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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND</page><page sequence="2">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND Transactions SESSIONS 1968-1969 VOLUME XXII &amp; Miscellanies Part VII THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, GOWER STREET, LONDON W.C.I 1970</page><page sequence="3">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by the contributors to this volume ? 1970 The Jewish Historical Society of England Printed in Great Britain by Alden &amp; Mowbray Ltd, at the Alden Press, Oxford</page><page sequence="4">Contents Page Preface ix TRANSACTIONS: Benjamin Disraeli, Karl Marx, and the Search for Identity, by Sir Isaiah Berlin 1 Why Anglo-Jewish History ? by Cecil Roth 21 The Expulsion of the Jews from Prague in 1745, by Aubrey Newman 30 The Jews of Brighton 1779-1900, by David Spector 42 The Origins of the Jewish Orphanage, by Edward S. Conway 53 Sir Winston Churchill and Israel, by Oskar K. Rabinowicz 67 The Rothschilds in Caricature, by Alfred Rubens 76 Nineteenth-Century Jewish Colonies in Cyprus, by John M. Shaftesley 88 MISCELLANIES: A List of Jewish Persons Endenizened and Naturalised 1609-1799, by W. S. Samuel, edited with a foreword by R. D. Barnett and A. S. Diamond 111 Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1733, by Arthur P. Arnold, with introduction by R. D. Barnett 145 A Letter from a Jewish Bookseller, by A. Schischa 158 Laws of the Society 161 Honorary Officers and Council 165 Index 167 v</page><page sequence="5">Illustrations Plate following page I 1. Nathan Mayer Rothschild; 5. ditto, Alliance Assurance 86 II 2. N.M.R.* at Royal Exchange 86 III 3. N.M.R. near the Bank 86 IV 4. N.M.R. and Alliance Assurance Go. 86 V 6. N.M.R. at Brighton 86 VI 7. N.M.R. and Duke of Wellington 86 VII 8. N.M.R. and the 'secret influence' 86 VIII 9. N.M.R. and Duke of Wellington 86 IX 10. N.M.R. 'humming top'; 11. N.M.R., 'A pillar of the Exchange' 86 X 12. N.M.R. 'driving a bargain'; 20. N.M.R. at the Royal Exchange 86 XI 13. N.M.R., 'hue and cry' over foreign bonds 86 XII 14. N.M.R. and Robert Grant 86 XIII 15. N.M.R.,'the protocol-society' 86 XIV 16. N.M.R., 'plucking' the Belgian 'goose' 86 XV 17. N.M.R., 'City politics' No. 1; 18. ditto, 'City politics' No.2 86 XVI 21. Karl Mayer Rothschild 86 XVII 19. N.M.R., 'Plutus Stock Exchange'; 25. Lionel Nathan de R., 'the modern Croesus'; 22. House of Rothschild, 'Die Kr?hwinkler' 86 XVIII 23. James Mayer R. 86 XIX 27. House of Rothschild,'Die Generalpumpe' 86 XX 24. Lionel Nathan de R.; 26. Baron Lionel; 28. Mayer Amschel R.; 29. Alfred Charles de R. 86 XXI 30. Alfred Charles de R. at T?te Gallery 86 XXII 31. Leopold de R.; 32. ditto; 33. Nathan Mayer, 1st Lord R.; 34. ditto 86 XXIII 35. Ferdinand James de R.; 36. Alphonse de R.; 37. Arthur de R.; 38. Lionel Walter, 2nd Lord R. 86 XXIV N. I. Adler's Russian passport 102 XXV Mikveh Israel Agricultural School 1889 classes 102 XXVI Joseph Massel; Ray Milstone; Mrs. Jacob Bender; Jacob Bender 102 XXVII N. I. Adler; Esther Bender; Abraham Milstein; Mrs. A. Milstein 102 XXVIII Mr, and Mrs. Barnett Milstein; Morris, Harry, and Philip Milstein 102 XXIX Margo Chiflik settlers; Bender children 102 XXX Cyprus (map); tombstones, Joseph Bender, unknown (Paphos) 102 XXXI Solomon Jacobs's letter to William Giraud, 1737 159 XXXII A scholar's?? William Giraud's?notes 159 * 'R' in this and following references represents the name Rothschild. vii</page><page sequence="6">The Jewish Historical Society of England MISCELLANIES Part VII 1970</page></plain_text>

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