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Contents Vol 47

<plain_text><page sequence="1">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="2">Michael BERKOWiTz, Editor University College London Jeremy schon field, Contributing Editor Oxford Centre/or Hebrew and Jewish Studies Lars fischer, Book Review Editor University College London EDITORIAL BOARD: Nathan Abrams Tony Kushner University ofWales-Bangor University of Southampton Geoffrey Alderman Daniel Langton University of Buckingham University of Manchester Michael Alpert Philippa Levine University o/Texas University of Westminster RossMcKibbin University of Oxford Azriel Bermant Tel Aviv Lara Marks Kings College London Malcolm Brown London Julie Meli Geoffrey Cantor North Carolina State University University of Leeds and James Renton Edge Hill University University College London Jonathan Romain Todd Endelman Maidenhead Synagogue University of Michigan Miri Rubin David Feldman Queen Mary, University of London Birkbeck, University of London David Ruderman Steven Fine Yeshiva University University o/Pennsylvania Shirli Gilbert Marc Saperstein Leo Baeck College University oj Southampton and George Washington University Motti Golani University of Haifa Judith Schlanger Malachi Hacohen Duke University École Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sharman Kadish Sorbonne Jewish Heritage UK Anita Shapira Tel Aviv University Ephraim Kanarfogel Daniel Soyer Fordham University Yeshiva University Robert Stacey Anne Kershen University o/Washington, Seattle Queen Mary, University of London Susan Tananbaum Boivdoin College Rebecca Kobrin Madelyn Travis London Columbia University Bill Williams University o/Manchester</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES VOLUME 47, 2015</page><page sequence="4">Jewish Historical Studies Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society o/England Volume 47 EDITED BY MICHAEL BERKO WITZ The Jewish Historical Society of England UCL Press 2015</page><page sequence="5">First published in 2016 by UCL Press University College London Gower Street London wciE 6BT Available to download free: The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume © The Jewish Historical Society of England Raymond Burton House 129-131 Albert Street London nwi 7NB ISSN 0962-9696 Printed in Great Britain by Henry Ling Ltd, Dorchester</page><page sequence="6">CONTENTS Frontispiece: David Cesarani (1956-2015) List of Illustrations vii Introduction ix Following David Cesarani BRYAN CHEYETTE 1 David Cesarani (1956-2015) CHRISTOPHER PROBST 4 A commentary on Dan Jacobson's Holocaust writings AMY SIMON 7 Mission and missionaries among the Jews in nineteenth- century Europe: introduction to symposium papers PIET VAN BOXEL 28 Christian Restorationism in Ireland in the early nineteenth century: the strange case of Miss Marianne Nevili PHILIP ALEXANDER 31 Towards a preliminary portrait of an evangelical missionary to the Jews: the many faces of Alexander McCaul (1799-1863) DAVID B. RUDERMAN 48 Evangelical Protestants, Jews, and the Epistle to the Hebrews in mid-nineteenth-century Britain MICHAEL LEDGER-LOMAS 70 Evangelicals, Jews, and anti-Catholicism in Britain, c. 1840-1900 DAVID FELDMAN 91 "Jessey the Educator" and "Jessey the Jew": Henry Jessey, Hebraism, and Puritan pedagogy in seventeenth-century England JONATHAN ADLER 105 The "inhibition" of Morris Joseph: authority and change in late Victorian Anglo-Jewry MATTHEW LAGRONE 137 Jewish Historical Studies, volume 47, 2014 v</page><page sequence="7">vi CONTENTS The quick demise of a nineteenth-century Jewish hospital in London JACKY. VANDERHOEK 156 Jewish heritage in Scotland SHARMAN KADISH 179 Royal Jews: Jewish life in Berkshire from the Readmission till today JONATHAN ROMAIN 217 REVIEWS The Jews of South Wales (2013), ed. Ursula Henriques CAI PARRY- JON ES 238 Britain's Moment in Palestine: Retrospect and Perspectives 1917-1948 (2014) by Michael J. Cohen COLIN SHINDLER 241 Israel Isidor Mattuck: Architect o/Liberal Judaism (2014) by Pam Fox ELLEN M. UMANSKY 245 in memoriam Robin Mundill DEAN IRWIN 248 JOE HILLABY 250 Contributors to this volume 252 Notes on submissions 255 Branches of the Society 258 Meetings of the Society 26O Society Officers and Council 270</page></plain_text>

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