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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND</page><page sequence="2">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND Transactions SESSION 1969-1970 VOLUME XXIII &amp; Miscellanies Part VIII THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, GOWER STREET, LONDON W.C.I 1971</page><page sequence="3">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by the contributors to this volume ?1971 The Jewish Historical Society of England Printed in Great Britain by Alden &amp; Mowbray Ltd at the Alden Press, Oxford</page><page sequence="4">THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED BY THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND TO THE MEMORY OF PROFESSOR CECIL ROTH, M.A., D.Phil. 1899-1970 nine times President of the Society</page><page sequence="5">Contents Page Preface xi TRANSACTIONS: Frederic David Mocatta (1828-1905), by Sir Alan Mocatta 1 The Amazing Clan of Buzaglo, by Cecil Roth 11 Anglo-Jewish Life as Reflected in the Writings of Dayan Jacob Reinowitz, 1875 1893, by Rabbi Eugene Newman 22 The Changed Face of English Jewry at the End of the 18th Century, by Gerald R. Reitlinger 34 Lord George Bentinck and the Jews, by Sir Henry d'Avigdor-Goldsmid 44 Emanuel Deutsch of 'The Talmud' Fame, by Mrs. Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams 53 New Light on the Selection of Jewish Children's Names, by Edgar R. Samuel 64 Medieval Southampton and its Jews, by Mrs. Patricia Allin 87 Anglo-Jewry in Caricature 1780-1850, by Alfred Rubens 96 Cecil Roth Memorial Tributes: by Rabbi Abram V. Goodman, Raphael Loewe, Vivian D. Lipman; introduction, Aubrey Newman 102 MISCELLANIES: Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue (Shearith Israel) Montreal, 1768-1968, by Esther I. Blaustein, Rachel A. Esar, and Evelyn Miller 111 S. D. Luzzatto suggested as Haham, 1853, by A. Schischa 143 Laws of the Society 145 Honorary Officers and Council 149 Index 151 vii</page><page sequence="6">Illustrations Plate Figure I 1 II ?&gt; III IV V VI VII VIII 2 7 3 4 5 6 8 9 IX 10 X 11 XI 12 XII 13 XIII 14 15 XIV 16 17 XV 18 19 XVI 20 XVII 21 XVIII 22 " 23 XIX 24 " 25 XX 26 XXI 27 XXII 28 XXIII 29 XXIV 30 XXV 31 XXVI 32 XXVII 33 XXVIII 34 XXIX 35 XXX 36 XXXI 37 XXXII 38 XXXIII 1 XXXIV 2 XXXV 3 XXXVI 4 5 Three Jewish pedlars Slippery Weather Hebrew Melodies Dukes Place Lovers The Piccadilly Nuisance Voyage to Margate Point Street, Portsmouth . . . A fleet of transports under convoy A Lady in Limbo or Jew Bail rejected Beau Mordecai inspir'd Promenade in the state side of Newgate Brothers in iniquity A certain little fat Jew Macaroni and his spouse going to ye Pantheon Nosee A New Insect Mrs. Wright doing wrong The horse-councellor obtaining a verdict Pellegrine Treves, junior A Bill of Exchange Blow from Oxf--d to W-stb-ry A Waddleing Procession from the Stock Exchange Nathan Mayer Rothschild (Ashby &amp; Young broker's token) Moses Mocatta (Ashby &amp; Young broker's token) A Visit to the Synagogue Devotion in Dukes Place. . . The Wedding Dinner . . . The Pattern . . . Dan beating the Phillistines Killing no murder . . . The Jew Beauties A new mode of raising supplies . . . Blue and buff Downfall of monopoly in 1800 The Triumph of Innocence . . . Knock and ye shall enter Scenes in the City The House of Commons according to Mr. Disraeli's views The New Boy Montreal: Stanley Street synagogue (exterior) The Rev. Abraham de Sola The Rev. Meldola de Sola Montreal: Lemieux Street synagogue Montreal: Stanley Street synagogue (interior) ix</page><page sequence="7">The Jewish Historical Society of England MISCELLANIES Part VIII 1971</page></plain_text>

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