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Contents Vol 37

<plain_text><page sequence="1">n JEWISH O HISTORICAL STUDIES Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 3 ~ ' ?-?-' ^i&gt;XS:^:- I . ~</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME 37 2001 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 2002</page><page sequence="4">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. ? The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London WiH 5AP ISBN 0-902528-35-1</page><page sequence="5">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED BY THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND TO CYRIL DRUKKER Vice President and Former Secretary of the Society</page><page sequence="6">Contents Preface bernard wasserstein The end of Jewish history? ian blair, joe hillaby, isca howell, richard sermon and bruce watson The discovery of two medieval mikva yot in London and a reinterpretation of the Bristol mikveh' joe hillaby Testimony from the margin: the Gloucester Jewry and its neighbours, c. 1159-1290 edgar samuel Antonio Rodrigues Robles, c. 1620-1688 kenneth rubens Bevis Marks synagogue and the City churches william rubinstein Jewish top wealth-holders in Britain, 1809-1909 kenneth collins Asher Asher: Victorian physician, medical reformer and communal servant raymond kalman The Hebrew Order of David, from Whitechapel to Hendon via South Africa martin sugarman Confounding the enemy: Jewish RAF Special Operators in radio counter measures with 101 Squadron, September 1943-1945 vii</page><page sequence="7">Contents Book Notes Medieval English Jews and Royal Officials: Entries of Jewish Interest in the English Memoranda Rolls, 1266-12gj, Zefira Entin Rokeah 225 Crypto-Judaism and the Spanish Inquisition, Michael Alpert 226 A Directory of Distinguished British Jews, i8jo-igjo, Michael Jolles 227 The First Food Empire: A History ofj. Lyons and Co., Peter Bird 228 From Strangers to Citizens. The Integration of Immigrant Communities in Britain, Ireland and Colonial America, 1550-1750, eds Randolph Vigne and Charles Littleton 229 Contributors to this volume 231 Notes for contributors 233 Society officers and council 235 Index 237 viii</page><page sequence="8">List of Illustrations cover: Bevis Marks synagogue, London medieval mikva'ot in london and bristol Figure i The City of London, c, 1270 17 Figure 2 The London Jewry 18 Figure 3 Plan and cross-section of the Gresham Street mikveh 23 Plate 1 The Gresham Street mikveh 24 Figure 4 Plan and cross-section of the Milk Street mikveh 26 Plate 2 The Milk Street mikveh 28 Plate 3 Masonry in the Milk Street mikveh 29 Figure 5 Hebrew inscription in Bristol 33 Figure 6 Plan and cross-section of the Friedberg mikveh 36 Figure 7 Plan and cross-section of the Speyer mikveh 37 the jews of gloucester Plate i Chirograph of Abraham son of Moses the Rich, 1195 53 Plate 2 J. Kip, 'Prospect of Gloucester', c. 1710 84-5 Plate 3 Detail of 'Prospect of Gloucester' 86 Plate 4 The south side of Eastgate, c. 1840 87 Plate s A tally of 1242 92 Figure 1 The family of Elias of Gloucester 95 bevis marks synagogue Plate 1 Plan of the Amsterdam Synagogue 119 Plate 2 Plan of Bevis Marks Synagogue 120 Plate 3 The interior, Amsterdam 121 Plate 4 The interior, Bevis Marks 122 Plate 5 The reredos, St Anne and St Agnes 123 Plate 6 The Echal, Amsterdam 124 Plate 7 The Echal, Bevis Marks 125 Plate 8 The screen, Merchant Taylor's Hall 126 Plate 9 The reredos, St Vedast 127 Plate 10 The reredos, St Mary Abchurch 128 Plate 11 Moses and Aaron, by Aaron de Chavez 130 Plate 12 Moses and Aaron, St Anne and St Agnes 131 IX</page><page sequence="9">List of Illustrations ASHER ASHER Plate i Asher Asher 165 101 SQUADRON Figure 1 Section and interior view of a Lancaster bomber 191 Plate 1 Reuben 'Herky' Herscovitch 194 Plate 2 John Hertzog, known as Hereford 195 Plate 3 Leslie Temple with his Lancaster crew 199 Plate 4 Flight logbook of Leslie Temple 200 Plate 5 Gerhard Heilig 201 Plate 6 Augustus Tomachepolsky 205 Plate 7 Adrian Marks with his Lancaster crew 206 Plate 8 Wolf Engelhardt 208 Plate 9 Paybook of Wolf Engelhardt 209 Plate 10 Henry de Solla 213 Plate 11 Israel Lander 214 Plate 12 Anthony Rosen 218 Plate 13 Last letter of Anthony Rosen 220-1 x</page></plain_text>

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