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Book Notes: The Portuguese Jewish Community in London (1656-1830) (exhibition catalogue)

Malcolm Brown

<plain_text><page sequence="1">The Portuguese Jewish Community in London (1656-1830) (The Jewish Museum, London 1992) 1 map, 17 pis iv + 30pp. ?6.50. Attractively presented, and thanks to generous funding reasonably priced, this exhibition catalogue has the exceptional advantage of carrying as a preface an extensive, annotated historical overview by the Director of the Museum, Edgar Samuel. He accomplishes his task with all the learned confidence that members of our society have come to expect of their Vice-Presidents. The preface should become a standard introduction to the subject, and the illustrations, nine of them in colour, further enhance the scholarly value of the booklet, ensuring its success as a popular Museum souvenir. Malcolm Brown</page></plain_text>

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