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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND</page><page sequence="2">THE Jewish Historical Society of England /HMscellames PART IV Essays presented to E. N. Adler?I THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND woburn house, london, w.c.i 1942 All rights reserved</page><page sequence="3">PUBLISHED FOR THE SOCIETY BY EDWARD GOLDSTON MADE AND PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN</page><page sequence="4">ESSAYS Presented to ELKAN NATHAN ADLER ON HIS EIGHTIETH BIRTHDAY LONDON: THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 1942</page><page sequence="5">This publication, being the first part of the volume of ' Essays presented to E. N. Adler on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birth? day/ constitutes Part IV of the Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England. The Essays contained in it, by members of the Council of the Jewish Historical Society and of the Faculty of Jews' College, are in some cases not of quite the same nature as those generally included in the Miscellanies, but all bear upon some aspect of Anglo-Jewish history. It is hoped that the remaining portion of the work, containing essays which could not be completed in present wartime circumstances and a Bibliography of Mr. Adler's writings, together with the Index to both parts, will be published shortly after the restoration of normal conditions.</page><page sequence="6">CONTENTS PAGE Benedict the Gildsman of Winchester. By the Rev. Michael Adler ..... i Anglo-Jewish Travellers to Palestine in the Nineteenth Century. By Norman Bentwich . . 9 The Beginnings of Anglo-Jewish Biblical Exegesis and Bible Translation. By Samuel Daiches ... 20 The Jewish Obituaries in the " Gentleman's Magazine." By Albert M. Hyamson .... 33 English Students of Maimonides. By the Rev. S. Levy . 61 The Chazanim of the Great Synagogue, London. By the Rev. H. Mayerowitsch .... 85 The Prayer-book of Joseph Messias, 5481. By the Rev. M. Rosenbaum ........ 95 The Jews in the English Universities. By Cecil Roth . 102 The Index will be published with Part II. xi</page></plain_text>

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