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Contents Vol 46

<plain_text><page sequence="1">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="2">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES VOLUME 46, 2014</page><page sequence="4">Michael BERKOWiTZ, Editor University College London Jeremy SCHONFIELD, Contributing Editor Oxford Centre Jor Hebrew and Jewish Studies EDITORIAL BOARD: Nathan Ābrams University o/Wales-Bangor Geoffrey Alderman University of Buckingham Michael Alpert University o/Westminster Malcolm Brown London Geoffrey Cantor University of Leeds and University College London David Cesarani Royal HoIIoivay, University of London Todd Endelman University of Michigan David Feldman Birkbeck, University of London Steven Fine Yeshiva University Shirli Gilbert University o/Southampton Motti Golani University of Haifa Malachi Hacohen Duke University Sharman Kadish Jeivish Heritage UK Ephraim Kanarfogel Yeshiva University Anne Kershen Queen Mary, University of London Rebecca Kobrin Columbia University TonyKushner University o/Southampton Daniel Langton University of Manchester Philippa Levine University o/Texas Ross McKibbin University of Oxford Julie Meli North Carolina State University Jonathan Romain Maidenhead Synagogue Miri Rubin Queen Mary, University of London David Ruderman University of Pennsylvania Marc Saperstein Leo Baeck College and George Washington University Judith Schlanger École Pratique des Hautes Études, Sorbonne Anita Shapira Tel Aviv University Daniel Soyer Fordham University Robert Stacey University o/Washington, Seattle Susan Tananbaum Bowdoin College Bill Williams University o/Manchester</page><page sequence="5">Jewish Historical Studies Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England Volume 46 EDITED BY MICHAEL BERKO WITZ The Jewish Historical Society of England 2014</page><page sequence="6">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume © The Jewish Historical Society of England Raymond Burton House 129-131 Albert Street London nwi 7NB ISBN 978-0-902528-48-2 Printed in Great Britain by Henry Ling Ltd, Dorchester</page><page sequence="7">CONTENTS List of Illustrations vii Introduction ix New responsa by Isaac ben Peretz of Northampton PINCHAS ROTH I Shylock's House: theatrical representations of Jewish space MICHAEL SHAPIRO I9 Jewish evolutionary perspectives on Judaism, antisemitism, and race science in late nineteenth-century England: a comparative study of Lucien Wolf and Joseph Jacobs DANIEL R. LANGTON 37 From local to international: Cape Town's Jewish Orphanage SUSAN L. TANANBAUM 75 Jacob Israel de Haan in Mandate Palestine: was the victim of the first Zionist political assassination a "Jewish Lawrence of Arabia"? LUDY GIEBELS IO7 Building a house of gathering on our own: Jews, synagogues, architec- ture, and the building trades in the modern anglophone world BARRY L. STIEFEL 131 November 1938: Cardinal Arthur Hinsley, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, and the Kristallnacht pogrom SUZANNE BROWN-FLEMING 155 REVIEWS The Jews in Medieval Britain: Historical, Literary and Archaeological Perspectives (2012), ed. Patricia Skinner C. PHILIPP E. NOTHAFT 167 Jews and the Military: A History (2013) by Derek J. Penslar JONATHAN LEWIS 17O Jewish Historical Studies, volume 46, 2014 v</page><page sequence="8">vi CONTENTS A Beacon oj Light: The History of the West London Synagogue (2013) by Philippa Bernard BRYAN DIAMOND 173 Israel Isidor Mattuck, Architect of Liberal Judaism (2014) by Pam Fox MICHAEL ALPERT 175 Sport and British Jewry: Integration, Ethnicity and Anti-Semitism 1890- 1970 (2013) by David Dee; Does Your Rabbi Know You're Here? The Story of English Football's Forgotten Tribe (2013) by Anthony Clavane TOM PLANT 178 Unplanned Journey: jřom Moss Side to Eden (2014) by Alcon Copisarow MALCOLM BROWN 185 RESEARCH REPORTS Portraits of Claude Montefiore BRYAN DIAMOND 189 Six of our Jewish glider pilots: last voices of our eagles who landed MARTIN SUGARMAN 203 Contributors to this volume 243 Notes on submissions 245 Branches of the Society 249 Society Officers and Council 251</page><page sequence="9">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="10">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="11">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="12">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="13">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="14">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="15">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="16">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page></plain_text>

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