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Contents Vol 36

<plain_text><page sequence="1">VOLUME 36 1999-2001 JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES</page><page sequence="3">Bfinlk ^^V^H M Am Je^jB^ffiM Professor Raphael Loewe, 2001</page><page sequence="4">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME 36 1999-2001 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 2001</page><page sequence="5">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. ? The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London WiH 5AP ISBN 0-902528-34-3</page><page sequence="6">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED BY THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND TO PROFESSOR RAPHAEL LOEWE MC Former President, Vice-President and former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Society</page><page sequence="7">Contents Preface CECIL BLOOM The institution of halukkah: a historical review NAOMI CREAM Revd Solomon Lyon of Cambridge, 1755-1820 GERRY BLACK Bernhard Baron: tobacco and philanthropy MERVYN GOODMAN Bertram B. Benas: forgotten Zionist GERRY BLACK Health and medical care of the Jewish poor in the East End of London, 1880-1914 MARTIN SUGARMAN The Zion muleteers of Gallipoli, March 1915-May 1916 CECIL BLOOM The British Labour Party and Palestine, 1917-1948 Book Notes Trouwen in Mokum; Jewish Marriage in Amsterdam, 1598-1811, Dave Verdooner and Harmen Snel Reluctant Cosmopolitans: The Portuguese Jews of Seventeenth-century Amsterdam, Daniel M. Swetschinski The Lindo Legacy, Jackie Ranston Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times, Israel Finestein vii</page><page sequence="8">Contents The Jewish Brigade: An Army with Two Masters, IQ44S, Morris Beckman 176 Sir Sidney Hamburger and Manchester Jewry, Bill Williams 177 Contributors to this volume 179 Notes for contributors 181 Society officers and council 183 Society members 185 Index 193 viii</page><page sequence="9">List of Illustrations COVER: 'Scene in Petticoat Lane', Mayhew, London Labour (London 1861) FRONTISPIECE: Professor Raphael Loewe, 2001 REVD SOLOMON LYON OF CAMBRIDGE Plate i Portsmouth Point, 1811 34 Plate 2 Signatures on the reunification agreement of the Portsmouth communities 36 Plate 3 The Soldier's Farewell, 1812 38 Plate 4 Six New Dances, 1808 46-7 Plate 5 Naval Academy Chelsea, 1803 50 Plate 6 Rear view of the school 52 Plate 7 Lyon's, Hottinger's and the British Museum medals 54 Plate 8 A Theological Hebrew Grammar and Lexicon, 1815 60-1 Plate 9 Lyon's advertisement, 20 July 1815 63 BERTRAM B. BEN AS: FORGOTTEN ZIONIST Plate i Bertram B. Benas, on being called to the Bar, 1904 88 Plate 2 Cover of the orchestral score of Hatikvah by Benas 89 IX</page><page sequence="10">Martin Sugarman 140</page></plain_text>

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