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<plain_text><page sequence="1">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME XXX 1987-1988</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES</page><page sequence="3">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME XXX 1987-1988 THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 1989</page><page sequence="4">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. ? The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London WiH 5AP ISBN 0-90258-22-X The publication of this volume has been greatly assisted by the generosity of the Edith and Ferdinand Porjes Charitable Trust, and anonymously For MDF</page><page sequence="5">This volume is dedicated by The Jewish Historical Society of England to the memory of David Goldstein, ma, PhD 1933-1987 Rabbi, Scholar and a friend of Hebrew books .ia? 'm Vw? ro-n VdV m vm /nom imsm p^n&amp;n ntr?k moi in mpn ipDi ,nnx Kin l?lp? dj ,VH?n d^?W *0 1S7T TTT .m?nD ?pk Man di?? onso rva mp?V tod aim /nsn in? V*6 snu iDtr? n&amp;&amp;V *o ,nV?^V ppnrni ?nnV iV npns l?Dtran npVi jro im ttq tp ?l^a m?Vni *u nron ,ttV sw? -ton n TnV r.l.</page><page sequence="6">Contents Preface page xi In Memoriam David Goldstein (19 3 3-19 8 7) xv Publications by David Goldstein xviii MICHAEL LOEWE The Jewish presence in Imperial China 1 CLAIRE HILTON St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, and its Jewish connections 21 EDGAR SAMUEL Dr Rodrigo Lopes' last speech from the scaffold at Tyburn 51 FRANCES MALINO Resistance and rebellion in eighteenth-century France 5 5 MALCOLM BROWN The Jews of Hackney before 1840 71 DAVID SPECTOR Brighton Jewry reconsidered 91 DAVID GOLDSTEIN Jews and Robert Browning: fiction and fact 125 A. L. SHANE The Dreyfus Affair: could it have happened in England? 135 STUART A. COHEN Ideological components in Anglo-Jewish opposition to Zionism before and during the First World War: a restatement 149 vi</page><page sequence="7">Contents EVELYN WILCOCK The Revd John Harris: issues in Anglo-Jewish pacifism, 1914-18 163 MARK LEVENE Anglo-Jewish foreign policy in crisis?Luden Wolf, the Conjoint Committee and the War, 1914-18 179 EUGENE BLACK Edwin Montagu 199 BRUNO MARMORSTEIN Adolph B?chler, Principal of Jews' College, 1906-1939 219 Bibliography of the works of Adolph B?chler 227 EDGAR SAMUEL Decca Days?the career of Wilfred Sampson Samuel, 188 6-1958 235 Book Notes The Zealous Intruders: the Western Rediscovery of Palestine, Naomi Shepherd The Jews of Palestine 1800-1882, Tudor Parfitt 275 Judah P. Benjamin: the Jewish Confederate, Eli N. Evans 279 David B?mberg, Richard Cork 280 The Brazilian Diamond in Contracts, Contraband and Capital, Harry Bernstein 282 Itinerari Ebraico-Cristiani, M. Cafiero, A. Foa and A. M. Guerra (eds) 283 The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln, B. Wasserstein 285 Contributors to this volume 287 Notes for contributors 289 Society officers and council 291 Index 292 Vll</page><page sequence="8">List of Illustrations the jewish presence in imperial china Figure i A view of the synagogue of Kaifeng 6 Figure 2 The reading of the Torah 7 Figure 3 Entries from the Book of Memorial 17 st Bartholomew's hospital, london, and its jewish connections Plate 1 A siarr of 1249, mentioning St Bartholomew's Hospital 23 Plate 2 A contemporary print of Dr Rodrigo Lopes 2 5 Plate 3 The earliest reference to a Jew in the death register 32 Plate 4 Neville Samuel Finzi 35 Plate 5 The menu for a dinner in honour of Finzi 37 Plate 6 The register of Students Nurses entry on Lucy Rebecca de Costa Andrade 3 7 Plate 7 The record of Sir Moses Montefiore's donation, in the Great Hall 40 Plate 8 Postcard of Lady Cohen's painting of the Cohen Memorial Garden 42 the jews of hackney before 184O Plate i Hackney and its surroundings, 1800 72 Plate 2 Clapton House, c. 1839 75 Plate 3 Aldgate House, Bethnal Green 79 Plate 4 David Rebello's house 81 Plate 5 N. M. Rothschild's house. Tyssen estate map, 1814-20 82 Plate 6 Starling's map of Hackney, 1831 82 brighton jewry reconsidered Plate I Map of Brighton, 1867 92 Plate 2 Jew Street, the door of the first synagogue, 1789 94 Plate 3 Hyam Lewis 96 Plate 4 Levi Emanuel Cohen, 'Hanging in Effigy 98 Plate 5 Levi Emanuel Cohen and the railway controversy 98 viii</page><page sequence="9">Illustrations Plate 6 Levi Emanuel Cohen, memorial portrait 100 Plates 7&amp;8 Philip Salomon's synagogue, exterior and interior 103 Plate 9 George Benjamin 108 Plate 10 The Devonshire Place Synagogue 108 Plate 11 The Middle Street Synagogue, exterior 114 Plate 12 The Middle Street Synagogue, interior 114 Plate 13 Henry Solomon 118 Plate 14 Henry Cohen 118 DECCA DAYS?THE CAREER OF WILFRED SAMPSON SAMUEL, 1886-1958 Plate i Sampson Samuel (1851-88) 236 Plate 2 Sampson Samuel in fancy dress 237 Plate 3 Julia Samuel with Bertram, Daisy and Wilfred, c.1887 237 Figure 1 Barnett Samuel and Sons (1832-1928) 238 Plate 4 Pages from Henry Solomon and Co's 1861 Price List 241 Plate 5 Shmuel ben Boruch Lublinski, Gniesno, c. i860 243 Plate 6 The 'Decca' 243 Plate 7 Driver W. S. Samuel, HAC, c. 1914 249 Plate 8 The HAC's Corps of Pikemen, c. 1925 249 Plate 9 VivaBlashkiin 1927 254 Plate 10 Lieut. W. S. Samuel and Edgar Samuel, 1939 254 Plate 11 Lieut. W. S. Samuel, RNVR, 1940 261 Plate 12 Lieut.-Commander W. S. Samuel and WRCNs of NID3,1944 267 ix</page></plain_text>

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