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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND</page><page sequence="2">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND Transactions SESSIONS 1974^1978 VOLUME XXVI &amp; Miscellanies Part XI THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, GOWER STREET, LONDON WC1E 6BT 1979</page><page sequence="3">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by the contributors to this volume ? 1979 The Jewish Historical Society of England Printed in Great Britain at the Alden Press, Oxford</page><page sequence="4">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED BY THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND TO THE MEMORY OF ARTHUR SIGISMUND DIAMOND, Esq., 1897-1978 in tribute to his long and devoted service to the Society as a member of the Council, contributor of learned papers, and holder of various offices, including President 1963?64</page><page sequence="5">Contents Page Preface ix TRANSACTIONS: The historian in two worlds, by Aubrey N. Newman 1 Ashkenazic reactions to the conversionists 1800-1850, by Rabbi Harvey W. Meirovich 6 The stirrings of the 1590s and the return of the Jews to England, by Professor Theodore K. Rabb 26 The decline and expulsion of the medieval Jews of York, by Professor R. B. Dobson 34 George Eliot: her Jewish associations?a centenary tribute, by Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams 53 The Jew as scapegoat? The settlement and reception of Jews in South Wales before 1914, by Geoffrey Alderman 62 The Jews of Spanish North Africa, 1600-1669, by Jonathan Israel 71 The settlement of Jews in Gibraltar, 1704?1783, by Mesod Benady 87 Tributes: Arthur Sigismund Diamond, 1897-1978, by Judge Israel Finestein 111 Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie, 1895-1979, by Vivian D. Lipman 113 MISCELLANIES: Passover in Shakespeare's London, by Edgar Samuel 117 The Jews of Cornwall in local tradition, by Venetia Newall 119 Book Notes: The origins of Zionism 122 Studies in the cultural life of the Jews in England 122 Trialogue between Jew, Christian and Muslim 124 Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation, 1780-1874 124 A dictionary of Jewish names and their history 124 A miscellany of literary pieces from the Cambridge Genizah collections 125 The making of Manchester Jewry 1740-1875 125 127 Laws of the society Honorary officers and council 130 Index 131 ILLUSTRATION: Arthur Sigismund Diamond vii</page><page sequence="6">The Jewish Historical Society of England MISCELLANIES Part XI 1979</page></plain_text>

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