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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND.</page><page sequence="2">Pkttsgrmfik by C. Vmmfyk LUCIEN WOLF FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIETY Frontispiece</page><page sequence="3">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. ^Transactions SESSIONS 1911-1914. PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY BY BALLANTYNE, HANSON &amp; CO. EDINBURGH &amp; LONDON. 1915. All rights reserved</page><page sequence="4">NOTE. The Society as a body is not responsible for the statements made or opinions expressed by the authors of Papers.</page><page sequence="5">THIS VOLUME IS INSCRIBED in affection and esteem to LUCIEN WOLF, Esq. first president on the completion of twenty-one years of the society's activity.</page><page sequence="6">CONTENTS. PAGE Preface. vii I. Presidential Address. By Dr. S. A. Hirsch .... 1 H. The Jews of Canterbury. By the Rev. Michael Adler, B.A. 19 Notes. 60 Appendices: (i) Northampton Donum, 1194, Canterbury and Kent, p. 74; (ii) Conveyance of Land to Christ Church Cathedral, p. 75 ; (iii) Conveyance of Land from Richard Deudene (Deudune) to Jacob, p. 76 ; (iv) Gift by Susanna de Planaz to Christ Church, p. 76 ; (v) Treaty of 1266, p. 77 ; (vi) Names of Residents in Canterbury about the years 1240-1260, p. 77; (vii) Letter concerning the Im? prisonment of the Jews in 1278, p. 78; (viii) Bonds owing to Jews of Canterbury at the Expulsion, p. 79; (ix) Houses and Lands at the Expulsion, p. 90 (Charter given by Edward I to Christ Church, 1290,. p. 94); (x) Disposition of Houses after the Expulsion, p. 92 ; (xi) Release from Richard le Jeovene to Christ Church of Yearly Rent of a Tenement next door to the Synagogue, p. 95 ; (xii) Houses Indicated on the Plan of the City, p. 95. III. Crypto-Jews in the Canaries. By Lucien Wolf ... 97 IV. A Dutch Burial-Ground and its English Connections. By the Rev. Isidore Harris, M.A.113 Inscriptions on the Tombstones in the Old Portuguese Ceme? tery at Middelburg, p. 123 ; Tentative Notes on the above, p. 140. V. Richard Cumberland Centenary Memorial Paper. By Louis Zangwill . . ..147 Appendices: (i) Original Cast of " The Jew: A Comedy," as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, p. 177 ; (ii) Benevolent Jew, or, Sheva's Creed, p. 177. xix</page><page sequence="7">XX CONTENTS. PAGE VI. Jewish Pioneers of South Africa. By Sidney Men? delssohn .180 Notes, p. 203. VII. Origin of the Jewish Historical Society of England. By Lucien Wolf ........ 2061 Documents: (i) Origin of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Ex? hibition, p. 216; (ii) The Foundation of the Jewish Historical Society, p. 218. VIII. Lord George Gordon's Conversion to Judaism. By Israel Solomons. 222 Appendix: Engraved Portraits, Caricatures, &amp;c, in the Col? lection of the Writer, p. 265. Note on p. 226, p. 308. IX. Jacob Kimchi and Shalom Buzaglo. By Dr. Charles Duschinsky.272 X. Presidential Address. By the Kev. the Haham Dr. M. G aster.291 Laws and Bye-laws.309 Officers, Council, Executive, Representatives on the Mocatta Library and Museum Committee, and List of Members 313 Balance Sheets, 1912-1914.328 Index . .335</page><page sequence="8">ILLUSTRATIONS. L?cien Wolf, Esq. Frontispiece Odonts Isagoge, Facsimile of fol. 41b from MS. B. 14. 33 in Trinity College, Cambridge. (See also for a repro? duction of this page Dr. M. James's Catalogue, vol. iv.) ......... To face page 9 Henry of Costessy's Expositio super Psalmos, Facsimile of fol. 3a from MS. Dd. i. 11 (formerly F. i. 11) in Christ's College, Cambridge.? ?10 Plan of Canterbury, showing the Jewish Quarter . page 23 Conveyance of Land from Richard Deudene (Deudune), Facsimile.To face page 76 Disused Portuguese Cemetery, Middelburg, 1911, before Restoration.? ?113 Disused Portuguese Cemetery, Middelburg, railed in after Restoration, 1912.? ?113 Richard Cumberland, from the Portrait by Romney in the National Portrait Gallery . . . . . ,, ,,147 " Mr. Sprigg has Mildly Rebuked the Premier " . ? ? 196 (For explanation see foot lines on the reproduction.) Portraits of Prof. H. Graetz, Dr. Hermann Adler, Messrs. Asher I. Myers, Myer D. Davis, and Alfred A. Newman.? ? 206 Lord George Gordon (No. 22 of Appendix^ p. 270) . ? ? 222</page><page sequence="9">XX? ILLUSTRATIONS. "The Birmingham Moses" (No. 12 of Appendix, p. 267) To face page 242 "Moses G?rden or the Wandering Jew" (No. 13 of Appendix, p. 267). ? ? 244 "Moses Chusing his Cook" (No. 16 of Appendix^. 268) ? ? 248 Lord George Gordon (No. 21 of Appendix, p. 269) . ? ? 256 Poly Levi (No. 23 of Appendix, p. 270) ....?? 262 " The Triumph " (No. 15 of Appendix, p. 267) ... ? ? 264 Jacob Kimhe (Kimchi). ? ? 272 David de Crasto (Castro). ? ? 276 Haham David Nieto. ? ? 291</page></plain_text>

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