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<plain_text><page sequence="1">mm Jewish ?? historical !2tam studies Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England r^%_" ^ SIS</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME 42 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 2009</page><page sequence="4">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. ? The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London wih 5AP ISBN 978-O-902528-44-4 Printed in Great Britain by the MPG Books Group</page><page sequence="5">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF PROFESSOR JOHN KLIER 1944 -2007 President Designate of this Society 2007</page><page sequence="6">Contents Preface xi In memoriam John Klier, 1944-2007 xv JOE HILLABY A Domus Conversorum at Bristol? 1 SUSANNE LACHENICHT Early modern German states and the settlement of Jews: Brandenburg Prussia and the Palatinate, sixteenth to nineteenth centuries 7 TAMARA CHASE, JENNIFER MARIN, KEN MARKS, JEREMY SCHONFIELD AND BRUCE WATSON The radiocarbon dating of two London shofarot 19 GABRIEL SIVAN Samuel Solomon (1745-1819): quack or entrepreneur? 23 STEPHEN MASSIL 'The Lady of Longueville Clarke': Maria Hart Myers (1794-1868) and her family 53 RAPHAEL LOEWE A Hebrew poem on the death of Nelson 75 SHULA P. MORELAND Jewish settlement in Staffordshire: the early years, 1811-1901 97 IRIT MILLER Samson by Solomon J. Solomon: Victorian academy and Jewish identity 121 CECIL BLOOM Aaron Liebermann: the father of Jewish socialism 137 CECIL BLOOM Josiah Wedgwood and Palestine 147 vii</page><page sequence="7">Contents LLOYD P. GARTNER Salo Baron, universal Jewish historian 173 MARTIN SUGARMAN Amendments to 'England Expects...' 189 MICHAEL ALPERT Spain and the Jews in the Second World War 201 MARTIN SUGARMAN Captain Simmon Latutin, GC - hero of Mogadishu 211 BOOK NOTES Moshe Rosman, How Jewish is Jewish History? 239 Grenville Janner and Derek Taylor, Jewish Parliamentarians 241 Jackie Ranston, Belisario: Sketches of a Character. A Historical Biography of a Jamaican Artist 244 Ben Braber, Jews in Glasgow 1870-1gjg Immigration and Integration 245 John Cooper, Raphael Lemkin and the Struggle for the Genocide Convention 246 Contributors to this volume 249 Notes for contributors 253 Society officers and council 255 Index 257 Vlll</page><page sequence="8">List of Illustrations cover: (clockwise from top) Samson and Delilah (p. 135), Balm of Gilead (p. 34), Staffordshire mug (p. 107), Simmon Latutin's headstone (p. 231), Gilead Street (p. 48) frontispiece: Professor John Klier, 1944-2007 radiocarbon dating two london SHOFAROT Plate i The Vauxhall shofar 20 Plate 2 The Leadenhall shofar 22 samuel solomon: quack or entrepreneur? Plate 1 Portrait of Samuel Solomon 24 Plate 2 'Dr' Bossey selling medicines 30 Plate 3 Advertisement for the 'Cordial Balm of Gilead' 33 Plate 4 Large and small 'Balm of Gilead' bottles 34 Plate 5 Two small 'Balm of Gilead' bottles 34 Plate 6 Portrait of Samuel Solomon (in oval) 36 Plate 7 Advertisement for the 'Cordial Balm of Gilead', The Times 37 Plate 8 View of Gilead House 39 Plate 9 Plaque marking the site of the Seel Street Synagogue 42 Plate 10 Solomon family mausoleum 44 Plate 11 Elegy on the death of Sophia Solomon 44 Plate 12 A Solomon family tree 46-7 Plate 13 Gilead Street, Kensington 48 Plate 14 Detail of James Sherriff's Map 49 Plate 15 Detail of Johnathan Bennison's Map 50 'the lady of longueville clarke': maria hart myers (1794-1868) Plate 1 Loftus Longueville Tottenham Clarke (i795-1863) 68 a hebrew poem on the death of nelson Plate i The manuscript of the memorial poem 80 Plate 2 N. L Vallentine's Poem, page 1 88 Plate 3 N. L Vallentine's Poem, pages 2-3 89 Plate 4 N. L Vallentine's Poem, pages 4-5 90 Plate 5 N. L Vallentine's Poem, pages 6-7 91 Plate 6 N. L Vallentine's Poem, pages 8-9 92 Plate 7 N. L Vallentine's Poem, pages 10-11 93 ix</page><page sequence="9">List of Illustrations JEWISH SETTLEMENT IN STAFFORDSHIRE Plate i Yates map of Staffordshire 1775 98 Plate 2 Sketch of Samuel Harris 100 Plate 3 Jacob Franks 101 Plate 4 Ricardo at the sod-cutting ceremony 105 Plate 5 Staffordshire pottery mug 107 Figure 1 Census 1881: Routes of arrival 113 Figure 2 Census 1881: Children's birthplaces 113 Figure 3 Census 1881: Jewish occupations 114 Figure 4 Growth of Jewish population 116 Plate 6 Book-stamp of the New Synagogue 119 SAMSON BY SOLOMON J. SOLOMON Plate 1 Samson, 1887 122 Plate 2 Job Hearing of his Misfortunes 126 Plate 3 Taking of Samson 128 Plate 4 Elijah in the Wilderness, 1878 130 Plate 5 An Athlete Wrestling with a Python, 1877 131 Plate 6 Delilah, 1887 132 Plate 7 Samson and Delilah, 1821 135 Plate 8 Drawing for Samson and the Lion, 1911-14 138 CAPTAIN SIMMON LATUTIN, GC Plate 1 The family house in Camden 212 Plate 2 Simmon on his Bar Mitsvah 212 Plate 3 Simmon on the beach in 1936 214 Plate 4 Simmon dressed for playing in a quintet 214 Plate 5 Simmon and Margaret at the time of their engagement 215 Plate 6 Simmon and Margaret with their elder daughter Anne 219 Plate 7 Simmon in field uniform and bush hat 221 Plate 8 Captain Simmon Latutin 222 Plate 9 Simmon's headstone in Nairobi 231 Plate 1 o The opening of Simmon's George Cross display 231 Plate 11 The War Memorial at the Royal Academy of Music 232 Plate 12 The additional memorial to Simmon at the Royal Academy 232 x</page></plain_text>

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