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Contributors and Back Matter Vol 38

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Contributors to this volume Cecil Bloom lives in Leeds and was, until his retirement, Technical Director of a major multinational pharmaceutical corporation. He has pre? viously published five papers in Jewish Historical Studies. Geoffrey Cantor, Professor of the History of Science at the University of Leeds, is currently writing a comparative study of the attitudes of Jews and Quakers to science during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. John Cooper was in practice as a solicitor until his retirement. He has pub? lished Eat and Be Satisfied: A Social History of Jewish Food (1993), The Child in Jewish History (1996) and Pride Versus Prejudice: Jewish Doctors and Lawyers in England, i8go-iggo (2003). Ann Ebner read history at Cambridge and after a period of teaching in Britain and the USA made her career in community education. She has been a magistrate for over twenty years, is Chair of her Bench's Family Panel and a member of the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee. Edward Jamilly is an RIBA-prizewinning architect and English Hertage Panellist whose first lecture to the Society on 'Anglo-Jewish Architects and Architecture in the 18th and 19th Centuries', presented in 1954, appeared in Transactions XVIII. Has since lectured and written widely on the Jewish built heritage, and his most recent book is The Georgian Synagogue: An Architectural History. William Rubinstein, Professor of social and economic history at Deakin University, Australia, until moving to the University of Wales Aberystwyth in 1995, has written widely on modern Jewish and British his? tory. His books include A History of the Jews in the English-Speaking World: Great Britain (1996), The Myth of Rescue (1997) and (with Hilary L. Rubinstein) Philosemitism (1999). He is currently President of the Society. Edgar Samuel has published articles on art history and the Jews of Portugal and their diaspora. He has been Director of the Jewish Museum, London, and President of the Society. 217</page><page sequence="2">Contributors to this volume Martin Sugarman is Examinations Officer at Westminster College, Chair of the Hackney-Israel Twinning Association, Assistant Archvist of the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (AJEX) Jewish Military Museum and has written widely on Jewish involvement in the British armed forces. Bernard Wasser stein is Professor of History at Glasgow University and a former President of the Society. He is the author of Vanishing Diaspora: The Jews in Europe since 1945 and, more recently, of Divided Jerusalem: The Struggle for the Holy City. 218</page><page sequence="3">Notes for contributors to Society publications Contributors should follow these guidelines in presenting their texts, in order to keep each stage of publication as simple and as inexpensive as possible. Contributions may be submitted on disk, either in Word or Rich Text Format, accompanied by a printout that should conform to the following standards for typed submissions. Unpublished work only should be submit? ted. Please ensure that you leave only one space after each full stop. Please follow closely the conventions for footnotes outlined on the next page. Texts and notes should be printed on one side only of A4 paper, with around 30 double-spaced lines on each full page. Please try to avoid ending lines with a hyphen. Pages should be numbered in complete sequence, without added 'a' or cb' pages. The title of the contribution, the name of the author and any subhead? ings in the text, should be in upper- and lower-case letters, on separate lines, and not be underlined. Please leave additional space above and below to aid recognition. Subheadings should ideally be of no more than 2 grades. Each should be marked 'A' or 'B' to indicate its grade. The opening paragraph, and the first paragraph after any subheading, should not be indented; others should be indented 5 spaces. No additional space should be left between paragraphs. Quotations should be in English, and appear in single inverted commas. Quotations appearing in the course of these should be in double inverted commas. Longer quotations - of about 100 words or 10 typed lines - should be preceded and followed by an empty line and without inverted commas. Quotations in the course of these should be in single inverted commas. Words omitted in the course of a quotation should be indicated by 3 full stops. If the end of a sentence is omitted, 4 full stops should be used. Square paren? theses should be placed round comments inserted by the author in a quota? tion. In matters of spelling, the Concise Oxford Dictionary is followed, with a preference for V spellings of words ending in 'ize\ For abbreviations, capital? ization and italicization, the Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors (2000) and the Oxford Guide to Style (2002) should be consulted. Dates should be written as '27 April 1994'. All measurements should be given in metric form, unless they are quoted directly from a source. 219</page><page sequence="4">Notes for contributors Notes, in so far as possible, should include bibliographical material only, and normally not be used for remarks which, however tangential or tentative, could be included even parenthetically in the main text. Their position in the text should be indicated by a complete sequence of superior numerals (i.e. 1 or 2) without additional 'a' or 'b' notes and without parentheses, ringing, etc. The numerals should be typed after any punctu? ation. Note numbers must not be repeated if reference is made to a text cited in an earlier note; a new note referring back to the first appearance of the work in question should be used instead. Include the notes themselves at the end of the contribution. They should be arranged and punctuated as follows: 1 R. D. Barnett, 'Diplomatic aspects of the Sephardi Influx . . .' Trans JHSE XXV (1977) 210-22. 2 H. Loewe (ed.) Starrs and Jewish Charters II (London 1932) 62-8. 3 R. D. Barnett (see n. 1) 212. 4 A. Newman, 'The Synagogues of the East End', in A. Newman (ed.) The Jewish East End 1840-1gjg (London 1981) 217-21. 5 Jewish Chronicle (hereafter JQ 8 Nov. 1912, p. 18. 6 H. Maccoby, 'The Kamenitzer Maggid . . .', in A. Newman (ed.) (see n. 4) 335 7 Ibid. 336-7. Indicate the position of illustrations in the text. Supply clear monochrome prints, as near as possible to the final desired size. Two copies should be supplied of the captions: one on a separate sheet, and the other stuck on the back of each plate, starting with the plate number (i.e. 'Plate 1' etc.). Please include a biographical outline of some 40 words in your contribu? tion. 220</page><page sequence="5">Society officers and council (as at January 2003) President: Professor WILLIAM RUBINSTEIN, PhD, FRHistS Vice-Presidents: Professor CHIMEN ABRAMSKY GERRY BLACK, PhD, FRHistS MALCOLM BROWN, FSA Professor BARRIE DOBSON, FBA CYRIL DRUKKER His Honour ISRAEL FINESTEIN, QC Dr ANTHONY JOSEPH LIONEL KOCHAN, PhD Professor RAPHAEL LOEWE, MC, MA, FSA Professor AUBREY NEWMAN, PhD, FRHistS Professor STEFAN REIF, PhD Chief Rabbi JONATHAN S?CKS,PhD E. R. SAMUEL, MPhil, FRHistS Professor BERNARD WASSERSTEIN, MA, DPhil, DLitt, FRHistS Honorary Treasurer: RAPHAEL LANGHAM, FRC Honorary Secretary: GERRY BLACK, PhD, FRHistS Editor of Publications: JEREMY SCHONFIELD, PhD Administrator: ANITA BLACK Council: Professor MICHAEL ALPERT, PhD MICHAEL BERKOVITZ, PhD M. BENADY JOHN COOPER BRYAN DIAMOND ANN EBNER, JP JEFFREY GREENWOOD, MA, LLM JOE HILLABY DAVID JACOBS Dr MICHAEL JOLLES RAYMOND KALMAN, MA ANN KERSHEN, PhD, FRSA Professor JOHN KLIER, PhD Professor BARRY KOSMIN, PhD Rabbi Professor NICHOLAS DE LANGE, DD Rabbi ABRAHAM LEVY, PhD STEPHEN MASSIL His Honour ARON OWEN, PhD MARCUS ROBERTS Rabbi JONATHAN ROMAIN, PhD SIDNEY SHIPTON, LLB, MBA, FRSA Dr BERNARD SPENCER CHARLES TUCKER Hon. Solicitors: NABARRO, NATHANSON Auditors: JEFFREYS HENRY 221</page><page sequence="6">Constitution of the Jewish Historical Society of England (Adopted 11 July 2002) Name and Objects 1. The name of the Society shall be 'The Jewish Historical Society of England'. 2. The objects of the Society shall be: (a) The organisation of lectures and the publication of works on general Jewish history and literature. (b) The promotion and encouragement of research into Jewish history and especially the history of the Jews in the British Isles. (c) The transcription of documents and the collection of material relat? ing to the history of Jews in the British Isles. (d) The encouragement and support of the foundation and mainte? nance within the British Isles of libraries, archives and museums, accessible to members of the public, for the preservation of Jewish books, documents, prints, and other objects of Jewish historical interest. Membership 3. The Society shall consist of Subscribing Members and Honorary Members. 4. An application to become a Subscribing Member of the Society shall be made, by any person or corporate body, in writing, on the form in cur? rent use, and sent to the Honorary Secretary; payment by the applicant of the first annual subscription shall constitute the applicant a Subscribing Member of the Society. The officers may at their discretion reject any application or terminate a membership by reason of the appli? cant's or member's conduct, subject to the right to an appeal with a hear? ing at the Council. 223</page><page sequence="7">Constitution of the Jewish Historical Society of England 5. The subscription to the Society, payable annually from i January, shall be determined from time to time by the Council after a proposal by the Executive Committee. Persons aged sixteen to eighteen and students enrolled in a degree course shall be entitled to a reduced subscription. The officers shall have power at their discretion to remit in individual cases part of the annual subscription, to specify different subscriptions for two persons at the same address or for corporate members, and to offer life membership for a payment of not less than fifteen times the current annual subscription. 6. Any Subscribing Member whose subscription is three months in arrear shall, failing payment within one month after a written notice sent by the Honorary Secretary, cease to be a member. 7. Any person may be elected an Honorary Member for conspicuous serv? ice to the Society, or for distinction in the field of Jewish history or gen? eral scholarship. 8. The election of Vice-presidents and Honorary members shall be vested in the Council. 9. Members shall be entitled to attend all Meetings of the Society and to receive copies of the Annual Report and Accounts and ordinary publica? tions of the Society issued during the period of their membership. Government 10. The overall management of the Society shall be vested in a council con? sisting of a President, one or two Honorary Treasurers, an Honorary Secretary, and not more than thirty other members. At the Council the chair shall be taken by the President, or in his absence by another offi? cer. The Council shall meet at least twice a year, and seven members shall form a quorum. 11. At the Annual General Meeting each year, elections shall be held for the Honorary Treasurer or Treasurers, and ordinary members of the Council for the ensuing year, and also for the President for the session commencing in October of the following year. At least twenty-one days' notice shall be given to members of the date fixed for such Meeting. Such notice shall give the names of the persons nominated by the Council for the said offices or as ordinary members of the Council, 224</page><page sequence="8">Constitution of the Jewish Historical Society of England and shall invite further nominations within fourteen days thereof, within which period nominations for any of the aforesaid offices or for ordinary membership of the Council may be made by members of the Society. Any such nomination must be signed by at least three mem? bers, be accompanied by a written acceptance of nomination by the proposed candidate, and be received at the Society's office at least seven days before the date fixed for such meeting. 12. Members of Council shall be elected for a term of four years, at the end of which they shall be eligible for re-election. An ordinary member of the Council who has failed to attend four consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member of Council and not be eligible for nomination for the succeeding year. 13. The newly elected officers and Council of the Society shall assume office at the Annual General Meeting, after the report on the previous year's work of the Society has been presented by the President and the Accounts for that year have been adopted. 14. The Honorary Secretary or Secretaries, the Honorary Solicitor, and any other officer considered appropriate shall be appointed by the Council at its next meeting following an Annual General Meeting. 15. The Council may delegate any of its powers to an Executive Committee, consisting of such Members of the Council as the Council shall appoint thereto; three members shall form a quorum for a meeting of the Committee. The Chairman of this Committee shall be appointed by the Council annually. The Executive Committee shall be responsi? ble for the detailed management of the Society, shall meet as often as it deems necessary, and shall report its proceedings to the next duly con? vened meeting of the Council. 16. The President, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Honorary Treasurer or Treasurers, and the Honorary Secretary shall be ex officio members of all committees. 17. The Council shall have power to fill any vacancy, except in the office of President, that may arise between two Annual General Meetings. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of President, a Meeting of members shall be called, after a suitable interval, to elect a succes? sor. The procedure for the election, as laid down in Clause 11, shall be followed. 225</page><page sequence="9">Constitution of the Jewish Historical Society of England 18. The Council shall appoint such other Committees as it may consider desirable, and shall also appoint the respective Chairmen of these Committees. It shall also appoint any required members as may be agreed with the authorities of any other body to serve on any Joint Committee. Members of committees shall remain in office until the appointment of their successors. 19. Minute books shall be kept by the Council and all committees, and the appropriate secretary shall enter therein a record of all proceedings and resolutions, and the minutes shall be open to inspection by any member on reasonable notice being given to the Secretary. 20. The officers shall keep proper accounts of all receipts and expenditure. A bank account shall be maintained by the Society with such bank as the Executive Committee may from time to time decide. Meetings 21. There shall be at least five lecture meetings of the Society during each session, which shall run from i October to 30 September each year, at which papers and communications shall be read and discussed. 22. The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in November each year, at which the business shall comprise the receipt of an annual report from the officers, approval of the annual accounts, election of the officers defined in Clause 11, and any other matter of which notice has been given in writing not less than 10 days before the meeting. The annual report and audited Accounts for the previous year shall be cir? culated to members not less than twenty-one days before the Annual General Meeting. 23. An auditor who shall be a duly qualified accountant shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. 24. On receipt of a request signed by ten members of the Society, the President shall within fourteen days convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of which at least fourteen days' notice shall be given to the members. The requisition and notice calling the meeting shall state the business for which the meeting is convened, and no other business shall be considered at such meeting. 226</page><page sequence="10">Constitution of the Jewish Historical Society of England 25. At any General Meeting of the Society fifteen members shall form a quorum. The voting at all meetings of the Society or of the Council shall be by show of hands, unless the Chairman shall deem it expedient that the voting shall be by ballot. The chairman may vote on any resolu? tion and shall, in case of equality of votes, have a second or casting vote. Subject to Regulations made by the Council, visitors may attend meet? ings, but will not be entitle to vote. Trust Property 26. The Council may appoint a custodian trustee or trust corporation on the terms as to remuneration and otherwise as specified in Section 4 of the Public Trustee Act 1906 and rules made thereunder, or may appoint not less than three nor more than four of the members of the Society, to hold any real property held by or in trust for the Society. Amendment of Constitution 27. An amendment to this Consitution may be proposed at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose of considering the same in accordance with Clause 24 above, provided that not less than ten signatories shall be obtained for the amendment. The Honorary Secretary shall receive at least twenty one days' written notice of any amendment to the Constitution to be proposed at an Annual General Meeting. A majority of two-thirds of those present and voting shall be required for the passing of any such amendment, provided that the Council may make arrangements for proxy voting thereat. Provided also that no amendment may be made to Clause 1 (the name of the Charity), Clause 2 (the objects), Clause 28 (the dissolution clause), or this Clause without the prior consent in writing of the Charity Commission; and no alteration shall be made which would cause the Society to cease to be a charity in law. Dissolution 28. The Society may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting of the Society convened for the purpose of which 21 clear days' notice shall have been given to the Members. The Council may make arrangements 227</page><page sequence="11">Constitution of the Jewish Historical Society of England for proxy voting thereat. Such resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets of the Society held by it or in custody of any other body, provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of debts and liabilities, such property shall not be paid to or distributed to or among the members but shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions, having objects similar to the objects of the Society as the Members may determine, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to this provision then to some other charitable purpose. 228</page><page sequence="12">Index A. family 150 Aarons, Louis 200 Aaronsohn, Aaron 130 Abd-Allah, UmarF. 143 Abdul-Hadi, Auni 131, 143 Abdullah (king) 126, 128,139 Abraham, Harris 68 Abrahams, Abraham 48 Abrahams, Joseph 59, 72 Abrahams, Morris 85 Abrahams, Moses 72 Abudiente, Rohiel 41 Adler, Nathan 211 Adler, Nettie 71 Aguilar, Grace 105, 108,113 Al Khada, Subhi 134 Albemarle, Lord 102 Albert (prince) 103 Alderman, Geoffrey 18 Aleichem, Sholom 154 Allenby, Viscount 128, 142 Allom, Charles 100 Alpert, Michael 208 Ana d. Francisco Mendes Benveniste 205, 206 Ancell (architect) 89, 90 Andrews, Thomas 25 Angel, Moses 65, 114 Antonius, G. 134 Aronsberg, Aaron 60 Aronsberg, William 60 Asch, Sholem 154, 179 Ash, Arthur 92 Attlee, Clement 139,167 Austin, John 28 Avila, Isaque de 41 B. , Alick 64 Bachman, Jack Henry 202 Backwell, Edward 42 Bader, Douglas 200 Baeck, Leo 212 Baillie, Joanna 112 Baker, Herbert 83, 84 Balakhovich, Bulak 148, 163 Balfour, Arthur 131 Balfour Declaration 16, 17, 128, 129, 130, 133,137, I4?, 143? 144,212,214 Ball (airman) 200 Bamberger, Cyril Stanley 187 Banks, John 28 Bardega, Ben 204 Barnato, Barney 81, 82, 83 Barnato family 200 Barnato, Woolf 83 Barnet, David 50 Barnett, Arthur 105-6, 121, 122 Baron, Bernhard 100 Barrow, Simon 55 Barry, Charles 76 Basevi, Father 95 Basevi, George 76, 91, 93, 94, 95 Battersea, Lady 83 Baum, Alfred James 187 Baylis, Lilian 87 Bearsted family 101 Bearsted, Lord see Samuel, Marcus Beauvoisin, M. de 114 Beazley, Sam 86 Behar, Victor 83 Behrend, George 73 Behrens family 60 Beit, Alfred 81 Beit, Otto 82 Benas, Baron Lewis 73 Benedict (musician) 82 Benisch, Abraham 107, 114, 120 Benjamin, Bessie 187 Benjamin, Elizabeth 99 Benjamin, Elizabeth Betty 187 Benjamin, Hyam 187 Benveniste, Abraham (1406-54) 205 229</page><page sequence="13">Index Benveniste, Abraham (grandson) 205 Benveniste, Diogo Mendes 205-6 Benveniste, Francisco Mendes 205 Benveniste, Vidal 205 Benjamin, Louis Lionel 187 Bergman, Vaclav 202 Berlin, Isaiah 210 Berman, Judith 20 Bermant, Chaim 174 Bernard, Jeffrey 90 Bernard, Oliver 90 Bernardini, Paolo 208 Bernhardt, Sarah 82 Berriman, Boyd 133 Bevin, Ernest 16 Birkbeck, George 115 Bischoffsheim family 80 Bishfield, Celia 63 Bishop (airman) 200 Birkenhead, Lord 71 Bischoff (architect) 96, 97 Black, Eugene 211 Black, Gerry 210 Blandford, Marquis of 92 Bloom, Cecil: T.E. LAWRENCE AND ZIONISM 125-45 Biowitz (journalist) 82 Bobrow, Alexander 148, 161 Bogen, Boris 150, 157 Bondy, Leah 67 Boone, Christopher 29 Bradlaugh, William 54 Braham, John 85 Brandon, David 93, 95 Brandon, John Raphael 94 Brandon, Joshua Arthur 94 Brangwyn, Frank 81 Brayley, Edward 113 Bregman, I. 158 Bresslau, Marcus 107, 117, 118 Brodetsky, Selig 210, 214 Brodie, Israel 19,190 Brooks, Andree Aelion 205-6 Brougham, Henry 107 Brown, Arnold 29 Brown, Malcolm 49 Brunner 89 Buber, Martin 212 Buckland, George 112 Bull, John 29 Bulwer-Lytton 113 Bunn, Alfred 112 Burn, William 82 Burnham, Lord 85 Burton, Decimus 76, 91 Burton, Montague 89 Bury, Charlotte 113 Bushell, Roger 198 Butt, Alfred 86 Bychowski, Ryzrad 203 Byron 113 Camden, Lord 52 Canon, Bernard 202 Cantor, Geoffrey: SUSSEX HALL (1845 59) AND THE REVIVAL OF LEARN? ING AMONG LONDON JEWRY 105-23 Caplan, Mrs 159 Caplin (benefactor) 101 Carpenter, William Benjamin 113 Carter, Edward 56 Carvajal the Elder, Luis de 207 Carvajal the Younger, Luis de 207 Cassel, Ernest 82, 88, 92, 100 Castro, Hananel de 109, 111, 115, 119, 121 Catherine of Braganza 26 Cesarani, David 107 Chambrelain, Charles 29 Chardin, Daniel 32, 34 Charles II (king) 26, 37, 46 Charles V (emperor) 206 Chatterton, John 112 Chermayeff, Serge 87, 89, 99 Chesterton, G. K. 103 Child, Josiah 32, 33~4, 37 Cholmley, John 29 Cholmley, Nathaniel 28, 36 Churchill, Winston 128,137, 138, 139,142, 183 Clarke, Charles Cowden 112 Clarke, George Somers 78 Clark, John 114 Clayton, Gilbert 129 Clore, Charles 93 Cohen, Arthur 53, 68 230</page><page sequence="14">Index Cohen, Benjamin 51, 53, 65, 66, 68, 77 Cohen, Harold L. 101 Cohen, Hermann 212 Cohen, John 91 Cohen, Morris 64 Cohen, Simon 63 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 113 Collins, H.H. 80, 85,94 Colquhoun, Patrick 48-9 Conder, Charles 81 Cooper, James Fenimore 113 Cooper, John: THE WORK OF THE PINSKER ORPHANS RELIEF FUND OF LONDON 1921-39 147-70 Cope, Joseph 31 Cornwallis, Lord 199 Cosby, LH. 192 Costa (musician) 82 Cotton, Jack 92 Cowan, Evelyn 175 Cowen (musician) 82 Cowen, Laurence 87 Craig (town planner) 91 Crewe, Bertie 86 Cromwell, Oliver 45, 103 Cummings, Constance 98 Curtis, Emanuel 92 da Costa family 95 da Costa, Alvaro (diamond merchant) 27, 28,29, 30,31 da Costa, Alvaro 41, 42, 43 da Costa, Ben 30 da Costa, Jacob 42 da Costa, Joseph 30 da Costa, Moseh 41, 42, 43 da Costa, Rahel 42 Dahl,Roald 183 Daiches, David 174-5, J7?\ 177, 178, 179 Daiches, Salis 174, 175,178 Datlow, Mr 154,159 Davidoff, Leopold 154,158,168 Davies, John 77 Davis, Ada 96 Davis, Albert Edward 188 Davis, Arthur J. 96,97 Davis, David Henry 188 Davis, Edmund 81 Davis, Harriette Bertha 188 Davis, Henry 94 Davis, Joseph Arthur see Davis, Arthur J. Davis, Montague 96 Davitch, Mr 169 Dawson, George 112 Day, Frank Samuel 188 Day, Nathaniel 188 Day, Rikei88 de Lara (musician) 82 Deedes, William 70 Delfont, Bernard 87 Destailleur 79 Deuntzer, Derrick C. 202 Deutsch, Lily 87 Deutsch, Oscar 87 Devey 79 Devine, George 172 Dickens, Charles 112 Dickstein, Morris 181 Diner, Hasia R. 215 Disraeli, Benjamin 20, 79, 80,94,113 Donaldson, T. L. 94 Dorfman children 150 Dormido, Manuel Martines 25 Drescher, Simon 208 Dreyfus affair 14 Duarte, Diego 39 Dubrovsky, Aaron 150 Duffield, Vivien 102 Duncane, Andrew 29 Du veen, Joseph 100 Eardley, Lord 76 Ebner, Ann: THE FIRST JEWISH MAGISTRATES 45-73 Eckstein, Friedrich 82 Edward VII (king) 15 Edward (Prince of Wales, later E VII) 82, 85 Edwards, John 189 Elias, Julius 102 Eliot, George 116 Eliot, T. S. 17 Ellis, Benjamin 59 Emanuel, Abraham Leon 57, 58 Emanuel, Barrow 94, 103 Emanuel, Edward 65 231</page><page sequence="15">Index Emanuel, Emanuel 50, 56-7, 59, 65, 68 Emanuel, Henry Michael 58 Emanuel, Jacob Israel 57 Emanuel, Kate 57 Emanuel, Michael 57, 58 Emanuel, Samuel Michael 57 Endelman, Todd 47, 106, 211 Epstein, Jacob 17, 83, 99 Faraday, Michael 113, 114, 116 Faudel-Phillips, Benjamin 70 Faudel-Phillips, George 62, 63, 69, 70 Feisal, Emir (later king) 126, 128-9, I3?-75 139, Ho, 141-2, 145 Feldman, Asher 157 Feldman, Dr Israel 156 Feldman, Israel (the Pinsker) 156, 157, 159 Feldman, Moshe 156-7 Feldman, William Moses 156 Fielding, John 48, 49 Fielding, Norman 208 Finestein, Israel 209, 215 Flanagan, Bud 101 Flockhart, William 81 Foch 84 Fonseca, Alvaro da 31-2 Foreman, J. 186 Fox (showman) 85 Fox, Thomas Ware 52 Francisco s. Duarte da Silva 26 Franco, General 207 Frankfurter, Felix 132-3, 134, 135-6 Frankel, Mr 159 Franklin, Jacob 107 Franks, Naphtaly 49 Franks, Mrs 165 Franks, Yetta 156 Freedman, Louis 92 Frick 100 Friend, George 58 Frumkin, Mrs 165 Fryer, John 29, 30 Gabriel (architect) 100 Galand, Adolf 199 Garcia (showman) 85 Garza family 207 Gealish, Leah 68 Geiger 212 George III (king) 110 George V (king) 125, 142 Gestetner, Sigmund 99 Gibbon, Edward 181 Gideon, Samson 76 Gilbert, Arthur 103 Glass, Zygmunt 203 Glasser, Ralph 175-6, 177, 178, 179, 180 Glyn, Isabella 112 Godefroy 96 Godfrey, Michael 29 Godley, Andrew 15 Godwin, George 94 Goldberg, Leah 67 Goldberg, Lily 64 Goldberg, Simon 56 Goldfinger, Ern? 99 Golding, Louis 171-3,179, 180 Goldschmidt, Josef 1 Goldschmidt-Lehmann, Ruth P. 1-11 Goldsmid family 101 Goldsmid, Aaron Asher 54, 65 Goldsmid, Abraham 76 Goldsmid, Benjamin 76 Goldsmid, Francis 80, 112 Goldsmid, Frederic 54 Goldsmid, Isaac Lyon 54, 67, 76, 80, 87-8, 91-2, in Goldsmid, Julian 67 Gollomb, Reverend 190 Goodman, Benjamin 73 Goodman, Bida 189 Goodman, George Ernest 188, 204 Goodman, Maurice Venning 189 Goodman, Sydney 189 Gore, Catherine 113 Grade, Lord 87 Grant, Albert 102 Grantham, Mr Justice 59 Graves, Robert 141 Gray, George 53 Gray, Thomas 29 Greenberg, Leopold 16 Greenwood, Sarah 68 Gregan, John Edgar 97 Groot, Marinus de 73 Gross, John 176,177-8, 179,180 232</page><page sequence="16">Index Groves, J.T. 76 Gubbay, Mrs David 102 Haidar, Rustum 131, 134, 140 Haine, R.C. 192 Halevi, Judah 175 Hallows, Eric Stewart Issacson 190 Hallows, Mrs M. 190 Halperin, George 156 Hamlyn, Paul 98 Hammerson, Lewis 93 Hammerstein, Oscar 86 Hardwick, P.C. 80 Harris, Alfred 73 Harris, Augustus 87 Harris, Gershon 66 Harris, Lewis 73 Harris, Morris 73 Hart, Harry 85 Hart, Henry 48, 58, 59 Hart, Israel 59, 60-1 Hart, Moses 76 Hastings, Thomas 100 Hearne family 36 Hearst, William Randolph 100 Hemans, Felicia 113 Henriques, Alfred 67 Henriques, Fern?o Mendes 33 Henriques, Peter 31 Henriques, Pierre 31 Henschel (musician) 82 Herne, Joseph 29 Herne, Nathaniel 28, 29 Herschell, Solomon 14 Hertz, Joseph 18 Herzl, Theodor 82 Hille (furniture designer) 91 Hindus, Milton 181 Hirsch, Maurice de 88 Hirsch, Paul 73 Hitler, Adolf 16, 21,125,183 Hoare, Richard 30, 31 Hodgkinson, Captain 57 Hogarth, D. G. 129 Holden, Eustace 190 Holden, Kenneth 190 Holtzman, Eliyohu 148, 150, 151, 168 Hood, Thomas 112 Hore-Belisha, Leslie 83 Howe, Irving 181,215 Hunt, Robert 112, 113 Husk, Alderman 63 Hussein, Grand Sherif of Mecca 126,130 Hyams, Harry 93 Isaac s. Antonio do Porto 32 Isaac, Blodwen 190 Isaac, James 190 Isaac, Lewis Reginald 190 Isaac, Samuel 88 Isaac, Saul 88 Isaacs, Daniel 48 Isaacs, Henry 62, 63, 66, 69, 70 Isaacs, Philip 63 Isenberg, Abraham 154, 156, 157, 158 Israel, Menasseh ben 114 Iveagh, Lord 100 Jacobs, Henry 191 Jacobs, J. 191 Jacobs, Jacob 73 Jacobs, Myer 58 Jacobson, Alfred 191 Jacobson, Norman 191 Jacobson, Olive 191 Jaffe, Otto 60 Jaffe, Rose 60 Jamilly, Edward: PATRONS, CLIENTS, DESIGNERS AND DEVELOPERS: THE JEWISH CONTRIBUTION TO SECULAR BUILDING IN ENGLAND 75-103 Jarvis, Ronnie Austin 200 Jastrzebski, Franciszek 202 Jessel, Charles 67 Jessel, George 67 Jo?o II (king) 205 Jo?o III (king) 205, 206 Joel, Barnato 100 Joel, Jack B. 82 Joel, Jolly 82, 86 Johnsonjohn 30,31 Johnson, Mr 116 Jones, Adrian 103 Joseph, Delissa 83, 88, 94 Joseph, Ernest 88-9 233</page><page sequence="17">Index Joseph, N. S. 94 Joyce, James 73, 181 Kafka, Franz 177 Kahn, Arthur Harold Evans 191 Kahn, Ezra 1 Kahn, Helen Margaret 191 Kahn, Joseph 191 Kahn, Mai 191 Kaizer, A. M. 151 Katrinsky, Mrs 162 Kaufmann, E. C. 99 Kaye, John 189 Kaye, Sidney 93 Keeling (architect) 85 Keinberg, Rebecca 67 Kellner, Sandor see Korda, Alexander Kelly, Frances 112 Kemp, T. R. 91 Kerensky 155 Kessler, Edward 210, 212 Keyser, Polydore de 89 Klampen, Aaron 150 Klampert, Friedl 150 Keyser, Asneth de 188 Keyser, John Lionel De 188 Keyser, William De 188 Klein (airman) 186 Klein, Zygmunt 192 Klier, Professor 210 Klug, Julius 169 Kohler, Kaufman 212 Komaroff, Helen 192 Komaroff, Lennert Axel 192 Korda, Alexander 87 Kramer, Emmanuel 192 Kramer, Marcus 192 Kustrzynski, Flight Lieutenant 199 Lambe, Mr 114 Lammer(s), Alfred 192 Landau, Herman 157 Landon, Letitia 113 Langton, Daniel R. 210-2 Lankester, Edwin 112, 113 Lansbury, George 167 Lasdun, Denys 87,99 Laski, Neville 20, 214 Lawrence, T. E. 125-45 Lawson,, Lionel 85 Lazarus (debtor) 62 Lazarus, Solomon 63 Lebus family 83 Leigh, Michael 211 Lehmann, Ruth Pauline see Goldschmidt Lehmann, Ruth P. Leone Leoni, Aron de 205 Letheby, Henry 112, 113 Lev, Moshe 150 Lev, Zeev 150, 159, 164, 168 Levene (showman) 85 Levenson, Stephen Austin 202 Levi, Primo 179 Levy, Arthur 188 Levy, Benn 98 Levy, D. E. 92 Levy, Fanny 67 LevyJ. 92 Levy, John Lewis 56, 61 Levy, Joseph 59 Levy, Lewis 56, 63 Levy, Marc-Henri 87 Levy, Mark 63 Lewis, David 90 Lewis, Samuel 77 Lewissohn, Ludwig 181 Liddell-Hart, Basil 142, 144 Lieberies, Robert 211 Lindo family 95, 101 Linom, William 58 Lipman, Elias 62 Lipszyc, Rubin 203 Littman, Joseph 92 Liz, Francisco de 29 Lloyd George 83, 84,128, 137, 140,142 Lockitch, Mrs 153,161 Loewe, Herbert 212 Loibl85 Lopes, Manasseh Massey 50, 61 Loudon, J. C. 77 Louis XIV (king) 35 Lourie, Saoul 154,156 Lousada, Emanuel 51, 53, 56, 68, 91 Lubetkin, Berthold 99 Lucas, Mrs Lionel 64 Luisa (queen) 26 234</page><page sequence="18">Index Luna, Alvaro de 205 Luna, Brianda de 205-6 Luna, Beatrice de see Nasi, Gracia Luria family 156 Lurie, Saul see Lourie, Saoul Lutyens, Edwin 83, 84 Lyndhurst, Lord 51 Lyons, Emanuel Barnett 193 Lyons, J. 89-90 Lyons, Mrs R. 193 MacDonald White Paper 16 Magnus, Philip 57, 65, 211 Magnus, Simon 72 Malan, 'Sailor' 199, 200 Mamedoff (airman) 186 Mamedoff, Alys 193 Mamedoff, Andrew B. 193 Mamedoff, Natalie 193 Mannock (airman) 200 Maple, John 82 Marie Antoinette (queen) 79 Markes, Rahel Mendes 42 Marks, David (architect) 102 Marks, David (reverend) 211 Marks family 90 Marks, Harry 80 Marques, Antonio Rodrigues 32 Marques, Diego Rodrigues 42 Martins, Antonio 28 Martins, Diego 28 Mason, F. 186, 188 Matcham, Frank 87 Mattos, Leibel 163 Maubert, Nicholas 30, 31 McCudden (airman) 200 McDonald, Malcolm 140 Mclndoe, Archibald 188 Meinertzhagen, Richard 128, 131, 134-5, 142,144 Meirtchak, Benjamin 185 Melchett, Violet 101 Mellon, Andrew 100 Mence, Samuel 200 Mendelsohn, Erich 98 Mendes, Antonio 41 Mendes, Fernando 41, 42, 43 Mendes, Isaac 41, 43 Mendes, Jacob 43 Mendes, Leonor 42 Mendes, Moses 42 Mendes da Costa, Antonio 41, 42 Mendes da Costa, Fernao 26-7 Mendes da Costa, Fernando 42 Mendes da Costa, Joseph 41 Mendes da Costa, Sarah 42 Mendez do Castro, Joseph 41 Mentz, van (airman) 186 Mentz, Brian van 199, 200 Mentz, Rosine van 200 Mentz, Sidney van 200, 201 Menuhin, Mrs Yehudi 95 Mewes, Charles 96, 97 Meyer, Michael 211 Miers, Isaac Levy 109 Michael, Michael John 56 Miller, Emmanuel 101 Miller, Jonathan 101 Mills, John 108 Mitchell, Joseph 107 Mocatta, David 80, 87, 92, 93, 94 Mocatto, Moses 31 Mond, Alfred 83, 89 Mond, Ludwig 102 Montagu, Edwin 83 Montagu, Lily 71 Montagu, Samuel 66, 67, 68, 71, 82 Montefiore, Claude 17, 210-2 Montefiore family 16, 209 Montefiore, Frances 67 Montefiore, Joseph Mayer 54 Montefiore, Justina 53 Montefiore, Lady {w. Moses) 111,114 Montefiore, Moses 20, 51, 53, 58, 62, 65, 68, 71, 76, in Montefiore, Nathaniel 111-2, 119, 121 Morgenstern, Mr 158 Moro, Peter 99 Morris, Henry 186, 187, 188, 190, 191, 194, 195, 196,197, 201,202, 203 Morrison, Herbert 135 Moseh Franco, Abraham de 41 Moser, Jacob 60 Moses uncle Arthur Cohen 53 Moses, Emanuel 65 Mosley, Oswald 177, 215 235</page><page sequence="19">Index Moss, Edward 87 Mousa, Suleiman 143 Moya (architect) 101 Mozley, Charles 68, 72 Mumford, Lewis 75 Mundy, Mr 158 Murillo 79 Myers, Asher 59 Myers, Naphtaly 48 Namier, Lewis 140, 145 Nasi, Gracia 205-6 Nasi, Joseph 205, 206 Nathan, Solomon 48 Nelson, Henry 194 Nelson, Marjorie Isobel 194 Nelson, Sarafina 194 Nelson, William Henry 186, 194 Newton, Ernest 83 Niditch, Mr 154 Nieto, David 42 Niven (architect) 82 Novinsky, Anita 208 Nunes, David 30 Nunes, Isaac Alvaro 37 Nunes, Isaque Fernandes 41 Nutting, Anthony 136 Ochberg, Isaac 151-3 Oppenheim, Morris S. 111, 112 Oppenheimer, Charles 80, 103 Ormsby-Gore, William 130,135 Ostrer brothers 87 Oven, Joshua van 49 Oxenden, George 27 Paiva, Jacques de 32 Pareezer, Florence 194 Pareezer Reginald 194 Pareezer, Reginald Tony 194 Paxton, Joseph 78, 79, 80 Peel, Robert 50, 53 Pepper, John Henry 113 Pereira, Isaac 3 5 Pereira, Jacob 3 5 Pereira, Pedro 32, 35 Perkins, William 30 Pevsner, Nikolaus 78, 99 Pfeiffer, Jan Piotr 202 Pitt, Thomas 33 Phelps, Samuel 112 Philipson, David 211 Phillips, Benjamin 54, 62, 69, 70 Phillips, Henry 112 Phillips, J. A. 92 Phillips, John 73 Phillips, Lionel 82 Phillips, Marion 71 Piekov family 150 Pilichowski, A. V. 99 Pinero, Arthur Wing 82 Polatnick 159 Pomerantz, Mr 155 Pope, John Russell 100 Porter, Anna Maria 113 Porto, Antonio do 32 Porto, Domingo do 31-2, 34 Posener, Frederick Hyam 195 Posener,J. 195 Posner, Eljasz 203 Powell (architect) 101 Prince Regent 91 Prys, Aron: INMEMORIAM RUTH P. GOLDSCHMIDT-LEHMANN, 1930-2002 1-11 Pushkin, Marsha 154, 155, 165, 167 Pushkin, Mr 154 Quayle, Anthony 172 Rachel (actress) 82,83 Raphael, David T. 207 Raphael, Henrietta 101 Raphael, Henry 101 Raphall, Morris 111 Rashdall, Hastings 211 Rayne, Max 93,101 Rayner, Roderick, Malachi Seaburne 195 Reichman brothers 93 Reilly, Professor 97 Rembrandt 79 Ricardo family 76 Ricardo, Halsey 94, 95 Richmond, Duke of 82 Rieti, Solomon 85 Rimmer, Cecilia 195 236</page><page sequence="20">Index Rimmer, Launcelot 195,196 Rimmer, Reginald Frank 195 Ritblat, John 102 Ritcher, Geoffrey Louis 195 Roberts, Marcus 121 Robertson, Howard 89 Rodrigues, Alphonso 27, 29, 31, 34, 40 Rodrigues, Bartholomew 27, 31, 34, 35, 36 Rodrigues, Branca 42 Rodrigues, Gomes 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 39 Rodrigues, Salvador 32 Rodrigues-Pereira, Miriam: THE REIN? TERMENT OF MEMBERS OF THE MENDES DA COSTA FAMILY, 1713 41-3 Romain, Jonathan 211 Ronald (musician) 82 Rose,J. 196 Rose, Jack 196 Rose, Maurice 196 Rosebery, Lord 79 Rosenauer, Michael 87 Rosenheim family 101 Rosenzweig 212 Ross, John Hume see Lawrence, T. E. Roth, Cecil 1, 179, 205, 206 Rothschild family 15,16, 65, 77, 78, 80, 83, 101,209 Rothschild 66 Rothschild, Alfred 80 Rothschild, Aline de 84 Rothschild, Anthony 79 Rothschild, Baroness de 121 Rothschild, Charles 83 Rothschild, Charlotte 67 Rothschild, Evelina de 68, 101 Rothschild, Ferdinand de 68, 79 Rothschild, Hannah 79 Rothschild, James de 20, 79 Rothschild, Leo 80 Rothschild, Lionel de 78, 79, 80, 106, 121 Rothschild, Lord Nathaniel 83 Rothschild, Lord Lionel 136 Rothschild, Lord Jacob 103 Rothschild, Meyer 78,79 Rothschild, Meyer de 53 Rothschild, Nathan 66 Rothschild, Nathan Meyer 77, 78 Rothschild, Nathaniel Rothschild, Sir Anthony 214 Rozenberg, Abraham 62 Rubens 79 Rubinstein, William D.: THE DECLINE AND FALL OF ANGLO-JEWRY? 13-21; 61, 213,215 Ry, Jacob 77 Sacks, Bennie 178 Sacks, Jonathan 19 Sacks, Oliver 176-7, 178, 179 Said, Nuri 131,140 Saladin 142 Salaman, Charles 112 Salomon, David (the elder) 76 Salomon, David (the younger) 76 Salomons, David 51, 52-3, 55, 61, 62, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69,70, 71,121 Salomons, David Lionel 67 Salomons, Edward 94, 95, 97 Salvador, Francis 32 Samson, Henry 60 Samuda, Jacob 88 Samuda, Joseph 88 Samuel family 209 Samuel, Edgar: DIAMONDS AND PIECES OF EIGHT: HOW STUART ENGLAND WON THE ROUGH DIAMOND TRADE 23-40; 206, 208 Samuel, Edwin 140 Samuel, Godfrey 99 Samuel, Harold 92, 102 Samuel, Herbert 137, 140 Samuel, Maurice 180-1 Samuel, Marcus 62, 69, 70, 88, 89 Samuel, Sam 88 Samuely, Felix 99 Sanders, Maurice 95 Saporta, Sam 30 Sargent, John 102 Sassoon, Albert 82, 103 Sassoon, Edward 82 Sassoon, Philip 81, 84 Scharlieb (benefactor) 101 Schaufelberg 87 Schechter, Solomon 211,212 Schiff (benefactor) 101 237</page><page sequence="21">Index Schiff, Otto 148,158 Schiff, Ernest 157 Sch?llar, Edward C. 202 Schonfeld, Solomon 214 Schumer, Francis Herbert 196 Schumer, Mrs J. 196 Schwind, Florence 196 Schwind, Georgina 196 Schwind, Gordon Louis 196-7 Schwind, Lionel 196 Schwind, Lionel Harold 196-7 Scott, Walter 113 Scott-Moncrieff 181 Sebag-Montefiore, Joseph 67, 68 Seed, Patricia 208 Seifert, Richard 93 Seiles, Rodrigues de 29 Semon, Charles 60, 61 Sen, Sun Yat 64 Sequeira, Abraham Israel see Rodrigues, Gomes Sergent (architect) 100 Serota, Nicholas 102 Serra, Antonio Gomes 39 Serra, Pinhas Gomes 41 Shakespeare, William 112, 113 Sharman, Herbert Ronald 197 Sharp, Leslie Mark 197 Sharp, M. 197 Shatzkes, Pamela 213-4 Shaw, T. E. see Lawrence, T. E. Sheckman, Dorothy 87 Sheckman, Essy 87 Sheckman, Solly 87 Sherman, Marjorie 101 Sieff family 90 Silk, Polly 101 Silva, Duarte da 26, 27, 39 Silver, William Gerald 197 Simon Henriques s. Gomes Rodrigues 27, Simons, Michael 73 Smirke, Sidney 78 Smith, John 31 Smith, T.H. 81 Soane, John 93 Soloman, Soloman J. 90 Solomon, Digby 95 Solomon, Archibald Baron 197 Solomon, Ethel Betsy 197 Solomon, Lewis 94 Solomon, Neville David 197 Solomon, Solomon J. 83 Solomon, Norman 212 Solomons, David 154 Solomons, Henry 165 Solomons, Ikey 85 Solomons, Leopold 101 Solomons, Maurice 73 Sonnhammer 85 Sosa, Gaspar Castano de 207 Southey, Robert 113 Speyer brothers 88 Speyer, Edgar 83 Spiers, Aubrey H. 198 Spiller, James 76 Stein, David 202 Stern family 101 Stern, Herbert 103 Stern, Sidney 67 Stokes 79 Stone, W. H. 57 Strauss (benefactor) 101 Stuart, James 76 Sugarman, Martin: MORE THAN JUST A FEW: JEWISH PILOTS AND AIR? CREW IN THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN 183-203 Sussex, Duke of 110 Swainson, William 114 Sykes, Mark 128, 129, 130, 131, 143 Sykes-Picot agreement 126, 131 Taylor, Robert 77, 82 Telling, Elizabeth 59 Thackeray, William Makepeace 112 Thorn, Jules 101 Tibawi, A. L. 135-6,143-4 Tilden, Philip 84 Tite (architect) 94 Trollope, Frances 113 Trumbauer, Horace 100 Trussell (prisoner) 62 Tryphena w. Simon Barrow 56 Tuck, Ethel Clara 198 Tuck, Gustave 101 238</page><page sequence="22">Index Tuck, Robert Roland Stanford 198-200, 201 Tuck, Stanley Lewis 198 Turner, J. M. W. 79 Turner, Reggie 85 Uchmany, Eva Alexandra 208 Uzzielli family 80 Vallentine, Isaac 107 Vallentine, Samuel 107 Veiga, Jacob da 41 Veiga, William da 29 Victoria (queen) 57, 67, 79 Vysove, H. 154 Waidegrave, Frances 86 Waley, Jacob 112 Waley-Cohen, Robert 85 Walpole, Horace 47 Wanamaker, Sam 87 Ware, Isaac 76 Washington, George 14 Wasserstein, Bernard: THE CHILDREN OF MAGNOLIA STREET 171-82 Weber, J. 201 Weber, Jack 201 Weedon, Harry 87 Weizmann, Chaim 98, 125, 130-9, 140 Weizmann, Vera 138 Wellington, Duke of 51, 52 Wellspring, James 57 Wertheimer, Asher 102 Wigglesworth (architect) 82 Wilde, Oscar 82 Wilk, Abraham 201 Wilk, Fairie 201 Wilk, Jack 198, 201 William IV (king) 91 Williamson, Henry 143 Wills, F. J. 90 Wilson, Woodrow 140 Winberg, Anna 201 Winberg, Israel 201 Winberg, Morris 201 Winburn, Anna see Winberg, Anna Winburn, Morris, see Winberg, Morris Wolfson family 101 Wolfson, Isaac 101 Wood, John 91 Woolley, Robert 31 Words worth, William 113 Worms, George de 67 Worms, Henry de 67 Wornum, R. S. 82 Wyatt, James 82 Wynn, Kenneth G. 185-6, 188, 202, 203 Yale, Elihu 33 Yale, William 139-40 Yardley, Michael 144 Yates, E. W. 73 Yeats, Charlotte 50 Zagache, Abraham 41 Zaid b. Feisal (emir) 144 Zamek, A. 202 Zamek, Ian Alexander 202 Zamek, Norman Henry 202 Zangwill, Israel 171, 172, 179, 210 Zeitlin, Hillel 179 Zilberman family 153 Zilberman, Moshe 153 Zucker, Bat-Ami 212 Zucker, Chaya 150 Zucker, Mordecai 150 Zunz, Annie 100 Zunz, Siegfried Rudolf 100 239</page><page sequence="23">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES Contents Volume 38 In Metnoriam Ruth Lehmann WILLIAM RUBINSTEIN The decline andfall ofAnglo-Jewry? EDGAR SAMUEL Diamonds and pieces of eight: how Stuart England won the rough-diamond trade MIRIAM RODRIGUES-PEREIRA The reinterment of members of the Mendes da Costa family, 1713 ANN EBNER The first Jewish magistrates EDWARD JAMILLY Patrons, clients, designers and developers: the Jewish contribution to secular building in England GEOFFREY CANTOR Sussex Hall (i84S-i8sg) and the revival of learning among London Jewry CECIL BLOOM T. E. Lawrence and Zionism JOHN COOPER The work of the Pinsker Orphans Relief Fund of London, jQ2i-ig3Q BERNARD WASSERSTEIN Children ?/Magnolia Street MARTIN SUGARMAN More than just a few: Jewish pilots and aircrew in the Battle of Britain Book Notes The Woman who Defied Kings: The Life and Times of Dona Gracia Nasi, Andree Brooks The Conquistadores and Crypto-Jews of Monterrey, David Raphael The Jews and the Expansion of Europe to the West, 1450-1800, eds Paolo Bernardini and Norman Fielding Scenes and Personalities in Anglo-Jewry, 1800-2000, Israel Finestein Claude Montefiore: His Life and Thoughts, Daniel Langton, and An English Jew - The Life and Writings of Claude Montefiore, ed. Edward Kessler In Search of Refuge: Jews and US Consuls in Nazi Germany, igjj-ig4i, Bat-Ami Zucker Holocaust and Rescue: Impotent or Indifferent? Anglo-Jewry igj8-4Sy Pamela Shatzkes Lower East Side Memoirs: A Jewish Place in America, Hasia Diner ISBN 0-902528-36-X</page></plain_text>

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