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Index Vol 23

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Index Notations 'a' and 'b' following page numbers refer to left- and right-hand columns respectively; where the subject indexed occurs in both columns of a page, the page number is given without notation. The letter 'M' preceding a page number signifies Miscellanies. Aaron, the name, 72 a Aaron of Lincoln, 89a Aaron, Mr. (Montreal), M 115b Abbaye (Nahmani ben Gaylil), 73b Abin, Rabbi, 73b Abrabanel, Isaac, 69a Abraham, the name, 72a Abrahams, Beth-Zion Lask, emanuel deutsch of 'the talmud* fame, 53-63 Abrahams, Henry, boxer, 40a Abrahams, Israel, 103b, 104a Abrams, Chapman, M 112a Abuzaglo, Abraham ben David, 11 n.l, 12 Actors, Jewish, 38b Adler, Elkan, 103b Adler, Hermann, Chief Rabbi, 23b, 24, 28a, 29a, 30b, 33b, 61a, 63a Adler, Nathan Marcus, Chief Rabbi, 3a, 23b, 24, 26a, 27b, 28a, 29, 33b Adolphus, John, 98b, Plate XIV Agunah, 25-27, 31a Ahaziah, 69a Albigensian heresy, 81b Aleichem, Sholom, 83a Alexander the Great, 71b, 72a Alexander, Michael Samuel, 55 n.10 Alliance Israelite, 4a, 5a Allin, Patricia F. D., medieval Southampton and its jews, 87-95 Almosnino, Solomon, M 144b Alter, the name, 75b American Jewish Historical Society, 102 Amsterdam, Sephardim of, 65 Angel of Death, the, 82a, 84 n.101 Anglo-American Jewish Historical Conference, 102 Anglo-Jewish Association, 4a, 5b, 6a Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition, 6b Anglo-Jewry: at the end of the 18th century, 34-43; history, 6b, 7a; medieval naming customs, 74a, 80b; unification scheme, 3 anglo-jewry in caricature, 96-101, Plates I-XXXII Ansell, D. A., M 135a, 138a Anstey, Christopher, The Election Ball, 21a Art history, Jewish, 105b Artom, Haham Benjamin, M 118a, 143a Ash, R. Abraham Joseph, 30b Asher, Dr. Asher, 23b, 28a, 29a Asher and Co., 53b Ashkenazi, R. Rishon Le-Zion Abraham, 26a Ashkenazim: naming customs, 74a, 75b, 76-84, 85a; of London, 37b Astor, John Jacob, M 113a Australia: Jews of, 30; Mocatta family in, lb Avigdor-Goldsmid, Sir Henry d', lord george bentinck and the jews, 44-52 Azulai family, 11 n. 1 Azulai, R. Hayyim Joseph David, 75b Bagdadi Jews, 74a, 76a, 84a, 85a, 86b Balfour, A. J., M 139a Balkans, Sephardim of, 65b, 69a, 86 Bar Cochba manuscripts, 72b Barbados, 21 n.20, M 131 n.87 Basevi-Cervetto, Jacob, 98b, Plate XIII Belasco, Abraham, boxer, 43b Bender, Rev. Charles, M 125, 129a, 141b Benedict of Winchester, 87b, 91, 92, 94a Benjamin, Dolly, M 131a Benjamin, Fanny, m. Lewis A. Hart, M 127a Bensusan family, 21 n.20 Bentinck, Lord George, 44-52 Bentubo, Esther di Abraham haLevi, 12, 17b, 18b Beresford, Major, 49a, 50 Berlin, R. Naphtali Zvi Yehudah, 26, 27, 31b Berlin, Jews of, 31 Berliner, Abraham, History of the Jews in Rome, 7b Beth Din of London, 22a, 24, 26b Beth Hamedrash of London, 24a 151</page><page sequence="2">152 Index Bevis Marks Synagogue: choir, M 118b; and Shearith Israel, Montreal, M 111b, 129b, 130, 131a; English sermons, M 116a; Haham, appointment of, M 143-144; and unification scheme, 3b Bible, English translation of, 9b Bibliography, Anglo-Jewish, 104b, 105 Binion, the name, 22 n.2 Binion, Esther Liba, m. Jacob Reinowitz, 22, 23b, 29b Bitton, Isaac, boxer, 40a Blake, Robert, Disraeli, 44a, 46a, 50b Blaustein, E. Henry, M 141b Blaustein, Esther I., Spanish and Portuguese synagogue (shearith Israel), Montreal, M 111-141 Blumenthal, Philip, M 141b Boas, Abraham and Simeon, 99a Bolsover, Baroness, 44b Bonner, Rev. Jacob, 30a Boxers, Jewish, 39b, 40a, 41a, 43, 99b, Plate XXIV Bradford, Jews of, 30a Braham, John, 35a, 39a, 98b, Plate XIV Brandon, Miriam, m. Abraham Mocatta, lb Brandt, Max, M 128b Bresslau, M. H., M 143a Brest-Litovsk, Jews of, 32a British Museum, 53b, 56a, 59a, 60a, 62 Brodie, Rabbi Sir Israel, 103b, 106b Brookes, Rev. Reuben S., A Guide to Jewish Names, 84b Bulehuse family of Southampton, 93b, 94a Bunias ben Bunias, 73a Burton, Richard F., 62b buzaglo, the amazing clan of, 11-21 Buzaglo, Aaron, 12, 19a Buzaglo, Abraham (d. 1788), 12, 15, 16b, 18b, 19b-21 Buzaglo, Abraham (d. 1806), 12, 21 n.20 Buzaglo (Abuzaglo), Abraham ben David, 11 n.l, 12 Buzaglo, Eliau, 12, 19a Buzaglo, Esther Rosa, m. Abraham Buzaglo, 12, 18b, 20a Buzaglo, Isaac son of Eliau, 19 n.10 Buzaglo, Isaac son of Moses, lib, 12, 18b Buzaglo, Jacob (d. 1783), lib, 12, 13b, 19a Buzaglo, Jacob (d. 1801), 12, 19a Buzaglo (de Paz), Joseph, 11-18 Buzaglo, Moses, lib, 12 Buzaglo, Haham Shalom (d. 1780), 12, 15b 16a, 18b, 19b Buzaglo, Shalom (d. 1804), 12, 21 n.20 Buzaglo, Solomon, 12, 17b, 18 Byron, Lord, Hebrew Melodies, 98a Gabbalists, 81, 82b Calendar, Jewish, 27b, M 116b Cambridge, Adolphus Frederick, Duke of, 99a, Plate XIX Canada, Jews of, M 111a, See also Montreal Canadian Zionist Society, M 123b, 126a, 127b, 138b, 139a Caplin, L. K., M 130b Caroline, Queen, 100a. Plate XXVIII Carvajal, Abraham Israel, 75 n.64 Cassuto, Umberto, 103b Charities, Jewish, 8, 9a Charity Organisation Society, 8b Chassidei Ashkenaz, 81, 82b Chassidism, 83 Chaya, the name, 76a Chelsea murder (1771), 36a Chevra Shass Synagogue, 22, 23 Chevra Shomrei Shabbat Society, 33a Chuetas of Majorca, 65b Circumcision problems, 28a Cohen, Harris, m. Anna Lubetzki, 31a Cohen, Rev. Jacob, M 113a, 115a Cohen, M., 29a Cohen, R. Susman, 22a, 26, 29b Cohen, Mrs. Susman (Bertha Reinowitz), 22a, 30a Cohn, Albert, book dealer, 53b Coin-clipping, 91b, 92a Coleman, George, Random Records, 38b Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 97a Colquhoun, Patrick, Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis, 35b, 37, 38a, 96a Conti, Prince de, 13a, 14a Corcos, Rev. Joseph, M 124 Costa, Abraham da, boxer, 40a Costa, Sarah da, m. Moses Lindo, 74b Counterfeit coinage, 37b Covent Garden Theatre riots, 43, 99b, Plate XXIII Coventry, Jews of, 30a Crabb, Isaac, boxer, 40a Cremation, 28b</page><page sequence="3">Index 153 Cruikshank, Isaac, 97b, 98 Cruikshank, Robert, 97b, 98a Cumberland, Ernest Augustus, Duke of, 99a, Plate XIX Cumberland, Richard, The Jew, 38b, 39 Cuvillier, Austin, M 15a Danby, Herbert, 104a Darwin, Charles, 28b David, the name, 72a David, Dr. Aaron Hart, M 114a, 115b, 120b, 121a, 132b, 140a David, Mrs. Aaron H. (Catherine Joseph), M 120b David, Abigail, m. Andrew Hays, M 114a, 120a, 132a David, David, M 11 la, 113b, 114b, 115a, 139b David, David son of Aaron Hart, M 140a David, Eleazer, M 114a, 115a, 139b, 140a David, Frances, m. Myer Michaels, M 111a, 114a David, Lazarus, M 111a, 113 David, Moses, M 113, 114a David, Mrs. Moses (Charlotte Hart), M 114a David, Moses Ezekiel, M 114b, 115b, 131b, 139b David, Moses Samuel, M 114a, 139b, 140a David, Samuel, M 113b, 114a, 139b David, Mrs. Samuel (Sarah Hart), M 114a David, Sarah Matilda, m. David A. Hart, M 126a David, Sullivan, M 140a David, Tucker, M 140a de la Penha, Rev. L, M 124b, 125 de la Penha, Mrs., M 134a de la Penha, Joseph, M 124 n.74 Denmark, trade with Morocco, 14b, 15, 16 Denver, Colo., Jews of, 30b Deudonne* son of Isaac, 89b, 90, 91 Deutsch, R. David, 53a Deutsch, Emanuel, 53-63 Devonshire, Georgiana Duchess of, 100a, Plate XXVI Diamond, A. S., la Dibdin, Thomas, Family Quarrels, 39a Dickens, Charles, Oliver Twist, 34a D?ke, Sir Charles, 55a Diskin, R. Mosheh Yehudah Leib, 32 Disraeli, Benjamin, 44-52 passim, 100b, 101, Plates XXXI, XXXII dTsraeli, Isaac, Genius of Judaism, 57a Donalda, Madame Pauline (nee Lightstone), M 128a Duke's Place, 97 Du Maurier, George, 54a, 55a Dutch Sam (Elias Samuel), boxer, 40a, 42b, 43a Edele Hartstogten, De, 19a Edict of Toleration medal, 97 n.5 Edmund son of Edmund Ironside, 76b Edward I, 90 Egan, Pierce, Boxiana, 40, 41b, 42b, 43b Eger, R. Benjamin Ze'ev son of Akiba, 31b Ehrenreich, Dr. Moses, M 144b Eisenmenger, J. A., 58 n.16 Eleanor of Provence, 90b Eleazar ben Judah of Worms, 81 b Elephantine, Jews of, 70 n.29 Eliot, George, 54, 55a, 57, 60b, 61b; Daniel Deronda, 54, 63b; 'The Modern Hep! Hep! Hep!', 54b Emden, A. B., 103b Emden, Jacob, 16a, 19b Erdrich, Mrs. Harry, M 141b Esar, Rachel A., Spanish and Portuguese synagogue (shearith israel), montreal M 111-141 Esther, the name, 74b Exchequer of the Jews, 74 n.56, 90b, 91, 94b Eybeschutz, Jonathan, 16a Fagin, character of, 34 Farington, Joseph, Diaries, 38a Farjeon family, 21 n.20 Farneil, L. R., 104b Feldman, Dr. Asher, 31a Fiddler on the Roof, 83a Fielding, Sir John, 36b Fineberg, Max, M 129a Finn, James, 55b, 56, 59b Fox, Charles James, 96b, 100a, Plate XXVI Frank, R. Solomon, M 128b, 129a, 137a, 141b Frankfort, Ashkenazim of, 86b Franks, Abraham, M 111a, 112b Franks, David Salesby, M 111a, 112 b Franks, Jacob, jun., M 112b, 113a Franks, Mrs. Jacob (Mary Solomon), M 112b Franks, John, M 112b Franks, Rebecca, m. Levy Solomon, M 112b Freedman, Albert, M 127a, 141a</page><page sequence="4">154 Index Freedman, Mrs. Albert (Mabel Hart), M 127a French Jews, medieval: naming customs, 74a, 80 n.82; in Southampton, 88b Friedlander, Rev. E., M 123a Friedlander, Dr. Michael, 25a, 27b, 29b Fuchs, Edward, Die Juden in der Karikatur, 96a Furtado, Charles, 98b, Plate XIII Fur-traders, Jewish, M 112, 114 Gadzee, boxer, 40a Gamliel of Yavneh, Rabban, 73 n.45 Garrick, David, 35a Gartner, L. P., 29b Gaster, Moses, 4a, 8a, 10a Gaster Synagogue, Bucharest, 5a Genealogical tables, families and/or successors of: Boswell of Auchinleck, 66; Hillel, House of, 70;Judah, Kings of, 68; Mendes da Costa, 68; Merovingians, the, 77; Ricardo/Delvalle, 65; Rurick, House of, 79; Wessex, House of, 78; Zadokite High Priests, 71 George IV (Prince of Wales), 40 German Jews, 74a, 80b, 85a Gervase of Hamton, 89a, 93 Get: procedure in England, 26b; of Zurich, 31a Ghika, Prince Ion, 5a Gibraltar, Jews of, 69a, 86a Gideon, Sampson, 34b, 98b Gillis, Judge Bernard B., 32a Ginsberg, Jess, M 129a Gladstone, W. E., 59a, 60a Gloucester family of Southampton, 91b, 92, 93b Glucksohn, S., m. Leah Reinowitz, 22a Goldsmid family, 2 b Goldsmid, Abraham, 38a, 99a, Plate XIX Goldsmid, Sir Isaac Lyon, 48b Goldsmid, Mary Ada, m. F. D. Mocatta, 2b Goldsmith, Lewis, 96b Goldstein, M., 29a Goldwater, Gerald, M 131a Gollancz, Hermann, 7b Goltman, Reba, M 125a Goodman, Dr. Abraham Vossen, Tribute to Dr. Cecil Roth, 102-103 Goodman, H., 29a Gordon, Lord George, 96b, 98a, Plate X Graetz, Heinrich, History of the Jews, 7b Great Synagogue, London, 33a, 35a, 37a, 99a, Plate XIX Gregoire, Abbe, 19a Greville, Charles, Diaries, 45b, 50b Grose, Francis, Patent Exercise, 21b Grove, Sir George, 54a, 58b, 61b, 63b Guedalla family, 21 n.20 Guedalla, Haim, 57a Hadad, M., M 124a Haggadah, 102b, 103a, 105a Haim, the name, 75b, 86b haLevi, Judah, 66b Hambro Synagogue, 19b Hamburg, Jews of, 15b, 16a, 73a, 74 n.56 Hananeel ben Hushiel, Rabbenu, 33a Hanin, Rabbi, 73b Haninah bar Haninah, Rabbi, 72b Hannah, the name, 75b Hanover, Raphael Levi, 27b Hart, A., jun. (London), M 115b Hart, Aaron, M 111a, 113a, 114a, 119a, 139 Hart, Mrs. Aaron (Dorothea Judah), M 119a Hart, Aaron Philip, M 120a, 140b Hart, Alan Judah, m. Eva Vineberg, M 127a Hart, Alexander, M 119a Hart, Alexander Thomas, m. Miriam Judah, M 126 Hart, Arthur Daniel, m. Mollie Rubenstein, M 127a Hart, Benjamin, M 114b, 119, 120a, 139b, 140b Hart, Cecil, M 126b Hart, Charlotte, m. Moses David, M 114a Hart, Claude, M 127a Hart, David Alexander, M 126a, 139a, 140b Hart, Mrs. David Alexander (Sarah Matilda David), M 126a Hart, Dorothy, M 127a, 133b Hart, Ezekiel, M 119b, 139b Hart, Gladys, M 127a, 133b Hart, Lewis Alexander, M 123b, 126b, 127a, 137b, 140b Hart, Mrs. Lewis Alexander (Fanny Ben? jamin), M 127a Hart, Mabel, m. Albert Freedman, M 127a Hart, Moses, m. Miss Judah, M 113a Hart, Philip Byfus, M 124b, 125b, 127a, 133a Hart, Reginald J., M 126a Hart, Sarah, m. Samuel David, M 114a Hart, Vivian, M 126a Hasmoneans, 64b, 70b</page><page sequence="5">Index 155 Haweis, Rev. H. R., 58b, 60, 61b, 62a Haweis, Mrs. H. R. (Mary Eliza Joy), 60 Hayes, Mrs. Saul, M 134a Hays, Andrew, M 111a, 114a, 120a, 132a Hays, Mrs. Andrew (Abigail David), M 114a, 120a, 132a Hays, Lazarus, M 114a Hays, Moses H., M 115b Hays, Moses Judah, M 114b, 117a, 119b, 120, 122a, 137b Hays, Phoebe, m. Isaac Valentine, M 115a Hayyim, Joseph, Haham, 84 n.102 Hebrew Review and Magazine for Jewish Litera? ture, M 143a Henriques family, 2 b Henry III, 93b Hershon, P. I., 58 n.16 Hezekiah, the name, 75b Hildesheimer, R. Ezriel, 26a Hillel, house of, 70b Hirsch, Baron de, M 137b Hirsch, R. Samson Raphael, 31a Hirschowitz, R. Abraham Eber, 29a, 30a Hobebey Eretz Society, 29a Hogarth, William, HarloVs Progress, 98a Homa, Bernard, A Fortress in Anglo-Jewry, 29a Home for Aged Jews, the, 9a Hongkong, Jews of, 30b Horowitz, H., 30a House of Representatives, U.S., prayers in, M 117b Hughenden, 44 Hull, Jews of, 30a Hunter, Sir Claudius Stephen, 99b, Plates XX, XXI Ikey Pig, boxer, 40a Immigrants, Jewish, 10a, 35b, 36 Iraqi Jews in Montreal, M 131b Isaac, the name, 75a Isaac son of Rabbi Josce of London, 80b Israel, kings of, 69b Italy, Jews of, 74a, 80b Jacob of London, Etz Hayyim, 106b Jacobins, Jewish, 96b Jacobs, Joseph, 7b, 105a, 106b Jacoby, A., M 135b, 136a Jaffe, Z. T., 30a Jason, High Priest, 64b Jerusalem, 4, 32 'Jew Bail', 98a, Plate VIII Jew in Canada, The, M 127a Jewish Board of Deputies, 36b Jewish Board of Guardians, 8, 10a Jewish Chronicle, 4a, 57a, 63b Jewish Disabilities Bill (1847), 48, 49 Jewish Historical Society of England, 6b, 7a, 102 Jewish Institute of Religion, 102a Jewish Intelligence, 58a Jewish Orphanage, Norwood, 9a Jewish Record, 57a Jewish Reply to Christian Evangelists, A, M 126b Jewish Theological Seminary of America, M 119a Jews' Naturalisation Act (1753), 34b, 35a; caricatures, 97a Joce of Germany, 90b Jockl (Yokel), boxer, 40a Johanan ben Nappaha, Rabbi, 73b John the Baptist, 72b Jose son of Jose the Orphan, 73b Joseph, A. Hugh, M 141a Joseph, Abraham, M 119b, 122, 132b, 140b Joseph, Catherine, m. Aaron H. David, M 120b Joseph, Celine, m. Horace Joseph, M 122b Joseph, Esther, m. Abraham de Sola, M 116b, 127a Joseph, Gershom, M 122b, 123, 126b, 137b Joseph, Mrs. Gershom (Celine Lyons), M 122b Joseph, Henry, M 112b, 114b, 120b Joseph, Mrs. Henry (Rachel Solomon), M 112b, 114b Joseph, Horace, M 122b, 133a Joseph, Mrs. Horace (Celine Joseph), M 122b Joseph, Jacob Henry, M 119b, 121b, 122a, 140a Joseph, Mrs. Jacob Henry (Sarah Gratz Moses), M 122a Joseph, Jesse, M 122, 127b, 140b Joseph, Rosetta, M 141b Josephus, 70a, 72b Juchau, Tom, boxer, 40a Judah, sons of, 66 Judah, kings of, 68, 69 Judah HeChassid, Rabbi, 80, 81, 82, 84a, 85 Judah, Bernard Samuel, M 126a Judah, Isaac, M 111a, 113a Judah, Miriam, m. Alexander T. Hart, M 126</page><page sequence="6">156 Index Judah, Samuel, M 11 la, 113a, 139b Judah, Uriah, M 111a, 113a Kamhi, R. David, 2a Kaplansky, A. L., M 124b, 128a, 129a Kauffman, Lionel, M 136b Kimhi, R. David, 66 King, John, 96b, 99a, Plate XV Kirkisani, Abu Yusuf, 81 n.89 Kirschberg, Mrs., M 133b Kirschberg, Abraham, M 128a Kirschberg, G., M 131a Kirschberg, Isaac, M 125, 128a, 130b, 131a Kohn-Zedek, Joseph, 28b K?nigsberg, Jews of, 31b Kovno, Jews of, 32a Kyanski, R. Judah, 32a Latude, Jean Henri Masers de, 13b, 14a Lauterbach, Rabbi J. Z., 64a Lawe, John, M 112b, 113a Lehmann, Ruth, 105a Leo, Joseph S., M 139a Leo, Maitland, M 141a Leoni (Lyon), Myer, 35a Lessing, G. E., Nathan der Weise, 38b Letters on the Present State of the Jewish Poor in the Metropolis, 38a Levi, David, M 135 Levi, Leo, 27b Levinson, Mosheh Zvi, 32 Levy, Bernard, boxer, 40a Levy, Myer, M 130b Levy, Naphtali, 28b Levy, Simon, M 111 a Lewes, George Henry, 54a Lightstone, Albert, M 141a Lightstone, Gordon, M 141a Lightstone, Herbert, M 141a Lightstone, Ira, M 141a Lightstone, Michael, M 128a Lindo, Moses, m. Sarah da Costa, 74b Lindo, Moses da Costa, 74b Lipkin, R. Israel, 31b Lipman, Vivian D.: Jews of Medieval Norwich, 94b; Tribute to Cecil Roth, 106-107 Lipshutz, R. Baruh Yizhak, 31b Livinson, H., M 131a Lock, Charles Stewart, 8b Loewe, Herbert, 74 n.56, 103b Loewe, Raphael, Tribute to Cecil Roth, 103-106 London, Jews of: health of immigrants, 10a; naming customs, 65 London, Lord Mayor of, 99b London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews, 55 n.10, 57b Longueville, Jean Baptiste des Carrieres de 15, 16b Lopes, Sir Manasseh Masseh, 99a, Plate XVI Lubetzki, Anna, m. Harris Cohen, 31a Lubetzki, R. Judah, 30b, 31a Lumbard son of Benedict of Winchester, 91 Luria, R. Isaac, 74a, 75b, 82b, 83, 84a, 85a Luzzatto, Samuel David, M 143-144 Lyon, Hart, Chief Rabbi, 27b Lyon (Leoni), Myer, 35a Lyons, Benjamin, M 112a Lyons, Celine, m. Gershom Joseph, M 122b Lyons, Rev. J. J., M 116b McAdams family, M 125b Macaulay, T. B., 'Civil Disabilities of the Jews', 34a McCaul, Rev. Alexander, 55b; Old Paths, 55 n.10, 56b McGill College, M 116b, 117a, 126b Machzikei Hadass, 29 Maclerosse, Gerard, Les Juifs dans VHistoire Canadien, M 114b Magnus, Sir Philip, 62 n.30 Mahloof, the name, 84 n.101, 86a Majorca, Ghuetas of, 65b Manchester, Jews of, 29b Mann, Jacob, 103a Markowitz, Morris, M 128b, 133b Marks, Rev. D. W., 56b Maskil El Dal Society, M 118b Mattathias the Hasmonean, 64b, 70b Mattos, Abraham Lumbrozo de (Abraham Mocatta), lb Matzoth, machine-made, 28 Mayhew, H., London Labour, 96b Meade, G. R., 63a Melamed, Dr. Raphael, M 124a, 133b Melbourne, Jews of, 29a, 30a Meldola, Rev. David, M 115b Meldola, Haham Raphael, M 118, 143a Melzer, R. Yehudah Leib, 26b</page><page sequence="7">Index 157 Menahem, the name, 74b Menahem ben Meir of Spey, 81a Mendels, Mr. (Montreal), M 116a, 138a Mendes, Dr. Henry Pereira, M 118a, 119a, 123a, 125a Mendes da Costa family, 68, 69a Mendes Furtado family, 20 n.14 Mendoza, Daniel, 39b-42, 99b, Plates XXII, XXIII Mezizah, 28a Michael, R. Pinhas, 26b Michaels, Mrs. M. A. (nee Hart), M 127a Michaels, Myer, M 11 la, 114a, 139b Michaels, Mrs. Myer (Frances David), M 111a, 114a Middleman, Judah, New Paths, 56b Midrash Rabbah, 64 n.3, 70b Mikdash Melekh, 15b Miller, Evelyn, Spanish and Portuguese synagogue (shearith israel), montreal, M 111-141 Miller, Miss S., M 135a Mir Yeshiva, 30b Mitnagdim, 83b Mocatta, the name, lb-2a Mocatta, Abraham, m. Miriam Brandon, lb Mocatta (Lumbrozo de Mattos), Abraham, lb Mocatta, Sir Alan, frederic david mocatta, 1828-1905, 1-10 Mocatta, Frederic David, 1-10 Mocatta, Mrs. Frederic David (Mary Ada Goldsmid), 2b Mocatta, Moses (d. 1693), lb Mocatta, Moses (d. 1857), 99a, Plate XVIII, M 144n.l3 Mocatta and Goldsmid, 2b Mocatta Library, la, 2a, 7 Modona, Neppi, 103b Mohilewer, R. Samuel, 28b Moneylenders, Christian, 93 Montagu, Samuel, 29a Montefiore, Claude, 4a, 5a, 10a Montefiore, Sir Moses, 4b, M 115a, 119a, 121a, 144n.l3 Montreal: Adath Israel, M 125b; Ashkena zim, M 128b, 129b, 131b; Baron de Hirsch Institute, M 137b; Beth David, M 132b; B'nai Jacob, M 123b, 138b; Heb? rew Philanthropic Society, M 120a, 121a, 137b; Iraqi Jews, M 131b; Rumanian Jews, M 132b; Shaar Hashomayim, M 117a, 125a, 133a, 135a, 138; Shearith Israel, see Montreal, Shearith Israel Syn? agogue; United Talmud Torahs, M 129b, 136b; Zionist Society, M 138b, 139a Montreal, Shearith Israel Synagogue, M 111 141; charities, M 137-138a; Chenneville St. synagogue, M 114b, 115b, 120a, 131b, 132; choir, M 130b; Lemieux St. syna? gogue, M 128b, 129b, 133a, 136b, Plate XXXVI; schools, M 116b, 134b-137a; Sisterhood, M 124, 133b, 134; Stanley St. synagogue, M 123a, 125b, 126a, 127a, 128b, 129a, 130b, 132b, 136a, Plates XXXIII, XXXVI Mordecai, the name, 74b Moreno, Elizabeth Salom, m. Jacob Buzaglo, lib, 12 Moreno, Leah Salom, m. Joseph Buzaglo, 1 lb, 12, 17b Moritz, Carl Philipp, 36b Morning Herald, 49a, 50 Morocco, 14b-17; Jews of, 4b, 11, 19b, 21b, 84 n.102; naming customs, 65b, 69, 84a, 85b, 86a Mosely, Mrs. George, M 118a Moses, the name, 72a, 75a Moses ben Nahman, Rabbi, 66 Moses, Sarah Gratz, m. Jacob H. Joseph, M 122a Mousha, Isaac, boxer, 40a Muhammed ibn Abdullah, Sultan of Morocco, 14b, 15a, 16b Musaf Amidah, 29b Myers, Hyam, M 112a Myers, Rev. Isidore, 62 n.30 Myers, Michael, 99b, Plates XX, XXI Mysticism, Jewish, 64a, 81, 84a Nadab, son of Aaron, 69b Nahamu, the name, 75a Nahmani ben Caylil (Abbaye), Rabbi, 73b Nahor, brother of Abraham, 69b Names, Jewish, 64-86 Napoleon I, 96b Nathan, Rabbi, 72b, 73a Nathan, Isaac, 98a Naturalisation, 34b, 35a New Orleans, Hungaria Chassid congregation, M 137a</page><page sequence="8">158 Index New York: Jews of, 30b; Shearith Israel, M 111b, 115a, 118b, 123a, 124a Newdegate, Charles N., 49a, 50, 51b Newman, Eugene, the responsa of dayan jacob reinowitz, 1818-1893, 22-33 Nissan, Rabbi, M 116a Nissim, the name, 74b Noah, the name, 75a North, Lord, 100a, Plate XXV North African Jews, lib, 69a, 74a, 76a, 84a, 85a North West Company, the, M 114a Olaf, Saint, 77, 79, 84b Orange-sellers, Jewish, 98a, 100b, Plates II, IV, XXX Orenstein, R. Zvi, 26a Palestine: Jewish settlement in, 5, 29a, 32a, 96b; Jews of, naming customs, 70a Palestine Exploration Fund, 54a, 59b Paris, Jews of, 30b Parliament, admission of Jews to, 100, 101, Plates XXIX, XXXI, XXXII; Jewish voters at elections, 97a Paz, Joseph Buzaglo de, see Buzaglo (de Paz), Joseph Pedlars, Jewish, 35b, 37b, 38a, 39a, 96b, 97, 98a, Plates I, II, V, XXIX Peel, Sir Robert, 45a, 46, 47, 51, 99a, Plate XVI Pessah, J., M 129a Petah Tikvah, 32a Philadelphia, Mikveh Israel, M 113a Phillips, Samuel, 49a, 50b Phineas, the name, 75a Pimontel, Rev. A., M 133b Pinto, R. Baruh, 26a Piza, Hazan David, M 113a, 115b, 116a, 134b Place, Francis, 36a, 39b, 41a Poland, Jews of, 83a Poles, Stefan, 62a Pool, Mrs. David de Sola, M 133b Portland, 6th Duke of, 44 Portsmouth, Jews in, 98a, Plate VI Portugal, Jews of, 65b, 69b Posen, M., 27b Prado, Abraham, 19a Prayer book: Dutch translation (1817), 19a; Sephardi (1878), M 118a Prayer for rain, 30a Priestley, Joseph, 96 n.2 Provence, Jews of, 81b Punch, 10a, 100b, 101 Quarterly Review, 56, 57b, 63a Rabbinic families, naming in, 73, 75a Rahamim, the name, 74b Ramsgate, Jews of, 30a Rapeport, R. Yisrael Ha-Gohen, 26a Raphael, the name, 75b Raphael, Ghaim, 104a Reform Synagogue, London, 2b, 3 Regenstreif, Mrs. A. B., M 129a Reggio, I. S., M 144b Reinowitz, Bertha, m. Susman Cohen, 22a, 30a Reinowitz, Jacob, Responsa of, 22-33 Reinowitz, Mrs. Jacob (Esther Liba Binion), 22, 23b, 29b Reinowitz, Leah, m. S. Glucksohn, 22a Reinowitz, Rebecca, m. Mr. Saul, 22, 24a, 30b Reitlinger, Gerald, the changed face of english jewry at the end of the eighteenth century, 34-43 responsa of dayan jacob reinowitz, the, 1818-1893, 22-33 Ricardo family, 65 Richardson, H. G., The English Jewry under Angevin Kings, 93b Rogativa, 75b Romm, publishers, 33a Rosenberg, E., 30a Rosenberg, Samuel, M 126a Roth, Cecil: the amazing clan of buzaglo, 11-21; Obituary tributes to, 102-107 Roth, Mrs. Cecil, 105a, 107a Roth, Leon, 103a Rothschild family, 2 b Rothschild, Baron Edmond de, 32 b Rothschild, Baron Lionel de, 5a, 48a, 100b, 101, Plate XXXII Rothschild, Nathan Mayer, 99a, Plate XVIII Rothschild, Nathaniel Meyer, 1st Baron, 3, 23b Round, J. H., 103b Rowlandson, Thomas, 97b, 98a, 99a, 100a Rubens, Alfred, anglo-jewry in caricature, 96-101, Plates 1-XXXII</page><page sequence="9">Index 159 Rubenstein, Israel, M 139a Rubenstein, Mollie, m. Arthur D. Hart, M 127a Rumanian Jews, 4b, 5, 83a; in Montreal, M 132b 'Runceval', house in Southampton, 87b, 91, 92, 93a Russell, Lord John, 47b, 48a, 101, Plate XXXII Russian Jews, 5, 6, 83a St. Botolph, Aldgate, Mocatta memorial fountain, 10b Salant, R. Samuel, 26b, 30a, 32a Salanter, Israel, 30b Saloman son of Saloman, 91 a Salomons, David, 100a, Plate XXX Salomons, Nathan, 99a, Plate XVII Samuel, Edgar R., new light on the selection of jewish children's names, 64-86 Samuel, Elias (Dutch Sam), boxer, 40a, 42b, 43a Samuel, Herbert, 1st Viscount, 103b, 106b Samuel, Rev. I., M 118b Samuel, J. L., M 137b Samuel, Katherine, m. Meldola de Sola, M 118b, 124a, 133b Samuels, S., M 131a Sanders, Dr. S., M 141b Sandy's Row Synagogue, 28b Sarah, the name, 75b Sasportas, Jacob, 11 Saul, Mr., m. Rebecca Reinowitz, 22a, 23b, 30b Saul, Rabbi, 30a Schischa, A., s. d. luzzatto suggested as haham, 1853, M 143-144 Scholem, Gershom, 64a, 81b Sch?mberg, Isaac, 98b Sch?mberg, Ralph, 98b, Plate XI Sebag family, 21 n.20 Sebag-Montefiore, Gapt. William, M 122b, 124b, 125b, 133a, 141a Sefer Chassidim, 80, 82, 85b Sefer HaBahir, 81 n.89 Sefer ha^ohar, 81a Senior, Sarah, m. Aaron Buzaglo, 12, 19a Sephardim: in Morocco, 11a; naming cus? toms, 65, 67, 69, 74, 75b, 84b, 86; ritual, M 130 Sephardim of London, 37b, 74 n.56, 74b Sermons in English, M 116a, 131a Shabbatai, the name, 74b Shearith Israel, see Montreal, Shearith Israel; New York Shimon, the name, 74b Shimoni, Hayyim, 32a Simon the Just, 70a, 71, 72, 84b Singer, Charles, 103b Singer, Rev. Simeon, 33b Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 9b Sola, Abraham de, M 116, 117, 118a, 121a 127a, 134b, 135, 137b, Plate XXXIV Sola, Mrs. Abraham de (Esther Joseph), M 116b, 127a Sola, Abraham Charles de, M 118b Sola, Clarence I. de, M 118b, 124a, 127, 132b, 136a, 138b, 139a Sola, Mrs. Clarence de (Belle Goldsmith), M 127b, 128a, 139a Sola, Hazan David Aaron de, M 116a, 118 Sola, Mrs. David Aaron de (Rica Meldola), M 118a Sola, Gabriel de, M 127b Sola, Gershom de, M 118b Sola, Louisa de, M 118b Sola, Rev. Meldola de, M 116b, 118, 119a, 123, 124, 128a, 130b, 136a, 138, 139a, Plate XXXV Sola, Mrs. Meldola de (Katherine Samuel), M 118b, 124a, 133b Sola, Raphael de, M 127b Solicky, Solly, boxer, 40a Solomon, Alexander, M 141a Solomon, Benjamin, M 112b, 121b, 139b Solomon, Ezekiel, M 112a Solomon, Levy, M 111a, 112 Solomon, Mrs. Levy (Rebecca Franks), M 112b Solomon, Mary, m. Jacob Franks, jun., M 112b Solomon, Rachel, m. Henry Joseph, M 112b, 114b South Africa, Jews of, 30a SOUTHAMPTON, MEDIEVAL, AND ITS JEWS, 87-95 Spain, Jews of, 69, 74b, 80b Spektor, R. Isaac Elhanan, 27, 30a, 32a Spielman, Sir Isidore, 6b, 7 Spiers, B., 24, 26a</page><page sequence="10">160 Index Spiro, R. Raphael, 26b Stage characters, Jewish, 38b, 39a Stanley, Lord (14th Earl of Derby), 49b, 50b Storace, Nancy, 98b, Plate XIV Strangford, Emily Anne, Viscountess, 55a, 61b Sumbal, Samuel, 15b, 16 Suskind, Rabbi S. M., 30b Sussex, Augustus Frederick, Duke of, 99a, Plate XIX Swetman of Winchester, 94a Sydenham circle, the, 54a Synagogue: music, 35a; vestries, aid to im? migrants, 36 'Talmud, The' (E. Deutsch), 56, 57, 58a, 61, 62 n.30, 63 Talmud, Babylonian, 73a Thicknesse, Philip, 98b, Plate XI Trade, Jews of medieval Southampton and, 94b, 95 Trani, Isaiah ben Elijah di, 80b Transmigration of souls, 76b, 77a, 81, 84a Treves, Pellegrine, jun., 99a, Plate XV Tuck, Gustave, 7b United Synagogue, 3b, 23b, 24a, 33a University College London, 7b, 106b Uziel, Isaac, 11 Valentine, Isaac, M 115a, 120b Valentine, Mrs. Isaac (Phoebe Hays), M 115a Van Butchell, Martin, 98a, Plate X Van Oven, Joshua, 38a Victor, Benjamin, History of the Theatres of London, 35a Vilensky, Moses, 103a Vineberg, Eva, m. Alan J. Hart, M 127a Vineberg, Harris, M 127a, 139a Volozhin Yeshiva, 26b, 31b, 32a Ward, William, boxer, 42a, 99b, Plate XXII Weinberg, Israel, 30b Wendeborn, Rev. Frederick, 37a Wesleyans, Hebrew melody used by, 35a West London Synagogue, 3, 56b Westminster Jews' Free School, 9b Wewitzer, actor, 38b Whitechapel baths, 9b Winchester, archa at, 88b, 89a Wise, Stephen S., 102a Wolf, Lucien, 105a, 106b Wolff, Martin, M 122b, 125b, 133a Wolff, Mrs. Martin, M 122b, 125a Yemenite Jews, 74b Yom Tob, the name, 74b Youssup, boxer, 40a Zadokite high priests, 70a, 71, 72b Zalman, Israel Meshullam, 19b Zangwill, Israel, Children of the Ghetto, 24b Zangwill, Louis, 39a Zeide, the name, 75b Zilbert, Hy., M 141b Zionism, 5, M 138b, 139a Zohar, the, 82b, 84 n.100, n.102 Zunz, Leopold, 2b, 7b Zurich, get of, 31a Zutra, Mar, 73b</page></plain_text>

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