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<plain_text><page sequence="1">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME XXXII 1990-1992</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME XXXII 1990-1992 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 1993</page><page sequence="4">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. ? The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London WiH 5AP ISBN 0-90258-27-0</page><page sequence="5">Inscribed to the memory of Asher Lewis Shane 1911-1981 A generous benefactor</page><page sequence="6">Contents Preface xi In Memoriam Sir Alan Mocatta OBE (i 907-1990) xv In Memoriam Asher Lewis Shane (1911-1991) xvi Publications by Vivian David Lipman, CVO, DPhil, FSA, FRHistS (1921-1990) xix R. B. DOBSON The Jews of medieval Cambridge 1 R. R. MUNDILL The Jewish entries from the Patent Rolls, 1270-1292 25 JOE HILLABY London: the 13th-century Jewry revisited 89 ZEFIRA ENTIN ROKEAH Money and the hangman in late-13th-century England: Jews, Christians and coinage offences alleged and real (Part II) 159 MALCOLM BROWN The Jews of Norfolk and Suffolk before 1840 219 RUTH SEBAG-MONTEFIORE From Poland to Paddington: the early history of the Spielmann family, 1828-1948 237 DAVID CESARANI The importance of being editor: The Jewish Chronicle, 1841-1991 259 STEFAN REIF Jenkinson and Schechter at Cambridge: an expanded and updated assessment 279 CECIL BLOOM Hatikvah - Imber, his poem and a national anthem 317 vii</page><page sequence="7">Contents GERRY BLACK The struggle to establish the London Jewish Hospital: Lord Rothschild versus the barber 337 ELAINE R. SMITH Class, ethnicity and politics in the Jewish East End, 1918-1939 355 EDGAR SAMUEL Further on the Curiel family in 16th-century Portugal 371 Book Notes Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews ... volume V, eds Sarah Cohen and P. Brand 373 The Sale of Gibraltar in 14Q4, Diego Lamelas 376 Genealogia Hebraica Portugal e Gibraltar: Sees. XVII a XX, Jose M. Abecassis 376 The Circumcision Register of Isaac and Abraham de Paiba (1715-1775)', eds R. D. Barnett and Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira 378 Jewish Life in Germany: Memoirs from Three Centuries, Monica Richarz 380 The Portuguese Jewish Community in London (1656-1830), (The Jewish Museum, London) 381 Viaggi in Olanda, Yaqob Rafael Saraval 381 Woman's Cause: The Jewish Woman's Movement in England and the United States, 1881-igjj, Linda Gordon Kuzmack 382 Jewish Politics in Vienna, igi8-igj8, Harriet Pass Freidenreich 383 An Interrupted Past: German-speaking Refugee Historians in the United States after igjj, eds Hartmut Lehmann and James J. Sheehan 384 Contributors to this volume 387 Notes for contributors to Society publications 389 Society officers and council 391 Index 392 viii</page><page sequence="8">List of Illustrations LONDON: THE 13TH-CENTURY JEWRY REVISITED Map i The Jewish settlement in London in the 13th century 92 Map 2 The Copperplate map 93 Map 3 The Woodcut map 94-5 THE JEWS OF NORFOLK AND SUFFOLK BEFORE 1840 Plate i Norwich Synagogue: the exterior entrance 222 Plate 2 Norwich Synagogue: the interior entrance 222 Plate 3 Norwich Synagogue: the sanctuary 222 Plate 4 Leipsic House 224 Plate 5 Trade card of David Leyser Cohen 228 FROM POLAND TO PADDINGTON: THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE SPIELMANN FAMILY, 184I-I948 Plate i Adam Spielmann (1812-69) 239 Plate 2 Marian Spielmann (1822-58) 240 Plate 3 Sir Isidore Spielmann (1854-1925) 244 Plate 4 Emily Spielmann (1857-1929) 245 Plate 5 Sir Meyer Spielman (1856-1936) and Gertrude Spielman (1864-1949) 248 Plate 6 Marion Spielmann (1858-1948) 250 Plate 7 Marion Spielmann, 1899 253 JENKINSON AND SCHECHTER AT CAMBRIDGE Plate i Francis Jenkinson 284 Plate 2 Solomon Schechter 289 Plates 3 and 4 Letter from Schechter to Jenkinson, 1901 298-9 Plate 5 Entry for 21 August 1897 in Jenkinson's diary 302 Plate 6 Entry for 15 May 1897 in Jenkinson's diary 305 ix</page></plain_text>

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