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Book Notes: An Ancient Lineage - European Roots of a Jewish Family: Gelles-Griffel-Wahl-Chajes-Safier-Loew-Taube, Edward Gelles

Edgar Samuel

<plain_text><page sequence="1">An Ancient Lineage - European Roots of a Jewish Family: Gelles Griffel-Wahl-Chajes-Safier-Loew-Taube, Edward Gelles (London: Vallentine Mitchell Publishers 2006) Cloth bound, isbn 0-85303-680-2, PP- 392, ?45*oo Dr Edward Gelles was born in Vienna and came to England with his parents after the Anschluss. His mother's maiden name was Griffel. In this book he traces the various families from whom he descends in detail. As so often the case with genealogical studies, it is mainly of interest to members of the families to whom he is related and which he has studied in detail. He does not mention the Lithuanian Gelles family who settled in Sunderland, or the branches of the Wahl family in England. The book is well written and attractively presented, but unfortunately has no index. Edgar Samuel 297</page></plain_text>

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