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Bibliography of the Works of Elkan Nathan Adler

<plain_text><page sequence="1">Bibliography The following is a selected list of the published writings of Elkan Nathan Adler. It is based mainly on a longer list compiled by Mr. A. Schischa under the direction of the late Elkan Adler :? A. Books Report on Mission to Berlin to President and Council of Anglo-Jewish Association. London, 1891. line Nouvelle Chronique Samarit?ine texte . . . edite . . . avec un traduction francaise par Elkan Nathan Adler et M. Seligsohn. Paris, Durlacher, 1903. Jews in Many Lands. Philadelphia, the Jewish Publication Society of America, 1905. Published also by the Jewish Historical Society of England, 1905, and B. Mazin and Co., London, 1912. (Translated into Hebrew, Hungarian, and German. See Von Ghetto zu Ghetto.) About Hebrew Manuscripts. London, New York, etc., H. Frowde, 1905 Auto de Fe and Jew. Oxford, H. Frowde, 1908. Von Ghetto zu Ghetto, Reisen und Beobachtungen. Stuttgart, 1909. Aspects of the Hebrew Genius. Edited by Leon Simon, with an Intro? duction by E. N. Adler, G. Routledge and Sons, London, 1910. Shaarat Kesef by Ibn Kaspi. Preface by E. N. Adler. Last, London, 1911. Bericht ?ber das Balkanhilf werk. Erstattet von den nach der Balkan entsandten Delegierten Dr. Paul Nathan?Berlin, Elkan Adler ?London, Dr. Bernhard Kahn?Berlin. Berlin, Juli, 1913. A Gazetteer of Hebrew Printing. Grafton and Co., London, 1917. Zionism. Handbook prepared under the direction of the Historical Section of the Foreign Office, No. 162. For the use of the Versailles "Congress, February, 1919. Published 1920. 122</page><page sequence="2">bibliography 123 Syria and Palestine (portion relating to Jews). Handbook prepared under the direction of the Historical Section of the Foreign Office, No. 60. For the use of the Versailles Congress, April, 1919. Published 1920. Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts in the collection of Elkan Nathan Adler. Cambridge, the University Press, 1921. Jewish Travellers. Edited with an Introduction by E. N. Adler. G. Routledge and Sons, London, 1930 (Broadway Travellers). London. Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, 1930 (Jewish Communities Series). The Adler Papyri. The Greek Texts edited by Elkan Nathan Adler, John Garth Tait, and Dr. Fritz M. Weichelheim. The Demotic Texts by the late Professor Francis Llewellyn Griffiths. Oxford University Press, 1939. B. Pamphlets, Articles in Periodicals, etc. 1892. '' On the Negociability of Life Policies.'' The Bankers, Insurance Managers, and Agents Magazine. 25th January. " Death of Dr. Jellinek. J.C. 5th January. " The Jubilee of Josef Israels." J.C. 26th January. " Dr. Ludwig August Frankl." J.C. 16th March. " Dr. Joseph Perles." J.C. 16th March. " The Hebrew MSS. at the British Museum." J.C. 30th March 1895. ?" Some Missing Chapters of Ben Sira." J.Q.R., VII. 1896. ?" Hebrew Elegies on British Monarchs." Trans. J.H. Soc, VIII (reprinted as pamphlet). " MSS. of the Haftaras of the Triennial Cycle." J.Q.R., VIII. " The Kowno Rav." J.C. 13th March. " The Steinschneider Festschrift." J.C. 22nd May. " Jerusalem?The Old and the New." J.C. 12th June. 1897. ?" The Jews in Persia." Annual Report of the Anglo-Jewish Association. " Sefer Haiitim of Juda ben Barzilai." J.Q.R., IX. " An Eleventh Century Introduction to the Hebrew Bible." J.Q.R^ IX (reprinted as a pamphlet). " The Installation of the Egyptian Nagid." J.Q.R., IX. " Justizrath Hermann Makower." J.C. 9th April. " The Dreyfus Case in the Senate, by ?n eye-witness." J.C. 10th December.</page><page sequence="3">124 ELKAN NATHAN ADLER : IN MEMORIAM 1898. ?" Eine Talmud Ausgabe, Salonica 1706-7." Hebr?ische Bibliographie. " A Bird's Eye View of the Transcaspian." Contemporary Review. May. " The Persian Jews, Their Books and Their Ritual." J.Q.R., X (reprinted as a pamphlet). " Death of the Britzker Rav at Jerusalem." J.C. 28th January. " Some Notes by the Way?Yom Kippur at Salonica?Book Hunting?Followers of Sabathai Zevi?Crypto Jews?A Call at Volo." J.C. 14th October. 1899. ?" Spanish Exiles at Constantinople." J.Q.R., XI. " A Hebrew Manuscript illustrated by Giotto." J.Q.R., XI. " Lay Poems of Baghdad." J.Q.R., XI. " Note additionelle sur Moise Halawa." R.E.J. 39. " Death of Rabbi I. Hildesheimer." J.C. 16th June. " Death of Professor Kaufmann." J.C. 14th July. 1900. ?" Aleppo." Gedenkbuch zur Erinnerung an David Kaufmann. Breslau. " Catalonian and Provencal Responsa." J.Q.R.y XII. " Some Missing Chapters of Ben Sira." J.Q.R., XII. " Karaitica." J.QJL, XII. " Nouveaux Fragments relatifs ? Ben Meir." R.E.J., Vol. 41. " About the Persian Jews?Across the Caspian to Persia." J.C, 28th December. 1901. ?" An Ancient Bookseller's Catalogue." J.Q.R., XIII. 1901- 04.?" Auto de Fe and Jew." J.Q.R., Vols XIII-XVI. 1902. ?" Indian Jews and European Potentates in the Sixteenth Century." Trans, of the 13th Oriental Congress at Hamburg. " Un Fragment Aramean du Toldot Yeschou." R.E.J., Vol. 61. 1902- 03.?" Une Nouvelle Chronique Samaritaine." R.E.J., Vols. 44, 45.46. 1902-06.?^Articles in The Jewish Encyclopedia. Vol. I, Aleppo ; Vol. II, Auto de Fe ; Vol. III, Bokhara; Vol. V, Genizah ; Vol. XI, South and Central America (part). 1903. ?" The Jews of Amsterdam (1655)." Trans. J. Hist. Soc, Vol. IV. " Professor Blau on the Bible as a Book." J.Q.R.* XV. 1904. ?" The Inquisition in Peru." Pub. of Amer. J. Hist. Soc, XII. " A Letter of Manasseh ben Israel." J.Q.R., XVI. " American Autos." J.Q.R., XVII.</page><page sequence="4">BIBLIOGRAPHY 125 1904-06.?" Documents sur les Marranes d'Espagne et de Portugal sous Philippe IV." R.E.J., Vols 48-51. 1905. ? ' The Inquisition in Peru." R.E.J., Vol. 50. " Juden aus aller Welt." J?dischen Presse, Illustrated Supple? ment, No. 44. 1906. ?" About the Indian Jews." J.C., 4th May-August. " Chacham Bashi Eliashar, Jerusalem." J.C., 27th July. 1907. ?" Dr. Jacob Freudenthal." J.C., 14th June. " The Restriction of Immigration into America "?Lecture to Hammersmith Jewish Literary Society. J.C., ist November. " Visit to the Jewish Colony at Hirsch, Saskatchewan, Canada." J.C., 27th December. 1908-15.?Articles in Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics. Vol. I, " Ages of the World (Jewish) " and " Akibah ben Joseph " ; Vol. VIII, " Mendelssohn." 1908. ?" The Apocryphal Book of Joshua." Journal of Royal Asiatic Society, October. " A Letter of Menasseh ben Israel." Trans. J. Hist. Soc, V. " Nouveaux Documents sur la dispute entre Ben Meir et (f Saadia." R.E.J., 67. " Documents sur THistoire des Juifs en Italie." R.E.J., 68. 1909. ?Syllabus for a Course of Reading on Modern Discoveries in Relation to Biblical Study. Union of Jewish Literary Societies. London. " Chief Rabbi Samuel Salant, Jerusalem." J.C., 23rd August. " Gustave Karpeles." Presidential Address to the Union of Jewish Literary Societies. J.C., 24th September. 1910. ?" Obadia le proselyte." R.E.J., 69. 1911. ?" Harkavy." Jewish Review, January. " The Sadducean Christians of Damascus." Athenaeum. 17th February. " Hebron, das Tote Meer und der Jordan. Eine Reisebeschrei bung." Fur unsere Jugend. Frankfurt, 194. " Un fragment Arameen du Toldot Yeschou." R.E.J. " The Jewish and Christian Liturgies." Jewish Review, II. 1912. ?"A Seder Night described by Heine." J.C., 29th March (reprinted also in Broido's Jewish Anthology. Jewish Pioneer Series. " Some interesting Books at the India Office." J.C., 26th April.</page><page sequence="5">126 ELKAN NATHAN ADLER : IN MEMORIAM 1914.?" Ecclesiasticus " The International Journal of the Apocrypha. ? July* " Bacher?A Personal Note." Jewish Review. March. " Some Quaint Jewish Customs." Lecture before the West End Jewish Literary Society. J.C, 6th December (reprinted as a pamphlet). 1918.?" Hebrew Treasures of England." Trans. J. Hist. Soc, VIII. 1923.?" The Jews in Babylon." Judaism and the Beginnings of Christianity. London, Routledge and Sons, Ltd. " Talmud Printing before Bomberg." Simonsen Festschrift (reprinted as a pamphlet). Copenhagen. 1925. ?" Ein Responsum des Maimonides?in der arabische Sprache." Monatschrift, 69. 1926. ?" Aristotle and the Jews." R.E.J., Vol. 85. 1927. ?" The Divan of Eleazer ha-Babli." Livre d'Hommage ? . . . Dr. Samuel Poznanski. Warsaw. 1928. ?" Samuel A. Hirsch." Public, of the Amer. Jew. Hist. Soc. No. 31. (reprinted as a pamphlet). " Isidore Spielmann." Public, of the Amer. Jew. Hist. Soc, No. 31 (reprinted as a pamphlet). " H. S. Q. Henriques." Public, of the Amer. Jew. Hist. Soc, No. 31 (reprinted as a pamphlet). " Note sur Emigration en Palestine de 1211." R.E.J., Vol. 85. 1928. ?Articles in Encyclopaedia Judaica, Vol. 1. " Adler, Herbert Marcus," " Adler, Hermann," " Adler, Nathan Marcus." 1929. ?" Bibliography of the Writings of Adolph Neubauer (1832 1907)." Freidus Memorial Volume. New York. " Recollections from the Balkan War." Ehrenpreis Jiidisk Tidskrift. Stockholm, 27th June. " Herzl's Besuch in London." T. Nussenblatt's Zeitgenossen ?ber Herzl. Brunn. 1930. ?" Les Editions du Talmud de Pasaro." R.E.J., 89. 1932. ?" Graetz." Jewish Forum. October. 1933. ?"Jewish Merchant in China at the Beginning of the Tenth Century." Chajes Gedenkschrift. Vienna. March. " Graetz and the Merchant of Venice." Jewish Forum. March. 1935.?" Talmud Incunables of Spain and Portugal." Jewish Sketches in Memory of G. A. Kohut (reprinted as a pamphlet). " Spanische und Portugiesische Talmud-Inkunabeln." Alim* April.</page><page sequence="6">bibliography 127 1936. ?" Poet and Soldier of Jewry. The Romance of Samuel the Nagid" (Review of Sassoon's " Divan" of Samuel Hannagid). Times Literary Supplement. 18th January. " Sir Francis Montefiore and Zionism." Jewish Forum. March. 1937. ?" Calendar Reform." Jewish Forum. November. " Jewish Art." Occident and Orient (in honour of Dr. Gaster's eightieth birthday) (reprinted as a pamphlet). " The Adler Papyri. The Archives of a Family at Pathyris, Being a Collection of Greek and Demotic Papyri between 13 b.c. and 88 b.c." Actes du Ve. Congres de Papyrologie, Oxford, 30 Avril~2 Septembre, 1937. 1938. ?Sixteen Contributions to Vallentine's Jewish Encyclopaedia. 1939. ?" Treasures of a Buried Synagogue " (Review of D?ro-Europos and its Art " by M. Rostovtzoff). J.C. Supplement. January. 1942.?" Talmud Manuscripts and Editors." Essays and Studies in Honour ofj. H. Hertz. E. Goldston, London.</page></plain_text>

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