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<plain_text><page sequence="1">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME XXXIII 1992-1994</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME XXXIII 1992-1994 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 1995</page><page sequence="4">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. ? The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London WiH 5AP ISBN 0-902528-29-7</page><page sequence="5">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF ELIE KEDOURIE 1926-1992 FELLOW OF THE BRITISH ACADEMY PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIETY 1979-1980 POLITICAL PHILOSOPHER AND COUNSELLOR OF STATESMEN urn* t&amp;\ tpabn ixi ymvi mmm (ft. 119:46)</page><page sequence="6">Contents Preface xiii In Memoriam Elie Kedourie (1926-1992) xvii A Memorial Tribute xviii JOE HILLABY The London Jewry: William I to John 1 T. M. BENADY The role of Jews in the British colonies of the Western Mediterranean 45 KALMAN A. BURNIM The Jewish presence in the London theatre, 1600-1800 65 ARTHUR B. HYMAN A collection of Anglo-Jewish ephemera 97 MALCOLM BROWN The Jews of Essex before 1900 125 MALCOLM BROWN An Ipswich worthy portrayed by John Constable 137 RAYMOND KALMAN The Jewish friendly societies of London, 1793-1993 141 ALEX JACOB No ordinary tradesmen: the Green family in 19th-century Whitechapel 163 JOHN KLIER 'Popular politics' and the Jewish question in the Russian Empire, 175 1881-2 CECIL BLOOM The politics of immigration, 1881-1905 187 vn</page><page sequence="7">Contents AUBREY NEWMAN The historiography of Anglo-Jewry, 1892-1992 215 STEPHEN MASSIL The foundation of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 1893 225 ARON OWEN References to the Holocaust in English Law Reports 239 JONATHAN A. ROMAIN The establishment of the Reform Beth Din in 1948 - a barometer of 249 religious trends in Anglo-Jewry Book Notes Targumic Manuscripts in the Cambridge Geniza Collections, Michael L. 265 Klein Gerush we-shibah: yehudey Anglia be-hilluphey ha-zemanim, eds David 265 Katz and Joseph Kaplan The Jews in the History of England, 1485-1850, David S. Katz 266 Modern British Jewry, Geoffrey Alderman 266 Ten Centuries of Hispano-Jewish Culture..., ed. Stefan Reif 268 Shy lock, John Gross 268 Shakespeare and the Jews, James Shapiro 268 La Nazione Ebraica Spagnola e Portuguese negli Stati Estensi, A. di Leone 269 Leoni Dutch Jewish History, Vol. Ill, Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on the 270 History of the Jews of the Netherlands, ed. Joseph Michman Uriel de Costa's Examination of the Pharisaic Traditions ... 271 Semuel da Silva's Treatise on the Immortality of the Soul, eds H. P. 271 Salomon and I. S. D. Sassoon From Christianity to Judaism. The Story of Isaac Orobio de Castro, Yosef 272 Kaplan Vinculos do Fogo I - Antonio Jose da Silva ..., Alberto Dines 273 viii</page><page sequence="8">Contents Jewish Pedlars and Hawkers, 1740-1940, Betty Naggar 275 A Documentary History of Jewish Immigrants in Britain, 1840-1920, ed. 275 David Englander Hie Jews of South-West England, Bernard S?sser 277 The Jewish Heritage in British History: Englishness and Jewishness, ed. 277 Tony Kushner The Synagogues of London, Paul Lindsay 278 Elusive Prophet: Ahad Ha Am and the Origins of Zionism, Steven J. 279 Zipperstein Outsiders and Outcasts, eds Geoffrey Alderman and Colin Holmes 281 The Journal of an Australian Rabbi, Israel Porush 283 A Family Postbag, 1908-1929, ed. Ruth Sebag-Montefiore 284 The Racial State, Germany 1933-1945^ Michael Burleigh and Wolfgang 284 Wipperman Children with a Star, Jewish Youth in Nazi Europe, Debora Dwork 284 Holocaust Testimonies: The Ruins of Memory, Lawrence L. Langer 285 The Road to Katyn, Solomon Slowes 285 Anti-Semitism in France. A Political History from Leon Blum to the Present, 287 Pierre Birnbaum Antisemitism in the Third Reich, Hermann Graml 287 How Dark the Heavens, Sidney Iwens 287 Contributors to this volume 291 Notes for contributors to Society publications 295 Society officers and council 297 Index 298 ix</page><page sequence="9">List of Illustrations THE JEWISH PRESENCE IN THE LONDON THEATRE, 1660-180O Plate i James William Brandon 71 Plate 2 Maria Teresia Bland, as Madam Belgarde in Monsieur Tonson 74 Plate 3 Giacobbe Cervetto 76 Plate 4 Michael Leoni, as Don Carlos in The Duenna 80 Plate 5 John Braham, as Orlando in The Cabinet 82 Plate 6 Harriet Abrams, as Sylvia in Cymon 84 Plate 7 Mary Wells, as Anne Lovely in A Bold Stroke for a Wife 87 Plate 8 Mary Wells, as Betty Blackberry and John Edwin as Jemmy Jumps in The Farmer 88 A COLLECTION OF ANGLO-JEWISH EPHEMERA Fig. i Prayer for the recovery of George III (Hebrew) 102 Figs 2-3 Prayer for the recovery of George III (English) 103-104 Fig. 4 Elegy on the Revd David Solomon Shiff 105 Fig. 5 Exhortation by the Revd Solomon Hirschel 106 Fig. 6 Warning concerning Kashruth 107 Figs 7-10 Order of Service on the defeat of Napoleon 108-111 Figs 11?14 The Barmitzvah of Joseph Levy 112-115 Figs 15-18 The Barmitzvah of Henry Isaacs 116-119 Figs 19-21 Prayers on the burial of Queen Charlotte 120-122 Fig. 22 Authorization to collect donations 123 AN IPSWICH WORTHY PORTRAYED BY JOHN CONSTABLE Plate i John Constable, Portrait of Isaac son of Abraham Titterman 138 THE JEWISH FRIENDLY SOCIETIES OF LONDON, I793~I993 Plate 1 President's Collar, Order of Achei Brith and Shield of Abraham Friendly Society 151 Plate 2 Grand President's Collar, United Jewish Friendly Society 152 Plate 3 Grand Lodge Member's and Trustee's Collar, United Jewish Friendly Society 153 xi</page></plain_text>

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