon Aaron of York in the next volume of Transactions.) One of his Exchequer tallies is in Group A.5 and another in the Birmingham list A.3, where his name in Hebrew is added. 7 In 1834, the Parliament buildings were destroyed by fire, owing to the over? heating of the flue caused by the burning of a large number of old tallies. 8 " From Salomon the son of Isaac from the tax of 20,000 marks." His name in Hebrew is written at the side?0l7tP often used for HS/tP.</page><page sequence="4">jewish tallies of the thirteenth century. 11 EXCHEQUER TALLIES IN THE PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE Group A. Payments to the Tallage of the Worcester "Parlia? ment" (1241)?of 20,000 Marks. (With Hebrew names.) 1. ?33 . 6 . 81 De Aaron Blund*2 de tallagio xx. millium marcarum3 ? ? s*?k ? ? 2. ?26 .13 . 4 De Is gener Piet4 de t xx m m?Stamford. ama p apjr? 3. ?16 .13 . 4 De Ursell fil Gentill4a de t xx m m Vwm 4. ?12 .13 De Ducelina fil Abr de t xx m m Kr^SH 5. ?12 .0.4 De Josee de Kaneia*5 de t xx mm 6. ?9.5.0 De Bonefey fil Jose de t xx mm *?d311 7. ?8 . 6 . 8 De Henna vidua de t xx mm 'k'd jrnsaa na?1?? mm 8. ?6 .10 De Meyr fil David* de t xx mm b^W* 9. ?6 . 9 .10 De Ducelina vidua de t xx mm Ka^SH 10. ?5 .13 . 4 De Is nep Aaron9 de t xx m m pnK ^a pns* 1 The modern equivalent is obtained by multiplying by 30. See Jacobs, Jews of Angevin England, p. 320. 2 See Loewe, Starrs, ii, p. 68. Cp. B. 4, 8. and F. 24. Names marked* were deputies at the Worcester Parliament. 3 In these lists, the Latin name for the tallage is abbreviated. It is usually written?de tall xx mil m. 4 The Hebrew is Jacob the son of Menahem, but in No. 37, Jacob the son of Isaac. Jacob and Aaron, sons-in-law of Pictavin, were deputies for the Stamford Jewry at Worcester. See Birmingham list, A.5. 4a See p. 23, A.7. 5 Cp. Birmingham list, A.3. and Group I. 6 "From the 20,000 by the hand of William of Lincoln." The latter name is not quite clear. Cp. Transactions ix. 188. 7 " Hannah widow of York 20,000." 8 Gentil. Evidently a wrong name written on this tally. The name Gentil appears in Group D.4. 9 Nephew of Aaron of York, Arch-Presbyter, 1236-1243.</page><page sequence="5">12 MISCELLANIES. 11. ?4 De Sam fil Cok (Isaac) de t xx mm pip p bxvsw 12. ?4 De Sam Leuesq10 de t xx m m pD Vxi&amp;P 13. ?4 De Bendi fil Jose de t xx mm ??ot? p poma 14. ?3.6.8 De Jose nep Aaron*11 ,de t xx m m TD?H ??OY? 15. ?3.6.8 De Sarra relict Pict(avin) de t xx mm mtP 16. ?2 De Manasser fil Pict de t xx mm 17. ?1.6.8 De Sam fil Is de t xx mm nyipus ? ? ? ? pnr? pnis bwm 18. ?1.6.8 De Salom nigro14 de t xx mm 19. ?1.6.8 De Ursell Leuy de t xx mm ^? *?ttmK 20. ?1.6.8 De Leun gener Mer de t xx mm ? ? ? prt ]Wb 21. ?1 . 6 . 6 De Vives de Pontefract de t xx mm 22. ?1 De Is fil Diay de t xx mm STKKHJp pnr* 23. 16/- De Salom fil Jose de Lond de t xx mm 24. 13/4 De Abr fil Pict de t xx mm OmnK 25. 11/- De Dedon fil Sam de t xx mm bvnw p ?wi 26. 9/- De Salom fil Jose de t xx mm OlVtP (written twice) 27. 6/8 De Leun fil Coc de t xx mm pip p ]Wb 28. 6/5 De Delcr (Deulecress) gen Is de t xx m m &amp;sbx d*w? mn?? t^np^n 10 Cp. Birmingham list A.l. Leuesq, L'Eveske, or Episcopus, is the same as See Stokes, p. 18 and Loewe, ii. p. 40. 11 Nephew of Aaron of York. 12 Hebrew for the Latin gener, son-in-law. See Birmingham list, A.6. 13 Marks. Cp. Birmingham list, A.7. 14 the black. Cp. Stokes, p. 65.</page><page sequence="6">JEWISH TALLIES OF THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY? 13 29. 6/2 De Deler gen Elye de t xx mm ? ? d*?k onw nana? mp^i 30. 6/- De Eli de Kancia (Kent) de t xx mm 31. 3/- De Henna vidua de t xx m m 7k'd ptidkd naaVx nan (see No. 7) 32. 1/1 De Slema 111 Auast. de t xx mm 33. 1/- De Milo gen Rose de t xx mm 34. 6d. De Abrm Carnifice de t xx mm WW DISK 35. 6d. . . . rm Le Matetren15 de t xx mm ?nw aiaa Tallies without notches, or broken 36. Bel fil Elie de t xx mm tP^a (scratched on the tally) 37. Is gen Pict16 de t xx mm pn2P p apJT? 38. De Deud (Deul?) DHirrn 03V IHK ttnpVH" 39. De Ben (of Kent) ? ? Vk'D nm?? p^a 40. De . . und (Blund?) ? tfl?? p^n? pn2P 41. De Bend fil Jose de t xx mm *0T? p p?H? (see No. 13) 42. De Auigay fil Vives de t xx mm ?D^X* M D"n D3 K^HX 43. De Is fil Jose Le Prestr de t xx mm ?^k onw mrma 44. De Elor fil Vives de t xx mm ?ni man? Km*?S 45. Bei vidua Leun pK1? HI?Vk ? * ? 15 Norman-French form of Carnifex?slaughterer, from the Latin root mactare Davis, Shetaroih, p. 129, has ttflltP *T01\ and on p. 138, a Christian butcher is called Nicol KTnpS???a form of Xe Matetren. 16 See A.2, and Birmingham list A.5, where the Hebrew is the same. 17 "Deulecress one of the tribe of the Jews." 18 Hebrew for Blundus (the blond). A list of debts owing to Isaac Blundus in Cambridge, dated 1237, is given in Stokes, p. 264. Aaron the son of Isaac Blund was a Cambridge deputy in 124L 19 i.e. lady or wife. Fil (daughter) is an error.</page><page sequence="7">14 miscellanies. Group B. The Tallage of 20,000 Marks (1241) (without Hebrew names) 1. ?239 .10 . 2J De Aaron de Eboraco20*(York) de tallagio xx millia marcarum 2. ?175 De Aaron de Eboraeo* de t xx mm 3. ?104 De David de Oxonia21* de t xx mm 4. ?66 .13 . 4 De Aaron Blund22* de t xx mm 5. ?29 .10 . 0 De Ely Leuesq23* de t xx mm 6. ?21 De Jacob fil Delesaut* de t xx mm 7. ?20 De Mosse et Is filiis Jacob24 Crespin de t xx mm 8. ?13 . 6 . 8 De Aaron Blund* de t xx mm (see No. 4) 9. ?7 . 6 . e De Jacob Crespin25* de t xx mm 10. ?6 .13 . 4 De Leon de Melkstrate26 de t xx mm 11. ?5 .10 . 0 De David de Oxonia* de t xx m m 12. ?3 .13 . 0 De Salom fil Jose* de t xx mm 13. ?3.6.8 De Beneit Leuesq de t xx mm 14. ?3.6.8 De Elia de Pontefract* de t xx mm 15. ?3.6.8 De Samps fil Samps* de t xx mm 16. ?3.6.4 De Aaron gener Pict* de t xx mm 17. ?3 . 3 . 0 De Aaron de Eboraeo* de t xx mm 18. ?3 De Aaron fil Abr27* de t xx mm 19. ?3 De Diaie de Rising* de t xx mm 20. ?2 .19 . 2 De Elya Blund* de t xx m m (see No. 63) 21. ?2.9.4 De Magistro28 Mosseo de t xx mm 22. ?2.2 De Diaie fil le Maistre29* de t xx mm 23. ?1 .13 . 0 De Is de Marlberg (Marlborougb)* de t xx m m 24. ?1 .12 . 4 De Badekin fil Abr de t xx mm 20 Arch-Presbyter 1236-1243 (Stokes, p. 29) Cp. also B.2., B. 17; and Group F.l. 21 re David of Oxford, see Transactions; x. 193. Cp. also B.ll, 64; Group F.2. 22 See note 2, p. 11, 23 Arch-Presbyter 1243-1257. (Stokes, p. 30) Cp. also B. 107.; CJ., F.4; G.3. 11. 12. 24 Cp. F.5 and Birmingham list, A.6. 25 Loewe, ii. p. 35. 26 Milk Street (London). 27 Loewe, I.e. p. 62. Cp. C.4, 23, F.3, 28. Birmingham list B.2. ? See Stokes, p. 53. 29 Magister Benjamin of Cambridge (Stokes, p. 149).</page><page sequence="8">JEWISH TALLIES OP THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY. 25. ?1 .10 . 0 De Vives fil Copin* de t xx mm 26. ?1.7.8 De Jndeis Stamford pro pauper (ibus) et fugit(ivis)30 ?Stamford?de t xx m m 27. ?1.6.8 De Beneyt Leuesq de t xx mm (see No. 13) 28. ?1.6.8 De Leui fil Salom* de t xx mm 29. ?1.5.0 De Leun fil Preciosa de t xx mm 30. ?1.5.0 De Meir fil David* de t xx mm 31. ?1.1.8 De Badekin fil Abr de t xx m m (see No. 24) 32. ?1 De Angeuin Cokebote de t xx mm 33. ?1 De Magistr Is et Muriel fil sua de t xx mm 34. 16/8 De Abr fil Abr* de t xx mm 35. 13/4 De Angeui de Warr* (Warwick) de t xx mm 36. 11/9 De Flur fil Sam de t xx mm 37. 11/- De Pict fil Moss* de t xx mm 38. 11/- De Manasser de Norwic (Norwich) de t xx mm 39. 10/1 De Salom Leuesq31 de t xx mm 40. 10/- De Milo Lescriuein32 de t xx mm (Hebrew obliterated) 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. De Jose fil Abr de t xx mm De Ben fil Aaron de t xx mm De Ben Pernaz33 de t xx mm De Is de Line de t xx mm De Jose de Wilton* de t xx mm De David fil Vives de t xx mm De Delesaut fil Is* de t xx mm . .ann.(?) de Wigorn (Worcester) de t xx mm De Bassena relict Vives de t xx mm De Ursell Morell de t xx mm De Elia Blund* de t x.. De Joeta fil Meir de t xx mm De Magistro Mosse de t xx mm De Judea de t xx mm De Vives fil Copin* de t xx mm (see No. 25) De Vives de Bannebir (Banbury) de t xx m m De Ben fil Manasser de t xx mm De Salom fil Sam de t xx mm 30 "For the poor and the fugitives." 31 Cp. No. 117 and 0. 15. 32The writer?See Stokes, p. 65. 33. Parnass (1) See ibid., p. 59.</page><page sequence="9">16 MISCELLANIES. 59. 4/- De Chera quatrebuch de t xx m m (see C 30) 60. 3/4 De Meir Le Prestre34 de t xx mm 61. 3/4 De Is fil Aaron de t xx mm 62. 3/- De Is gener Tutebone de t xx mm 63. 3/- De Elia Blund* de t xx m m 64. 3/- De David de Oxonia* de t xx mm 65. 2/6 De Aaron de Norwic* de t xx mm 66. 2/5 De Henna vidua de t xx mm 67. 2/5 . . . (no name) de t xx mm 68. 2/4 De Sam fil Delecr de t xx mm 69. 2/- De Elya fil Jac de Turnaye (Tournai) de t xx m m 70. 2/- De Elya fil Jacob de t xx mm 71. 2/- Deudene de Heref(ord) de t xx mm 72. 2/- De Is fil Meir de t xx m m 73. 2/- De Wardemann de t xx mm 74. 2/- De Ducel vidua35 de t xx mm 75. 1/9 De Abr le Prestre de t xx mm 76. 1/9 De Auigaye fil Ben de t xx mm 77. 1/8 De Cressant de t xx mm 78. 1/8 De Deudone fil Is de t xx mm 79. 1/8 De Joya uxor Mosse de t xx mm 80. 1/8 De Preciosa vidua de t xx mm 81. 1/2 De Sam fil Jacob de t xx mm 82. 1/2 De Is fil Abr de t xx mm 83. 1/- De Milka fil Obere de t xx mm 84. 1/- De Pige de t xx mm 85. l/~ De Pige de t xx mm 86. 1/- De Flur fil Abr de t xx mm 87. 1/- De Abr fil Jose de t xx mm 88. 1/- De I., fil Ben de t xx mm 89. lid. De Mosse fil Ben de t xx mm 90. lid. De Ursell fil Garsie30 de t xx mm 91. dd. De Beniamin fil Is de t xx mm 92. 9d. De Jose Wimbelet de t xx mm 93. 6d. De Porro (Petrol) fil Jose de t xx mm 94. U. De Elya fil Ben de t xx mm 95. ?d. De Jae fil Jose de t xx mm 34 Same as Episeopus, L'Eveske, tilD. See ibid., p. 21. 3* Cp. A. 9. 3? Cp. C. 40. Birmingham list, C. 1.</page><page sequence="10">jewish tallies op the thirteenth century. 17 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 5i. bd. U. 3d. 3d. 2d. Id. 1/6 Sam le Prestre de t xx mm De Jose Wimbelet de t xx mm (see No. 92) De Cuntessa (Comitissa) uxor Ben de t xx mm De Swetota fil Salom de t xx mm De Jose gener Cok de t xx mm De Aaron fil Mosse de t xx mm De Ancera fil Is de Bus37 de t xx mm . . . (no name) tall xx Without notches, or broken 104. De Belina relict Is Blund de t xx 105. De Mosse Ducemon de t xx 106. De Jose gener Vives de t xx 107. De Elia Leuesq* per fratres milit. Tempi38 de t xx 108. De Auigaye fil Abr de t xx 109. De Soleil fil Jacob de t xx 110. De Joett fil Elie de t x.. 111. De Pict fil Mosse* de t xx 112. De Anchera fil Leo de t xx mm 113. De Delecr Hazir39 de t xx 114. De Mirable fil Bonenfant de t 115.Le Prestre de t xx 116. . . . . ey de t xx 117. De Salom Leuesq de t xx Group C. The Tallage op the " Third Part of their Property " (1239) (With Hebrew name) 1. 2/9 De Abr R?ssel de tercia parte mobilium suorum. Wilton. tf^tf? b^WTi D-12X40 3 7 Russia (?) Cp. Jacobs, Jews of Angevin England, p. 73. Or Ruf (Rochester) ? See F. 16. 38 "Through the brethren of the Knights Templars." 39 Hazan (?) |Tff. Cp. Deulecress le Chapeleyn. Stokes, p. 22. 40 "Abraham Russel from the 'Third'."</page><page sequence="11">18 MISCELLANIES. (Without Hebrew names) 2. ?12 De Elia Leuesq41* de tercia parte mobilium per Robertum Marmyon42 3. ?10 .5.0 De Jose fil Aaron de t p m s 4. ?2 .13 . 4 De Aaron fil Abr43* de tercia 5. ?1 .11 . 6 De Dyaye fil Beneyt Leuesq de t p m s 6. ?1 . 3 . 6 De Salom de Thoarc44 de t p m s 7. ?1 . 2 . 1 De Leon Blund* de t p m s 8. 17/9| De Jacob fil Leun de t p m s 9. 14/7 De Vives fil Is de t p m s 10. 11/- De Cressy fil Le Mestre d t p m 11. 9/11J De Ben fil Preeiose de t p m s 12. 9/4 De Is fil Mosse de t p m 13. 6/5 ... br (Abrm?) .... de t p m 14. 5/6| De Wardemann de t p m (see B. 73) 15. 5/- De Salom Leuesq de t p m 16. 5/- De Mosse de Colec (Colechester) de t p m 17. 5/- De Sarra relict Pict de ter (see A. 15) 18. 4/6| De Is de Wieumb (Wycombe) de t p m s 19. 4/5J De Salom fil Sam de t p m 20. 4/5 De Jos fil Flur de t p m 21. 4/3 De Diaye fil Salom de t p m s 22. 4/2 Mosse fil Is de t p m 23. 4/- De Aaron fil Ab* de tercia 24. 3/^2 De Cuntessa vidua de t p m s 25. 3/- . . un (Angeuin?) Cokebot45 de ter 26. 2/2 De Is de Rumenal (Kent) de t p m s 27. 2/- De Is Leuesq de t p m 28. 2/- Vives fil Salom de t p m 29. 1/11 De Salom Panel46 de t p m 30. 1/10 De Anchera quatrebuches de t p m (see B. 59) 31. 1/4 Is fil Leui de t p m 32. 1/4 De Mosse de Rothomag (Rouen) de t p m s 41 See note 23. 42Cp. Rigg, Plea Rolls, i. 23. 43 See note 27. 44 Thouars (France). H. Gross. Qallia Judaica, p. 208. Transactionst xii, 148, Cp. F. 23. 45 Cp. B. 32. 46 In Birmingham list A. 9 is Jose Panel.</page><page sequence="12">jewish tallies of the thirteenth century. 19 33. 1/2 De Mosse til Jose de t p m s 34. 1/2 De Deleer Azir47 detpm 35. 1/- De Abr le Prestr de t p m 36. 11J De Auigaye fil Abr de t p m s 37. lOd. Flur fil Chere detpm 38. 9|cL De Manasser de Gloue(ester) de t p m 39. 9d. De Doselina de t p m 40. 4cL De Ursell Garsye48 de t p m 41. 2d. De Petr fil Simon de t p m 42. Id. De Slema vidua de t p m Tallies without notches, or broken 43. De Flur fil Gente de t p m 44. De Copin fil Milkan49* de ter 45. De Is de Winton (Winchester) de t p Group D. The Tallage of 8,000 Marks (1230) 1. ?12 De Jose fil Mos de tallagio viii millium marcarum. Wigorn50 2. ?1 . 2 . 3 De Is fil Vives de Cantebrig (Cambridge) de t viii m m. North, alloc. 3. 19/1 De Bonenfaunt gener Cuntesse de t viii m m. Glouc. comp, (account) 4. 2/6 De Gentil vidua de t viii m m. Norwic. comp. Group E. The Tallage of 6,000 Marks (1231) 19/4 De Vives fil David de tall vi millium marcarum. North, alloc. (Northampton) 47Cp. B. 113. 48 Cp. Birmingham list C. 1. 4 9 Of Canterbury. See Transactions, vii. 38. 50 Each of these tallies comes from a different Jewish centre, Worcester, Northampton, Gloucester and Norwich.</page><page sequence="13">20 MISCELLANIES. Group F. The Tallage not indicated 51owing to broken condition. 1. ?100 De Aaro de Eborac* (York) de 2. ?80 De David de 0* (Oxford) 3. ?9 .10 De Aaro fil Abr* de 4. ?3 De Eli Leuesq* de tall 5. ?2 De Moss et Is fll Jac Crespin52* de tall 6. 6/- De Eli fil Abr de t 7. 4/- De Santon fil Aar 8. 4/- De Dedone fil Jose le Prestr de t 9. 3/- De Leun fil Cuntesse Glouc. comp. 10. 2/- De Jud Oxonie de No notches 11. De Cuntess fil Preciosa 12. De Samps fil Samps* 13. De Aar fil Mosse de 14. De Diaye fil 15. De Auigaye fil Deleer de tall 16. De Is Ruff (Rochester) de t 17. Elia fil M 18. De Manasser 19. De Is de 20. De Aar fil 21. De Pict gen vidua Leun 22. De Ang . . . 23. De Salom Le thurk de (See C. 6.) 24. De Aaro Bl(und)* 25. De W . . . 26. De Salom Le 27. De Precio vidua de 28. De Aaro fil Abr* 29. De Delecress fil 30. De Ben Pinkeney* 51 It is very probable that many of this Group belong to the 1241 Worcester Tallage. 6 2 See B.7.</page><page sequence="14">jewish tallies of the thirteenth century. 21 31. De Mirabl til Bonenf (aunt) (See B. 114) 32. De Deleer 33. De Flur vidua Jac 34. De Jose gen Cok de 35. De Audin(?) fil Jose de t Group G. Payments to the Exchequer of Debts Owing to Jews 1. ?2 De Hugo de Verly de fine pro Jud 2. ?1.1.5 De Johan Cleric pro Jud Oxonie per Simon de Stowell 3. 13/4 . . enric Trenehard de deb53 Pet de Pyrforth de deb Ely le Euesk* 4. 13/4 De Mabil de Bray pro Jud 5. 10/- De Ricard Bonaventur de deb Jud pro Henric fizdeu 6. 10/- De Hered54 Jordan de London de fine pro Jud 7. 10/- De Hered Jordan de London pro Jud 8. 10/- De Hered Jordan de London de deb Jud 9. 9/- De Walt Pelerin pro Jud 10. 8/2 De Hered Radulf de Rose de deb Jud 11. 6/2 . . Henric Trenehart de deb Elie Le Ev . . .* 12. 3/- De Henric Trenehard de deb Elye Leu . . .* Group H. Payment of a Fine for Non-attendance at Court 3/4 De Serfdeu55 quia non venit XbW *?256 Group I. Private Tallies (Exchequer Account 678/1/6 ?7)57 1. ?1 .10 Thomas Godesire debet Josceo de Kant Judeo xxxs scilicet Medietatem ad festum Sancti 53 debitis, debts. 54 heredibus, heirs. 55 Norman-French for Obadiah. See Jacobs, Jews of Angevin England, p. 362, where three Jews of this name are mentioned. Also Loewe, Starrs, ii., p. 168. 56 A literal translation of the Latin, "Serfdieu, because he came not." 57 These are exhibited in the Museum of the Public Record Office. Case H.h. 18. 19.</page><page sequence="15">22 miscellanies. Michaelis anno gracie MCC vicesimo nono et medietatem ad festum Sancti Martini proximo sequens per cursum. plegi Andreas de Mikelgot( ?): on lower edge?et Ing'ram Tallur58 2. ?1 Johannes . . . Josceo de Kent?(the remainder illegible but what can be read appears to be similar to the above). ?2p*T W TALLIES IN THE BIRMINGHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY Group A. The Tallage of the Worcester "Parliament" (1241) (With Hebrew names)59 1. ?8.3 De Sam Leuesq60 de tall xx mil m pD *?KtfctP (written three times) 2. ?2 De Is nepot Aaron61 de t xx mm prm td3 pn?p 3. ?1 . 6 . 6 De Jose' de Kant*62 de t xx m m Verso: HTinn63 W'l T VS7 Q^Vk'DD Recto ;64 mrum nono?w Pis wnn tibi nswn laV inrrnnai ??m?s ]V7 t On the edge: ? ? ? ? '?OY? *J 4. 14/- De Ursell fil Samps* de t xx m 5 8 " T.G. owes Jose of Kent the Jew thirty shillings, i.e. to pay half at the feast of St. Michael in the year of Grace 1229 and half at the feast of St. Martin. Pledges. ..." 69 Tallies 1, 4, 6, 8 are described and illustrated in Stokes, p. 80. 60 See London list, Group A. 12. ^ibid. 10. 62 ibid 5 and Group I. 6 3 i.e. |trif1 The Precentor. See Stokes, p. 61. 6 4 This long inscription is puzzling. With the help of Mr. H. Loewe, I suggest the text as above, the translation being, "Beside the treasure (collection) of the tax, a tally of ten marks sterling (or shillings) which is of his brokerage on the ship and a tally.. "By the hand of Leon the Frenchman CD*1D!S for TlDISJ) and in his tally." On the edge, "R. Jose. . . ." The meaning of the letters 07*7 is not clear. T is the initial of D^plpT marks. The very small letters on the edge are almost illegible. See photograph.</page><page sequence="16"></page><page sequence="17">jewish tallies of the thirteenth century. 23 5. 6/2 De Jacobo genero Pict65* de t xx mm pnsr p npy 6. 3/- De Is fil Jac* Crespin66 de t xx m ?^dVk'd mr\m psmp nnn67 pnar 7. 3/- De Ursell fil Gentill68 de t xx m ^tniK1? IpT Ip^n p TP?DW *T3ll69 8. 1/1 De Manassero de Jarum70 de t xx mm dvt h tw? 9. l/~ De Josee Panel71 de t ^OT 10. De Sarra mat5 Meyrott72 de t xx tk?'d? *nt2?73 (no notches) Group B. (Without Hebrew names) 1. ?102 .13 . 4 De David Lumbard* et fam' sua de t xx mm 2. ?1 De Aaro fil Ab74* de t xx 3. De El fil Deleben de t xx m?(no notches) Group C. The Tallage of the "Third Part of their Property" (1239) 1. 4/- De Ursell fil Garsya75 de tercia parte mobil s Group D. Payments to the Exchequer of Debts Owing to Jews 1. 10/- De Will/ de Mannesley pro Jud. 2. 9/- De Rogo' de Guiemy pro Jud. 3. 6/- De Walto' de Eversele de fine pro Judeis 6 5 London list, A.37. *6 ibid. B.7. 67 Usually means son-in-law, the Latin gener. Cp. London list, A.17. 68 ibid. A.3. 69 "Before our justices of the Exchequer . . . marks to Ursell." Ip^WTl for Exchequer, see Davis, Shetaroth, p. 22. Before the word 1j?T = 0',p1j?? marks, there is an erasure. See photograph. Cp. London list, A.17. 70Jarum (Yarm), Durham. 71 Cp. London list, C.29. 72 "Sarah the mother of Meir"?a very unusual form. 73 Spelt with "from the 20" is written before 74 See London list, B.18 and C.4, 23. 75 ibid., B.90, C.40.</page></plain_text>

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