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<plain_text><page sequence="1">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND</page><page sequence="2">THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND /IIMscellames PART II printed for the society by PURNELL AND SONS, LTD., Paulton (Somerset) and London 1935 All rights reserved</page><page sequence="3">NOTE The Society as a body is not responsible for the statements made or opinions expressed by the authors of Papers.</page><page sequence="4">CONTENTS page Preface 1. Gamaliel Ben Pedahztjr and his Prayer Book. By Cecil Both . . 1 2. Jewish Tallies of the Thirteenth Century. By Rev. Michael Adler . . 8 3. Carvajal and Pepys. By Wilfred S. Samuel ... 24 4. Was there a Domus Conversorum in Oxford? By Rev. H. E. Salter.29 5. The Case of Thomas Eernandes before the Lisbon Inquisi? tion, 1556. From the Papers of the late Lucien Wolf. By Cecil Roth. 32 6. An unpublished Pipe Roll of 1285. Inventory of the Property of the Condemned Jews. By Rev. Michael Adler.56 7. The Ejbtuboth of Bevis Marks. By Haham Dr. M. Gaster 71 8. A New Starr of Huntingdon. By Herbert Loewe . . 81 9. Jacob Benider, Moroccan Envoy, 1772. By Cecil Roth . 84 10. The Earliest Jewish Friendly Society in England, "Rodphea Sholom." By B. A. Fersht .... 90 11. An English Account of the Jews of Jerusalem in the Seventeenth Century. From the Library of the Rev. Dr. J. H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi. By Cecil Roth . . 99 12. An Unusual Form of the Prayer for the Royal Family, 1826. From the Library of the Rev. Dr. J. H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi 105 13. Index to the Contents of Transactions, i to xii and Miscellanies I. By Rev. Michael Adler .... 107 Index.112 vii</page><page sequence="5">ILLUSTRATIONS Photographs of Tallies.Facing page 22 Plan of Oxfokd ....... ? ? 30 viii</page></plain_text>

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