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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND.!</page><page sequence="2">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. transactions SESSIONS 1915-1917. PRINTED FOB THE SOCIETY BY SPOTTISWOODE, BALLANTYNE &amp; CO. LTD. 1 NEW-STREET SQUARE, LONDON, B.C. 1918. All rights reserved</page><page sequence="3">NOTE. The Society as a body is not responsible for the statements made or opinions expressed by the authors of Papers.</page><page sequence="4">THIS VOLUME IS INSCRIBED TO THE MEMORY OF JOSEPH JACOBS.</page><page sequence="5">CONTENTS. PAGE Preface ........ . vii I. The Hebrew Treasures of England. Presidential Address. By Elkan N. Adler, M.A.1 II. The Records of Exchequer Receipts from the English Jewry. By Hilary Jenkinson, F.S.A.19 III. The Question Whether a Jew can be Lord Chancellor of England. By. H. S. Q. Henriques, M.A., B.C.L. . 55 IV. The Purchase of Hebrew Books by the English Parlia? ment in 1647. By I. Abrahams, M.A., and C. E. Sayle, M.A.63 V. Records of MSS. and Documents Possessed by the Jews in England before the Expulsion. Presidential Address. By the Rev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., Litt.D., F.S.A. 78 Appendices : (i) Psalterium Hebraico-Latinum, p. 95 ; (ii) De Gregorio Venanto dunensi, p. 96; (iii) Libri Roberti de Dodeforde; Libri Gregorii prioris, p. 97. VI. Isaac Abend ana's Cambridge Mishnah and Oxford Calendars. By I. Abrahams, M.A. ... .98 Appendices / (i) Entries in the Manuscript of Abendana's Trans? lation, p. 108; (ii) Receipts by Abendana, p. 109; (iii) Specimens of Abendana's Translation, p. 110; (iv) From the Preface of Robert Sheringham's " Joma," p. 116; (v) The Oxford Almanacks, p. 117; (vi) Letters from Isaac Abendana to Dr. Co veil, p. 119; (vii) The "Dis? courses," p. 120; (viii) The Passes to Jacob and Isaac Abendana, p. 121. VII. Notes on some Contemporary References to Dr. Falk, the Baal Shem of London, in the Rainsford MSS. at the British Museum. By Gordon P. G. Hills, Esq. . 122 xlii</page><page sequence="6">xiv CONTENTS. PAAR VIII. Dr.. Joseph Jacobs : Memorial Meeting . . . .129 1. Address by the President, Dr. Stokes, p. 129; 2. Address by Israel Zangwill, Esq., p. 131 ; 3. Address by Lucien Wolf, Esq., p. 147; 4. Bibliography of Dr. Joseph Jacobs' " Contributions to Anglo-Jewish History, Literature, and Statistics." By I. Abrahams, M.A., p. 150. IX. The Relationship between the Jews and the Royal Family of England in the Thirteenth Century. Presi? dential Address. By the Rev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., Litt.D., F.S.A.153 X. The Economic and Financial Position of the Jews in Medijeval England. Presidential Address. By Sir Lionel Abrahams, K.C.B..171 XI. Appendices.189 (i) Proposed Publication of the Sources of Anglo-Jewish History from 1206 to 1290. Report by Sir L. Abrahams, Dr. I. Abrahams, and Dr. Stokes, p. 189. (ii) Report of the Sub-Committee (Messrs A. Abrahams, C. M. Picciotto, Israel Solomons, and the Rev. M. Rosenbaum) on Post-Expulsion Publications, p. 191. Addendum, p. 193; Notes, p. 194. (iii) The American Jewish Historical Society, p. 195. (iv) The Jewish Historico-Ethnographical Society, Petrograd, p. 197. (v) Arthur Davis Memorial Lecture, p. 197. XII. Laws, List of Officers and Members, Balance-Sheets . 199 Indbx.223 Joseph Jacobs (1854-1910), President of the Society, 1897-1899 From ? photograph. FMiott ?fr Fry. Frontispiece</page></plain_text>

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