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Corrections to Vol. 17

<plain_text><page sequence="1">CORRECTIONS TO VOL. XVII Mr. Edgar Samuel wishes to make the following corrections to his paper on "Anglo Jewish Notaries and Scriveners", printed in Transactions, Vol. XVII. p. 115 line 1. for "appountment" read "appointment". p. 119 line 15 for "1749 as" read " 1740 at", line 28 for "1749" read "1747". p. 119 note 4. Additional note: "Solomon Sch?mberg was clearly older than Moses Sch?mberg cf. p. 120 note 8, and therefore was probably born in 1720 (PRO C24 1721/11) in which case he would have been twenty when granted his Notarial Faculty and not sixteen as stated above and in Appendix V. p. 120 line 28 for "Wagg" read "Waag". p. 121 line 36 for "half-brother" read "brother". p. 123 note 1 line 4 for "1774" read "1779". p. 126 line 32 delete "3rd November". Additional footnote "The burial register records Joseph Cortissos' funeral on 3rd November 1788 ; this is plainly an error (? for 3rd December) as he signed the final codicil to his will on 3rd December. (I am grateful to Mr. C. Bernau for drawing my attention to this)." p. 133 line 24 for "ehe foy" read "lhe foy". p. 143 last line for "practisers" read "practitioners". p. 155 penultimate line for "goerge" read "George". p. 157 Solomon da Costa's date of Faculty, for "1741" read "1747". 299</page></plain_text>

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