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Further on the Curiel family in 16th-century Portugal

Edgar Samuel

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Further on the Curiel family in 16th-century Portugal EDGAR SAMUEL M. Szabolcs de Vajay has kindly pointed out to me that the descent of the Curiel family, set out in my article on 'The Curiel family in 16th-century Portugal' (Trans JHSE, XXXI [1991] 116), is incorrect, by reason of a mistake by Don Luis de Salazar y Castro in his Hist?ria Genealogica de la Casa de Lara (Madrid 1697). The error arose because Dona Eva, the second wife and widow of Garcia Ordonez, Count of Najera and Granon, remarried the Count of Lara, but her eldest son, Garcia Garcez, was the son of her first and not her second husband. The Daza, Saldana and Curiel families are therefore not descended in the male line from the Counts of Castile and Lara but from the Kings of Leon. The corrected genealogy is to be found in Dedev Schwennicke's Europaische Stamm? tafeln (Marburg 1984) Tables 49 and 50. The corrected genealogy is as follows, and should replace Fig. 1 in the text: The kings of Asturias, Leon and Galicia - male-line ancestors of the Curiel family FRUELA, Duke of Cantabria (d. 765) BERMUDO, King of Asturias (788-97) I RAMIRO I, King of Asturias (842-50) ORDONO I, King of Asturias and Galicia (850-66) I ALFONSO III, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon (866-914) ORDONO II, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon (914-24) SANCHO I, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon (933-66) I RAMIRO III, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon (966-85) I ORDONO RAMIREZ, Infante of Leon (d. 1020) ORDONO ORDONEZ, Alferez Mayor of Castile (fl. 1012-72) GARCIA ORDONEZ Alferez Mayor, Count of Najera and Granon (1040-1108) Don GARCIA GARCEZ Alferez Mayor, nutritor regis (fl. 1107-62) D. GOMEZ GARCIA de AZA, Lord of Aza and Roa, Alferez Real (fl. 1161-82) I D. GONCALO GOMEZ de AZA, Lord of Aza and Roa (d. 1227) I D. GOMEZ GONCALEZ de AZA, Lord of Aza and Roa (fl. 1221-64) 1 The DAZA, SALDANHA and CURIEL families. 371</page><page sequence="2">Edgar Samuel I should like to take this opportunity to correct the following unfortunate errors that appeared in that article: p. in line 8, for 'with' read 'within'. p. 115 line 39, after 'will' insert'. p. 118 Fig 3, for 'SALDAHANA' read 'SALDANHA'. p. 120 line 28, after 'in accordance with' insert 'the'. p. 121 Plate I, insert arrows to top and right of plate pointing to the house above the figure 'ii'. Caption, for 'Del' read 'da'. p. 135 note 54, for 'him' read 'hum'. p. 153 penultimate line, insert 'for' after 'were'. p. 162 line 18, for 'De Will' read 'De Witt'. p. 163 lines 19 and 21, for 'was' read 'war'. p. 164 line 22, for 'discounted' read 'discontinued'. p. 167 line 26, for 'importers' read 'exporters'. 372</page></plain_text>

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