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Index Vol 22

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Index Notations 'a' and 'b' following page numbers refer to left- and right-hand columns respectively; where the subject indexed occurs in both columns of a page, the page number is given without notation. The letter 'M' preceding a page number signifies Miscellanies. As there is a separate index to the List of Jewish Persons Endenizened and Naturalised 1609-1799 on pages M 135-144, and Alphabetical Lists of Apprentices and Masters 1710-1773 on pages M 145-157, it has not been considered necessary to re-index them here. Aaron of Northampton, 27b Aaron, Isaac, 51 Aaron, Saul Charles, 44a, 46b, 47, 51, 52 Abdullah ibn Husain, 69b Abenaes, Solomon (Alvaro Mendes), 23a Abigail wife of Salle, 26a Abraham of Angleterre, 27b Abraham de la Gelosye, 26a Abraham, Judah Isaac, 46b, 52 Abraham, Moses, 51 Abrahams, Mrs. (of Brighton), 46b Abrahams, Rev. (of Brighton), 51 Abrahams, A., 51 Abrahams, Laurence, 46b, 52 Abramov, Mr., 105b Academia Colombaria, 21b Adelaide, Queen Dowager, 57b Adelaide, Australia, 92a Adler, Abraham, m. Sarah Dusavitsky, 104a Adler, Abraham (Arthur), 101 n.80, Plate VI Adler, John (Jonah), 107 n.94 Adler, Jonah, 104a Adler, Rev. Michael, 26a Adler, Michel, 105b, 106a Adler, Nahum Isaac, 100b-107a passim, Plates I, II, IV Adler, Mrs. N. I. (Esther Bender), 102a, 104b, 105b, 107a, Plate IV Adler, Nathan, Chief Rabbi, 48b Adler, Sol, 107 n.94 Agriculture, Jews and, 89 Aguilar, Emanuel, 49b, 51 Aguilar, Ephraim Lopes Pereira, Baron d', 32b Aguilar, Sir George Charles d', 49b Aguilar, Grace, 49b Ahavat Zion, 100b, 101, 102b, 107 note Alexander, Alfred, 51 Alexandra, Princess of Wales (Queen), 85 Alexandria, 94a, 98a, 100a Aliens, Royal Commission on (1902), 90a Alliance Assurance Company, 77b, 78a, 80b, 81a, Plates VIII, XI Alliance Israelite Universelle, 88b, 89a, 99a, 101b America, Jews of, 69a, 91a, 99b Amsterdam, 33b, 34b Ancient Maccabeans, Order of, 106 n.92 Anglo-Jewish Association, 90b, 91a, 99, 100a; Brighton branch, 48b Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition, 22b Anglo-Jewry: historiography,21-29; medieval, 25-28b; provincial communities, 37b, M 145 Antisemitism, 15, 16, 17a, 32, 73b, 79b, 85b Antonio, Prior of Crato, 23a Antwerp, 23b Apprentices, Jewish, M 145-157 alphabetical list, M 147-155 Aqaba, Gulf of, 74a Arabs, 69, 71, 72a, 74, 75a, 104 n.86; Disraeli on, 11a Argentina, 89a Argyll, 8th Duke of, 10a, 12b Arndt, Ernst Moritz, 14a, 16a Arnold, Arthur P., apprentices of great Britain 1710-1773, M 145-157; his index to wills, 24b Asher, Asher, 91a Asher, Benjamin, 51 Ashkenazim of London, 30a, 53b, 54b; Ash kenazi craftsmen, M 145b Assenheim family, 57a Attlee, Clement, 73 Australia, 46a, 49b Australian Jewish Historical Society, 46a Austria, 88b M 167</page><page sequence="2">168 Index Austrian Succession, War of, 31b Avigdor, Elim d', 48b Avigdor Goldsmid, Sir Osmond Elim d', 50a Baal Shem of London, 25a Baal Shem Tov, Israel, 104a Baer, Isaac, 25b Bakunin, Mikhail, 15a Balfour Declaration, 67b, 69, 70, 72b Ballard, Jacob, 26a Bar Ilan University, 67a, 75b Barnett, Nathan, 57b Barnett, Richard D., M 111, 145 Bartholomew Goton, 28a Basevi family, 49b Basevi, Maria, m. Isaac d'Israeli, 43b Bass, Isaac, 46b Bauer, Bruno, 15a Baum, J., 51 Bavil, Mr., 101b, 104b Behrend, Dr. Henry, 59, 60 Behrens, G., 51 Belgian crisis of 1831, 78b, 83a, Plate XXI Belkind, Fanny, m. Israel Feinberg, 104 n.86 Belkind, Israel, 104 n.86 Belkind, Myer, 104a Belkind, Olga, m. Joshua Hankin, 104 n.86 Belkind, Samson, 104 n.86 Belkind, Sonia, 104 n.86 Belloc, Hilaire, 3b Bender, Rabbi Charles, 101 n.80, 106a, Plate VI Bender, Emanuel, 102 n.82 Bender, Esther, see Adler, Mrs. N. I. Bender, Isadore, 101 n.80, 103 n.83, 106a Bender, Jacob, 101a, 102-106a passim, Plates III, VI Bender, Mrs. Jacob (Yetta Beila Simbalist), 106a, Plate III Bender, Joseph, 105a; tombstone of, Plate VII Bender, Mabel, 102 n.82, Plate VI Bender, Morris, 102a, Plate VI Bender, Rose, m. Bernard Ross, 101 n.80, 106b, Plate VI Bender, Sam, 102 n.82, Plate VI Ben Gurion, David, 74a Benjamin of Cambridge, 27b Benjamin, Abraham (fl. 1770), 42b, 43a, 50,51 Benjamin, Abraham (b. 1812), 42b Benjamin, Sir Benjamin, m. Fanny Cohen, 46a Benjamin, Elizabeth, 42b Benjamin, Hannah, m. Emanuel Hyam Cohen, 42b Benjamin, Phoebe, 42b Bensusan, S. L., 24b Bentham, Jeremy, 8b, 13a; Benthamites, 9b Bentinck, Lord George, 10b, 13b Bergmann, Mr., 105b Bergson, Henri, 2b Berlin, Sir Isaiah, benjamin disraeli, karl marx, and the search for identity, 1-20 Berlin: Congress of, 11 n.4, 88a; Jews in, 36a; Kadimah Association, 89b Berliner, B., 51 Berncastle, Solomon Nathan, 44a, 47a Bevin, Ernest, 73 Biluim, 104a and n.86 Bing, Jacob, 51 Blake, Robert, 9b Blattner, Paul, 90a, 101a, 103a and n.83, 104b, 105b Blattner, Mrs. Paul, 105b Blumberg, Dr., 16b Board of Deputies, Jewish, 48b, 91a, 99, 100a Board of Guardians, Jewish, 55b, 59-65 passim', of Brighton, 47b; Hull, 64b; Manchester, 64b Bohemia, Jews of, 30-41 passim bookseller, jewish, letter of a, M 158-159 B?rne, Ludwig, 3b, 16a Boyle, Lady (Louise Sassoon), 49a Br amp ton, Sir Edward, 24b Brandon family, 43b Bratianu, Ion C, 88b Brighton, the jews of, 1700-1900, 42-52; Board of Guardians, 47b; burial ground, 47a; Mutual Improvement Society, 48b; Philanthropic Society, 47b; school, 42b; synagogues: Brunswick Terrace, 49a; Devonshire Place, 43a, 44a, 46b, 47a, 48a; Jew Street, 43a; Middle Street, 42b, 44a, 46b, 48, 49 Brighton, N. M. Rothschild at, 81a, Plate XII Brighton Guardian, 44b, 45a Bristol, 1st Marquis of, 47b Brodetsky, Selig, 106 n.92 Brodie, Israel, 27 Brokers, Jewish, 77a B?chler, Adolph, 22a Burke, Edmund, 7b, 12a</page><page sequence="3">Index 169 Burmania, Netherlands envoy, 31a, 33b, 34a, 37a, 40a, 41a Busoni, Ferruccio, 3b Buzaglo family, 24 Cairo Conference (1921), 69b, 70b Cambridge, Adolphus Duke of, 57b Canada, 89a; Jewish National Fund, 106b Canterbury, Jews of, 26a Capion, 26b Carlyle, Thomas, 8b, 10a, lib Central Europe, Jewish immigrants from, 37b, 53 Chapman, Rev. John, 64a Chelsea murder, 53b Chesterfield, 4th Earl, 33b, 40a Chlumiecki, journalist, 11 n.4 Cholmakchi, Cyprus, 101 n.81 Chovevi Zion, 98a, 100b CHURCHILL, SIR WINSTON, AND ISRAEL, 67-75 Cohen, Abraham, 46a Cohen, Sir Andrew, 103b Cohen, Anna Louise, 48b Cohen, Annie, m. Abraham Milstein, 102b, Plate IV Cohen, Avrom Yitzchok, 103a Cohen, Benjamin, 77a Cohen, Sir Benjamin L., 63a, 101b Cohen, Emanuel Hyam, 42b, 43a, 44, 51 Cohen, Mrs. E. H. (Hannah Benjamin), 42b Cohen, Fanny, m. Benjamin Benjamin, 46a Cohen, Henry Emanuel, 46a Cohen, L, 51 Cohen, Mrs. Ida, 46a Cohen, Isaac, 48b Cohen, Israel Samuel (Israel Samuel), 42b Cohen, J. H. 43a Cohen, Joseph, 77a Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, 107 notes Cohen, Levi Barent, 48b, 77a Cohen, Levi Emanuel, 44, 45a, 46a, 47a, 51, 52 Cohen, Lewis Coleman, m. Leah Lewis, 46b Cohen of Brighton, Lewis Coleman, Baron, 46b Cohen, Lionel Leonard, Baron, 103b Cohen, Lionel Louis, 59, 60, 103b Cohen, Louis, 42b, 48a Cohen, Messrs. Louis, and Sons, 90b Cohen, Lucy, 48b Cohen, Moses Jacob, 43a, 51 Cohen, Nathan (of Brighton), 45a Cohen, Nathan (of Tamworth, New South Wales), 46a Cohen, Sir Robert Waley, 103b Cohen, Rosetta, 44b Cohen, Ruth, 103b Cohen, Sol, 64a Cohen, Solomon, 51, 52 Cohen, Walter Samuel, 100b, 101b, 103b and n.84, 104b, 105b, 107 note Cologne, Jews of, 15a Colonies, British American, naturalisation in, M 112b-113a Colonist, Der, of Kattowitz, 91b Colquhoun, Patrick, 53a, 54a Colyer-Fergusson, Sir Thomas, 28b Conservative Party, 10a Constable of the Tower, receipts from the Jews, 26, 27a Conversionists in East London, 55a Con way, Edward S., the origins of the Jewish orphanage, 53-66 Copley, John Singleton, 25a Costa, Mrs. da (of Brighton), 51 Court Jews, 36, 37a Craftsmen, Jewish, M 145-157 Crystal, Mr., 101a, 102a, 103a, Plate VI Cumberland, Richard, The Jew, 42b cyprus, nineteenth-century jewish colonies in, 88-107 Map, Plate VII Cyprus Herald, 93b Daily Telegraph, 16b Damascus, 69b Danilevsky, Nikolai, 14a Dantan, Jean Pierre, 79a, 83b Darwin, Charles, 13a Davies, Felix, 64b Davis, Benjamin, 51, 52 Davis, Israel, 48b, 49a Davis, Nathaniel, 51 DefHis, Moses Solomon, 51 Denization, see Naturalisation Derby, 14th Earl, 85b Diamond, A. S., M 111 Diamond trade, M 146b Dibdin, Thomas, The Jew and the Doctor, 78a Dighton, Richard, 76a, 77b D?ke, Sir Charles, 90b Disraeli family, 9</page><page sequence="4">170 Index dTsraeli, Benjamin (d. 1816), 6b Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, 43b, 79b, 88a; benjamin disraeli, karl marx, and the search for identity, 1-20 dTsraeli, Isaac, 6b, 7, 19b, 29b, 43b dTsraeli, Mrs. Isaac (Maria Basevi), 43b Ditchling, Sussex, 42b Donn(?), Mr., 103a, Plate VI Dubnov, Simon, 16b D?hring, Eugen, 15a Duncombe, Thomas, 78b Dusavitsky, Sarah, m. Abraham Adler, 104a East Africa, proposed Jewish settlement in, 67b East London Orphan Aid Society, 64b Easterman, Rev. W., 65a Eden, Anthony, 73a Edict of Toleration, 36a Edward Prince of Wales (Edward VII), 85 Egypt, 74b El Arish, 89 n.5 Eliason, Daniel, 47a Eliezer ben Yahuda, 104 n.86 Elijah Menahem of London, 25b, 27a Eliot, T. S., 8b Elis Mire, 27a Ellis, SirJ. W.,90b Emancipation, see Jewish Emancipation Bill Emanuel, Lewis, 99a, 100a Engels, Friedrich, 7b, 14b, 15b, 19a English Zionist Federation, 97b Ettinghausen, L. H., 50b Etz Hayyim, 27a Exchequer of the Jews, 25b, 27b Ezrath Nidachim Society, 98b, 99a Farjeon family, 24b Feinberg, Abraham, 104 n.86 Feinberg, Israel, m. Fanny Belkind, 104 n.86 Feisal ibn Husain, 69b Fichte, Johann Gottlieb, 14a, 16a Finestein, Israel, A Short History of Anglo-Jewry, 46a Finn, James, 91b, 98 n.62 Finn, Mrs. James (Elizabeth Ann McCaul), 91b and n.19, 92-96 passim, 98a and n.62 Foligno, Isaac, 50b Fould family, 15b Fox, Mr., 101a, 102a Franco-Prussian War, 48a Franklin, Ellis A., 99b, 100a Franks, Aaron, 30, 36b Frederick the Great of Prussia, 31b, 36a Freiligrath, Ferdinand, 19a French Revolution, 3a, 4a, 13a Freud, Sigmund, 2b Friedland, Michael, 95a, 96b, 97a, 98b Galician Jews, 105a Gallery of Hebrew Poets, 97b Gaster, Moses, 88b Genealogy, Anglo-Jewish, 28b George II, 30, 34, 35a, 37a George IV, 78b, 81b Germany, antisemitism in, 16, 17a, 85b Gideon, Samson, 3a Giraud, William, M 158b, 159 Giuseppi, M. S., M 111, 113 Gladstone, W. E., 10a, 13b Globe, The, 91a Gobineau, Joseph Arthur, 14a Goerres, Joseph von, 16a Goldbloom, Jacob K., 102b Golding, Mrs. (Dora Milstein), 102b and n.82a Goldmann, Nahum, 72b Goldsmid, Abraham, 55a Goldsmid, Albert E., 94a, 98a Goldsmid, Caroline, 48b Goldsmid, Sir Francis, 48, 49a Goldsmid, Sir Isaac Lyon, 42a, 47, 48b, 49a, 50a, 51 Goldsmid, Sir Julian, 48b, 49a, 50a, 91a Goldstein, Abraham, 92a, 95b, 96b Goldstone, Mrs., 97b Gompertz, Benjamin, 78a, 81a, Plate XI Gordon, David, 95a Graetz, Heinrich, 15a Grahame, L. Gluckstein, 90b Grant, Robert, 77b, 82b Great Synagogue, London, 30a, 53b, 54, 57a, 77b Green, Abraham, 57 Greenberg, Leopold J., 97b Greenblatt family, 103a, Plate VI Gubbay family, 50b Guedalla family, 50b Guedalla, Philip, 24b Guttwoch, Salomon Josef, 96b</page><page sequence="5">Index 171 Haggadah, 1709(?) edition, M 158 n.2 Hamagid, 92a, 95a Hankin, Joshua, m. Olga Belkind, 104 n.86 Harrington, 1st Earl, 30b, 34b Harris, Jacob, 42b Hart, Moses, 30, 33b, 35b, 36b Hebraists, non-Jewish, M 158a, 159b Hebrew books in eighteenth-century London, M 158 Heine, Heinrich, 2b, 3b, 6a, 15b, 16a, 17a, 19a Henriques, Alfred, 48b, 49b Henriques, Annie Q., 64b Herder, Johann Gottfried von, 4a, 5a Herries, Charles John, 78, 81b Herschel, Solomon, Chief Rabbi, 43b, 47 Herzen, Alexander, lb Herzl, Theodor, 5, 67b, 68b, 89 n.5, 90a, 100b, 105a Hess, Moses, 16a Hildesheimer, Israel, 98b, 99a Hirsch, Baron Maurice de, 89a Hirsch, Sebi, of Vilna, 48a Hitler, Adolf, 5a, 17a Hobhouse, Benjamin, 54b Hoffnung, Alfred, 48b Honen le 'Yetonim, 57 Hove, 42a, 43b, 48, 49b, 50a Huguenot Society of London, Mill Hull, Jewish Board of Guardians, 64b Husserl, Edmund, 2b Huxley, Thomas, 13a Hyam, Nathan, 51, 52 Hyamson, Albert M., 28b lea, see Jewish Colonisation Association Immigrants, Jewish, 37b, 53, 54, 55b, 62a, 90b, 96a, 99b Innsbruck, 36a Institute of Jewish Studies, 22a Iraq, 69b Ireland, naturalisation in, M 112b Isaac ben Joseph of Corbeil, 27b Isaac ben Perez of Northampton, 27b Isaacs, I. M., 47b Israel, 67-75, 107a Itzig, Baron, 15b Jabotinsky, Vladimir, 5a, 72a Jacob ben Judah (Hazan), 27a Jacobs, Joseph, 25b Jacobs, Solomon, M 158-159 Jahn, Friedrich Ludwig, 16a Jerusalem, 15a, 70b, 71a, 90a, 100a; Ezrath Nidachim Society, 98b, 99a Jew, The, by Cumberland, 42b Jew and the Doctor, The, by Dibdin, 78a Jewish Board of Deputies, Guardians, see Board of. . . Jewish Brigade, 73b Jewish Chronicle, 45a, 57b, 65a, 90-100a passim Jewish Colonisation Association (lea), 89a, 100b, 101b and n.81, 103b, 104a, 105b, 107 note Jewish Emancipation Bill: of 1830, 77b, 82b, Plate XIX; of 1858, 85b Jewish Historical Society of England: genea? logical collections, 28b; jubilee meeting, 21b Jewish history, definition of, 2 Jewish Poor Fund, projected, 54b Jewish self-hatred', 16b, 17a Jewish studies, 21b, 22a Jews' Free School, 56b, 58b Jews' Hospital, 55-64a; Jews' Hospital and Orphan Asylum, 58, 63b, 64b-66 Jews' Orphan Asylum, 57b-66 passim Joel, Joseph, 51 Joel, Samuel, 51 Joseph II, Emperor, 36a Joseph, Joel, 51 Joseph, N. S., 91a Josephus, 2b Journal of Jewish Studies, 22a Judenstaat, Der, 68b Kadimah Association, Berlin, 89b Kemp, Thomas Read, 47a, 48b Kent, Victoria Duchess of, 57b Kimberley, 1st Earl of, 90b King, coachman, 77b, 80a, Plate X Kingsley, Charles, 10a Klar, Moses, 28a Kook, Abraham Isaac, 70b Kuklia, Cyprus, 93b, 101 n.81, 105a, 106a Lambert, Mr., 103a, Plate VI Langhorne, Mr., 95a Lara family, 9b</page><page sequence="6">172 Index Larnaca, Cyprus, 90a, 94a, 97b, 100a, 101a, 103a Lassalle, Ferdinand, 2b, 15b, 16a Latakia, Syria, 91b, 92, 93, 94, 98a Leib, Rabbi, 43b Lessing, Theodor, 16b Letwin, Mr., 103a, Plate VI Levi, Benjamin, M 145b Levi, Marx, see Marx, Meier Halevy Levi, Philip, 51 Levy, Isaac, 43a, 50, 51 Levy, Jonas, 50a Levy, Joseph Moses, 16b Levy, Lewis, 64b Lewes, Sussex, 43b, 44a Lewis, Benjamin, 46b, 52 Lewis, H. B., 46b Lewis, Hyam, 44a, 46, 51 Lewis, Leah, m. Lewis Coleman Cohen, 46b Lewis, Lewis, 46b Lianson, Thomas, 48a Lindo family, 49b Lipman, Vivian D., 28a Liverpool, Jews in, 47a; Agudat Hazionim, 106b; Jewish Home for the Aged, 106a Loewe, Louis, 50b London: City, Jewish freemen of, M 146b East End Jews, and Cyprus, 100b, 101 and n.81, 102a Jews of: craftsmen, M 145b-146; crime among, 53b, 54a; medieval, 26, 27a; partial to Brighton, 43b, 50a; relief of Prague Jews, 30a Lord Mayor, 54a, 90b London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, 48, 50a London Conference of 1830, 78b, 82a, Plate XX Longuet, Charles, 15b L?wy, Albert, 99a, 100a Luncz, A. M., 90a, 93a Lwow, Heschel, 6b Lwow, Moses, 6b Lyon, Lewis, 51 McCaul, Alexander, 98 n.62 Mahasim Tobim society, M 146b Manchester, Jews of, 67b, 68a, 70b, 97, 106 n.92; Daughters of Zion, 97b, 107a; Jewish Board of Guardians, 64b; Jewish Communal Council, 106 n.92; New Synagogue, 97a Manners, Lord John, 10b Mansion House Fund for refugees, 89a, 91a, 92a, 94b, 96a Margo Chiflik, Cyprus, 100b, 101, 103a, 104a, 105, 107 note; settlers of, Plate VI Maria Theresa, Empress, 30-41 passim Marks, Daniel, 61b Marks, of Broughton, Simon, 1st Baron, 106 n.92 Marranos in Northern Europe, 22b-24a Marx, Heschel (Heinrich), 6b, 7, 19b Marx, Karl: benjamin disraeli, karl marx, and the search for identity, 1-20 Marx, Mrs. K. (Jenny von Westphalen), 15b Marx, Meier Halevy (Marx Levi), 6b Marx-Engels Institute, 15b Masaryk, Thomas, 15b Massel, A. David, 97 n.54 Massel, Joseph, 92-97 passim, 106b, Plate III Massel, Sarah, 97a Massel, Simon, 97, 106b Maurois, Andr6, 6 n.2 Medieval Anglo-Jewry, 25-28b Meir ben Elijah of Norwich, 28a Menasce, Baron, 98a Menasseh ben Israel, M 158a and n.4 Mendelssohn, Felix, 2b Mendelssohn, Moses, 4b, 42b Mendes, Alvaro (Solomon Abenaes), 23a Meshebat Nephash, 53b Mexico, 89a Meyerbeer, Giacomo, 2b Meyers, Barnett, 57b, 62b, 63a Miguel, Dom, of Portugal, 78b, 82b Mikveh Israel Agricultural School, 89a, 101b, 104a, 105b, Plate II Mill, John Stuart, 2b, 8b, 10a Milstein (Milston), Abraham, 101a, 102 and n.82a, 103a, 105b, Plates IV, VI Milstein, Mrs. A. (Fanny Cohen), 102b, Plate IV Milstein, Mr. and Mrs. Barnett, 102b, Plates V, VI Milstein, Betty (Rebecca), 102b Milstein, Dora (m. Golding), 102b Milstein, Esther, 102b Milstein, Harry, 102b and n.82a, Plate V</page><page sequence="7">Index 173 Milstein, Lipman, 102b, Plate VI Milstein, Maurice, 102b, Plate V Milstein, Philip, 102b, Plate V Milstein, Rachel (m. Segal), 102b, Plate III Milstein, Ronald 102 n.82a Milstein, Selina, 102b and n.82a Mocatta, Benjamin, 49b, 51 Mocatta, David, 44a, 48b Mocatta, Frederick D., 100b Mocatta, Moses, 47, 49b, 51 Mocatta and Goldsmid, Messrs., 47a Molesworth-St. Aubyn, W., 90 Mombach, Julius, 48a Montagu, Samuel, Baron Swaythling, 48, 90b, 91a Montefiore, Claude Goldsmid, 42a, 101b Montefiore, Emma, m. Philip Salomons, 49 Montefiore, Jacob, 43b, 49b Montefiore, Joseph Barrow, 49b Montefiore, Sir Moses, 48a, 49b, 77 and n.4, 78a, 80a, 81a, Plates IX, XI Montefiore (town), Australia, 49b Montreal, Adath Israel Congregation, 106b; Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, 106a Moravia, Jews in, 30a, 32b, 35b, 39a Morocco, Jews of, 24 Morris, Abraham, 43b Morris, William, 10a Moseley, M., 47b, 51 Moses haNakdan, 27a Moses haNessiah, 28a Moses of London, family of, 28b Moses Scriptor, 27a Moses, Mr. and Mrs. (of Brighton), 51 Moses, Abraham Lyons, 57b Mount Orides, Cyprus, 95a, 96a Myers, Solomon, 43a, 50 Namier, Lewis, lb, 2a Napthali, William, 51 Nasi, Joseph, Duke of Naxos, 2a, 23a, 88a Naturalisation: a list of Jewish persons endenizened and naturalised 1609 1799, M 113-144 history of naturalisation, M 112-113 index of names, M 135-144 Naval Asylum, the, 55a Negev, the, 74a Netherlands (United Provinces), and the Jews of Prague, 31, 33a, 35a, 37b New Jersey, 89a New South Wales, 46a, 49b Newman, Aubrey, the expulsion of the jews from prague in 1745, 30-41 Newspaper Society, 45a Nicosia, Cyprus, 90a Niego, Joseph, 101b, 103b Northampton, 27b Norwich, Jews of, 28a Norwood, Jews' Hospital and Orphanage (Home for Jewish Children), 55b, 60a, 61a, 63b, 64b, 65, 66 Novogrodsky, Mr., 103a, Plate VI Odessa, 96a Orphanage: the origins of the Jewish orphanage, 53-66; Sephardi orphanage, 57a, M 146b Ouvrard, Gabriel, 79b, 84a Oxford, Jews of, 22, 25b Palestine, 67-75 passim, 89 n.5, 91, 94a, 101a Paphos, Cyprus, 93b, 94b, 95a, 107 n.92 Parez, Joseph, 52 Paris, Abraham de, 51 Pasternak, Boris, 19a Patent Office records, 24b Pauper Removal Act, 59b, 60, 61a, 63b Pecchio, Joseph, 51 Pereire, Emile, 84a Petach Tikvah, 89a Peytevin of Northampton, 27b Philips, Lion, 6b, 15a Philipson, David, 89 n.4 Phillips, Sir Benjamin Samuel, 48b, 58a Phillipson, John Bradshaw, 52 Pissarro, Camille, 2b Porta, privilege of, 26b Portsmouth, M 145b prague, the expulsion of the jews from in 1745 and british foreign policy, 30-41 bibliography, 37 Pressburg, 32a Printers, Anglo-Jewish, M 158 n.2 Proudhon, Pierre Joseph, 15a Provincial towns, Jewish communities in, 37b; master craftsmen in, M 145 P?ckler-Muskau, H. L. H. von, 76a</page><page sequence="8">174 Index Rabb, Theodore, 75 note Rabinowicz, Oscar K., sir winston Churchill and israel, 67-75 Rathenau, Walter, 17a Raymond, E. T., lib Redman's Road Talmud Torah, 102b Reform Judaism, 16a Reginald of Cobham, Sheriff of Kent, 26a Rhineland, Jews of, 6a, 7a; antisemitism, 16a Ricardo, David, 2b, 3a, 49b Ricardo, Moses, 49b, 51, 52 Richardson, H. G. 25b Rishon-le-Zion, 89a Robinson, Sir Thomas, 31-37a passim; his letter to Lord Harrington, 38-41 Roosevelt, Franklin D., 68b, 69a Rosebery, Countess of (Hannah Rothschild), 48a Rosenbaum, Morris, 28b Rosh Pinah, 89a Ross, Mrs. (Rose Bender), 101 n.80, 106b, Plate VI Roth, Cecil: why anglo-jewish history?, 21-29; cited, 6a, 9b, 31b, 42a, 43,44b, 46b, 47a, 49a, 57a Rothschild family, 15b, 48b; the Rothschilds in caricature, 76-87, Plates VIII-XXX Rothschild, Baron Albert de, 99a Rothschild, Alfred Charles de, 86a, Plates XXVII, XXVIII Rothschild, Sir Anthony de, 55b Rothschild, Arthur de, 87a, Plate XXX Rothschild, Baron Edmond de, 89a, 98a Rothschild, Baron Ferdinand de, 86b, 87b, Plate XXX Rothschild, Hannah, Countess of Rosebery, 48a Rothschild, James de, 48b Rothschild, Baron James de, 79b, 84a, 87a, Plate XXV Rothschild, Karl Mayer, 78a, 79b, 84a, Plate XXIII Rothschild, Leopold de, 86, Plate XXIX Rothschild, Baron Lionel Nathan de, 76a, 79b, 84b, Plates XXIV, XXVII Rothschild, Lionel Walter, 2nd Baron, 87b, Plate XXX Rothschild, Mayer Alphonse de, 86b, Plate XXX Rothschild, Mayer Amschel (d. 1812), 76a Rothschild, Baron Mayer Amschel, 48a, 85b, Plate XXVII Rothschild, Baroness Mayer (Juliana Cohen), 48a Rothschild, Nathan Mayer, 47a, 76-83, Plates VIII-XXII, XXIV Rothschild, Nathaniel Meyer, 1st Baron, 86b, 90a, Plate XXIX Royal Exchange, 76, 77, 82a, 84a, Plates VIII, IX, XVI, XVII Rubens, Alfred, 25a; the Rothschilds in caricature, 76-87 R?ge, Arnold, 15a Rumanian Jews, 88, 91a, 97b, 98, 99,100, 105a, 106a Ruskin, John, 10a Russell, Bertrand, 2b, 8b Russian Jews, 88b, 89a, 90b, 91, 92, 96a, 99b, 100b, 101 n.81 Russo-Turkish War, 88a Ryness, Mrs. (Bertha Massel), 97b Sacher, Harry, 106 n.92 Saint-Simonism, 3a Salisbury, 3rd Marquis of, 100a Salle son of Josce of Leicester, 26a Salmen, Solomon, 98b Salomons, Sir David, 49a Salomons, Sir David Lionel, 49a Salomons, Levy, 42a Salomons, Philip, 42a, 49 Salomons, Mrs. P. (Emma Montefiore), 49 Salomons, Vera, 49a Salvendi, Adolph, 92a, 99a Samuel the Chaplain, 27a Samuel, Israel (Israel Samuel Cohn), 42b, 50, 51 Samuel, Wilfred S., 21a, 22b, 25a; a list of jewish persons endenizened and naturalised 1609-1799, M 111-144 Samuels, Mrs. (of Brighton), 43a, 51 San Stefano, Treaty of, 88a Sassoon family, 48a, 49a Sassoon, Rabbi, of Letchworth, 49a Sassoon, Sir Edward, 49b Sassoon, Reuben, 49a Scott, Sir David, 44b, 45a Schischa, A., a letter of a Jewish book? seller, london, 1737, M 158-159 Scholars, medieval Anglo-Jewish, 27-28a</page><page sequence="9">Index lib Sch?nbrunn Palace, 32b Schools, public Jewish, 56 Schwab, Walter M., M 159 n.6 Segal, Mrs. Ray (Rachel Milstein), 102b, Plate III Segal, S., 65a Sephardim of London: and diamond trade, M 146b; Haham, 88b; orphanage, 57a, M 146b; and relief of Prague Jews, 30a; and social welfare, 53a, 54b Sepher haShoham, 28a Sepher Mitzvot Katan, 27b Shaare Orah ve'Abi Yetonim orphanage, M 146b Shaftesbury, 7th Earl of, 91, 92, 95 Shaftesley, J. M., nineteenth-century Jewish colonies in cyprus, 88-107 Shaftesley, Mrs.J. M. (Evelyn Adler), 101 n.80 Shaw, William, M 111, 113 Shiprut, Sarah, 16b Sieff, Israel, Baron, 106 n.92 Sieff, Baroness (Rebecca Marks), 107a Silverston, Jacob Michael, 44a, 51, 52 Simmons, Samuel, 51 Simmons, Woolfe, 51 Simon, Serjeant Sir John, 90b Sinai Peninsula, 90a Slavid, Mrs. (Elsie Ryness), 97 n. 54 Society des Etudes Juives, 21 b Society of Genealogists, M 147b Society for Jewish Study, 22a Society for the Relief of Distressed Jews, see Syrian Colonisation Fund Sokolow, Nahum, History of Zionism, 106a Sola, Meldola de, 106a Solomon, Henry, 44, 45, 46a, 51 Solomon, Myer, 43b Solomon, Rudolph, 103a, 105a Soper, Abraham, 43b Spector, David, the jews of Brighton, 42-52 Spenden Verzeichniss, 92a, 96b Spinoza, 2 'Spitting', fines for, 26b Staremberg, Count, 38b, 39b, 40 Steinschneider, Michael Apt, 36b Strangford, 6th Viscount, 91 and n.18 Strangford, Viscountess, 91a and n.18, 92a Sugarman, Mr., 105b Swaythling, Samuel Montagu, 1st Baron, 48, 90b, 91a Syria, 69, 74b Syrian Colonisation Fund (later Society for the Relief of Distressed Jews), 91b and n.19, 92b, 94, 96, 98 T?te Gallery, 86a Tiflis, 89a Times, The, 78 n.13 Tower of London, 26, 27a Tradesmen, Jewish, M 145-157 Transjordan, 69b, 74b Trevor-Roper, Hugh, 5a Trier (Treves), 6b, 7a Trietsch, Davis, 89b, 97b, 105, 106a Trotsky, Leon, 5a Tuck family, 103a Tuck, Gustave, 21a Turkey, the Turks, 88a, 93b, 94,99b; Sultan of, 90a, 91a, and n.18 Turner, Sharon, 7a Urfeld, Count, 34a, 38a, 40, 41a Urbach, E. E., 27b Ussishkin, Menahem Mendel, 104 n.86 Vallentine, Isaac, 57b Vanity Fair, 79b Van Oven, Joshua, 54a, 55a, M 146b Victoria, Queen, 12, 46a Vienna, Jews of, 32a, 35a, 99a, 105a; Zionist Committee, 105a Vineland Colony, New Jersey, 89a Volk und Land, 89 n.5 Wagner children, 59b, 60a Warburg, Otto, 105b Weil, Simone, 17a Weininger, Otto, 17a Weinstein, Mr., 103a, Plate VI Weizmann, Ghaim, 5b, 68b, 70a, 97, 106b and n.92 Wellington, Duke of, 78, 81b, 82b, Plates XIII, XV Wertheimer, Samuel, 35 n.18 Wertheimer, Wolf, 33 n.l 1, 35 nn.18, 21, 36b Westphalen family, 15b, 16a Whitechapel, 59b, 60a, 62a Wills, Anglo-Jewish, 24b</page><page sequence="10">176 Index Wolf, Luden, 9b, 21a, 22b, 23, 24a Wolfe, Aaron, 52 Women's International Zionist Organisation, 107a Woolf, David, 44a, 51 World Zionist Organisation, 72b Worms, Baron George de, 48b Worms, Baron Henry de, Baron Pirbright, 48b, 49b, 90b 'Young England', 10a Zichron Yaakov, 89a, 98a Zionism, 5b, 23a, 67-75 passim, 89, 97b, 106b and n.92, 107a; Disraeli and, lib and n.4 Zionist Actions Committee, 105a Zionist Congress, first, 5b, 89 n.5, 97a; second, 97a; third, 89b, 97a, 106a Ziporin, Akiba, 92a p. w.</page></plain_text>

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