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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND.</page><page sequence="2">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. XI transactions SESSIONS 1908-1910. PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY BY BALLANTYNE, HANSON &amp; CO. EDINBURGH &amp; LONDON. 1912. All rights reserved</page><page sequence="3">NOTE. The Society as a body is not responsible for the statements made or opinions expressed by the authors of Papers.</page><page sequence="4">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED in reverent esteem to the memory of the late chief rabbi Dr. HERMANN ADLER who devotedly encouraged the cause of research into anglo-jewish history and was president of the society 1896-7.</page><page sequence="5">CONTENTS. PAGE I. Anglo-Jewish Historiography. Presidential Address. By the Rev. S. Levy, M.A.1 II. King Alfred and Mosaic Law. By Prof. Felix Liebermann, LL.D.21 III. The So-called Conspiracy of Dr. Ruy Lopez. By Major Martin Hume, M.A.32 Appendix? (a) Document respecting Manuel de Andrada and Pedro Marques, his companion, with (6) Cristobel de Moura's Report on the same ....... 53 IV. Anglo-Judaica : Description of a Collection of Pamphlets and Books illustrative of the interest in Hebrew Studies and of the Progress of the Jewish Cause in Christian England. Presidential Address. By the Rev. Prof. Hermann Gollancz, D.Lit.56 V. The Jubilee of Political Emancipation. Report of Com? memoration Dinner, Nov. 30, 1908; Letters from the Prime Minister (the Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith, M.P.), the Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., Sir George Trevelyan, and Mr. George Trevelyan, M.P. ; Speeches by Mr. Israel Abrahams, M.A., the Rev. Dr. H. Adler (Chief Rabbi), the Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, M.P., the Rev. Dr. H. Gaster (Haham), Sir Edward Sassoon, M.P., the Rev. Morris Joseph, the President (Rev. S. Levy, M.A.), the Rev. Dr. William Hunt, and Dr. T. Gregory Foster.88 VI. The Jewish Congregation of Portsmouth (1766-1842). By the Rev. I. S. Meisels.Ill xiii</page><page sequence="6">xiv CONTENTS. PAGE VII. An English Voice on the Emancipation of the Jews. By Dr. Hartwig Hirschfeld.128 VIII. Some Debts the World owes to the Spanish Jews. By Major Martin Hume, M.A. 138 IX. The Jew Bill of 1753. By Albert M. Hyamson, F.R.Hist.S.156 Bibliography of Pamphlets Relating to the Jew Bill of 1753 . 178 X. A Contribution to the History of the Readmission of the Jews. By the Rev. Prof. Hermann Gollancz, D.Lit.189 XI. Satirical and Political Prints on the Jews' Natural? isation Bill, 1753. By Israel Solomons .... 205 Appendix? Catalogue of Satirical and Political Prints on the Jews' Naturalisation Bill.216 XII. A Supposed Jewish Conspiracy in 1753. By the Rev. S. Levy, M.A.234 XIII. Some MS. Sidelights on Anglo-Jewish Emancipation. By Maurice Myers.240 XIV. A Note on Some Anglo-Jewish Law Cases. By Albert M. Friedenberg, B.S., LL.B.247 XV. Text of Mr. Robert Grant's Bill, 1830. By Israel Abrahams, M.A.249 XVI. "The Deacon and the Jewess." Prefatory Note. By Israel Abrahams, M.A..254 XVII. The Deacon and the Jewess ; or Apostasy at Common Law. By Prof. F. W. Maitland.260</page><page sequence="7">CONTENTS. XV PAGE XVIII. " Josippon" in England. By Lucien Wolf . . . 277 A List of English Editions of " Josippon " 282 LAWS AND BYE-LAWS . .. 289 OFFICERS, COUNCIL, EXECUTIVE, REPRESENTATIVES ON THE MOCATTA LIBRARY AND MUSEUM COM? MITTEE, AND LIST OF MEMBERS .... 293 BALANCE SHEETS, 1908-1911 . 304 INDEX. 313 vol, vi. b</page><page sequence="8">ILLUSTRATIONS. Sir Robert Grant. Frontispiece Grace Aguilar. To face page 12 James Picciotto. ? ?12 Alfred's Laws, facsimile of page containing the Decalogue, from the Anglo-Saxon MS. in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. (For translation of this tenth-century text, see F. Liebermann, Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen, Halle, 1903, pp. 26-27) ? ? 24 Sir James Mackintosh. ? ,,88 Dr. Lushington. ? ?88 Lord Holland. ? ?88 Sir Robert Inglis. ? ?88 William Cobbett. ? ?88 "The Grand Conference". ? ? 217 "A Prospect of the New Jerusalem" ... ? ? 218 "The Jews Shaving the Par-l-m-t" .... ? ? 224 "Vox Populi, Vox Dei". ? ?227 "Joslppon": the first page and colophon of the first English Edition (1558). ? ? 277 " Josippon " : title-page of the 1567 edition . . ? ? 288 "The Learned and Warlike Jew" ....?? 288 xvii</page></plain_text>

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