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Back Matter - Contents Vol 46

<plain_text><page sequence="1">/';-=09 )(8* =-0/']</page><page sequence="2">Jewish Historical ULUU1CÖ Volume 46 CONTENTS New responsa by Isaac ben Peretz of Northampton PINCHAS ROTH I Shylock's House: theatrical representations of Jewish space MICHAEL SHAPIRO 19 Jewish evolutionary perspectives on Judaism, antisemitism, and race science in late nineteenth-century England: a comparative study of Lucien Wolf and Joseph Jacobs DANIEL R. LANGTON 37 From local to international: Cape Town's Jewish Orphanage SUSAN L. TANANBAUM 75 Jacob Israel de Haan in Mandate Palestine: was the victim of the first Zionist political assassination a "Jewish Lawrence of Arabia"? LUDY GIEBELS IO7 Building a house of gathering on our own: Jews, synagogues, architec- ture, and the building trades in the modern anglophone world BARRY L. STIEFEL I3I November 1938: Cardinal Arthur Hinsley, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, and the Kristallnacht pogrom SUZANNE BROWN-FLEMING I55 REVIEWS 167 RESEARCH REPORTS 189</page></plain_text>

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