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<plain_text><page sequence="1">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="2">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="3">Society officers and council (as at October 2012) President: Dr PIET VAN BOXEL Honorary Treasurer: Dr ALAN SWARC Council: Professor MICHAEL BERKOWITZ Rabbi Professor NICHOLAS DE LANGE Professor DAVID CESARANI, OBE SHEILA LASSMAN BRYAN DIAMOND ARNOLD S. LEWIS ANN EBNER, JP Dr JOANNA NEWMAN Professor MARTIN GOODMAN Professor ADA RAPOPORT-ALBERT GODFREY R. GOULD MARCUS ROBERTS JEFFREY GREENWOOD Rabbi JONATHAN ROMAIN, MBE NIGEL GRIZZARD Professor MARC SAPERSTEIN Dr EMMA T. HARRIS Rabbi Dr NORMAN SOLOMON DAVID JACOBS Dr BERNARD SPENCER Dr MICHAEL JOLLES CHARLES TUCKER RAYMOND KALMAN Vice-Presidents: Professor MICHAEL ALPERT Dr GERRY BLACK Dr PAUL BRAND MALCOLM BROWN Professor BARRIE DOBSON JOE HILLABY Dr ANTHONY JOSEPH RAPHAEL LANGHAM Rabbi Dr ABRAHAM LEVY, OBE STEPHEN MASSIL Professor AUBREY NEWMAN Professor STEFAN C. REIF Professor WILLIAM RUBINSTEIN LORD SACKS EDGAR SAMUEL Professor BERNARD WASSERSTEIN Executive Committee Members: DAVID JACOBS (Chairman) Professor MICHAEL BERKOWITZ Dr ALAN SWARC RAPHAEL LANGHAM</page><page sequence="4">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME 44 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 2012</page><page sequence="5">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. © The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London wih 5AP ISBN 978-0-902528-46-8 The Society is grateful to Martin Dunitz who has made a donation, in memory of his father Alfred Dunitz, towards the cost of this volume. Printed in Great Britain by T .J. International, Padstow, Cornwall</page><page sequence="6">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="7">Contents List of Illustations ix Preface xi In Memoriam Professor Raphael Loewe, 191 9-20 11 1 STEFAN C. REIF Sport or shul? Physical recreation, Anglo-Jewry and the Jewish Sabbath, c. 1890-1939 7 DAVID DEE Yad Chaim Weizmann and the westernness of Israel 27 JAMES RENTON Berlin and Popper between nation and empire: diaspora, cosmopolitanism, and Jewish life 5 1 MALACHI HAIM HACOHEN "A Menace to Jews Seen if Hitler Wins": British and American press comment on German antisemitism, 191 8-1 933 75 STEPHANIE SEUL Anglo-Jewry in 1851: the Great Exhibition and political emancipation 103 GEOFFREY CANTOR Hybridity in a medieval key: the paradox of Jewish participation in self-representative political processes 1 27 JULIE MELL Books and bookmen: the Cambridge teachers of Rabbinics 1866-1971 139 NICHOLAS DE LANGE The Bevin enigma: what motivated Ernest Bevin's opposition to the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine 1 65 RAPHAEL LANGHAM Dr Joseph Hart Myers (1758-1823) and his family: public prominence and private losses 1 79 STEPHEN W. MASSIL vii</page><page sequence="8">Contents George Berthold Samuelson (1889-1947): Britain's Jewish film pioneer 201 GABRIEL A. SIVAN Reseach note: Dr Hector Nunes, Spanish agent 23 1 CHARLES MEYERS Research note: Further on Jews at Bletchley 230 MARTIN SUGARMAN REVIEWS Travelling Light (201 1) 232 NATHAN ABRAMS A Place to Call My Jewish Home (201 1) and Whatever Happened to British Jewish Studies? (20 12) 235 EMMA HARRIS The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History (201 1) 238 EDGAR SAMUEL Notes on submissions 239 Branches of the Society 242 viii</page><page sequence="9">List of Illustrations cover: All four Samuelson brothers together in the late 1970s dedication: Edgar Samuel YAD CHAIM WEIZMANN AND THE WESTERNNESS OF ISRAEL Plate i Blue Plaque honouring Chaim Weizmann (1874- 1952) 38 Plate 2 The stamp issued in 1952 38 Plate 3 Bloomsbury house, 77 Great Russell Street, London 38 HYBRIDITY IN A MEDIEVAL KEY Plate i The largest documented Jewish tallage of the thirteenth century, Worcester (1241-42) 126 GEORGE BERTHOLD SAMUELSON (1889-I947) Plate i Portrait of Bertie Samuelson, c. 191 1 213 Plate 2 Still from Sixty Years A Queen , 1 9 1 3 213 Plate 3 Samuelson-Lorie wedding group, Birmingham, 1 9 1 4 214 Plate 4 A dramatic scene from A Study in Scarlet , 1 9 1 4 214 Plate 5 A Study in Scarlet : filming the Mormon Trek sequence among the sand dunes at Southport 215 Plate 6 Cartoon of Bertie in action, ¿*.1915 215 Plates 7 and 8 Two advertisements for A Royal Divorce , 1923 216 Plate 9 Sir John Gielgud's film debut in The Unwanted , 1924 216 Plate 10 Bertie and Marjorie Samuelson's wedding photograph, 1923 216 Plate 1 1 Filming Sir Henry Rider Haggard's She in Berlin, 1925 217 Plate 1 2 Advertisement for Shey 1 926 217 Plate 13 Family photograph, c. 1926 218 Plate 1 4 Last photograph of Bertie and Marjorie together 218 Plate 15 RAF Sgt David Samuelson with his mobile kitbag, 1945 218 Plate 1 6 Michael Samuelson with Prince Charles and Princess Diana 219 Plate 1 7 Portrait of Sir Sydney Samuelson 219 ix</page><page sequence="10">List of Illustrations Plate 1 8 David Samuelson receiving his Oscar in Hollywood, 2003 219 Plate 19 All four Samuelson brothers together in the late 1970s 220 Plate 20 Memorial window at Southport synagogue 220 JEWISH PERSONNEL AT BLETCHLEY PARK Captain Nathan Somers, RA/IC 23 1 X</page></plain_text>

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