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Contents Vol 9

<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OE ENGLAND.</page><page sequence="2">SIR LIONEL ABRAHAMS, K.CB. (1869-1919) PRESIDENT 1916-1918</page><page sequence="3">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. transactions SESSIONS 1918-1920. PRINTED FOB THE SOCIETY BY SPOTTISWOODE, BALLANTYNE &amp; CO. LTD. 1 NEW-STREET SQUARE, LONDON, E.C. 1922. All rights reserved</page><page sequence="4">NOTE. The Society as a body is not responsible for the statements made or opinions expressed by the authors of Papers.</page><page sequence="5">THIS VOLUME IS INSCRIBED TO THE MEMORY OF LIONEL ABEAHAMS</page><page sequence="6">CONTENTS. Preface ...... PAGE vii I. The Peace Banquet . . . . . . .1 (i) List of Guests, p. 1; (ii) Speeches by the Chairman (Lord Reading), Messrs. H. S. Q. Henriques, Lucien Wolf, Israel Zangwill, the Lord Chancellor (Lord Birkenhead) and Haham Dr. Gaster; Statement by Mr. G. Tuck; Speeches by Dr. I. Abrahams, the American Ambassador (Mr. Davis), Lord Burnham, the Chief Rabbi (Dr. Hertz), Lord 'Reading, pp. 4-34; Correspondence with the American Jewish Historical Society, p. 34; List of Donations, p. 36. II. Proposals for Special Taxation of the Jews after the Revolution. Presidential Address. By H. S. Q. Henriques, M.A., B.C.L., K.C..39 (i) The Three Periods of the History of the *Jews in England, p. 39 ; (ii) A Document of Historic Importance, p. 41; (iii) The Proposed Special Taxation of the Jews, p. 42 ; (iv) The " Case of the Jews stated," p. 44; Presentation of the Petition, p. 46; Fate of the Proposal, p. 47. Appendices: (i) Mr. Foley's Petition, p. 51; (?) Letter of the Earl of Shrewsbury to the Lord Mayor of London, p. 52. III. Special Taxation of the Jews. By H. S. Q. Henriques, M.A., B.C.L., K.C.53 (i) In the West Indian Colonies, p. 53; (ii) Comments on the " Case of the Jews stated," p. 54; (iii) Exemption of the Jews from the Alien Duties in the reigns of James II. and William and Mary, p. 58. Appendix : Fron the Acts of the Privy Council, p. 66. IV. The Legal Position of the Jews in pre-expulsion Eng? land, as shown by the Plea Rolls of the Jewish Exchequer. By Cyril M. Picctotto, M.A. . . .67 V. Ephraim Luzzatto (1729-1792). By Mrs. R. N. Salaman . 85 Translation of the Headings of the Songs, p. 99. XXV</page><page sequence="7">XXvi CONTENTS. page VI. Hebrew Loyalty under the First Four Georges. By Dr. I. Abrahams. 103 (i) Academic Tributes, p. 103 ; (ii) Continental Tributes, p. 114; (iii) Liturgical Tributes, p. 117. Appendices: Bibliography (i) Academic, p. 123; (ii) Liturgical, p. 124. VII. Reflections on the History of the Anglo-Jewish Com? munity. Presidential Address. By H. S. Q. Henriques, M.A., D.C.L., K.C. . .131 VIII. Perkin Warbeck and his Jewish Master. By Cecil Roth. 143 Appendix: Extracts from Patent Rolls and Rolls of Parlia? ment, p. 159. IX. Racial Origins of Jewish Types. Presidential Address (1920). By R. N. Salaman, M.A., M.D. .... 163 X. Some Medieval Notes. By Hilary Jenkinson, F.S.A. . 185 XI. Tallies and Receipt Rolls. By Hilary Jenkinson, F.S.A. 188 XII. Laws, List of Officers and Members and Balance Sheets . 193 Index ........... 223</page><page sequence="8">ILLUSTRATIONS. (i) Frontispiece. Portrait of Sir Lionel Abrahams, K.C.B. From a Pastel by Isaac Cohen, Esq. {Reproduced by kind permission of Lady Abrahams and the artist.) (ii) Twelve Plates Illustrative of Dr. R. N. Salaman's Presidential Address.following p. 184 (For descriptions see foot-lines to the plates, and the text of the Address.) (iii) Four Plates Illustrative of the Paper on Tallies and Receipt Rolls. By Hilary Jenkinson, F.S.A. . following p. 192 (For descriptions see foot-lines to plates, and for transcriptions the text of the Address.) xxvii</page></plain_text>

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