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An Unusual Frm of the Prayer for the Royal Family, 1826. From the Library of the Rev. Dr. J. H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi

<plain_text><page sequence="1">an unusual form of prayer for royal family, 1826. 12. An Unusual Form of the Prayer for the Royal Family. 18261 "jpniv?i nmnn n"a ? mxarn naaa ipira m pm nn? ? ra p'izrs ? hts^ r'sprm4 ORDER of SERVICE PERFORMED at the CONSECRATION of the NEW SYNAGOGUE,5 Leadenhall Street at its reopening after having undergone A COMPLETE REPAIE SEPTEMBER 29th, 5586. 1 j?Tom the Library of the Very Rev. the Chief Rabbi, Dr. J. H. Hertz. 2 "Order of Service for the Consecration of the New Synagogue in London after it had been repaired in honour and in beauty. Friday, 27th Ellul 5587 A.M." 3 In recent years in all Orders of Service, etc., the Rev. S. Levy, M.A., the Minister of the New Synagogue, has amended this Hebrew designation to H'S wmn 4 Below the year is correctly given as 5586 (1826). The | is an error for *). 5 The New Synagogue was originally founded in Leadenhall Street in 5517 A.M. (175f): re-erected in Great St. Helen's in 5598 (1838); and re-built in Egerton Road, Stamford Hill in 5675 (1915). H</page><page sequence="2">106 MISCELLANIES. ? axax *?ai pan nxi omvn m ma n?x a^n*?xn nn pnxi n?a aprn pnr annax ? irmax nx *pa nawi onran iranx ? "pa* xin ? a*onaan a^an ^ai ? na*?n inpi nin ima^a n^a *?ai *irann mxtzn ^an ? nxa ^aa irrrm innatzm ? nxa nan x?n dtp ima^a xoa ? *?nr maa nnn r?sw *?sn ? rnnn a^as? nann ? npm nnx ? pan aan a1? dv^k i1? pn ? n^r ruD* ntw* *?aai ? r^n ? ^a1? a^aai aia nrn1?! ? a^anm nan ? npnxi aatpa m?^ *?aa n^xn ^aern ? a^aia ^mx1? ? *p nxnaa wrm ? rmxax n? *?a nxi ? rxsrp *?ai xm ? ima^a ^aai ? rann ? mm* win irzrai ra^a ? "[nan i?bd nnx ^a rVri *?a nxi ? px naxn ? naa1? par ^xntn Translation: God?who created the heaven and the earth and all their host, and who blessed our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses and Aaron, David and Solomon and all Kings who are blessed,?may He bless our Lord of noble lineage, KING GEORGE IV and all his royal house. May his glory and fame increase, may the throne of his kingdom be exalted and raised to great heights. May He guard him and preserve him in life from all sorrow and trouble. May He subdue nations beneath his sway and cause his enemies to fall beneath the sole of his feet, and in whatsoever he undertaketh may he prosper. May God give him a wise and understanding heart to do justice and righteousness, loving kindness and mercy, and to be good and beneficent to all. May He preserve him in life in health for length of happy days, and may he deal wisely and prosper in all his ways and in all his kingdom?he and his counsellors and all the generals of his hosts and all his armies?may each one be blessed by His name. In his days and in ours may Judah be saved and Israel dwell securely and let us say, Amen.</page></plain_text>

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