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Book Notes: Elie Kedourie, CBE, FBA, 1926-1992: History, Philosophy, Politics, Sylvia Kedourie (ed.)

Edgar Samuel

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Elie Kedourie, CBE, FBA, 1926-1992: History, Philosophy, Politics, edited by Sylvia Kedourie (Frank Cass, London, 1998) ISBN 0-7146-4862-0. 131 pp. ?25.00. Clarity and originality distinguish this slim volume. It includes a wide range of personal tributes to the late Professor Kedourie together with some vivid and forceful extracts from his writings. Kedourie's doctoral thesis included a devas? tating criticism of the errors of British analytical thinking and policy in the Middle East after World War I. He was refused his DPhil, but despite this setback, Michael Oakshott recognized his outstanding quality and offered him a teaching post in the Government Department at the London School of Econom? ics and Political Science. A succession of brilliant and forceful publications fol? lowed, which this very readable volume surveys and summarizes. Edgar Samuel 340</page></plain_text>

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