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Book Notes: Gerush we-shibah: yehudey Anglia be-hilluphey ha-zemanim, David Katz and Joseph Kaplan (eds.)

Raphael Loewe

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Gerush we-shibah: yehudey Anglia be-hilluphey ha-zemanim. Edited by David Katz and Joseph Kaplan (Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-toledoth yisra'el, 1994) This volume contains the following articles (all in Hebrew): Robert Stacey, '13th century English Jewry and the problem of the Expulsion'; Zefirah Entin Rokeah, 'Accusations of coinage offences against Jews and Christians in England in the second half of the 13 th century'; Elisabeth Revel-Neher, 'The image of the Jew in medieval English art'; Jonathan Whitman, 'The Jew in late-medieval English literat? ure'; Aaron H. Fisch, 'Jews and Judaism as mirrored in 17th-century English literat? ure'; David Katz, 'The return of the Jews to England and the basis of their communal existence'; Avram Saltman, 'William Prynne and the historiography of the expul? sion'; Joseph Kaplan, 'The Jewish profile of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community in 17th-century London'; Robert Cohen, ' "To come and settle with their families": the Sephardi Jews of London in the second half of the 17th century'. Raphael Loewe 265</page></plain_text>

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