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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. {Transactions, SESSION 1893-94. LONDON: WERTHEIMER. LEA AND CO., CIRCUS i'LACE. LONDON WALL.</page><page sequence="2">NOTE. The Society as a body is not responsible for either the statements made or the opinions expressed by the authors of Papers.</page><page sequence="3">CONTENTS. PAGE A Plea for Anglo-Jewish History, Inaugural Address. By the President 1 A Hebrew Elegy. By S. Schechter, M.A. 8 The Domus Conversorum. By C. Trice Martin, P.S.A. 15 A Homage to Menasseh ben Israel. By the B-ev. Dr. Adler, Chief Rabbi 25 Crypto-Jews under the Commonwealth. By Lucien Wolf. 55 Little St. Hugh of Lincoln, Researches in History, Archaeology and Legend. By Joseph Jacobs, B.A. 89 The Debts and Houses of the Jews of Hereford in 1290. By B. Lionel Abrahams, B.A. . 136 Report . 160 Financial Statement . 161 Report of Sub-Committee on Relations with the Maccabaeans . 162 Laws .~ . 164 Honorary Officers. 166 Members .. 167 Index .- . 175 ILLUSTRATIONS IN TEXT. St. Alban's Abbey . 16 Church for Converted Jews . 17 Rolls Chapel in its present state . 18 Church for Converted Jews . 19 Bones of Hugh of Lincoln . 104 The Jews' Quarter, Lincoln . 105</page><page sequence="4">iv CONTENTS. PLATES. DOMUS CONVEKSOKUM DOCUMENTS. Receipt of Converts for 150J .Frontispiece PAGE ? ? W. Converts and N. Menda. 15 ? P. and E. Ferdinando . 20 ? ,, Arthur Antoe. 22 ? ? Jacob Wolfgang. 24</page></plain_text>

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